Pixies of the Forest Slot - Review, Demo Play, Payout, Free Spins & Bonuses

They certainly live up to their reputation for producing top-quality and extremely engaging online games with this video slot, which captivates and pleases most of the player’s senses. From the tinkling laughter, rustling leaves and soothing background music, to the exquisite visuals and cheeky extras that only the sharp-eyed will catch - look out for a hint on this later - Pixies of the Forest demands that you surrender yourself to another world, at least for a little while.

Pixies of the Forest combines a great game experience with an abundance of ways to win - those magical little people are very generous to players like you. With its five-reel and 99 paylines set up, the odds of success are already boosted - a great start to any game. There’s little wonder that this game has previously won the title of ‘most popular online slot machine’.

Inspired by and based on one of the most popular ever Las Vegas slot machines ‘Secret of the Forest’, this pixie version has a rich and worthy history.

Pixies of the Forest Graphics

The background to the Pixies of the Forest game reels is a peaceful and blossoming woodland, dotted with several trees. If you look closely you may get to see carefree pixie-fairies leaping between them when not needed on the reels!

The reels themselves are bordered by an intricate Celtic-style border, with leaves winding their way through the reels to separate them. But of course you may not notice these details straightaway as the captivating winged pixie-fairies are bound to grab your immediate attention.

There are three fairies featured in this game, and they are all very distinctive. One has bright purple hair, the second is brunette with a pretty headband, and the third is blonde. Other images featured are the Wild, Bonus, Pixies of the Forest logo, and the big three card values - ace, king and queen. Even these letters are drawn in a magical a fancy way, another small touch that adds to the overall charm of this slot.

Pixies of the Forest has the useful added option of allowing players to adjust the graphics quality to get the best picture on their particular computer or device.

How to Play Pixies of the Forest

Some game developers have a clever way of making their online slot games easy to navigate without insulting the intelligence of player, and Pixies of the forest is no different.

Sitting below the 3-row, 5-reel video slot is the control panel, which is set out very logically and really makes the initial setting up and playing of this game as painless and as speedy as possible. The default settings of this fun slot mean that a cautious single coin is played with each spin, although of course the game can easily be set up to play 99 fixed paylines for 33 spins so this is easily enough to have the chance of a very decent win. Indeed, changing the number of coins that are wagered with each spin is as easy as clicking on the left or right arrow buttons. Coins are worth between 1 and 100, so with the maximum bet placed the total value of coins would be 3,300. The total you have bet for each spin, along with any winnings and your overall balance are all clearly displayed, needing nothing more than a quick glance to read.

If you would like to enjoy some hands-free play then there’s an auto spin feature on this slot. Simply click on the relevant icon, choose the number of coins that you would like to use and then hit the SPIN button. If you trigger a bonus then the auto spin feature will pause.

What is the RTP of Pixies of the Forest?

Pixies of the Forest has a return to player (RTP) rate of 94.9%, and this game is also rated as being in the low to medium volatility range.

Pixies of the Forest Payouts

For all the enticing qualities of the three fairies, who are undeniably attention grabbing and unusual icons, the most generous payout in this slot game comes from landing five of the Pixies of the Forest logos on one line of the reels. Do this and a massive 2,000 coins will be your instant reward, dropping to 400x for four matches, and to 20x for three.

The purple-haired pixie-fairy is the highest payer of the trio, with a full house of five in a row delivering 1,000 coins to your coffers, and 200 or 15 for four or three, respectively. The brunette pixie pays out between 400 and 10, with the blonde pixie coming third. 150 coins can be yours if you land her smiling face on 5 reels, which may not sound like much but of course the lower the payouts then the higher the chances of getting lucky.

But what of the majestic royalty and their ace? These symbols appear often and have payout ranges between 1 and 40 and they are also more likely to be slow and steady winners.
Watch out for the Wild card, which could pop up anywhere on the middle three reels, and replace any icons (barring the bonus), to help you complete a line that wins coins.

Pixies of the Forest Jackpot

There isn’t any spectacular jackpot prize to be won during the Pixies of the Forest game, but this doesn’t take anything at all away from the endless fun, thrills and excitement players experience throughout this online slot. Rather than the typical lure of a huge prize the fairies here prefer to reward players more consistently, which makes the game so much more fun.

