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With such a well established history in the gaming sector, it’s easy to see why the software company is such a well known name in the industry, and it’s reputation is certainly one that would be difficult to dispute. Founded by Jaume Sanahuja Junyent, MGA lays claim to creating the first ever payout slot machine in Spain, and it embraces new technologies to ensure that all of their games are always modern and cutting edge.

Known for its progressive games, this software gaming giant is a powerful business that’s famous for setting trends in the gaming sector. MGA is often regarded as being a company that is more than aware of the necessity to keep up to date with game designs in order to ensure their supply meets up with the demand, and not only does it specialise in designing state-of-the-art games, but it is also actively participates in all sub-sectors of the gambling and entertainment world. From manufacturing and design through to distribution, MGA relishes its ability to remain competitive in an ever-changing environment that is blessed with the continual introduction of new technologies.

New Business Opportunities

The software kingpin is always creating new business opportunities by delving into other niches and areas relating to gaming. Throughout its history it has prided itself on managing strategic alliances with influential and important international business groups, which help the company lay claim to being one of the most successful software companies in the entertainment industry, in both domestic and global markets.

Great Games

MGA creates games that pay out prizes in return for players giving a stake, and these games are aimed at both the land-based market and the mobile and tablet environment. Slot machines are accompanied by bingo games, and the themes vary widely to ensure that they cater to a range of tastes, budgets and playing styles. Bonus mini games are a specialty of MGA and its wide scope of services ensures that they cater to all players looking for a thrilling gaming experience. Three reel slots are the company’s main staple, including titles like La Bruja Fortune, La Mini de Oro and La Taberna, and they all offer fast game play and playing functions, along with plenty of opportunities to win big cash prizes.

MGA is a software company that has made an undeniable impact on the entertainment industry, and it has taken a huge piece of the gaming pie not only in Spain, but also around the world. With an already diverse portfolio, we look forward to seeing what gaming goodies they will come up with next.

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