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Ancient Egypt - Cleopatra's at it again

Ancient Egypt is a really popular setting for games. All the gold treasure and those lush blues show up really well in the graphics, with a carefully crafted mysterious feel to many of the games.

Pharaoh’s Night from Octavian Gaming is actually a Las Vegas-themed game that provides fun gaming mixed with Egyptian history. The symbols include a cocktail glass and the pharaoh and Cleopatra yakking away into the mobile phones - if they were texting, they might accidentally crash into the next reel! The gamble feature is a pinball table. If you like your ancient Egyptian history with a big dash of Las Vegas bling, this cocktail is for you.

Of course, the pharaohs did not have it all their own way in ancient times; as ever, a beautiful woman popped up to throw a spanner in the works. We are thinking of Cleopatra, of course, who has launched a thousand slots - or if not a thousand, quite a lot anyway! These include some of the best-loved titles in slotland.

It is entirely fitting that Cleopatra should be a mega jackpot slot. This is a great game from IGT with scarabs, lotus flowers, the eye of Horus, and - of course - the chance to win major progressive jackpot gold. The mega jackpot symbol is the wild and if three or more sarcophagus/sphinx scatters appear, it is Cleopatra Bonus time with 15 free spins.

Meanwhile, if you like your ancient Egyptian history with plenty of bling, Tutankhamun has inspired more games that you can shake a scarab at. Try King Tut’s Chamber from World Match, which goes back to the legend that the teenage king was buried with a magical dagger. Here you are in the tomb, so try to find out the truth.

There are loads more great games with an ancient Egypt feel, such as Temple of Luxor, Queen of the Nile, Cleopatra-18, Treasure of the Nile, Pharaoh’s Treasures, Riches of Ra, Pyramid Quest for Immortality, and Cleopatra’s Treasure.

Camelot, Aztecs and Caligula!

How about travelling from ancient Egypt to the Arthurian court of Camelot in medieval England? This is easy to do with this fantastic range of historically-themed slots.

World Match has produced a really impressive theme with a wonderful image of the mystical castle seen through the mist. The scatter is the magical sword Excalibur, or Xcalibur as World Match prefers to call it. Excalibur, the mighty mystical sword, was sunk in the lake, but luckily it has been retrieved for this game. King Arthur and Queen Guinevere, the green dragon and a shield continue the theme - when these symbols loom up out of the mist in a series of three, you are onto a winner. Merlin, the wizard of Camelot, weaves his magic spell to take you to free spins; of course, the scatter is the sword of Excalibur.

If Camelot inspires you, try King Arthur, Mediaeval Castle and some of the other great slots from this period; however, not all the history-themed slots are quite so gentle. If you don’t mind your Roman history bloodthirsty, try Caligula from Game Art.

Caligula appears with a crown of laurel leaves, indicating that he is the Roman emperor. He has a very quizzical expression on his face, but you just know he is dreaming up his next devilish scheme - the mad staring eyes are a bit of a giveaway. Caligula is all powerful in this slot, with the power to grant you large or small wins at his whim (provided the right symbols have come up anyway). Just one question - why isn’t there more blood?

Other Roman-themed slots include Roman Legion Extreme, Gifts from Caesar, and Glorious Rome.

Caligula was a pretty unforgettable character; in fact, history is full of amazing individuals - good, bad and ugly. You can see the exploits of Columbus, for example, celebrated in the game of the same name. Novomatic has put together a pretty authentic historical game, with Queen Isabella of Spain, treasure, and a sextant for finding the way. His three ships - the Santa Maria, the Pinta and the Nina - also feature. Another great figure is Michelangelo, the famous artist, with a great game from High 5 Gaming featuring his sculptures.

The Ancient Mayans and Aztec culture exercise total fascination over the world of slot gaming, so it is no surprise that Real Time Gaming has the bug. Its Aztec Treasure features golden jewels, of course, a jaguar (the big cat, not the big car), and a shaman’s mask. The scatters are a golden idol and the Aztec king. The gameplay is really good, with a progressive jackpot that can grow during the game. Aztec Rising is a game from Eyecon with great graphics and an amazing Aztec calendar as one of the symbols.

We can’t leave the history theme without mentioning pirates - well, you can’t keep them out really, as they just swarm all over the ship! Jolly Roger by Play’n GO leaves a trail of jewels, maps, pirates and treasure strewn over the reels. Needless to say, there is a parrot that makes itself useful by serving as the scatter symbol. There is good pirate-based gameplay and three pieces of treasure to find that will unearth the map that acts as the bonus; however, the chest of treasure is what you really want to find.

History is a great inspiration for gaming companies large and small. From the frankly ridiculous to the very authentic, each game has a different take on bygone eras. It is great to have such a huge selection from which to choose.