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Vikings Unleashed Megaways Slot Graphics

Vikings Unleashed Megaways from Blueprint Gaming has been released just in time for the new seasons of the hit show Vikings – which NetEnt has already created an online slot based on. If you like that game, you’re sure to enjoy this one – as they have similar themes but go about them in different ways.

In Vikings Unleashed, the graphics are designed to look like comic book art while NetEnt’s Vikings has a more cinematic look (as you would expect from a branded slot). In terms of soundtracks, Vikings Unleashed Megaways is more epic and exciting while NetEnt’s game is a bit more bleak and atmospheric.

How To Play Vikings Unleashed Megaways Online Slot

Vikings Unleashed is yet another exciting Megaways online slot, which provides players with up to 117649 ways to win with each spin of the reels. The way this works is that there are a potential 7 symbols that can appear on each reel, along with an additional reel along the top of the game to maximise your odds of winning.

A Mystical Viking Adventure with a Motley Crew to Get You in a Reel Spin

Welcome to Blueprint Gaming’s Viking experience, which offers players up to 117649 ways to win with each spin of the reels. The game features impressive winning potential with cascading reels so you can get many winning combinations from one spin. There’s also a free spins feature with unlimited multipliers.

As well as an eye-watering line-up of features and ways to increase your winnings, this is a game which has paid serious attention to the need for an exciting slot with an on-screen experience which is at the top of its game.

High-quality graphics and attention to detail, colourful (and menacing) characters who will be with you along the way, mystical sounds and drumbeats are just a few of the features to get you on a Viking adventure to remember. If you are expecting an exciting online slot game loaded with features, you might just have chosen the right boat to get on. Read our full review below.

Graphics on Vikings Unleashed Megaways

Blueprint have timed their release of Vikings Unleashed Megaways just right to coincide with a new season of the acclaimed TV series Vikings. If you enjoyed NetEnt’s Viking casino slot game, this one follows a similar theme, but the feel is altogether different. Graphics are markedly different between the two games, with Vikings Unleashed giving us more graphics of the cartoon superhero nature. NetEnt’s approach is a lot calmer - it’s a bit like watching a film at times - whereas Blueprint have obviously gone for a more all-action experience.

The effect of the all-action approach means that as you load up this game you really do feel like you’ve set sail on a voyage to new lands. A word of warning: players who do not have sea legs may want to steady themselves before getting on board. Waves splash against the bow of your ship sending sea spray into the air, whilst ancient chants and beating drums get you in the mood before you’ve even launched your first spin on the experience which is the Vikings Unleashed Slot.

The reels are made out of the ship’s main sail divided into smaller sections. The result is a panel with a myriad of possible winning combinations. To keep you company on your voyage of discovery your shipmates here come in the form of three epic Vikings, who look like they mean business, and their sorcerer, who looks like he’s got plenty of tricks up his sleeve. Blueprint graphics have gone to town here, creating characters that can be a little scary and entertaining at the same time. Let’s put it this way: you’d rather have them as shipmates than landing on your shore. In ascending order of value you have a serious-looking and wizened sorcerer with wand in hand, a battle-ready female Viking, Mr Redbeard with a smile which says someone’s going to get it, and a warrior with a blonde Mohican hair style who looks like he can lead the charge all by himself.

It’s not all mysterious music, ancient symbols and edgy crew, though. In typical Viking fashion there are some rich pickings to be had for you. Once on board and into the action you’ll get free spins, a buy and gamble option, unlimited multipliers and the chance to pot 20,000 times your original stake - and that’s just for starters. Along the bottom of the screen, if you notice it with everything else happening, there are your balance, bet, and win totals as well as a description of your wins, which will light up. The layout has been well thought out with just the right balance between reel features, on-screen Viking capers and information.

The main feeling you get with this slot is that there’s always plenty to keep you entertained and rewarded. If you’re looking for a slot that takes you way back in time with a slightly edgy feeling and, if you’re lucky, a winning pot that keeps on filling, then this one could be for you.

Playing Vikings Unleashed Megaways

Each reel has seven symbols with an extra reel sitting along the top to help you in your quest. Added to this is the fact you have the possibility of 117649 chances to win with every spin of the wheel. So the scene is set for a potentially profitable experience.

