Danger High Voltage Slot - Review, Demo Play, Payout, Free Spins & Bonuses

Background to Danger High Voltage

We have to confess to being somewhat confused by the seemingly erratic theme of Danger High Voltage, with its disco vibe, crashing chords and strange mix of symbols. So we dug a little deeper into the game’s history and discovered that it’s actually based on a pop song!

Try searching online for the band Electric Six and you’ll find that their biggest hit occurred back in 2003 with their hit song “Danger High Voltage”. Play the accompanying video and study the lyrics to the song, and it all starts to make a little more sense. The song apparently climbed as high as number two in the UK charts in that year, with NME even going so far as to nominate it as their Single of The Week!

Apparently, Jack White, better known for being one half of The White Stripes, is performing secondary vocals on the track, making it even more iconic, but it still seems a surprising choice to base an entire slots game on. And although discos, Gates of Hell and even Tacos are mentioned in the lyrics of the song, it still doesn’t explain those Mexican sugar candy skulls. That’s something that only Big Time Gaming presumably know, and it seems they’re not telling!

Play Danger High Voltage Slot Free

Here at Slots Temple we live and breathe online slots games. If we’re not playing our favourites, we’re hunting out new titles and spinning the reels of all the latest releases so that we can tell other slots gamers everything that they need to know to spin their way to success. So it’s hardly surprising that we’ve learned a few tricks along the way.

Our very best piece of advice to anyone spinning the reels of a new game for the first time is to play it for free. All of the games here on our site are free to play, and you don’t have to sign up to anything or part with any personal information to start enjoying the huge variety of games on offer. We provide you with a virtual balance, so it feels exactly the same as playing with real money, giving you the most authentic possible gaming experience but without any of the associated risks to your bank balance.

In our opinion, Danger High Voltage is a reasonably complex game thanks to its larger than usual grid format and choice of Free Spins bonus rounds. And of course, it’s a very high-volatility game, so wins could be few and far between, which is all the more reason to acquaint yourself with the gameplay as fully as possible before risking your own cash on the outcome of a spin.

In fact, we strongly recommend that you spin the reels of Danger High Voltage a minimum of 500 times in free play mode before wagering your own money at an online casino. We reckon that 500 spins should be sufficient to trigger all the bonus features and experience every single element of the game so that you can discover everything that you need to know about the game to inform your future betting choices. Try wagering low to begin with, and see how your virtual balance grows or dwindles, then try ramping up the stakes to see what effect that has on your prize pot. You’ll also want to try out both variants of the Danger High Voltage free spins too to find out which one works best for you.

Once you’re satisfied that you’ve uncovered all of the game’s secrets, you can take your knowledge and experience to one of our recommended casino sites - or to your own favourite online casino, if you have one - and spin the reels to a winning prize pot. Or, if you prefer, you can stay here on our site and carry on playing for free. You can play Danger High Voltage slot as much as you like with absolutely no obligation to go on to wager to real money. Why not try out some of our other great games while you’re on our site? We’ve got literally hundreds to choose from, covering every genre and theme that you could possibly think of, so we’re confident that we’ve got something to suit every type of player.

Best Danger High Voltage Slot Casinos

Danger High Voltage is a Slot from Big Time Gaming and as such can be found at Casinos that have this software - here are a few of the top casinos that you can play the game at - Casinoland, Genesis Casino, LeoVegas.

Danger High Voltage Bonus Codes

We currently don't have any access to exclusive bonus codes for this game.

Disco Inferno

On a smoke-filled dancefloor, to the sound of pumping disco tunes as the lasers play, you will spin reels filled with symbols influenced by the Mexican Day of the Dead. If you are struggling to find the connection between sugar skulls and disco beats, just relax and go with the flow. The highest paying symbol is the heart, but your reward depends entirely on what you stake - the bigger the bet, the bigger the win. The basic paytable only shows the wins for the lowest stake of 0.20 credits, but this game is all about the bonus features and some wild wilds.

How to Play Danger High Voltage

Big Time Gaming's Danger High Voltage slot is easy to play and you'll quickly get sucked in to the exciting theme. Firstly, choose anywhere from 0.20 to 40 as your total stake. This is a great range for both high roller players and those on more modest budgets. 0.20 wagers mean that penny slots players can comfortably spin the reels within their bankrolls while a 40 maximum bet gives players with bigger budgets more bang for their buck. No matter what your bet size, you'll still trigger all 4096 ways to win.

