Guns n Roses Slot - Review, Demo Play, Payout, Free Spins & Bonuses

Guns n Roses is a thrilling slots game based on one of the world's all-time biggest rock bands. From the developers at gaming giant NetEnt, it features some of Guns n Roses' most famous songs, stunning design, and a host of exciting special features. If you are not a fan of the band, you will enjoy this slot for its gameplay and design alone; if you are into the music, you will find it hard to top this slot for entertainment value.

About NetEnt

NetEnt is one of the world's leading online gaming providers, producing some of the best-loved titles on the market. The firm has been a market leader for over 20 years and is known for its innovative and attractively-designed games. Originally known as Net Entertainment, the company was founded in Sweden but is now known all over the world. It started out creating slots machines for land-based casinos, going from strength to strength before launching its own online gaming software.

There are over 2000 games available at various online casinos today, with the list of titles growing all the time. Some recent releases include Asgardian Stones, Twin Spin Deluxe, Jumanji, Universal Monsters, and Mirror, Mirror. Some of this game maker’s most famous titles include the ubiquitous Starburst, which is regularly the most-played game at online casinos; Dead or Alive; Twin Spin; and Steam Tower.

Guns n Roses

Guns n Roses formed in 1985 in LA. The founding members were Axl Rose, Slash, Duff McKagan and Steven Adler. After plying their trade in the clubs and bars of LA, they exploded onto the international scene and quickly became one of the biggest rock bands of all time. Their debut album, Appetite for Destruction, has sold over 30 million copies worldwide since its release and is one of the best-selling albums of all time. As the band's success grew, divides appeared between the band's founding members, partly fuelled by the excessive drinks and drugs consumption the band was notorious for. Guns n Roses gained a reputation for turning up late to gigs, not going on stage until several hours after the scheduled start time, and for being unreliable.

Things started to get worse and riots began to break out at the band's gigs, often as a result of the band's failure to show up after several hours. The band eventually split, with some of the members going on to work on solo projects or collaborations with other artists. In recent years, the original founding members of the band have reunited under the Guns n Roses name and have taken to touring the world, playing to huge sold-out stadiums and arenas. The Not in This Lifetime tour began in early 2016. By late 2017, it had become the fourth-highest grossing tour of all time - and there was still another year left to go.

Guns n Roses slot

The excellent design is apparent from the second you launch the game. It features a fantastic intro video, which is far more detailed and absorbing than most other slots out there. You are shown a video montage of Guns n Roses design elements - the famous logo, for example - along with clips from some of the band's best-known videos and live performances.


Once you have got past the stunning intro segment, you will be taken to the main game screen. The game's background is a huge Guns n Roses stadium gig, complete with floodlights, a huge stage and speakers, and a swaying crowd of fans. There are five reels, with three active symbols on each reel. The game is extremely slick and well designed, giving it a very professional feel. It is easy to see why this particular firm has been so successful when its games have such a high level of attention to detail. This slot has a really fresh and modern feel.

Sound effects and music

Guns n Roses simply has one of the greatest soundtracks of any slots game ever. Rather than generic background music, this slot features some of the most famous rock songs of all time; even better, the songs you listen to can be changed at any time. You can create your very own playlist as you spin the reels. Very few games give you this much - if any - freedom when it comes to background music.

When you launch the game, the default song that will play is Welcome to the Jungle. Each song plays from the beginning, so you will be treated to the thundering intros to some of Guns n Roses best-loved songs. If you want to change the song that is playing at any time, you can use the setlist feature to do so, which can be found to the bottom left of the gaming screen. Clicking on the set list will expand the list and you can choose whichever song you like. The songs are:

- Welcome to the Jungle
- Sweet Child o' Mine
- Paradise City
- November Rain
- Chinese Democracy

Simply select the song of your choice and it will begin playing. There is also a repeat feature - click on the repeat symbol and the same song will continue to play in a loop. If you leave the setlist as it is, the songs will play in order, keeping things interesting while you spin.

How to play

It couldn't be easier to play - simply hit the spin button! If you want to change your bet amount, you will have to do this first. You have two bet settings that you can change - the coin value and the bet level. Each value can be changed by using the arrows on either side of the display. The coin options are 0.01 to 1.00, with plenty of options in between. Once you are happy with your coin size, you can amend your bet level. The options are one to ten and the bet level goes up in increments of one, so you have a lot of flexibility.

