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Gameplay Interactive

Since its conception, Gameplay Interactive has teamed up with the best designers and GI software to make sure players are always satisfied. Its 3D slots are considered market leaders and offer a range of well-designed games that anyone can play. All games are delivered via Flash, whether players decide to play for real or choose the fun play option.

Game Choice

The top Gameplay Interactive video slot games include Cleopatra, Baseball, Fortune Dice, Bikini Beach, Candylicious, and Flora’s Secret. They also offer just as many – if not more – games with Chinese names and English subtitles. Players tell us that they trust these games because the gameplay interface is intuitive and straightforward.

In Seventh Heaven

With many game makers coming out of Asia, the number eight is a reoccurring theme. This is because the Chinese see this as the luckiest number; however, Gameplay international is all about the number seven. The games 7 Brothers and 777 Golden Wheel showcase this theme to best effect and offer something a little different to international fans of Asian-themed games. In 7 Brothers, for example, there is a decidedly Asian flavour; however, rather than the reds and gold that permeate the typical Chinese games, this game has blues and purples and a more Korean or Thai feel. The black background sets off the beautifully-drawn graphics of seven tiny warriors as they head out to fight evil and collect rewards along the way. In this game and many others by this maker, there are no traditional playing card figures. There are only the characters, which makes for a better storytelling experience.

International Appeal

When it comes to games, the developers have their fingers in all the pies. Kings of the Highway is an epic American-themed game based on the truckers who criss-cross the country. Tokyo Hunter is the story of a handsome Japanese Cop and his busty sidekicks battling the Yakuza in downtown Tokyo, while World Soccer pairs well-endowed female players against top players from around the world. This game maker certainly knows its target audience.

High-Quality 3D Video Slots

No matter what your taste in video slots, Gameplay Interactive has it covered. Its games all have pumping soundtracks and electrifying action music on spins and wins, and take place on a set of reels within a postcard-style background to give players a sense of the location; however, what really stands out is the quality of the games’ rendering. First-rate animations and gorgeously-designed symbols and icons are the elements that keep players coming back for more. It is easy to see why Gameplay Interactive fans are so loyal.

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