You can also choose to set up the autoplay. You can choose almost anywhere from 5 spins to 100 spins. You must set a loss limit which will stop the autoplay when you've lost a certain amount of money - but, you can set it to "unlimited". There is also the option to set a single win limit, which will stop the game when you've hit a certain prize.

Then, all you have to do is enjoy! Danger High Voltage is a fun and engaging online slot that is sure to provide you with plenty of entertainment.

What is the RTP of Danger High Voltage Slot?

Over a long period of time the average payout of Danger High Voltage is 95.67% - this means that if you wager 100 you will get back 95.67 on average. To get a feel of how this payout is achieved try the game in demo mode here and you'll get a feel for the volatility etc.

Danger High Voltage Slot Volatility

If you’re a seasoned online slots gamer, then you’ll already understand the implications of volatility, but for those with less experience or who are completely new to the genre, it’s an important aspect of gaming that needs some explanation. That’s because the volatility of the game that you’re playing tells you the level of risk involved, enabling you to hunt out games that suit your playing style - not to mention your wallet!

Low-volatility slots games are perfectly suited to the risk-averse players, complete newbies and anyone who’s just looking for some light entertainment. This type of game allows you to play with low stakes and ensures that you’ll benefit from plenty of wins to keep you engaged with the game, although the sums involved certainly won’t be life-changing. You might spin up a couple of decent cash prizes, but you certainly won’t win any life-changing sums of money. For that reason, you won’t find high-rollers and risk-takers singling out low-volatility games for their attention.

High-volatility games, on the other hand, are all about risk. In this type of game there’s usually the option to place some seriously significant wagers, and the rewards are potentially huge. The downside is that you won’t find many low-value wins, and you might have to wait for some considerable length of time for the reels to start lining up in your favour. But this is how high-stakes players get their kicks, adjusting their wagering to take advantage of winning streaks and carefully managing their bankrolls to tide them through the leaner periods. Which isn’t to say that low-risk players can’t spin the reels of a high-volatility online slots game, but if you’re playing with a tight budget then it’s almost certainly best to stick to playing this sort of game purely for fun in free play mode.

Medium-volatility slots games are designed to suit all types of players, accommodating a range of budgets so that everyone gets the game that suits them best. Risk-averse players can keep their stake low and still spin up a few low-value wins, whilst high-stakes players can go for broke and chase those all-important high-value wins. These types of games usually have the broadest betting range, indicating their suitability for every type of bankroll.

In the case of Danger High Voltage, the game has been assessed as being extremely volatile. That means its greatest appeal will be to high-rollers, who will want to try to spin up the major cash prize, but if you’re a lower-stakes player, you don’t need to be put off. Just spin the reels for fun in free play mode and experience life in the fast lane without any of the associated financial risks!

Wild ride

Wild fire and wild electricity symbols are full reel wilds on reels two and five only that substitute for any other symbol except the scatter. Wild electricity is the one to land with its 6x multiplier, but both features ensure a great bonus payout.

High Voltage and the Gates of Hell

We are not talking deadly electrified gates here but the bonus games that you will unleash when you land three or more Heart’s Desire symbols.

Choose to enter the Gates of Hell and seven free spins will be yours. As a bonus, one of the game symbols becomes a sticky wild for the duration of the bonus feature and will substitute for every other symbol to create big winning combinations. Land four sticky wilds on a single reel and you will spin up three more free games.

Opt for the High Voltage bonus and you will receive a whopping 15 free spins plus the High Voltage wild on reels two and five. All your free spin wins will be multiplied by the highlighted figures, which range from 11x to a massive 66x multiplier. Land three or more scatter symbols during the High Voltage bonus and you will unleash another 15 free spins.

Danger High Voltage Tips

If you're looking for a winning online gaming experience while playing Big Time Gaming's Danger High Voltage slot, there are some strategies that you can employ. Firstly, it is important to decide on a bankroll that is suitable to your overall budget. Since bet sizes range from 0.20p to just 40, you should be able to get plenty of spins within your bankroll. Setting a budget is crucial, as you'll always walk away a winner if you don't lose more than you can afford to.

