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Roll up! Roll up and take your seats at an exclusive performance by the talented artistes and acrobats of the Cirque Chinois. Based around real performances by members of the National Circus of the People’s Republic of China, Cirque Chinois gives players the opportunity to win cash prizes as they watch the action unfold on stage. Expect death-defying stunts and heart-stopping aeronautical acts of bravery, as you amass a prize jackpot from the comfort of your own home.

Why you’ll love playing Cirque Chinois

Brought to you by High 5 Games, a company with a great reputation for creating some of the most innovative and entertaining online slots games currently available, Cirque Chinois is packed full of great features that will keep you coming back to enjoy the performance again and again. The gameplay offers a variety of tempting benefits, including:

- Wild symbol with its own paytable
- Super Stacks of symbols that increase your chances of achieving a winning line
- Split Symbols that create winning lines of up to ten-of-a-kind for impressive cash prizes
- High octane, action-packed Free Spins Bonus round

Cirque Chinois from High 5 Games

One of the leading players in the world of online slots gaming, High 5 Games doesn’t just churn out games using the same old format. Instead, every single game that the company produces is treated as a stand-alone entity, created from the bottom up, with storylines and graphics mapped out well in advance. This unique approach is something that has really chimed with players, who appreciate the care and thought that has gone into the creation of each game.

High 5 Games understand the needs of the modern slots player, where the emphasis is now firmly on gaming-on-the-go. That’s why they make sure that their games load quickly, and display perfectly, across all devices. Players appreciate being able to have the same great gaming experience when playing on mobile and tablet as they expect when playing on laptops and desktops. Cirque Chinois is no exception to this rule, so you can enjoy cheering on your favourite acts from anywhere with an internet connection.

Our first impressions of Cirque Chinois

Cirque Chinois isn’t the first game we’ve played that takes Chinese acrobatics as its core theme, as we’ve previously spun the wheels of the Six Acrobats slot, which is produced by Microgaming. But we have to admit to having extremely high expectations when we heard that Cirque Chinois was produced by High 5 Games. As the creator of such iconic and well-loved games as Da Vinci Diamonds, the software house had a lot to live up to. But we needn’t have worried. From the opening screen, we just knew that we were in for a real treat, as we found ourselves immersed in the colour and pageantry of the Chinese State Circus and its incredible performers.

The setting for the game is a huge auditorium, with extravagant red and gold curtains framing the stage. In front of you, you can see the backs of the heads of the members of the audience, and you’ll discover that your raised position gives you the best view of the action as it unfolds on stage.

The reels take up the majority of the stage area, framed by polished red wood, and arranged in a fairly standard 5x4 grid layout. But it’s the symbols on those reels that will capture your attention as they’re filled with a selection of artistes and performers, all intent on providing the player with the highest quality of entertainment, along with the potential to win some major cash awards.

Of course, there are some lower value symbols on the reels, which are represented by a selection of poker card symbols. There’s an A, K, Q and J, but rather than include a 10 and 9, as most developers do, High 5 Gaming has put in a touch of their own advertising, by including a number 5 as the other playing card option.

Although the playing card symbols pay out minor cash rewards, it’s the performers that we’re here to see, and they don’t disappoint. A selection of beautiful and talented acrobats, trapeze artists and contortionists are dressed in sparkling costumes that catch the light, and there’s also a ringmaster, but instead of the top hat and tails that we expect in this part of the world, this ringmaster is in traditional Chinese dress, which seems to be akin to a Kabuki costume, complete with dramatic face paint.

So far, so good, but it was once we started to spin the reels that the game really came into its own. As the Super Stack symbols fly across the reels, haunting Chinese melodies play, adding to the effect as the symbols land in the final positions, revealing numerous Split Symbols. This is an increasingly popular device used by some slots developers to dramatically increase the excitement, not to mention the potential to attract some healthy financial prizes. Any of the character symbols can appear split, with two characters occupying one place on the reels. Each split symbol counts as two separate symbols, so there’s potential to achieve ten-of-a-kind, which pushes up the cash prizes accordingly.

With an unusual wild, made up of the performers themselves forming the shape of the word 'Wild', and a scatter symbol that triggers an entertaining and lucrative Free Spins Bonus round, we were instantly captivated by this gorgeous game, which delivers some of the finest slots action that we’ve encountered.

How to play Cirque Chinois

With 40 variable paylines and a huge betting range, players will need to spend time getting used to the controls of the game before they can expect to start amassing cash awards. If you’re an experienced player, then it shouldn’t take you long to get to grips with the controls, but new players, or those with less experience, will need to take more time at this stage.

The player’s first choice should be to decide on the number of paylines to include with each spin of the reels. Cautious players with an eye on their wallets may choose to play with fewer than the maximum of 40 paylines, but this severely limits your opportunities of winning a cash prize, so it’s worth spending some time using varied paylines to see how that affects the outcome of your spins.

