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So Many Musical Options

Part of the appeal of music-themed slots is that there are so many genres to choose from. Whether you love the toe-tapping bebop sounds of Buddy Holly, the smooth sounds of Elvis or the raucous rock created by Guns n Roses, there’s something to suit every style.

These are just some of the genres, but there are also jazz-themed games, rap, hip-hop, disco and pop smash hits that deliver a reel spinning sensation along with a great beat. The way developers have been able to incorporate music from some of the world’s greats is also exceptional, and this genre is one that will remain perennially popular, as we all love the tapping sounds and singing along to our favourite tunes!

Better with Time

The online arena has made music-themed slots even better than ever, as players are not surrounded by other machines in a noisy casino. This means they can enjoy the soundtracks that company a game to the full and can turn up the volume as loud as they desire. When playing in a land-based casino, much of the effect of game’s music is lost, as there are so many other noises coming from the floor. This could be why the online sector features far more musical-themed games than the land-based, and why they are such a big hit.

A Feast for the Ears

Musical-themed online slots are a great choice for music lovers, but they are also an excellent chance for game developers to use their creativity and have some fun. While some slots like Jimi Hendrix and Michael Jackson King of Pop focus on the musicians themselves, there are creative games like Shamrock n Roll and Piped that create their own characters and storylines based on the beats.

If, however, you think musical-themed slots are all about heavy beats and rock ‘n’ roll, you might be mistaken. For those who love classical music there are also games like Vivaldi’s Seasons that draw inspiration from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, and several country-themed games that offer something a little different.

Bringing Back the Beat

Music is a great mood booster, and it also helps set the tone of a game. The leading online slots developers have thus used it to great effect in themed games, and when a player wins they are often treated to a burst of a smash hit or one of the musician’s or band’s more popular songs.

There really is nothing better to put you in a good mood than great music, and themed slots that use tunes to their full effect will do exactly that.

Every Era on the Reels

Music-themed slots can also appeal to a huge audience, as just about everyone loves music and just about everyone has a favourite genre, band or musician.

From the more classical themed options, such as Lady in Red to the hip, hot and happening games that feature rockers like Motorhead, there is something to suit all styles.

For new slots players the thought of being able to stick with something familiar is also comforting, and a themed game that plays music that you love is a great starting point. For those with more experience, playing to a backing track of tunes that you love is a real treat, and if the game boasts symbols of favourite musicians, even better!

So Many Angles

Music really does offer developers so many exciting angles to explore, and the potential to use the imagination is endless. From giant mirror balls and neon colours from the disco era to luxury yachts and bling from the Hip Hop era, there’s a theme to suit every style.

There is also the option to create games for karaoke fans, those who love concerts or dancing or those who simply love seeing their idols on stage. Music is also theme that you’d associate with happiness and bright colours, and we’ve yet to see a dull music-themed slots game online!

A Soundtrack for Fun

If you are not sure what type of slots game suits you or simply want to have some fun, the music-themed games are an excellent option. While you spin the reels you’ll be serenaded, and whether it’s a classic reel or a video slot, you can bet that the symbols will impress too.

As music creates a mood, it can also be used to great effect in building suspense, especially in bonus games, and often the reels speed up as the tempo increases too. Payouts may also be signalled by a fanfare of sound, and a win can easily turn into a celebration.

Whatever music you love listening to, you can be almost certain that there is slots game that has been created to match it. From Jazz on Club to Mad Orchestra and everything in between, there’s a slot that will provide the aural pleasure you’re looking for - all while offering you the chance to win big!