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Set sail in search of wins

While there are some things that are typically pirate, there are plenty of ways to depict them and slots developers have used their imagination to come up with some truly intriguing and creative games. When you play with us, you’ll find cartoon-style slots that embrace the theme, those that take it very seriously, or others that add a special twist to the traditional sea-faring swashbuckling stories.

As well as the usual bearded, gold earinged men who wear the familiar 3 pointed hat, you’ll find piggies that are dressed as pirates, fearsome female warriors such as Anne Bonny who are on a quest to find hidden treasure no matter what it takes, and bloody thirsty peg-legs who are out for revenge.

Hearty online slots entertainment

Whether you seek out Long John Silver or Captain Jack Sparrow on the reels, there are some other elements to pirate-themed slots that just about every game will include. This theme is one that really lets developers go to town and the gorgeous graphics that you’ll find in our online slots are all testament to this.

Bottles of rum, the Jolly Roger flag, cutlass, cannons and gunpowder, parrots, spyglasses, bounty and big wooden ships are all typical fare and you’ll often find these elements make up the slot’s symbols, or form a backdrop to the reels.

Seek out new adventures

Pirate themed slots are hugely popular as they offer the perfect dose of escapism, coupled with a very real topic. Pirates have been sailing the seas since almost the dawn of time and they’ve always been a subject of fascination for those who follow their stories.

What makes these swashbuckling seafarers even more intriguing and such great subject matter is that they came from all over the world. Plus, they not only sailed the sea, but they also haunted the rivers of places that had rich trade pickings. What’s more, there are still pirates sailing the seas today, except you’d be far better off finding them on the reels!

Join legendary characters inspired by the likes of Blackbeard, Black Bart and Long Ben for an intriguing and exciting online slots adventure and see whether you can outwit these cunning seafarers who were both feared and respected for their dastardly deeds and looting and pillaging skills.