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Everyone loves a Viking!

At first glance it may be hard to see the appeal of these fierce Scandinavian invaders, who arrived on Britain’s shores in their distinctive longboats and were filled with a burning desire to rape, pillage and plunder. These are hardly heroic acts, at least from the point of view of those being invaded, yet somehow the Vikings have become burned onto our collective consciousness as a fascinating group of people. To this day, we continue to embrace their history and mythology.

From Neil Gaiman’s popular novel American Gods - which transposes the Gods of Valhalla to middle America - to the ever-popular Thor movie franchise, there is no denying our fascination with the Vikings. Is it their sheer tenacity in the face of bitterly cold weather and unforgiving seas as they set out in their longboats determined to conquer new worlds? Perhaps it is their complex pantheon of gods, perpetually quarrelling and fighting in the style of dysfunctional families everywhere but with more thunder and lightning?

Mystery, danger and a hefty dose of immorality conspire to feed our fascination with this warrior race. Even the word ‘Viking’ speaks of brutality, translating as ‘pirate raiders’; however, there was another side to them. Raiding parties were followed by an influx of more peaceful Vikings, who came to settle and farm the lands. These people brought a host of skills with them, creating beautiful carvings from wood and forging intricate metalwork. They also traded in goods, collecting jewels, wines, silks and spices. These are not necessarily attributes we associate with brutal warriors.

In 865AD the Vikings launched their longboats and set sail to Britain with the aim of taking over; in fact, they managed to settle and control vast swathes of the countryside. They controlled most of the eastern side of England in addition to taking control of large areas of Scotland, Wales and Ireland. This means their descendants live on throughout our island to this day, perhaps helping to fuel our never-ending interest in this fascinating group of people.

You will find online slots games featuring both the Viking culture and their pantheon of gods, including Odin, Thor, and the trickster Loki. Whether you are looking to immerse yourself in a Viking raiding party or partake of the festivities in Valhalla, you will find a slots game that will fit the bill perfectly. These range from fun and simple cartoon-style graphics through to movie-themed extravaganzas featuring animations and huge potential virtual jackpots.

Our favourite Viking-themed slots games

Brave Viking is an excellent game to get you started. It features slick graphics and simple controls, so you won’t have to spend much time familiarising yourself with the details of how to play. The reels feature a number of common Viking themes, with weapons, longboats, fierce warriors and a beautiful red-headed maiden to introduce you to the theme.

Vikings Go Wild takes a more immersive look at the genre, featuring a collection of Norse people embarking on a journey in search of new lands and treasures. Rather than matching playing card symbols, which is such a popular theme across most genres of slots games, here you are collecting matching coins to add to your virtual treasure chest as you brave the oceans in search of new worlds to conquer.

Players with an urge to go on an epic quest will certainly enjoy the gameplay on offer from Vikings of Fortune. With blockbuster-style music and beautifully-depicted graphics, you will get to sail the seas in search of new lands and treasures. You will have a fierce collection of weapons and helmets at your disposal.

If you would like to see the gentler side of the Vikings, be sure to take a spin on Viking Quest. The raiders have settled in Scotland and are living a more gentle life than you might expect, having befriended the local people. With cartoon-style graphics and a gentle soundtrack, this is a game that you will love to play - particularly as it features icons that can grow in size, taking up most of the playing area to provide you with outstanding rewards.

You would be hard pressed to find another online slots games with a more impressive intro than Vikings Go Berserk. From the opening sequence you are left in no doubt that this is a game that has been created with the utmost attention to every detail. Backed by an epic soundtrack, you encourage the Viking characters to collect rage in the hope that they will ‘go berserk’ and scoop you some seriously big virtual jackpots. With treasure chests and bonus features, this is a game that will keep you occupied for ages as you uncover all its secrets.

Another great title with a host of added features is Viking Gods Thor and Loki, which pits the brothers against each other in an epic battle. The symbols on the reels are beautifully depicted; however, what will keep you returning to this game again and again is the chance to scoop the Big Win, which happens too frequently to ignore. Bonus games and sticky wilds only add to the fun as you discover which brother will end up the victor.