Our list of top Net Entertainment slots is always on the climb, since the company is always topping itself in terms of game quality. In the past year, Net Entertainment has released a fair few games that have impressed the Slots Temple blogging team, so we have decided to create a list of our favourite Net Entertainment slots that have recently been released.

Everyone knows that Mega Fortune and Bugs are slots that are at the top of their game, but what about newer titles?

South Park
There are several reasons this game is on our list. In addition to being based on one of the best television cartoon series of all time, South Park slots from Net Entertainment is full of amazing bonus features that keep players interested and engaged.

All of the main characters – Cartman, Kyle, Stan and Kenny – have their own creative bonus features.

Cartman hunts hippies, Kenny tries to avoid getting hit by a car, Kyle plays ‘kick the baby’ and Stan romances Wendy. Each bonus feature offer up generous prizes and a fun experience.

Several other well-loved characters also make an appearance, including Mr Hankey, Chef and Terrance & Phillip. Every feature of the game is a reference to South Park, so it will certainly appeal to fans of the show.

Even if you’re not familiar with the South Park series, you will appreciate how feature-rich this online slots game is – and, it will probably make you want to catch an episode of the show.

Magic Portals
This is a fantasy-themed online slots game that features some great bonuses. From a graphics perspective, is it not particularly impressive but the gameplay goes above and beyond. At Slots Temple, we really enjoy when developers create entirely new bonus features, and that’s exactly what’s been done for Magic Portals.

On the reels, there are several ‘magic portal’ spaces. When three like symbols fall into these spaces, they transform all other symbols of that kind into wilds. This makes for massive wins and intense gameplay. Players looking for lots of bonus features may want to give Magic Portals a pass, but it’s worth playing for the ‘wild transformation’ feature alone.

Reel Rush
Reel Rush puts a whole new spin on the term ‘fruit machine’. It totally reinvents the classic format with a unique expansion feature. In the base game, the symbols are arranged in a diamond format. As the player wins, they unlock more spaces on the reels.

For each subsequent win, more spaces – and more ways to win - become available. This happens 5 times until the free spins round is triggered – and the player has a total of 3125 different ways to win.

This is another game that isn’t jam-packed with bonus features – but the one that it does offer is worth the price of admission.