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  • Fantastic theme, brings film to life.
  • Interesting 4x7 layout
  • 7 Features available
  • Low RTP of 94%

Magnificent 7 from the team at Skywind is an online slot game with a wild west theme and is based on the blockbuster movie of the same name. With stacked symbols, some cracking special features and an RTP of 94%, this is a game that is worth a spin. 


When you're playing the free game here on our site or elsewhere, the progressive jackpot won't be available so it will be interesting to see whether the game can hold its own in the free-to-play arena alongside slots with a higher RTP and more action.

The game is a medium volatility slot, which means you can expect to land wins fairly frequently and they might well be rather mixed in size. If you're a fan of the Wild West genre or enjoy other similarly themed slots games - such as Dead or Alive - this is definitely worth at least a few minutes of your time.

Magnificent 7 RTP (Payout) & Volatility

The return to player (RTP) of a game lets you know how much you can expect to win from it. For example, say you spend 100 coins on a game, if the RTP is 96%, you can expect to win back 96 coins during your play. Of course, in reality, this is unlikely to happen.

The RTP is calculated over thousands and thousands of potential spins and some people will win far more than the expected payout while others will end up with far less. The RTP of Magnificent 7 is 94%. This is a little lower than the majority of popular slots out there at the moment.

In fact, many serious slots players refuse to play any slots with an RTP of lower than 95-96%. Having said this, the game is obviously still capable of delivering huge wins. While you should always check the RTP of any slots game before you play, it's still possible to have a good run (or a bad run!) on any slot out there. If you enjoy the game, and don't chase any losses, there is no problem.

The volatility of Magnificent 7 is given by the game developer as 4/5, meaning it's pretty volatile. Volatility gives you an idea of the pattern you can expect your gameplay to follow, although, as with the RTP, this is a guide and you will always find slots that buck the trend during a playing session.

Games with very low volatility tend to pay out little and often. You can expect to land lots of small wins over time, and your balance should last you a little longer than if you were playing a high volatility slots game.

Games with very high volatility can be expected to pay out less frequently than lower volatility slots, but they will usually have the potential to deliver huge wins every so often.

The type of volatility you prefer really depends on what sort of player you are. Many high stakes slots players prefer high volatility slots as they believe them to be more exciting and they also want the possibility of scooping a huge payout. Many newer players or more casual players are happy with lower volatility slots because they tend to have fewer dead spins and keep their balance ticking over for longer. Of course, if you are undecided, choosing a game with medium volatility is probably the best option!

Magnificent 7 Slot

Magnificent 7 Slot Graphics & Theme

The theme of the game is the wild west, so expect to see lots of cowboy type characters. The game is based on the huge blockbuster movie of 2016, which itself was a remake of the classic 1960 movie. The 2016 version starred Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt, Ethan Hawke, Vincent D'Onofrio, Byung-hun Lee, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Martin Sensmeier, Peter Sarsgaard and Haley Bennett and you can see all the main characters in the slots game.

In fact, the game opens with a movie-style montage of the lead characters which is seriously impressive. It really does have a movie feel about it and your first impression is that this is a very expensive looking and well-designed slot. When the game itself launches (after the lengthy opening credits, which you can skip if you prefer), you'll find a sleek, attractive looking slot.

The backdrop to the reels is a traditional wild west setting, with the colourful and rather glossy reels set in the centre. The graphics are sleek, smooth and sharp and if you've never heard of Skywind slots before, you might well be tempted to go and hunt out some of the studio's other titles on the back of how impressive this game is. If you're a fan of the wild west theme, why not check out Dead or Alive 2, the hugely anticipated sequel to the original Dead or Alive slot?

The Magnificent Seven was originally an American frontier film made in 1960 and directed by John Sturges. It made $9.75m at the box office, most of which came from Europe where the film was very successful.

How To Play Magnificent 7 Slots

This is a 40-line game and the paylines are fixed so you will always be betting on all 40. This keeps things nice and simple for you - all you need to do is set your bet size and hit the spin button to get started. You can adjust the bet by using the plus and minus buttons on either side of the bet display.

The minimum bet is 40 coins and the bet increases in increments of 40. Nice and easy for even the greenest gamers!. Once you are happy with your bet size, click the spin button and you're off. If you like things a little faster, there is a turbo spin option you can activate by clicking on the button that looks like a mini speedometer. This speeds up each spin, letting you complete each one more quickly.

There is also an autoplay function if you like to sit back and watch without pressing the spin button each time you want to play. Click on this and the reels will keep spinning until you halt the process.