Your next decision is how much cash you intend to wager on each spin - bearing in mind that the balance provided here at Slots Temple is purely virtual, with no actual monetary value. Cirque Chinois is a game that’s as suitable for high-rolling risk-takers as it is for the more cautious player, so you’ll find the betting options range from an extremely modest one penny per line, up to a maximum of £10 per line. With all 40 paylines activated, that £10 per line bet will cost you £400 per spin, so it’s important to take care when making your choices, and keep an eye on your overall wager.

Once you’re completely happy with your payline and wager selections, it’s time to set those reels spinning. Hit the Spin button, and the reels will start their journey, accompanied by lilting Oriental melodies. Any winning lines are automatically highlighted, so you don’t need to try to calculate for yourself how well you’ve done. Any symbols featuring performers in a winning combination will result in some stunning animations, in which the artiste will perform part of their act for you.

You’ll quickly discover the advantages offered by the Split Symbol feature, in which symbols are divided in two, to make additional wins, increasing any cash payouts. Even the wild can appear split when paired with performer symbols, so the wins can start rolling in very fast.

With so much action going on, you may find that it’s simply too distracting to keep one eye on the Spin button as you soak up the circus atmosphere. If this is the case, you’ll be pleased to discover that there’s a handy Autoplay function, which allows you to choose a number of automatic spins without the need to keep hitting Spin each time. Autospin gives you the options of 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 spins at a time, and the Autospin button becomes a Stop button throughout this feature, so you can cancel it at any time if you wish.

Cirque Chinois wilds and scatters

Unusually for an online slots game, the wild in Cirque Chinois has its very own paytable, making its appearance on the reels even more welcome. But it’s the substitution effect that will interest players most, particularly since the wild can become a split symbol when it features in winning lines involving artistes. Whenever the wild is involved in a win, the performers who make up the word wild all whirl and spin, forming into two groups in the case of a split wild.

The free spin scatter has no paytable of its own, but in the right formation, it can trigger the game’s exciting Free Spins Bonus. The scatter only appears on the second, third and fourth reels, but when it appears stacked across all three reels, the bonus round is triggered.

Cirque Chinois Free Spins Bonus round

As soon as you achieve free spin scatter symbols across all rows on reels 2, 3 and 4 you’ll find yourself swiftly taken to the Free Spins Bonus, where the action quickly gathers pace. Now the stage takes on a different look as the music ramps up and the spins come thick and fast. You’ll receive seven free spins in total, all using the same wager that was in use at the time the bonus round was triggered.

Unlike some games, it’s not possible to retrigger the free spins during this round, but if your luck is in, you’ll still find plenty of opportunities to add to your prize pot. Regular players will be familiar with the phenomenon of coins seeming to erupt from the reels to herald a major win, but in Cirque Chinois, you’ll find elegant acrobats tumbling out of the reels whenever you hit a winning streak. It’s a nice touch, that adds to the fun of the game.

Play Cirque Chinois completely free

As a high-stakes, high-octane game, players will want to take Cirque Chinois for as many spins as possible free of charge, before attempting to wager real money on the game. It can take a while to trigger that lucrative free spins bonus round, and players really need to have experienced every aspect of a game before they can expect to formulate a winning strategy.

As huge online slots fans ourselves, we know how important it is to have knowledge and experience of a game firmly under your belt if you hope to make a healthy profit from your gaming, which is why playing for free is such an important element of the learning curve. We suggest that players should take a game for 500 spins before committing their money to the outcome of a spin, although this obviously depends on the complexity of the game that you are playing. With the Super Stacks and Split Symbols of Cirque Chinois, we think 500 spins should be ample to enable players to discover everything that they need to know about the gameplay.

Have fun with the game, and try out different wagering strategies, to see for yourself the effect that they have on your overall balance. We provide a virtual balance for all of our games, so it’s just like playing with real money, but with absolutely no financial risk! Go for broke with the maximum allowable wager, secure in the knowledge that your own money is perfectly safe, whatever the outcome of a spin.

Once you’re happy that you understand the game, you can, if you choose, head off to an online casino to use your new-found knowledge to your financial advantage. We have links to some online casinos, or you could choose your own favourite. But there’s absolutely no obligation to do so - if you want to stay on our site and keep on playing for fun, that’s fine too - we reckon that we have more than enough games to keep you amused for as long as you wish.


Disclaimer: Cirque Chinois trademark / license is owned by High 5. This site is not endorsed by High 5.

* This button takes you to an external third-party partner real money casino website. Although we try and match games with Casinos that have them, we advise that you double-check the slot content on the casino website before making a deposit or signing up.

Slot Data
Slot Name: Cirque Chinois
Software: High 5
RTP: 96%
Volatility: Medium volatility
Paylines: 40
Reels: 5
Min Bet (all lines covered): £0.40 (GBP)
Max Bet: £400 (GBP)
Top Win: 250
Features: Wild Symbol , Scatter Symbol , Free Spins , Medium volatility , 5 Reels
UK Available in GB? Game is not available in GB.

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