This year, we have seen the dawn of a new age in the social gaming world. As Facebook has relaxed its gaming regulations, casino operators have found their way into the social gaming market. We now have applications like IGT’s Double Down Casino, PlayTech’s Winner Casino App and Jackpot Joy’s app.

While these games present players with innovative gaming experiences, marketing them is a difficult task. So, operators must look for new ways to capture players’ attention.

What do you normally imagine when you think of Facebook games? It’s likely that the first thing that springs to mind is all of the notifications that you receive.

While this was once a very effective way for app operators to spread the word about their games, it is now an annoyance for more Facebook users. 

What has happened is that the technique has backfired. Facebook users got so fed up with receiving application requests that they started enabling blocks on these types of notifications. On the other end of the coin, app players also stopped sending out requests, fearing they would be ‘unfriended’ for doing so.

So, what can social slots and social casino developers do to attract new players?

1. Networking

Players are likely to join an app’s fan page to keep up-to-date. It is important for developers to use this platform to engage players, especially since Facebook allows your friends to see your activity. By opening up discussions and asking questions, they are exposing their brand to the friends of their fans and players in a very natural way.

It does not look forced, and it doesn’t put potential players off. Winner’s social casino page does a great job of this, regularly asking players what they think of particular titles.

2. Co-branding

This is a relatively new approach, but it seems to have potential. Social gaming developers are partnering with brands that they think will appeal to their target audience. IGT manages to do this well in the real-money gaming world by basing its game on pop culture brands like Star Trek, Monopoly and Elvis.

3. Let Word-of-Mouth Speak for Itself

In the past, it seems as though operators have forced the word-of-mouth aspect of Facebook by encouraging players to send requests to their friends. Now, it is about creating engaging content that players will want to share with their friends without being prompted to. This is all about knowing what players want and being in tune with their target audience.

Should social casino operators adopt some of these strategies, then we’ll no longer have to deal with dozens of app notifications. It will be a triumph for casual Facebook users all over the world!