This week, a casino in New Mexico called Route 66 launched its first-ever skill-based casino games. Titles on the TriStation gaming machine will provide players with the chance to play games of skill for cash payouts, bringing a brand new experience into the casino environment.

Puzzles, Word Games and More!

There are six skill-based casino games available on the TriStation gaming machine. They are:

- Deal or No Deal Poker: players must build the best hand possible by choosing brief cases and negotiating with the banker
- Into the Dead: a zombie action game that has over 77 million downloads
- Catapult King: players must launch shots to hit knights
- Lucky Words: a game where players form words out of chain letters
- Match 3volution: a match-three puzzle game
- Smoothie Blast: another match-three game

Each game has a different wager range, from about 50p to £10. Prizes are based on how successful players are in their gameplay and the top payout is 300 to 1, offering players an impressive payout for their game wager.

Skill-Based Gameplay

If you want to take a look at the gameplay, Gamblit has released a trailer for Deal or No Deal Poker. It’s quite an interesting looking game, which merges casino gambling with skill-based gaming. Take a look:

All of the other new skill-based games from Gamblit have no connection to gambling. There are match-three titles, puzzles and adventure games. This is quite a unique innovation in the gambling world, and surely it will take some getting used to.

However, the spread of the TriStation gaming machine has been fairly quick. The games were first introduced in Las Vegas casinos in October 2017, and they have already made their way across state lines. We only wonder how long it will take before we see skill-based games in Europe.

Would You Play?

So, would you play skill-based casino games? In terms of graphics and environment, they are similar to slots, with unique characters and vibrant themes. The main difference is that the outcome relies entirely on your skill and not whether or not you’re lucky enough.