Getting straight into the Viking experience is straightforward enough. The first thing to do is decide your TOTAL BET. Choosing an option from the available stakes and hitting ‘SPIN’ will start the action. A nice feature in this game is that, like other symbols contained in the reels, the spin button features Runic Viking letters to get you in the mood. For those who want to sit back and enjoy the scenery, there is also a handy autoplay function which can be turned off at any point. If this is an approach you tend to use frequently, the autoplay option will let you place up to 100 bets one after the other without your having to lift a finger.

Vikings Unleashed RTP

You’ll be pleased to know there is a return to player percentage of 96.5 with this game. When you’re getting on average 96.5 back for every 100 wagered, you know that, most of the time, you’re on to a winner.

With a healthy return like this and with wins coming fairly thick and fast when we reviewed this game, don’t expect to wait too long before your pot is added to.

How to Get Your Wins with Vikings Unleashed

On first inspection there looks to be a lot going on, with the number of tiles spinning and lots of combinations possible. Once you get into the game, however, winning, is fairly straightforward and at times pleasantly unpredictable.

With this slot boasting a high volatility, the chances of your winning are pretty good. You might even bag the top prize of seven times your original wager. Getting between three and six identical symbols next to each other in any case will get you a win. As you might expect, your winnings are multiplied by the stake chosen.

The cascade feature here is a big plus, triggering when you get a winning sequence. Your winning symbols will disappear as an entertaining cascade throws new ones into their place. Great, because if they create a new winning line, the cascade starts all over again. We loved the way at times the cascade kept going with takings going up and up. All this points to more potential wins - some of them big enough for any Viking.

With Wild symbols featuring on reels 2 to 5 only, winning symbols which disappear are replaced - again quite a neat feature. This involves a chain reaction which means your lucky streak will continue as long as winning combinations keep falling into place. This had the effect of prolonging the fun with the possibility of winning totals growing as you spin.

Let’s not forget here also that most of us are in this to be entertained while we are winning. Luckily, apart from a good variety of win combinations there is the pretty impressive on-screen warrior show which greets you when you win, especially in terms of the larger hauls. Thunder and lightning in typical Viking fashion will bring your motley crew on to the screen. The music, flowing coins and on-screen Viking skills mean you might be looking forward to the show as much as you are seeing your winning pot filling up.

Viking Bonuses Unleashed!

This game has made sure that as well as a free ride on the ocean waves there are a number of bonus features to keep you busy en route.

Enter the bonus symbol. This is one way we found to make your way to some of the biggest prizes. Get three of these symbols or more and you’re straight into free spins. An added bonus during this is there’s a multiplier which can increase without limits with each spin. One option here is that you can use what’s called the Feature Drop to purchase the bonus and get you launched directly into free spins. All you have to do is stake 25, 50, 75 or 100 times your original wager. Again, with the high volatility of this game, maybe not as risky as it sounds.

The wild symbol appearing on reels 2, 3, 4 or 5 will be substituted for symbols to give you a winning combination if it is available. The Scatter symbol is also an interesting one. Although these won’t appear above reels 2 to 5, if you see four of these anywhere else on the screen you will bag as many as 12 free spins. Get lucky landing further Scatter symbols and you’ll keep getting an additional five spins for your money. With Scatter wins awarded separately to your reel wins, there’s definite scope to keep building your balance. A twist of the unexpected comes in the form of that well-known Viking favourite: the hammer. A number of hammers can appear in any position, and when they do, expect some action. They will all reveal the same random symbol, adding to your chances of more slot rewards.

These features give the game a number of different dimensions when it comes to free spins, which gives added spice to this Vikings Unleashed slot. If this was the limit of features, there would be enough variety to get you lost in the action. The thing is that these are just the start of what’s possible.

Another key feature is that you can use the Gamble option before starting a free spin. Here you can go for a gamble on the starting multiplier, the number of spins or a combination of both. ‘Press to Gamble’ on either of the pie symbols to get the corresponding wheel spinning. If your gamble is successful, your pies will be updated ready for the next gamble. The only drawback here is that your gamble is limited to a 10x multiplier or 27 spins. Having said that, it’s still quite generous. Of course, you might lose, which will take you back to normal play.