Autoplay settings

There is an autoplay function in the game that lets you set up a pre-determined number of spins in advance. To make use of this feature, simply click on the autoplay button located next to the spin button. You will be invited to select how many spins you wish to set up. The lowest number of spins is 10, while the maximum is 1,000. Once you have chosen how many spins you want to set up, the spins will start right away. If you change your mind at any time, you can press the stop button displayed on the screen during your autoplay session.

Accessing the settings and information pages

To open the game’s information pages, simply click on the small information button to the bottom left of the screen. The button is easily recognisable thanks to the ‘i’ on it. There are ten pages in total, so here is a brief overview of the different pages:

Symbol payout values

The symbol payout values cover two whole pages. Here you will find all the game’s symbols listed along with the payouts for landing three, four or five across a payline. The lower paying symbols are listed on the first page, with the picture symbols - the band members and plectrums - listed on the second page.

Wild symbol

The next page covers the wild symbol. The game has different versions of wilds, but this page is about the standard expanding wild that appears in the base game and expands to fill the whole reel.

Bonus wheel

Page four introduces the game’s bonus wheel and outlines how it works. In short, if it lands on reels one, three and five in a single spin in the base game, you will trigger the bonus feature and be awarded one of the three special bonus features.

The Crowd-Pleaser Bonus Game

Page five covers the Crowd-Pleaser Bonus Game, which is the pick and click feature. You will be invited to reveal three symbols and will be awarded prizes according to what is revealed.

Encore free spins

The next page - page six - tells you about the free spins feature, which is one of the three special bonus features awarded when you land three bonus symbols across reels one, three and five. There is an explanation of the special overlay stacked wild symbols that appear in the free spins sessions.

Appetite for Destruction wild

Page seven explains how the Appetite for Destruction wild works. This huge, cross-shaped wild appears at random during any base game spin and can land in one of three possible positions across the reels. It substitutes all other symbols, except for any special symbols. No other special feature can be triggered while this feature is underway.

Legend Spins

Page eight covers the Legend Spins feature, which is the randomly-triggered re-spin feature with stacked wilds that move with each spin.

Solo Multiplier

This page - page nine - outlines the Solo Multiplier feature, which is randomly triggered during any regular spin.

Winning bet lines

The final page of the info section covers all the game’s paylines. You will find simple diagrams displaying all the possible winning bet lines - 20 in total.

Once you are happy with your total bet amount, hit spin and watch the reels go.

Guns n Roses paylines

The Guns n Roses slots game has a total of 20 paylines. You will always be paying all 20 paylines and you cannot choose which lines to play. This means the minimum bet - no matter whether you are playing for real cash or fun money - will always be 20 of your chosen coin. You can choose to bet additional coins across all paylines, or just stick with one. The paylines are the fairly standard lines you would expect to see on a wide range of slots. If you are new to slots games, or new to this particular slots game at least, you should take a look at the Winning Bet Lines pages in the game’s info section. You can reach the info section by clicking on the information button to the bottom left of the screen. The symbol for the information screen is a small ‘i’ on a blue button.

Game symbols

As you might expect, the main band members feature in the list of symbols, along with several other Guns n Roses-related images. You will find Axl Rose, Slash and Duff as the highest paying symbols, then a couple of colourful plectrums, followed by the usual playing card symbols.


Axl Rose:

5 x Axl Rose - 750
4 x Axl Rose - 150
3 x Axl Rose - 30


5 x Slash - 500
4 x Slash - 125
4 x Slash - 25


5 x Duff - 300
4 x Duff - 100
4 x Duff - 20

Newsprint plectrum

5 x newsprint plectrum - 200
4 x newsprint plectrum - 125
3 x newsprint plectrum - 254

Illusion plectrum

5 x illusion plectrum - 200
4 x illusion plectrum - 125
3 x illusion plectrum - 254


5 x ace - 125
4 x ace - 40
3 x ace - 10


5 x king - 100
4 x king - 30
3 x king - 10


5 x queen - 75
4 x queen - 25
3 x queen - 5


5 x jack - 60
4 x jack - 25
3 x jack - 5


5 x ten - 50
4 x ten - 20
3 x ten - 5

Special symbols

The game has two special symbols to make things even more exciting. Both special symbols can occur at any time in the base game, so you have a chance of hitting one or both with every spin.

