Electronic Arts is a gaming developer that has branched out into a diverse range of markets. From core gaming to social gaming, EA seems to have done it all.

Despite the company’s recent announcement that it will be refocusing its efforts in a shift away from social gaming, EA continues to produce new titles for social games – including the new Monopoly Slots game.

EA’s Usual Selection

In the social gaming market, Electronic Arts is known for its social RPGs, puzzle games and platformers. The company’s most popular social gaming titles are The Sims and Plants vs Zombies, so mobile Monopoly Slots is a new venture for EA. 

The Monopoly Brand

Monopoly is one of the most popular brands among slot machine developers. IGT and WMS have created a number of Monopoly-branded slots games, which have all been well-received by slots players around the world.

The brand is nostalgic but current, which attracts a wide range of players. It also helps that Monopoly is a game about making money, which fits right in with the goals of slots players. 

EA’s Monopoly Slots

In Electronic Arts’ Monopoly Slots, there are several different games to choose from. Players begin with Easy Street, and they unlock new games as they level up.

The games are:

Easy Street: A 20-payline slots game with a Free Spins bonus.

Double Slot Express: A 20-payline slots game with two sets of reels.

Showtime Slots: A 20-payline slots game with 2x multipliers and wild symbols.

High Voltage: A 30-payline slots game with wild symbols and a 5x multiplier.

Platinum Riches: A 30-payline slots game with stacked wilds and Free Spins bonus.

EA will be updating the software regularly, so be on the lookout for new games and bonus features.

It’s Raining Money Bonus

All of the slots game available come equipped with the It’s Raining Money Bonus. It is a 3D side-game, in which you play as the Monopoly Man.

As money rains from the sky, you catch it in your hat to add to your prize total and earn experience points.

Social Gaming Features

The game is quite light on the social features, but you can connect it to your Facebook account. Once it is linked, you can invite your friends and share your progress. You can also see how far your friends have progressed.

The social gaming format is quite simple, and doesn’t offer much more than other social slots games. As such, we hope to see EA expanding on these existing features in future updates.