Think that’s finally it for free spins? We did - but there is even more. Free Spins Unlimited means that before you know it most of your voyage will feel like it’s been free spinning most of the way. These come in the form of big bet options ranging from 25, 50 and 75 times your bet all the way up to 100.

With the makers rating free spins this highly, they have maximised a feature which a lot of players will love. The bottom line here is that there are so many varied ways you’ll get your spins, which meant it kept us constantly interested pretty much all the way along.

Vikings Unleashed Megaways on Apple IOS or Android, on Mobile, Tablet or Desktop

With all options on the table it’s not a case of what device can you play this slot on, but what’s best for you. When we played across the different platforms, we were pleased to see that the quality slot experience continued unaffected. The consistency meant that even on mobile we got a great experience, thanks in part due to the stabilising effect that is HTML5.

The only slight drawback is that the visual experience is so good that we preferred playing on as big a screen as we could get. Wanting to see the visual action on a larger screen, where we could also benefit from a higher-quality sound than a mobile can provide, was probably a good sign, though.

Our Ultimate Vikings Unleashed Review

Entertaining graphics, sounds which make you think you’re really there and the chance to win a king’s ransom mean that Vikings Unleashed Megaways is a slot not to miss. It’s different, and we think even an improvement in terms of action and excitement, than Ent’s Viking offering. All in all it’s a slot that makes an assault on the senses. If it’s not the graphics, the sound will get you. If it’s not the thrill of the multipliers, the randomness of winning options will get to you.

The fact that this game is featured across the Internet with gamers singing its praises is no coincidence. However, in ignoring any of excitement generated by these would-be Vikings, we approached this slot with an open-mind, prepared to give it either a thumbs-up or thumbs-down. Two minutes in, though, and we were pretty much hooked. In some ways you can’t put your finger on one single reason this slot will get you in a spin. But it does. With so much going on, and so much to play for, you might find you’ve forgotten you’re at sea whilst shouting at the screen for your symbols to come up. Yes, it is sad, but that’s exactly what happened to us. Our recommendation? Walk up the gangplank and set sail for yourself.


Vikings Unleashed Megaways FAQs

🛡️ What is the RTP of Vikings Unleashed Megaways?

The average, long term expected payout of Vikings Unleashed Megaways is 96.5%.

🛡️ What about playing Megaways Vikings Unleashed using real cash?

You can, but you will need to find a casino online which is supported by Blueprint Gaming if you’re after the real thing. In any case, we recommend playing the free version first at Slots Temple to get the hang of playing and maximising your skills if you do opt for the hard cash option.

🛡️ Can I get free spins with Vikings Unleashed Slots?

Yes. Free spins were a major part of our enjoyment of this slot, and in fact at certain points we seemed to be winning free spins almost as much as normal spins. The effect here is a good one because it kept increasing the chances of us landing a winning cascade and upping our winnings. Remember to use the Feature Drop and you’ll be into free spins in the blink of an eye.

🛡️ Is Megaways Vikings Unleashed available as a download?

No need to worry about downloads and hard drive space here. Vikings Unleashed can be accessed directly from your choice of browser courtesy of HTML5.

🛡️ Do I need any deposit before I start playing Vikings Unleashed?

No. Slots Temple does not need any deposit. A separate thing to note here is that if you end up playing at a real money casino you will have to make a deposit. Always nice to have a choice, we say.

* Vikings Unleashed Megaways trademark / license is owned by Blueprint Gaming. This site is not endorsed by Blueprint Gaming.

Game Name: Vikings Unleashed Megaways
Software: Blueprint Gaming
Themes: Action & Adventure, Vikings
Volatility: Medium volatility
Features: Wild Symbol Scatter Symbol Multiplier Free Spins Megaways Medium volatility 5 Reels
Paylines: 117649
Reels: 5
Min Bet (all lines covered): 0.2
Max Bet: 10
Top Win: 70
RTP: 96.5%
User Reviews
Overall score: 3.9 out of 5 stars
e emmarose
the best megaways? 30/11/2019

Big fan of Megaways slots and love Blueprint Gaming too. This is one of the best games I’ve played in a while. Recommend the Feature Drop for instant free spins because they’re quite hard to land in the regular play. Recommend this game to all Megaways fans.

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