Then, you might want to try a betting strategy, which dictates how much you should wager based on whether your last spin was a win or a loss. This helps you to take advantage of winning and losing streaks, which can be particularly useful in luck-based games like slots. The Martingale System is the best option, and it requires you to increase your wager after every loss. So, if your bet is 1, you would double it to 2 after your first loss and double that again to 4 on your second loss - and so on. The idea is that you will eventually win, which means that you'll recoup those losses along with some profit.

How to Win at Danger High Voltage

The aim of the game in Danger High Voltage is to spin matching symbols on to adjacent reels, starting with the leftmost reel in the playing area. Unlike slots games with traditional paylines, where symbols must line up along one of the active lines in the game, you only need symbols to appear on consecutive reels to achieve a win, hence the massive 4,096 Ways To Win. This figure is higher than most similar online slots games, since Danger High Voltage offers six reels rather than the more usual five, with four rows on each reel instead of just three. And this is really good news for players, since there’s the potential for some huge cash rewards if your luck is in.

Most online slots games require you to achieve three or more matching symbols to achieve a win, but once again Danger High Voltage bucks that trend by offering up cash rewards for matching just two symbols in the case of the high-paying sugar skull. Spin up six sugar skulls on adjacent reels at the minimum stake of 0.20 and you’ll be awarded 25.00, which is an excellent return. The next highest-paying symbol is the bell icon, which will award 5.00 for six-of-a-kind on a 0.20 stake.

Unusually for an online slots game, the Scatter in Danger High Voltage also comes with its own paytable, and it’s also the symbol that pays out the top cash prizes in the game. Spin six heart Scatters on the minimum 0.20 stake, and you’ll not only be awarded a choice of Free Spins, but you’ll also bank a highly-generous 100.00. No wonder the heart symbol wears a ‘My Desire’ sash!

And of course, as with any good slots game, there’s a Wild to help you to achieve winning lines, or in this case, two separate Wilds, both of which come stacked on reels 2-6, with the potential to award multipliers at every appearance. In fact, the top cash prize in the game will see you win 20,000x your stake, so wager the maximum allowable sum of 40.00 and your top payout is a breathtaking 800,000.00.

Danger High Voltage on Mobile - Android and iPhone App

Danger High Voltage by Big Time Gaming is fully optimised for all your mobile and tablet devices running iOS and Android. If you need some bonus spin action on the go, this could be the slot for you. As a browser-based, the game does not require you to download any software, so you can save space on your device.

The graphics on Danger High Voltage mobile are exactly the same as they are on the desktop version of the game. As such, you won't miss out on any gameplay features. The game is just as bright and vibrant as it is if you're playing from your laptop or PC, and all of the same bonus features are present.

Danger High Voltage - 100 Spin Experience

If you're stuck for time or simply aren't in a location where you can play free slots online, we're here to give you a rundown that will make you feel just like you've played the game for yourself. Our 100 Spin Experience  sections gives you an in-depth look at the gameplay of Danger High Voltage, which will allow you to decide whether or not you should give this game a spin.

Firslty, we set our stake to £4, which we think is a fair amount that should appeal to both high rollers and players with more modest budget - but you can wager anywhere from 20p to £40. This single wager triggers all 4096 potential ways to win, which provides you with more value for your money over time. We also used the autoplay feature for 100 spins and set the loss limit to Unlimited.

Over the course of 100 spins, we were able to trigger the free spins feature once, and made an impressive profit of 30x our total stake. Throughout the base game, they were plenty of spins where we triggered wild reels and the maximum multiplier that we claimed was worth 6x.

There were plenty of moments where nothing was really happening, which created a lull in the action. However, we did trigger plenty of prizes. This is likely due to the fact that many of the symbols pay out for 2-of-a-kind combinations which makes for more frequent wins.

If you're looking for something a little bit different, then Danger High Voltage is the online slot for you. It is certainly the opposite of classic slot machines, and is idea for players with more modern gaming tastes.