Pixies of the Forest Free Spins

Who doesn’t like something extra for nothing? If you enjoy the bonus of free spins then Pixies of the Forest won’t disappoint. To get your simply land three (or more) of the bonus feature icon on any reel and you are gold. Even better, you then get to choose a symbol and discover how many free spins you have been awarded, which will be at least eight and if lucky the top prize of eleven. The tension is built is naturally during this process, cleverly adding yet another element to this rewarding slot.

While it is not possible to further trigger the free spins bonus during a free spins experience there is another little extra for players - as the WILD becomes active on reels 1-4, compared to just the three middle reels as in a regular game. We love WILDS because they bring more coins into the pot, so cross your fingers that a non-wild icon lands on reel number five as that is necessary to release the big rewards.

Free Spins on Pixies of the Forest at Online Casinos

So, if you’ve been playing and practising using the demo version of Pixies of the Forest in order to get used to the game play and controls and now you like the idea of playing for real cash at an online casino then why not maximise your love of the game by looking out for an online casino that offers free spins on the game as part of your new player welcome package, or as part of a generous sign up bonus. It's important to remember when you sign up to a new online casino that there may be certain rules attached to any bonuses or free spins offered, such as a strict ‘use by’ time, or wagering requirements, which basically means that you may have to recycle any coins that are won on the free spins a certain number of times before they can be cashed out, but this is fairly standard for most online casinos when someone signs up for the first time. Some casinos may also offer free spins on Pixies of the Forest as rewards to regular players.

No Deposit Pixies of the Forest

Online casinos are certainly much more competitive in the current marketplace than they used to be, so there’s no reason at all why you shouldn’t be able to find plenty of different online casinos with a no deposit bonus offer. This type of no deposit bonus offer works in the following way. Standard practice is that anyone signing up to an online casino for the first time makes a cash deposit (which is often matched or at least added to by the casino), they then play the casino and slot games of their choice, drawing on the cash in the casino account to fund the games.

No deposit offers work in basically the same way, except the player does not need to pay out any cash of their own to play games like Pixies of the Forest once they are registered on the site. In fact, some casinos even offer a cash sum to those who want to join, so you can pay, and win, all for no outlay.

Pixies of the Forest on Mobile - Android, iPhones and Tablets

The game designers really do put a lot of time and effort into creating games that are not just mobile play friendly but absolutely magnificently rendered and flawless when played on a mobile device, so there’s no doubt that Pixies of the Forest is just as amazing whether it is played on a mobile and tablet, or on a laptop or desktop. It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices - whether phone or tablet. This means no compromise on graphics, pace or enjoyment - which is just how it should be. Therefore, you can enjoy playing this online slot game wherever you happen to be - whether you are at home or on your commute, it really is super convenient and being out and about does not mean compromising on game play quality.

Pixies of the Forest Free Play

There are plenty of online casinos that offer a demo/free play version of Pixies of the forest. Some may require some form of initial registration, others allow almost instant play from the browser. It’s always a good idea to play this way first, so you can get used to a game before investing cash - if that’s what you plan to do - or simply to enjoy some relaxing downtime with a well-designed and compelling game like this.

The Pixies in the Forest Experience

In free play mode you start with a generous 1,000 coins, making it easy to up the stakes from the beginning if you wish. We kicked off at the default setting of a one coin per line stake, making a total of 33 coins played each time as there are 33 fixed paylines. We expected to see the total in the pot increase because not only do you have the very nice 99 lines for 33 coins option, but the game is known for being quite generous. So, were we disappointed?

The easy answer is no! Having set an initial limit of ten spins it was straight into win mode as the very first go netted a total prize of 114 coins! What was quite a surprise was how long each spin actually took, as the tumbling of reels seemed to last quite a while, and of course this is constantly pushing up the total won, so you simply have to sit and wait and watch as the numbers keep rising until they settle again. That’s definitely no hardship.

Spins two and three gave us nothing, but we were back on to a win in spin 4, netting a massive 243 coins there. The pattern continued with spins five and six giving up zero, a win of ten on spin seven, and then nothing again on spins eight to ten. Overall, in a ten spin experiment with only one coin staked we were up by 48 coins and had won in around 30% of the spins.

