At Slots Temple, we are always thrilled to hear about new online slots developers in the gaming industry. One company that we have been hearing quite a bit about lately is Magnet Gaming, which has only recent burst onto the online gambling scene. So, what is Magnet Gaming? Let us give you a rundown.


Magnet Gaming has been around in the online casino market since the end of the 2014. The company aims to develop ‘attractive’ online slots for real-money casino operators on a wide range of mobile and computer-based platforms. Since the company has not been around for very long, there isn’t much history here. However, we anticipate that Magnet Gaming will begin making a name for itself soon.


Most online slots developers tend to have the same vision and values: develop fun games and commit to fair gaming. Magnet Gaming offers up a little bit more, by aiming to raise player retention at online casinos by ensuring that players will want to return to play games from this specific developer.

Magnet is also one of the first companies to focus on ‘equal play’. This means that the developer is interested in attracting the same amount of women and men to play its games.

With many other designers, you tend to notice that their games are geared towards men, with sports themes and graphics that feature scantily-clad women – but Magnet Gaming wants to appeal across the board. This is a very interesting concept and we hope that other developers will follow suit.

Game Selection

At the moment, Magnet Gaming only has 8 games under its belt. For a beginner in the online slots market, this is a decent start and we would certainly like to see more.

Some of our favourite titles from Magnet Gaming so far are:

Sunny Farm: This online slots game features a unique format which lacks paylines. Instead of creating winning combinations on set paylines, players simply have to match groups of 3 or 4 symbols. It is a similar concept to social games like Candy Crush and Bejeweled.

Side Show: This is a circus-themed online slot that takes place on a 3x3 grid. The colours and bright and vibrant, and Magnet Gaming has done a fantastic job in creating a slots game with engaging graphics and fun bonuses.

Deep Blue: In this underwater-themed online slots games, there are four different bonus rounds for players to enjoy. Each one is its own little mini-game, and it barely feels like you’re playing an online slot. We would love to see more games like this from Magnet Gaming in the future.