Videoslots is quickly becoming one of the go-to online casinos for slots fans across the web. With over 2000 games available, the site is certainly a slots players’ dream – and Videoslots is constantly looking for new ways to enhance the gaming experience. The latest innovation from this site is “My RTP”, a new tool that allows players to gather statistics as they play their favourite slots online.

What Is RTP Anyways?

RTP (return to player) tells you how much money a game pays out based on every £100 a player wagers. So, if a game has an RTP of 96%, for every £100 that you wager, the game will pay out £96. This gives players a basic idea of how generous a game is supposed to be. However, these rates are only theoretical, based on the initial testing of the game according to the slot’s developers. With the My RTP tool from Videoslots, players can monitor their own, actual RTP.

How Does It Work?

My RTP provides players with various information from their gaming session. This includes:

- Hit rate
- Total number of spins
- Overall RTP for the player’s account
- Player’s personal RTP versus the slot’s theoretical RTP
- Biggest wins on a slot and the bet that was made to earn them

All of this is presented in a sharp graph format that allows players to visualise their spending and their overall experience with the slots available on the site. The tool is updated using live statistics. This means that your information will be updated every time you finish playing a game. Furthermore, you’ll be able to access information all the way to 2017!

“My RTP delivers key information in a coherent and engaging manner, and will allow our players to enjoy an even more sociable and healthy online casino experience,” says Alexander Stevendahl, Videoslots’ CEO. “We pay a lot of attention to player feedback at Videoslots, and My RTP fills a genuine gap in the market for a complete statistics package for online slot players.”

Why You Should Use It

The new my RTP tool is a great way for you to really get to know your favourite slots. You can better understand how they pay out and if you are really getting the most value for your money by playing particular games. It is a fantastic tool for avid slots players, who enjoy playing new games and are committed to seeking out the best online gaming experience possible.

As of yet, there is no other online casino that offers any similar tool. It is certainly worth checking out, as it is quite novel and really adds to the online slots experience.

Check out Videoslots casino, and find out how you can start using the brand-new My RTP tool today.