Wild symbol

This symbol substitutes all other symbols apart from the bonus symbol. It is represented by the iconic Guns n Roses logo of the two pistols wrapped in rose stems, with two roses on a white and yellow background.

Bonus wheel symbol

This is the game's scatter symbol and can land anywhere on reels one, three and five to award you a special feature. There are three different special features and one of these will be randomly awarded when you trigger the special feature. Read about the different special features below:

Special features

Guns n Roses has a number of special features, all of which will thrill you when they pop up! You will find expanding wilds, the Legend Spins feature, the Solo Multiplier and the Appetite for Destruction wild feature. As you can see, there are lots of fun features to look out for here! There are also free spins up for grabs - you can read more about these later on.

The game's wild symbol is the Guns n Roses logo. This can land on any of the five reels, except for the middle reel when the Appetite for Destruction feature is running. It replaces all other game symbols except for the scatter. When the wild lands on a reel, it expands to fill the whole reel, giving you plenty more chances to hit a winning combo. As the wild symbol expands, it can change for any other game symbols apart from the overlay wild symbol in the Legend Spins feature, the wild in Appetite for Destruction, and the Encore Free Spins stacked wild.

Appetite for Destruction

The Appetite for Destruction feature involves an overlay wild shaped like a cross. This is triggered at random and can be a full cross or just a partial cross. It will substitute all other game symbols except special symbols.

Legend Spins

This feature is also triggered at random. When this is triggered, you will receive three free re-spins with special stacked wilds. You will have either one or two stacked wild reels. The stacked wild reel will move to different reels for each spin. For your first spin, you will have a stacked reel on the centre reel. For your second spin, the stacked wilds appear on reels one and five. For your third and final spin, the stacked wilds will appear on the second and fourth reels. As you can imagine, it is possible to hit some pretty big winning combos during this feature.

Solo Multiplier

This special feature gives you a multiplier that is randomly determined. The multiplier, which can be anything from 4x to 10x, is triggered at random if there are three or more matching symbols on an active payline.

Multi Award Bonus Wheel

This is triggered when you land the bonus scatter symbol across reels one, three and five in any base game. There are three separate features within this feature, with one awarded to you randomly. The different versions of the feature are Encore Free Spins, Coin Wins, and the Crowd-Pleaser Bonus Game. You will soon pick your favourite out of these after a few experiences of each one and will be hoping it comes up whenever the bonus feature is triggered.

When you land three bonus symbols on reels one, three and five, the bonus feature will be triggered. You will see a huge bonus wheel appear in the form of a record on a record player. As the record spins, different bonus features will whizz past. Click the stop button when you are ready, and the record will gradually come to a halt. The bonus feature that stops under the pointer is the one you will be awarded.

Encore Free Spins

This is one of the special features triggered when you land three bonus symbols across reels one, three and five. You will be awarded 10 free spins and you will also have stacked wilds. The stacked wilds can appear on reels two, three and four on any of your 10 spins and you can even retrigger your free spins during an existing free session. Of course, this feature has great winning potential, especially if you are lucky enough to get extra free spins on top of your initial 10.

Coin Wins

This feature is fairly self-explanatory but is a nice little cash boost if you are lucky enough to be awarded it. You will be awarded a random number of coins based on your initial bet amount. You can receive anything between 200 and 600 coins - the coin size will match the coin size you set before you started spinning.

Crowd-Pleaser Bonus Game

This is a classic slots game click and pick feature and has a total of three levels. You will be awarded a number of picks and can win up to 600 coins with each pick. When you are on level one, you will be given three clicks and will have to choose from eight items. Once you hit a total of 60 coins and have used all your picks, you will be taken to level two. When level two starts, you will receive three more picks. To move on from level two, you need to amass more coins. You will need to have won a total of 300 coins across levels one and two and have used all three level two picks to advance to level three.

What is the Guns n Roses return to player?