The autoplay function works well in this slot, as there’s actually enough time to sit back and relax while the carefully detailed action plays out on screen, until you hit a bonus and it halts, of course. Upping the stakes is the next mission, and we are sure that the payoff will be even richer as a result.

Pixies of the Forest Bonus Features

Although not technically an official ‘bonus feature’ in the traditional sense, the brilliant tumbling reels that are the backbone of the Pixies in the Forest slot really do deserve a mention. A favourite feature of IGT’s games, it’s fascinating and even compulsive viewing as the icons appear and then disappear to be replaced by more that often boost the final coin sum won that spin. As each winning line is acknowledged it vanishes, leaving plenty of space for more to be formed. This adds a real extra edge to an online slot that is already fun and rewarding to play. It’s great that all icons trigger this feature, so long as they have formed a winning line - there’s no favouritism for certain symbols in this game, and even better, the tumbling reels still appear during the free spins phase!

The free spins feature is triggered by three or more of the bonus symbols appearing in one line. When this kicks in players need to click on the ‘CHOOSE’ symbol to find out how many free spins they have won. This figure will be anywhere between five and eleven - a tasty bonus.

How To Win At Pixies of the Forest

There’s no need to worry too much about how to win at the fun slot Pixies of the Forest simply because this generous game gives you plenty of chances to do just that. From the initial set up with an amazing buy one and get 2 free - 33 coins for 99 paylines - to the tumbling reels, bonus and wild symbols that make plenty of appearances it’s one long party here.

If You Enjoy Pixies of the Forest, You’ll Love…

IGT are well known for producing top class online video slots, so if you really like playing Pixies of the Forest you are bound to enjoy their other titles too. In particular you may wish to check out the following games.

There are plenty more online slots with that exciting tumbling reel feature, including:

Da Vinci Diamonds

Set on a 5 x 5 reel with 20 paylines and promising an impressive 96.37% RTP, this tribute to an iconic painter and man of mystery offers numerous chances to boost your winnings while having lots of fun. Alongside the infamous tumbling reels - which settle with the sound of tinkling glass, you will find wilds, multipliers, free spins, substitution symbols and the special bonus round which coughs up six free spins if you can get three of the special BONUS symbols on reels one to three.

Renoir Riches

Another artist-inspired slot, this one is offered by IGT but was developed initially by High 5 Games. Renoir Riches has five reels and a whopping 99 paylines, and of course features images connected to this famous French impressionist painter. Set against a sumptuous purple velvet backdrop the tumbling reels feature combined with the large number of paylines boost winnings nicely.

The Diamond Queen

A great game for those who like the magical mystery theme of games like Pixies of the Forest, this 20 payline, 5-reel video slot also features plenty of glitz in the form of diamonds, and other gemstones. Plus there’s a nice 1,000 coin jackpot to aim for - triggered by landing five of the Diamond Queen symbols. This game is great for all players, whatever their budget, as (in free/demo mode or paid) you can wager anything from 20p to £200 each spin. But the fun doesn’t stop there! Anyone who lands three of the Mystical Diamond Bonus symbols across reels 2, 3 and 4 will find themselves with a bonus three free spins. These can multiply further, depending which reel they subsequently land on. Diamond Queen is listed as being a high volatility slot, and the bonus doesn’t happen as often as you might like, but the rewards when it does are very well worth it.

Chain Reactors

This colourful slot adds an amazing three progressive jackpots to the mix, along with the tumbling reels which IGT game developers are so well known for. It’s a lucrative game to play, with one single spin offering the possibility of huge returns. The icons are all alien characters, albeit featuring just their faces, and if you can manage to match at least five across the reels you’ll be quids in. The jackpots are divided into Mini, Midi and Maxi rewards, each being larger than the next as their names suggest, with 4 Goldie alien symbols leading to a mini win, 5 bringing the reward of a Midi payout, with the top Maxi prize being awarded to those with 7 on the reels. As the jackpot is progressive there’s a chance of winning more than big riches.

