Gambling is an activity that goes hand-in-hand with superstitions. Like any activity that relies on luck, gambling prompts players to become quite superstitious in order to secure a winning outcome.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the most common gambling superstitions in the casino world.

Lucky Charms

Whether you’re gambler or not, it is likely that you have some sort of lucky charm. It could be a coin, a pen, a piece of jewellery or just about anything that you feel brings you good fortune.

Many gamblers are reliant on these lucky charms and insist on bringing them along every time they visit the local casino or bingo hall.

Lucky Numbers

Lucky numbers are particularly popular among lottery players. They tend to choose the same numbers for every draw, stating that they are lucky and have a better chance of winning. Bingo players have a similar superstition when selecting their cards, as they tend to prefer cards that have feature their lucky numbers.

Some poker players even have lucky numbers, and they will play hands that feature these numbers regardless of their actual winning potential.

Lucky Ladies

How many times have you seen a film scene in which a wealthy gambler asks a beautiful woman to blow on his dice before rolling them? This is not only limited to movies, and is quite a common occurrence in casinos.

It is thought that these woman are the embodiment of ‘lady luck’, so their presence at the table somehow influences the outcome of the game.

Wardrobe Selection

It is only poker players that make their wardrobe choices based on superstitious beliefs. According to poker professional Tom Dwan, many players will wear the same clothes daily to keep a hot streak going. When they are on a downswing, they may wear dirty clothes which are believed to drive away bad luck.

He also notes that red tends to be a lucky colour for Asian poker players, so their outfits will likely feature some red article of clothing.

Unlucky Games

This gambling superstition persists among slots plyers. It is not uncommon to hear a player proclaim that they have stopped playing a particular game because it is unlucky. The truth is that there is no such thing as an unlucky game; they are all programmed to deliver the same outcome.

So, if you have a losing session with one game on a particular day, it doesn’t mean that you will always lose on that specific game. Believing in this superstition only limits your choices when it comes to deciding which slot machines to play.