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Key features of celebrity themed slots

It can be tricky to get the celebrity theme thing right in any form, so launching an online slots game is a nerve wracking experience. Developers walk the tightrope between being innovative enough to add an inviting twist to a familiar and well-liked person film, show or game, and not disappointing the same people with something either weak, uninspiring or too from from the original to be fun.

This is why developers and designers pay so much attention to creating an entire package experience which should keep everyone happy. Here are the main things they consider when creating this type of online slot.

The visuals

Celebrity fans can be tough cookies as they are often ultra familiar with the characters, props and sets of the game they choose to play. This makes it more vital than ever that game designers give 110% to the graphics and styling of the slot.

The icons featured in Rambo stay true to the theme, and include items like a hand grenade, knife and armored car. This makes it really easy for a player to get into character and enjoy the game at a higher level than average. Troll Faces, on the other hand, have gone for the wacky and definitely unique sepia look for the odd but fascinating icons that fill the game reels. An extra twist is the addition of random extra characters crawling across the screen.

The more rational look is on the table for classic show Noel Edmonds presented for many years. Deal or No Deal without the briefcases banker and the host himself would be nothing.

The excitement factor

Serious fans of a celebrity inspired games often know the background, storyline and attitudes of the inspiration behind it. Sometimes they even identify closely with the character or characters it features. Translating this into a satisfying slot game which will prove popular is a fairly tall order, so celebrity themed slots tend to be more exciting than a regular slot.

A good example of this if the online slot ‘Darts Heroes’. It stars four well known contemporary darts players [Phil Taylor, Raymond van Barneveld, Michael van Gerwen and Gary Anderson], but the setting is futuristic, and the darts tournament they are playing in is intergalactic. There’s a risk some diehard fans may not take to the (who knows why) science fiction themed switch but the light-hearted approach combined with knockout graphics certainly delivers something fresh.

The fan pleasing

By their very nature a celebrity themed game is more than likely going to be designed under license to the copyright holder of the images, ideas and names involved. There’s nothing surprising or quibble-worthy about that, and it’s a good thing for fans who are not going to be disappointed by the end result. However, the need to innovate and offer something new and appealing without crossing that line is always at the forefront of a game in this category. Most manage to get the right balance between familiarity and innovation to both satisfy and stimulate interest in both new and long term players.

Typical payouts, games and bonuses of celebrity slot games

Celebrity themed online slot games don’t generally offer anything out of the ordinary to other categories when it comes to winnings or extra game options. For example, Rambo offers a progressive jackpot and free spins, but labeling payouts as stealth, bravery, honour and explosive jackpots makes it really special.

Troll Faces pays winnings on any three or more matches, with random prizes allocated to each symbol. This makes different results for the same spin and win quite likely.

Leading developers in celebrity slot game software

When it comes to super-original, high quality games it’s difficult to beat Mr. Slotty, with their game Troll Faces being featured here. Other major celebrity slot software providers include iSoftBet, Blueprint, Ash Gaming, Stakelogic, Playtech, Bally and NetEnt.

Additional information about celebrity slot games

If you enjoy watching TV shows and films on your phone or tablet you can also use them to play these exciting, celebrity themed slots. Many can be accessed via your favourite web browser, and others also have an app you can download and use with both IOS and Android devices. Of course they are all available via the website when using a desktop or laptop too.

These games are just a few in a sizeable range of what is on offer, and are a fun, easy and free way to access another level of celebrity stardom.