How To Win At Magnificent 7 Slot

As previously mentioned, there are 40 paylines and these are fixed. You win cash payouts by landing combos on these paylines. You can also activate a number of special features - more on these later. For most of the symbols, you will need to land a combo of three or more, starting with the left-most reel, on a payline in order to land a win. The playing card symbols - J - A - are the lowest paying in the game, but landing seven on a single payline will still net you a decent cash prize. The picture symbols are split into two, with the three lower paying characters requiring three or more for a winning combo. The four top characters will pay out for combos of two or more and some huge wins are possible if you're lucky enough to land six or seven on a single line!

There are also some special symbols and a whole host of special features, which make this far more exciting than the average slots game.

Magnificent 7 Bonus Features & Free Spins

If you choose games based on their special bonus features and free spins, you'll love this slot. It has a huge amount of special features that will add excitement to every spin. In order to trigger one of the seven free spins features, you will need to land any one of the game's character symbols as a stacked symbol filling the entire fourth reel, along with the special bonus symbol on reel seven. You'll know when you have a chance of landing free spins because the final reel will spin for longer and you'll hear the special sound effects that accompany a potential bonus feature.

The bonus features and free spins features are as follows:

Hunter free games:

This is triggered by the Sam Chisolm symbol. This symbol will turn wild for your free games, as will any other character symbol that lands stacked filling any reel.

Lucky gambler feature:

This feature is triggered by the Farraday character. You will be invited to pick a card from a deck. revealing the king of hearts lands you seven times your total bet. You can keep on picking cards until you reveal the three of hearts twice.

Shooter free games: 

This feature is triggered by the Goodnight character landing on the fourth reel and is a particularly exciting one. Goodnight will fire 23 bullets at the reels and each one that lands will turn into a wild symbol, giving the chance of a massive win!

Assassin free games:

This is triggered by Billy the Assassin and this symbol will turn into an up to 5x multiplier wild symbol for your free games.

Outlaw free games:

This is triggered by Vasquez. This symbol will turn wild and will remain locked into position for the duration of your free spins.

Warrior free games:

Triggered by the Red Harvest character symbol, this special bonus feature starts off with a 2x multiplier applied to all wins. Every time another Red Harvest symbol lands on the reels, fully covering the reel, the multiplier will increase. It's possible to achieve a multiplier of up to 16x in this feature, with huge win potential.

Tracker free games:

You'll need to land Jack the Tracker on reel four to trigger this special feature. Jack will appear as a huge double-reel wild symbol, covering two adjacent reels on each spin of this feature.

Last but not least is the jackpot feature. In order to trigger this, you will need to land all seven character symbols on the reels. The symbols must all appear fully stacked, each covering an entire reel so that the whole screen is filled by character symbols.

Magnificent 7 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy

There isn't really any strategy you can follow with this game. It's a fixed payline slot so you will always be playing on all 40 paylines.

Magnificent 7 Demo Play / Free Play

You can play for free right here. Of course, this means you won't be able to win the jackpot, but if you enjoy the game and want to play for real money elsewhere, there are plenty of reputable online casinos where this is possible.

Magnificent 7 Slot On Mobile - Android, iPhones and Tablets

As with all our slots, this fantastic game is available to play on any compatible device. Play on your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Magnificent 7 Review & Rating

9/10. While the RTP might be a little low for some players, the special features have great win potential and this really is a beautifully designed slots game that should appeal to most.

Disclaimer: Magnificent 7 trademark / license is owned by Skywind. This site is not endorsed by Skywind.

* Although we try and match games with Casinos that have them, we advise that you double-check the slot content on the casino before making a deposit.

Slot Data
Slot Name: Magnificent 7
Software: Skywind
RTP: 96%
Volatility: High volatility
Paylines: 40
Reels: 5
Min Bet (all lines covered): 0.4
Max Bet: 40
Top Win: 1000
Features: Free Spins , Gamble , High volatility , 5 Reels

Magnificent 7 FAQs

Can I play Magnificent 7 slot for free?

Yes. You can play for free right here, to your heart's content.

Does Magnificent 7 have free spins?

Yes. There are several free spin games, each triggered in the base game. See above for further details.

Can I win real money playing Magnificent 7?

Yes, and big wins are possible if you get lucky. You can't play for real money on our site, but any reputable online casino that offers Magnificent 7 will allow you to play for real money.

Can I download Magnificent 7 slot?

No. Like all our slots games, this is played online in your normal internet browser. There is no need to download this or any of our games in order to play.

Is Magnificent 7 slot available on mobile?

Yes. Play in your normal internet browser on any compatible device, such as your smartphone or tablet.

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