Gonzo’s Quest

It’s fast becoming a classic online slot, as NetEnt’s iconic game, first released in 2010, remains ever popular with both old and new players alike. Based loosely on the adventures of a 16th century Spanish explorer, Gonzo has all kinds of adventures as he searches for lost reassure on the Peruvian coast. The 3D graphics feature several symbols, many of animals, and the tumbling reels which were innovative when the game was first released remain a key attraction. Gonzo’s Quest is a very generous game, with opportunities to win through multipliers, the avalanche reels, and the free falls option. The 20 paylines featured are fixed, but the bet level is flexible enough to allow both cautious and big spenders to enjoy the game.

Fairytale Legends Mirror Mirror

Mirrors feature in many fairytales, as one does here, but this one only tells the truth. Once owned by a lovely princess, it is now in the clutches of an evil queen, a woman so obsessed with being the most beautiful woman in the area that she constantly asked the mirror to confirm that fact. Unfortunately for her and as it turns out, for the princess, the mirror couldn’t lie, and the evil ruler sets out to banish the pretty maiden from her realm. You can share the adventures that follow while enjoying free spins re-spins an even magic spins, all of which could boost your winnings nicely.

Unicorn Bliss

Eyecon’s animated slot is another treasure with a fantasy theme, this time based around the unicorn, a mythical creature known and loved by many around the world. Playable on both fixed and portable devices, this slot offers a journey into an enchanted world, with plenty of chances to win cash or tokens along the way. Symbols such as pink horseshoes and hearts, blue birds, rainbows and butterflies are not too much of a surprise given the theme, and they definitely add to the magical feel of the whole game experience. With 25 paylines and stakes ranging from just 0.01 to 12.50 there’s plenty of scope for players of all kinds to enjoy a few spins, and with wilds, scatters, and rainbows that double your winnings things never get boring.


Perhaps the most iconic game to emerge from the NetEnt stable, Starburst remains a firm favourite with slot fans. It has 10 paylines and five reels, and a very wide range of stakes available. The dazzling colours are simply stunning, and the background music seriously takes the game and the entire experience to another level. One key feature is the Starburst WILDS, which pop up only on the three middle reels, and are able to expand to reward players with up to three further re-spins. This fast moving and compelling video slot is capable of huge payouts, making it a thrilling game all round.

Fantasini: Master of Mystery

This online slot from NetEnt takes the fantasy theme into the world of magic and mystery. With 243 ways to win there is no shortage of thrills throughout every spin, as icons including a crystal ball, playing cards pinned down by a sinister looking dagger, and a lucky lady decide your fate. Similar in some ways to the iconic Twin Spin from the same stable, this is a plainer version - with no jackpots or fancy freebies on offer. Still for a straightforward game and something a little different the linked reels and expanding reels are still fun.

Pixies of the Forest Review

Pixies of the Forest is an utterly charming game from start to finish. A stunning online slot, this is the whole package - with amazing graphics, a great storyline, atmospheric music and sound effects and of course lots of opportunities to win. It’s also a slot which appeals to a wide range of players, from beginners who appreciate the easy set up, to very serious players who love the rewards from a generous slot like this.

It’s rare to come across an online slot that can hold your interest for as long as Pixies of the Forest can, and that’s true whether playing for real cash or in fun/demo mode. There’s something special about this IGT game, and the huge fan base it has is further evidence of that.

About IGT - Developers of the Pixies of the Forest Slot

This company has have led the gaming field for many years. Famed for their innovative games and unique content, this UK based firm has a strong global presence with a 12,000+ strong workforce and active headquarters in places including Rome, the capital city of Italy, as well as Las Vegas and Providence, Rhode Island in the USA.

Although well known for their slot games, they are involved in a variety of gaming related activities. These include interests in both the commercial and government related gaming arena, and the company has a strong presence in online, mobile and retail sectors.

Leading the field in the development of new aspects of the gaming industry is an important part of what drives the team, and at least one eye is always firmly fixed on the future, on development, and on both driving and meeting customer needs; and few would doubt that this amazing success story will falter even an inch in achieving this goal.

The forerunner company to IGT was launched back in the late 1970s, with a video-poker release, so this company really does have plenty of experience in creating popular games. Their games have dominated both the physical casinos and also the world of video slots for decades, with their success growing alongside the availability of high speed and accessible internet in homes.

