Microgaming has announced the release of a new online slots game based on The Dark Knight Rises. The film was released last year, and it was the final part of Christopher Nolan’s Batman series.

The Dark Knight Rises was critically-acclaimed, and now slots players can relive the excitement through Microgaming’s new title.

Special Features

Even if you’re not a fan of Batman or simply aren’t into comic books, you will certainly appreciate Microgaming’s new Dark Knight Rises slots game. It comes equipped with some amazing bonus features that players will enjoy.

The Symbol Scramble feature allows players to turn losing spins into winning combinations by rearranging the order in which the symbols appear.

Split symbols also make it easier for players to create winning combinations.

The Theme

As always, Microgaming does a fantastic job of portraying the game’s theme.

The Dark Knight Rises features characters from the film as its symbols, including Catwoman, Bane, Commissioner Gordon, Robin and Thalia, who can all be selected as custom wild symbols. The game is also designed with a dark theme, conveying the spirit of Christopher Nolan’s depiction of Gotham City.

Bane plays an important role in the game, just as he did in film. He is featured in The Dark Knight Rises’ bonus round, and you face off against him in order to win cash prizes, multipliers and free spins. 

Versus Marvel Slots?

Batman is a character from the DC universe. As such, there is a natural rivalry between him and characters from the Marvel world, like Wolverine and Iron Man.

So, it would also be expected for a similar rivalry to take place between Microgaming’s DC slots and PlayTech’s Marvel slots.

Microgaming’s online slots are known to be more modern, offering up unique bonus features that are not seen in other games.

The Dark Knight Rises will feature the Symbol Scramble and Split Symbols, rare bonus features that are not available in PlayTech games.

On the other hand, Playtech’s Marvel slots are linked to the Marvel Mystery jackpot network, which offers up hugely generous prizes on a regular basis.

Each type of game offers up an entirely different experience, so it really depends on what you’re after.

If you’re more results-oriented, we would suggest PlayTech’s games. If you’re in it for the experience, we suggest The Dark Knight Rises and other Microgaming slots.