Online slots games have come a long, long way since the early days of the traditional one-armed bandit fruit machines. Nowadays there are all sorts of video slots games offering unique features, including complex storylines, immersive gameplay and out-of-this-world graphics. So die-hard traditionalists will be absolutely delighted to see the latest iSoftbet Slots release, Hot Spin, which takes the fruit machine of yesteryear and drags it kicking and screaming firmly into the 21st Century!

A traditional game with a modern twist

This return to a traditional slots theme may surprise some modern slots fans, but it’s clear that there’s a huge market for this type of game and there’s no doubt that a great deal of thought, time and effort has gone into the creation of Hot Spin. This slot is similar to the Lucky 3 Slot also by iSoftbet in that it features symbols associated with the earliest days of the fruit machine, including watermelons, cherries and lemons. However, in Hot Spin, the game is given a new and updated look, with neon-bright colours, flashing lights and a host of bonus features that will satisfy even the most hard-to-please slots enthusiasts.

From the moment that the game finishes loading, you just know that you’re in for a treat when you see the lush graphics, beautifully depicted in bright, primary colours, while a smooth and sophisticated jazzy tune plays in the background. Five reels, each containing three rows of symbols are depicted in white, lavishly decorated with gold. The winning lines are clearly marked in gold outlines so that you can see at a glance when a winning line has occurred. The reels themselves are surrounded by bright lights that flash and glow, adding to the excitement and suspense of the game.

One of the most surprising aspects of the Hot Spin slots game is the fact that the reels themselves take up less than half of the available playing area. The majority of the screen is devoted to a slowly spinning wheel, much like a Wheel of Fortune, which promises a host of features, bonuses and surprises when it comes into play. The entire playing area is centred within the screen and surrounded by a sophisticated black and red ombre background, which gives it a smart and sophisticated feel whilst creating the impression of playing on a slots machine in a bricks and mortar casino.

Great gameplay from iSoftbet

iSoftbet is something of a powerhouse in the world of online slots games, with a catalogue of well over 400 games to date, the majority of which are based on graphics-driven themes, including several film and TV tie-ins.

Some pundits have expressed surprise that the software house should revert to such a traditional theme for their latest release, but this isn’t the first time that the company has paid homage to the genre. As we’ve already mentioned, this slot is similar to Lucky 3 Slot also by iSoftbet, but the company has stretched its graphics and development team to its limits with this latest offering, bringing the world of fruit machines to a new generation of players who appreciate the addition of bonus features that add an extra layer to the gameplay.

Fantastic bonuses and features

Players expect iSoftbet Slots to go that extra mile in providing unique features and Hot Spin doesn’t disappoint. Although at first glance it seems to offer a straightforward game with 20 paylines, the bonus wheel adds an extra element of surprise and entertainment, with the potential to boost a player’s winnings if their luck is in.

Place your bet, which can range between 20p and £20 per spin, and watch the symbols spin. Across the reels you’ll find cherries, plums and lemons, all of which could pay up to 2.5 times your original stake in a winning payline. Next up is the watermelon, which could pay out up to 5 times your stake and the bell, which could return up to 10 times your bet. The number 7 and the star both pay up to 15 times your bet, whilst the diamond pays a mighty 25 times your original wager when you manage to attain five of them on a payline.

There’s a Wild, which is represented by the letter W. It can substitute for every other symbol on the reels apart from the bonus. The bonus symbol occurs on the first, third and fifth reels, but when you achieve one on each of these reels you’ll really see what the game is capable of. The Hot Wheel will start to spin faster, awarding you a number of free spins between 1 and 15, together with a modifier according to where the wheel stops. You could be awarded Mystery Symbols, Random Wilds, Win Spins, Wild Reels, Sync Reels or Mega Reels, each of them offering you extra incentives and bonuses, with the potential to boost a win dramatically.

If you hanker for a traditional online slots game that’s been given a modern makeover, then we think that Hot Spin will be right up your street.