Today IGT are still at the top of the tree, with a legion of fans whose numbers swell year on year as more people are introduced to the wonderful world of IGT online slot gaming. Their developers continue to offer exciting and innovative games which never fail to do their job, providing hours of fun and sometimes opportunities for making a tidy profit to people who appreciate quality, well planned and fantastically designed online slots.

Which online casinos offer Pixies of the Forest?

If you’re an experienced slots gamer, you’ve probably already got a favourite online casino. However, if the world of online gaming is a whole new experience for you, you’re probably wondering where and how to get started.

Not all casinos stock the entire catalogue of available slots games, so we can’t tell you exactly which ones have IGT games available to their members. Since they are the creators of Pixies of the Forest, that’s the software developer that you want your preferred casino to have on board.

Although we can’t tell you off the top of our heads, we can certainly point you in the right direction as we’ve created comprehensive reviews for all of the best-known online casino brands. Those reviews include details of which software developers each casino has licences with. If you see IGT listed, you can be fairly certain that you’ll be able to play Pixies of the Forest for real cash.

If you’re signing up as a new member of an online casino, don’t forget to claim your Welcome Bonus offer. Most casinos offer them, and they’re a great way of adding to your initial cash deposit. Just be sure to read all of the terms and conditions so you’re aware of any time limits and wagering requirements.

Pixies of the Forest FAQs

🧚 Can I Play Pixies of the Forest For Free?

It’s pretty important to have the chance to play a game for free, both to check out whether you like it enough to go forward and play for real cash, and also because it’s nice to have something to do to pass the time and to prevent boredom. Not all online casinos offer demo (free play) options for slots, but many do, so it’s simply a case of checking each site out and learning about their policy. Some casinos may ask you to register first, though not necessarily to enter lots of personal details such as banking information; others provide instant access to the game.

🧚 Does Pixies of the Forest Have Free Spins?

Yes, there is a free spin bonus option that is activated when at least three of the BONUS symbols pop up on one reel. If you win free spins you need to make a choice between the icons on the reel to find out how many exactly you have to play with.

🧚 Can I Win Real Money While Playing Pixies of the Forest?

If you choose to register with an online casino and access Pixies of the forest through the site then you will have the option to play for, and win, real cash. If you want to do this look around for the casinos offering great deals. Many have amazing welcome bonuses, and as they may differ quite dramatically in both the amount and the rules attached to them it’s worth investing the time in doing some research before you make a final commitment.

🧚 Do You Have Any Pixies of the Forest Tips or Cheats?

There’s no special secret that can be shared on how to win more often or bigger with the Pixies of the Forest online slot because it’s set up to operate fairly and squarely. It’s also a very generous game, with a good chance of a win on each spin, so there’s no real need to look for shortcuts. Possibly the only tip that can be given is to try upping the initial coin stake per line if your winnings don’t seem to be as high as you’d like, but that’s more about common sense than an insider tip.

If you feel like you desperately need to win more to make up for money lost it’s better to quit and walk away. Before playing always set a limit, and be prepared to lose. That way all winnings are a bonus.

🧚 Can I Play Pixies of the Forest with No Deposit?

If you play the free, or sometimes called demo, version of the game at an online casino you shouldn’t need to pay a deposit, although some sites may ask you to register with them first. If you want to play Pixies of the Forest for cash it is still possible to play without paying a deposit - look out for casinos offering this option to new members.

🧚 No Deposit Pixies of the Forest

These days online casinos are much more competitive than they used to be, so there’s no reason at all why you shouldn’t be able to find plenty with a no deposit bonus offer. This works in the following way. Standard practice is that anyone signing up to an online casino for the first time makes a cash deposit (which is often matched or at least added to by the casino), they then play the casino and slot games of their choice, drawing n the cash in the casino account to fund the games. No deposit offers work in basically the same way, except the player does not need to pay out any cash of their own to play games like Pixies of the Forest one they are registered on the site. In fact some casinos even offer a cash sum to those wanting to join, so you can pay, and win, all for no outlay.

🧚 Can I Download Pixies of the Forest?

The developers have optimised Pixies of the Forest so it offers a great gaming experience on laptops, phones and other devices, both Android and iOS, so you can play directly from the browser with no concerns.

🧚 Is Pixies of the Forest the best game for me?