The official return to player provided by NetEnt is 96.98 per cent. This developer's slots have a reputation for providing generous return to player (RTP) rates and this is up there with the rest of its games. Guns n Roses tends to be a fairly reliable slots game and pays out smaller prizes pretty regularly. It is not especially known for its huge payouts, so it might not add enough excitement if you are used to playing jackpot slots. Having said that, it is a highly entertaining slots game and is genuinely enjoyable to play.

Most wins tend to be less than 20 times your stake, with bigger wins hitting 40 times your stake. There is certainly potential for some much larger wins, especially when the special features are triggered, but you might find these wins few and far between. It is worth the wait, however, when all the reels fall into the right places and you end up landing one of the higher paying combos combined with one of the special features, especially the multiplier. Remember that the Solo Multiplier feature can multiply any win by up to 10, giving you huge prize potential.

The biggest win you could hope for while playing this slots game is 1,125 times your total bet; for example, if you were playing at 20p a spin - the minimum bet at most online casinos available in the UK - you would win £225 if you were lucky enough to scoop the game’s top prize. While this is a hugely impressive sum for a 20p bet, it is not as much as you could land on many other slots for the same bet amount. Having said that, slots are designed for fun, and playing here at Slots Temple is all about playing for enjoyment rather than the chance of cash prizes!

Other NetEnt games

If you enjoy Guns n Roses, you might like to take a look at some of NetEnt's other popular titles. If you want to stick with the music theme, check out the Jimi Hendrix and Motorhead slots. Both are similar to the Guns n Roses slot in that they play bursts of popular songs while you spin the reels. Both have exciting free spins features and the potential to scoop huge prizes when everything comes together. If you fancy something different, check out the list below.

Jungle Spirit

Jungle Spirit is a hugely popular NetEnt game with legions of keen fans all over the world. Based around a jungle theme, the game features special expanding symbols in the base game that can trigger huge wins. Look for the little glowing butterfly on the corner of any regular symbol - this indicates a special symbol that will expand to fill the whole reel if it is part of a winning combo. It is possible to land several of these special expanding symbols in a single spin, meaning huge wins can be yours.

The jungle flower symbol is the scatter and you will need three or more of these to set up the free spins. Jungle Spirit's free spin feature is legendary and can rack up some impressive winning combos. You will be given the choice of five free spins options. Choose from a lower number of free spins but with the potential for great wins or opt for a higher number of spins but potentially lower maximum prizes. There is an additional row of symbols in the free spins game, giving you extra chances to win. Whichever animal you choose as your free spin symbol will replace all the other animal symbols in the free games, meaning it is easier to hit winning combos. The free spins feature can be a little hit and miss in practice - for every epic win you achieve, you will probably have a fair few disappointments - but it is certainly exciting. If you hit several expanding symbols in a single spin, the prizes can be out of this world.

Butterfly Staxx

A slots game with a difference, Butterfly Staxx has an excellent free spins feature and a fun special feature in the base game. It is an incredibly well-designed and attractive game, and the relaxing background music is perfect if you want to play something a little more low key. The symbol you will be hoping to see the most of is the glowing butterfly symbol, which is stacked and can fill a whole reel in any given spin. If you land a full stacked reel of butterfly symbols anywhere on the screen - on reels one, two, three, four or five - you will trigger the base game special feature. The flower buds at the side of the game screen will unfurl and the entire reel of butterfly symbols - along with any other butterfly symbols that have landed across the reels - will migrate over to the left of the screen. You will get a free spin and any further butterfly symbols that land on the reels - whether stacked or single - will also migrate over to the left. You will keep getting free spins until no further butterfly symbols appear and will be paid out according to any winning paylines that contain butterfly combos. In the best-case scenario, you could fill all five reels with stacked butterfly symbols, leading to a huge payout!

As if this isn’t enough, the game has a great free spins feature. You will need to land three scatter symbols anywhere across the reels to be awarded five free spins. Landing more scatters gives you extra spins. The free spins feature has just one active symbol - the butterfly. All other reel spots are filled with dormant cocoons. Any butterfly you land, whether stacked or single, migrates over to the left, helping you to build winning combos. You are also paid out for winning combos with every single spin. This means that if you hit a winning combo on your first spin, this will pay out for the rest of your free spins, hopefully increasing with each spin as you land more butterfly symbols to add to your wins.

