Big Time Gaming has been on a roll lately, when it comes to creating innovative new game mechanics. After the release of its hugely popular Megaways mechanic, the company quicky started to work on other unique game functions, and it wasn’t long before Megaclusters were born. Then, shortly after that, Megaquads came to be! We’ve given serious consideration to all three game mechanics, and played our hearts out on each – so, we can let you know which of these Big Time Gaming creations is best for you.

Megaways – A New Classic

Megaways games are becoming the new norm in the online slots world. With nearly a dozen developers who have licenses to develop slots with this mechanic, we see an influx of Megaways releases every month. They are starting to become the new normal when it comes to online slots.  

This means that the mechanic is starting to get a bit stale. So, nowadays, it’s not enough to release a Megaways slot with the typical format:

  • A base game with mystery symbols
  • Cascading reels
  • A free spins round with unlimited increasing multipliers

While that format worked with earlier Megaways releases like Lightning Strike Megaways, players are starting to get complacent. So, we’d like to see more titles like Gorilla Gold Megaways and Odin Infinity Reel Megaways that offer something new and interesting.

Changing Things Up With MegaClusters

The Megaclusters mechanic that you’ll find in Star Clusters Megaclusters is a nice switch from Megaways while keeping the expanding ways going. While highly volatile, the inherent layout of the mechanic keeps wins coming regularly, and allows you to trigger the bonus quite regularly.

What’s great about Megaclusters is that they really keep you engaged. It’s an ideal format for budget conscious players because, even though the mechanic has inherently high volatility, you land wins frequent enough to maintain entertaining gameplay. Even if you’re playing with a budget of £20 (which I do often), your bankroll will last you quite a while.

The main downside is that it’s really easy to land a free spins round where your win isn’t all that impressive. In most cases, you’ll only get 2 free spins which doesn’t give you enough time to increase your multiplier in order to land meaningful wins. Still, you land the bonus often enough that this isn’t much of an issue.

Megaquads for Patient Gamers

As soon as we heard about Megaquads, we were super excited for this mechanic. Everything about this game looks like it should provide an amazing online gaming experience but, in practice when playing Slot Vegas Megaclusters, it’s not all that engaging.

It’s the kind of mechanic where all of the parts are there but there but they don’t work together in a way that really rewards the player. The combination of expanding reels, increasing multipliers, multiple reel sets and free spins should be incredibly generous – but they just don’t fit right unless you can build up your multipliers.

To increase your multipliers in this game, you have to land four-of-a-kind combos with the highest paying symbols – which doesn’t actually happen very often. So, until you’ve got some decent multipliers going, the game is a pretty big shlep.

So, Which Mechanic is Best for You?

After playing loads and loads of spins on each type of slot, we’ve come up with some suggestions. Each mechanic is definitely suited to a different type of player:

  • Megaways: ideal for players with a taste for more classic gameplay
  • Megaclusters: ideal for budget-conscious players who enjoy longer gaming sessions
  • Megaquads: ideal for high roller players who can afford to play longer enough to accumulate multipliers