Last month, the Borgota Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City announced its plans to offer skill games to players. The first skill game to be launched was a free-throw tournament, allowing players to show off their skills while shooting hoops in order to earn a generous cash prize.

There is plenty of opportunity in the skill-based gaming market – so, we thought up a few ideas for skill games that would thrive in Atlantic City.


Darts is already a very popular skill game in the online gambling market. Punters around the world enjoy placing wagers on darts competitions – so, why not bring the action into land-based casinos.

Atlantic City casinos could certainly make a profit by offering players the chance to pay a small entry fee to compete in a darts tournament.


In 2010, Virgin launched a betting service that allowed players to wager on the outcome of head-to-head video games. The service is now called World Gaming, and players can earn cash by successfully outplaying competitors at games like FIFA, Madden and NBA 2K.

We could certainly see Atlantic City casinos offering up a similar service for video game fans. It would be a great opportunity to attract a new generation of players, and it would be an exciting event for spectators.


…Or Call of Duty. Any first-person shooter video games would lend themselves well to skill-based tournaments in the casino world. Like FIFA tournaments, a Halo tournament would be a sensational multimedia event that would attract all types of competitors and spectators.

Video games are seeing a huge resurgence in popular culture, and now is the ideal time for gambling operators to be using this trend to their advantage.

Mario Kart

If video game betting is going to be a thing at land-based casinos – you can’t forget Mario Kart. It is a seemingly cute and harmless video game that becomes very competitive very quickly.

When it comes down to it, Mario Kart is not just a kids’ game. It takes years to perfect a strategy – and, head-to-head competitions would be very heated and exciting.


Snooker is another skill-based game that is popular among punters. It is not uncommon for a friendly game of pool to turn into a competitive venture, with wagers being placed on which players will emerge victorious. Casinos in Atlantic City could offer snooker players the chance to take part in competitions and control the wagering activity.

This would make betting on snooker in bars a much safer activity, as there would be regulation to prevent any sort of hustling or scams.