Dead or Alive

One of the most popular NetEnt games, Dead or Alive is a cult classic and one of the best-known slots of all time. It is a staple of thousands of online casinos and is a firm favourite of novice and seasoned gamers. It is popular because of its ease of play, low minimum bet option and its excellent free spins feature. The game has a Wild West setting and the symbols are items such as sheriff badges, pistols, beer glasses, and all kinds of other things you might expect to find in a Wild West saloon bar. The game's wild is a wanted poster and can substitute all other symbols except for the scatter. The scatter is a pair of crossed pistols and you will need three or more to trigger 12 free spins. The free spins are where you really have the potential to hit some big prizes.

In the free spins session, all wilds are frozen. It is possible to land multiple wilds on each reel, leading to massive prize potential. While the free spins session can be hugely disappointing if you don't land any wilds, or at least don't land any in lucrative positions, this game can be extremely generous when things go right. Even better, if you land at least one wild on each of the five reels by the end of your free spins, you get extra free spins at the end with the wilds still in position. The return on your initial bet is huge when this happens. You won't get this lucky very often, but you will see why so many people are such dedicated fans of this simple yet exciting game when you do!


It doesn't have much in common with Guns n Roses - besides the fact that both slots are made by NetEnt - but Starburst in undoubtedly one of the most successful slots games of all time. It is regularly the most-played game in online casinos; in addition, it is often chosen as the game on which free spins are given away when new players sign up at casinos. The reasons for this include the stunning design and simple gameplay that even novice players will be able to pick up right away. It is a fun, colourful game that is extremely simple to understand. Choose your bet size, then spin and try to build winning combos of symbols. The expanding wild feature will give you a free spin each time it appears as part of a winning combo. If you are lucky enough to get multiple expanding wilds in a single spin, you can build some decent cash prizes. While not known for huge payouts, Starburst is a fun and stunningly well-designed slots game.

Guns n Roses slot game: frequently asked questions

Can I play Guns n Roses slot for free?

Yes, you can. Here at Slots Temple, you can play any of our fantastic slots for free. You don’t need to provide your credit card details or deposit any cash to take advantage of our extensive slots game offering. We have a huge variety of some of the biggest and brightest slots in the world and we invite you to play your favourites completely free. Guns n Roses is available to play for fun at any time, on any compatible device.

Does Guns n Roses have free spins?

Yes, you can trigger the free spins feature by landing three bonus symbols across the reels. The bonus symbol can appear on reels one, three and five during any spin in the base game. If you hit a bonus symbol on reels one and three, the reels will slow down and sound effects will highlight that you are close to being awarded a bonus. If a third bonus symbol appears on reel five, you will be awarded one of three bonus features. These are Coin Win, the Crowd-Pleaser Bonus Game and, of course, Encore Free Spins.

The free spins feature awards you 10 free spins, complete with extra wilds. Encore Free Spins can be retriggered during the existing free spins session, giving you plenty more chances to win big.

Can I play Guns n Roses on my mobile?

Yes, you can. You can play Guns n Roses - and many of our other slots - on any compatible device you choose. Most slots providers these days offer their games on mobile and tablet in addition to traditional PC and laptop platforms. You can play Guns n Roses on your smartphone, tablet or on any other compatible device. You will enjoy the same great features and gameplay, along with the same chances to win with each winning combo.

Does Guns n Roses have a jackpot?

Most NetEnt games do not have a jackpot feature, progressive or otherwise. Guns n Roses does not have a jackpot feature.


* Guns n Roses trademark / license is owned by Net Ent. This site is not endorsed by Net Ent.

Game Name: Guns n Roses
Software: Net Ent
Themes: Musicians & Bands, Celebrity
Volatility: Medium volatility
Features: Bonus Game Wild Symbol Scatter Symbol Multiplier Free Spins Medium volatility 5 Reels
Paylines: 20
Reels: 5
Min Bet (all lines covered): 0.2
Max Bet: 200
Top Win: 125
RTP: 96.98%
User Reviews
Overall score: 4.2 out of 5 stars

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