Some slots gamers who are just embarking on their journey mistakenly assume that all slots games are created equal. If you’re expecting a similar experience across the board, it’s time to think again. Slots games actually vary widely in their ability to pay out, so it’s really important to select games that line up with your own attitude toward risk. Of course, there’s the matter of your bankroll to take into consideration, too.

Before even considering whether or not to risk any of your own cash on the reels of Pixies of the Forest, you need to take a long, hard look at the game’s RTP and volatility. These details will let you know whether a game is suitable for your needs, and if you’re not quite sure how that works, we’re here to explain.

The RTP ratio lets you know what the house edge of a game is by subtracting the percentage from 100. In this case, Pixies of the Forest has a stated RTP of 94.9%, so the house edge is just slightly over 5%, which seems quite reasonable for a slots game. Most games have an RTP somewhere between 82% and 97%, so it’s reasonable to assume that this particular game is honest, fair and legitimate.

When it comes to volatility, selecting the appropriate type of game is essential to ensure the most favourable outcomes. Pixies of the Forest is a low- to medium-volatility game, which means that it pays out cash prizes at a frequent rate, although most awards tend to be quite low in value. Patient players will be rewarded by occasional bigger wins, so even the high-stakes players might want to try their luck with a few spins for real cash.

High rollers normally prefer to play much higher-volatility games, which come with a high level of risk. These games usually offer some very high stake options. High-risk gamers understand that they need a large bankroll to tide them through the lengthy spells where no wins occur, enabling them to take full advantage once the wins start stacking up. Pixies of the Forest is such an enchanting game that all players are likely to find the betting level that fulfils their needs.

🧚 Why does Pixies of the Forest look so familiar?

Once you start spinning the reels of Pixies of the Forest, you might be struck by a sudden feeling of deja vu. That wouldn’t be at all surprising since there’s an almost-identical game that also features in online casinos, Secrets of the Forest. This was the version that lovers of bricks-and-mortar casino gaming will be familiar with since it began life as an extremely popular land-based slots cabinet game. Created by High 5 Gaming, Secrets of the Forest only made the transition to online casinos as recently as 2014.

However, in the interim, International Game Technologies had worked in collaboration with High 5 Games to create their own online version of the game, which they named Pixies of the Forest. This version was launched in 2012, so online players will have had more exposure to it than the original Secrets of the Forest.

🧚 Can I play Pixies of the Forest on my mobile?

It has been reported that up to half of all slots fans choose to play their favourite games on their mobile or tablet device rather than on their laptop or PC. It’s really only a matter of time until all games are available to play on mobile devices. International Game Technologies (IGT) are well ahead of the field, having seen which way the wind was blowing some time ago, so Pixies of the Forest is completely mobile-compatible.

Pixies of the Forest has been created in HTML5 so it launches directly in your device’s browser, giving you the optimum online slots gaming experience every time you play. Access the game on a large screen or a small one, and you won’t notice any difference in game quality or delivery.

* Pixies of the Forest trademark / license is owned by High 5, IGT. This site is not endorsed by High 5, IGT.

Game Name: Pixies of the Forest
Software: High 5, IGT
Themes: Fairytales, Fantasy, Nature
Volatility: Low volatility
Features: Wild Symbol Scatter Symbol Free Spins Low volatility 5 Reels
Paylines: 99
Reels: 5
Min Bet (all lines covered): 0.33
Max Bet: 33
Top Win: 2000
RTP: 93.95%
User Reviews
Overall score: 3.2 out of 5 stars
k kathryn houghton
no chance 23/12/2019

I do like the slot it is fun to play but if you are lucky enough to win you will find then it is a lot of empty spins and the win is soon gone again I have tried it lots of times and always the same outcome. there is to many no win spins between wins it is impossible to build any monies up. the bonus has never come up for me at all

k kathryn houghton
dissapointed 21/12/2019

i have played this game a number of times I like the layout of the game and the idea of tumbling reels. how ever every time I have played you might get a win but the amount of empty spins between wins I have notice means I cant see anyway of winning much such a shame as a nice looking slot

e emmarose
fun but slow 30/11/2019

Had some big wins before with tumbling reels before so excited to play this game. This slots a bit slow and better with the sound turned off LOL so only a 3 star

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