Net Entertainment has released a new online slots game called Go Bananas. For the past few months, we have seen a great deal of buzz about this upcoming release. So, the blogging team at Slots Temple decided to review the title to see if the game lives up to the hype.

The Look

The reels feature a cartoon-y look with symbols that include coconuts, fruit, banana splits and cash. From a graphics perspective, Go Bananas slots is not particularly ground-breaking but it is vibrant and interesting to look at.

The Gameplay

The bonus feature in this game is limited to the gorilla symbols. Whenever a gorilla symbol appears on the reels, they turn wild while turning the symbols around them wild as well. The gorilla makes an X symbol made of five wilds while the orang-utan makes a square of four wilds.

The baboon turns entire reels wild while the langur does the same for horizontal rows. The wild tarsier will turn just one additional symbol wild either horizontally or vertically. In some cases, multiple monkeys will appear on the reels.

Aside from this on-screen feature, there isn’t much else going on. There is certainly potential for a fun off-screen bonus, so we think there was a bit of a missed opportunity there.

The Winning Potential

It seems that Net Entertainment aimed to use high volatility to make up for the lack of an off-screen bonus feature. In a 25-spin session (minimum wager), we triggered various monkey wild bonus 6 times.

The orang-utan and the gorilla were triggered once while the tarsier and baboon were triggered twice each.

Aside from wild wins, we had a few ‘regular’ wins as well – worth between 50 and 100 credits.

Another interesting thing that we noticed was the volatility vastly increases with your wager. On our second set of 25 spins, we bet the maximum coin value, and triggered the bonus 10 times. We also triggered multiple monkey wilds, which did not occur during the first 25-spin session.

Whether you play the maximum of the minimum, the winning potential in this game is quite impressive. However, it is important to note that your chances of triggering the bonus increases with your bet size.

Our Verdict

While Go Bananas slots may not be the most innovative new game on the market, it certainly is entertaining. There is great winning potential, vibrant graphics and a fun theme; and, we feel like that is enough to make for an enjoyable gaming experience.