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Every culture and civilisation has it’s own mythology, based on extravagant stories of heroes, gods and treasure. Some people believe that these stories were crafted to provide answers to some of humanity’s questions, such as ‘where did we come from?’, whilst others consider them to be elaborate stories, possibly containing a grain or two of truth, which have become so embellished and embroidered over the centuries that they bear little relation to the original events that happened.

Whatever their origins, tales of mythology continue to intrigue and entertain us, even in our scientifically enlightened era, as we find ourselves drawn into their stories of quests, heroism and adventure. And nowhere is this more apparent than in the world of online slots, which features literally hundreds of games based on mythological tales from long, long ago.

Ancient Greek and Roman gods

Greek and Roman mythology never goes out of fashion - who hasn’t heard of the mighty Zeus, King of the gods who rules from his throne atop Mount Olympus? There are a host of online slots games based around this theme, so you can’t fail to find a game that you’ll enjoy playing. If you’re a complete newcomer to the world of online slots then you can’t go wrong by picking Gods of Olympus, which has a nice clear interface, with the reels set against a soothing blue background. Temples, weaponry, helmets and ancient artefacts all feature on the reels, giving you the opportunity to scoop some big virtual wins if you can match up the symbols.

Zeus is a game in a similar vein, featuring the king of the gods in addition to warships, helmets, coins and temples. With stacked wilds and the chance to win up to 100 free spins, this is a game that you’re sure to love playing, but if you tire of it, you’ll find Zeus II and Zeus III provide further fun in a similar style.

Norse Mythology

Viking stories are packed with tales of heroism, brutality and squabbling gods, making them a sure-fire hit with generations of children. Now adults can join in the fun too, with a vast selection of themed slots featuring Viking battles, gods and warfare.

The Vikings Wheels of Valhalla puts a cartoon-like spin on the theme, featuring symbols that include a fish, a sheep, the obligatory helmet, shield and sword, along with special symbols, such as the longboat, woodsman and gold coin, which trigger bonus feature rounds for even more fun, plus the chance to grab some free spins and potential virtual jackpots too.
Hall of Gods takes a more serious look at the genre, featuring a host of gods, including Odin, Thor and Loki, the god of mischief. Rings, hammers, axes and apples also appear as symbols, along with a fierce sea serpent, who occasionally occupies an entire column of the reels, bringing virtual rewards to the player.

If you’re looking for something a little different, then Thor’s Hammer might be the game for you. Featuring the God of Thunder himself, accompanied by his hammer, Mjolnir, this slots game features beautiful graphics, with symbols depicting eagles, horns, helmets and a longboat. Thor is renowned for controlling the weather, and if you’re luck’s in, he’ll freeze the reels for you, earning you huge virtual winnings in the process.

King Arthur and the Knights of Avalon

Everyone in Britain has heard of the legendary King Arthur, who united the Britons with the help of Merlin, the wizard, who was prepared to use magic and sorcery to ensure his master’s success. Now you can play a selection of slots games that take you back to the dark ages of this island’s history, where you can discover what it meant to be one of King Arthur’s gallant knights.

Play Excalibur slots to unleash the power of this mythical sword. Arthur and Merlin must unite with Guinevere against the threat posed by Uther and Morgana as they battle for control of the kingdom. Or take a spin on Avalon, in which the Lady of the Lake invites you to spin the reels in search of treasure.

The lost city of Atlantis

The legend of Atlantis, the city that was lost beneath the waves, has intrigued mankind for hundreds of years, and now you can bring the story to life on your desktop, tablet or smartphone, thanks to a number of Atlantis-themed online slots games.

Check out Atlantis World for absolutely gorgeous graphics, which are beautifully depicted against the blue of the ocean. Neptune, the God of the Sea, rules over his dominion, aided by beautiful golden dolphins who swim between the ruins of the lost city and promise you potential virtual rewards if you’re luck’s in.

Queen of Atlantis features a host of sea creatures who make their home amongst the ruins of the lost city. Tridents, rings, helmets - there’s always a helmet in mythology-themed games - an octopus and a jellyfish are all keen to help you increase your virtual prize pot, aided by a dolphin and the Queen herself.