Danger High Voltage Slot Review Verdict

Although the theme seems all over the place, there is no denying that the soundtrack is great and the graphics are attractive enough to hold your interest.; however, where Danger High Voltage really scores is in the bonus gameplay, with wilds and free spins enough to satisfy even the most experienced player. This is a medium to high variance slot that really rewards when you land those Heart’s Desire scatter symbols and make the most of the wilds, free spins and multipliers you can spin up. All bonus rewards are paid at the original stake, so this really favours the high rollers out there.

With its unique theme and vibrant graphics, Danger High Voltage provides players with an exciting online gaming experience. Players will be thrilled with every spin of the reels, as there are plenty of wins payouts to be earned. The game's bonus features are innovative without being overly complex so you'll definitely feel engaged with the gameplay. Since you can take it with you on the go, Danger High Voltage is a fun sot that you can enjoy from virtually anywhere using your tablet or smartphone.

Love Danger High Voltage? Why Not Try...

Sure, Danger High Voltage is a fun online slot, but there will come a time that you'll want to give something a little different a spin. The major draw of this online slot is generous number of paylines and the addition of wild multipliers, so here are some of our recommendations for slots similar to Danger High Voltage that you might enjoy.

  • Reel Rush. In this exciting NetEnt-powered slot, you'll be able to unlock more paylines, expanding the number of winning ways from 243 to 3125.
  • White Rabbit. This is another online slot from Big Time Gaming, which provides you with the chance to trigger a potential 16000+ winning ways and over 200 000 winning ways in the free spins round.
  • Rainbow Ryan. This vibrant Yggdrasil gaming slot features 6 reels, so you'll be able to trigger 4096 potential ways to win during the base game.
  • Jurassic Giants. From Pragmatic Play, this online slot offer players 4096 potential winning ways along with a generous free spins round.
  • When Pigs Fly. A NetEnt slot, this game expands from 20 paylines to 3125 during the bonus round.

These are great games that have all of the same appeal as Danger High Voltage from Big Time Gaming. Give any of these online slots a spin for an exciting online gaming experience with an impressive number of paylines and generous winning potential.

About Big Time Gaming

Big Time Gaming is certainly an up-and-comer in the online gaming market. The company hasn't been around as long as some of the bigger players like Microgaming and NetEnt but it is certainly making a name for itself by creating some of the most innovative and exciting new releases that can be enjoyed by players around the world.

It should come as no surprise Big Time Gaming is able to such impressive titles, as the company consists of professionals who have been working with prestigious gaming operators for years. CEO Nik Robinson and CTO Huw McIntosh both worked at New Tech Media and Openbet while Creative Director Ian Schmidt worked on several games for Rock Star.  So, they have certainly put this expertise to use at Big Time Gaming, where they develop groundbreaking online slots.


Danger High Voltage FAQs

🌮 Can I play Danger High Voltage Slot for Free?

Register at any online casino that has the game and you'll be able to play Danger High Voltage and all the other games for free (assuming you are over 18).

🌮 Does Danger High Voltage Slot have Free Spins?

Yes, you need to get x3 Hearts Desire Symbols to get free spins features - if you go for the High Voltage bonus you'll get x15 free spins with multipliers.

🌮 Can I win real money playing Danger High Voltage Slot?

Yes, if you register and deposit at a casino that has the game and play it's possible you couldplay for the chance to win real money.

🌮 What is the RTP of Danger High Voltage?

The payout percentage of Danger High Voltage is 95.97%.

🌮 Which free bonus: High Voltage or Gates of Hell?

Gates of Hell is a higher volatility bonus while High Voltage is lower. So, you have higher winning potential in Gates of Hell, but there's the opportunity for High Voltage to go on for longer.

* Danger High Voltage trademark / license is owned by Big Time Gaming. This site is not endorsed by Big Time Gaming.

Game Name: Danger High Voltage
Software: Big Time Gaming
Themes: Musicians & Bands, Celebrity
Volatility: High volatility
Features: Bonus Game Wild Symbol Scatter Symbol Multiplier Free Spins High volatility 6 Reels
Paylines: 4096
Reels: 6
Min Bet (all lines covered): 0.2
Max Bet: 40
Top Win: 100
RTP: 96.22%
User Reviews
Overall score: 4.1 out of 5 stars
P Paul
good song shame about the game 30/11/2019

Gave it a few spins but didn’t get it at all. A few wilds but no free spins at all. And the graphics are just a weird mixture of stuff. Will stick to Blueprint slots

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