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Slingo Xxxtreme is an online slot made by Slingo Originals with a 95% RTP. It is a low volatility game with a top prize worth 10000x and a bonus game.

How to Play Slingo XXXtreme Slots

If you’ve played any other Slingo free online slots, then you’ll already be familiar with the gaming mechanic. But if this is your first time, you’ll want to spend some time getting familiar with the gameplay as it’s very different from most other slots.

All the information you need is provided on your screen. At the centre is the 5x5 grid, although none of these reels actually spin. In this game, they take the form of a bingo card filled with 25 numbers that you need to cross off as the bingo numbers are called.

To the right of the grid is your bingo ball hopper, filled with 11 balls to represent the 11 spins that accompany each game. To the right of the grid is the game’s paytable, showing you the prizes you can win based on your current wager. Adjust the sum in the box below, and you’ll see these figures change accordingly.

Your lowest wager is 0.20 per game, rising to a top stake of 100.00, which is where the high rollers come in. Note that this sum gives you access to one game of 11 spins, with the possibility of extra free spins and the chance to purchase additional spins at the end of your game.

Once you’ve decided on the amount of your wager, just hit the Start button and the horizontal reel underneath the grid will spin up five numbers. If any numbers along the bottom row are matched by numbers in the columns directly above them, they are crossed off with a star symbol. The aim of the game is to cross off all the numbers in each row, column and diagonal, and hopefully achieve a Full House by crossing off every number in the entire grid.

How To Win at Slingo XXXtreme Slot

The traditional paylines of an online slots game are replaced in Slingo by completed lines, just as in bingo. Each row, column or diagonal of five crossed-off symbols is referred to as a Slingo, and with a 5x5 grid, this means there are 12 potential Slingos to collect in order to win the top cash prize, as indicated in the paytable to the left of the grid.

You need to complete at least four Slingos to win back your stake money, but for every additional Slingo, the prize levels increase.

Slingo XXXtreme Slot

Slingo XXXtreme RTP (Payout) & Volatility

Most Slingo games we’ve seen feature an RTP of 95%, and Slingo XXXtreme is no different. It’s about as low as we’d want to go for an online slots game, although it’s still a perfectly reasonable return. Short for Return To Player, RTP shows the percentage of money collected from players that’s paid out in the form of cash prizes. With an RTP of 95%, Slingo XXXtreme retains 5.00 for every 100.00 wagered, paying out 95.00 as winnings. There are no guarantees, however; you could scoop the top prize of 100,000.00 or you could walk away with nothing - or anything in between.

Checking out the volatility of an online slots game is often the best guide on the most suitable games to play. Most Slingo games tend to be medium-volatility, making them suitable for most types of players, but the turbo-charged Slingo XXXtreme has been ramped up to become a high-volatility game. This makes it most suitable for high rollers, thrill-seekers and those with a generous bankroll. You’ll find that many of the low-value wins won’t even cover your stake, and you could have to pay out large sums of money to generate the top cash prizes.

That doesn't mean that low-risk and low-stakes players can’t still enjoy a game of Slingo XXXtreme, but we strongly recommend that you play the game extensively in free play mode before committing your own money to the outcome of a game.

Slingo XXXtreme Demo Play / Free Play

Slingo XXXtreme is fast-paced and exciting, which makes it all too easy to get swept up in the moment and play carelessly. But placement of your Joker Wilds can be the key to success in this game, so you need to learn how to slow your gameplay down so you aren’t rushed into making any poor decisions. Playing for free gives you ample opportunity to study the mechanics of the game and work out how to generate the biggest prize payouts.

Once you fully understand the game, you might like to try your hand at spinning up some real cash prizes at an online casino, or you might prefer to stay here on our site and try out some of our other great games. If you love this version of Slingo, you’ll probably want to try out some other variants. You’ll be delighted to find that we’ve got plenty to offer, including the popular Slingo Cash Buster online slot.

Slingo XXXtreme Bonus Features & Free Spins

Although in some ways Slingo XXXtreme plays out much like a bingo game, there are some cool extra symbols that add interest and excitement. The familiar Slingo Devil crops up from time to time on the reel, but he’s a most unwelcome sight as he’s a blocking symbol, preventing you from achieving any number matches on his column.

There’s a Joker Wild symbol that lets you pick any number from the column above to blank out. A Super Joker lets you blank out any number from anywhere on the grid, and if you match up a combination of any three Jokers with a single spin, you’ll be awarded a cash prize. You’ll also win cash from spinning up the coin symbol on the central column.

Spin up a Free Spins symbol and an extra ball will be added to the hopper, giving you an additional spin. Once your game is completed, you have the chance to buy an infinite number of extra balls at the price shown to increase your chances of climbing up the prize tiers.

Slingo XXXtreme Tips

Slingo XXXtreme is deceptively simple to understand, but you’ll need to play the game for a while to be able to make the best use of the Joker Wilds. Learning how best to place them to increase your chances of achieving multiple Slingos is the key to success in this game, so the more you can practice your technique, the better your chances of achieving a successful outcome from your gaming session.

Slingo XXXtreme Slot On Mobile

All Slingo games, including Slingo XXXtreme, are optimised to work across all platforms, including mobile phones and tablets.

Slingo XXXtreme Review & Rating

Regular visitors to our site will know that we love the Slingo brand, which has introduced new gaming concepts to the world of online slots. Slingo XXXtreme is faster-paced than other variants, and we loved the fast and furious gameplay. One thing we didn’t care for was the music, which was irritating and intrusive, but it’s easy enough to hit the volume switch.

We highly rate Slingo XXXtreme but advise extreme caution to anyone playing it for real money. It’s easy to start paying out more than you can afford in an attempt to chase the top cash prizes, so self-discipline is a necessary attribute if you plan on playing this game at an online casino.

Slingo XXXtreme Strategies

Slingo XXXtreme makes use of Random Number Generator software to determine the results of each round, but unlike slots, there is a little bit of skill that can be utilised to help you win big. As you can help to position the symbols, you can change your fortune as often as possible!

The best strategy for this online Bingo and slots hybrid game is to always ensure the Jokers and Super Jokers are in the position that puts you within easy reach of forming a Slingo. When there are several potential positions available, always give preference to the position that will create the most Slingo’s, as there more win lines you form, the more you’ll win. Wherever possible, give the central square preference as it can cover 2 diagonal, vertical and horizontal lines all in one.

As you can see, Slingo XXXtreme is actually quite a simple game to play, but if you really want to ensure that you maximise your winning potential and use the best strategy possible, play for free for a long time before you bet any real money. By playing for free you can fully familiarise yourself with everything the game has to offer, and you can ensure that you know exactly how it works, and how best to line up those Jokers.

Free play or demo mode games offer so many advantages, as they give you an unlimited opportunity to get some practice and see just how a game works. They also allow you to test out a game and see if it suits you, as we all have different tastes and preferences, and there is no one size fits all solution when it comes to slots!

When you are ready to play for real money, make sure that you have set yourself a budget. Smart players always set themselves a budget and stick to it, as this provides complete peace of mind and ensures they never spend a cent they cannot afford to lose. Speaking of losing, which no one ever enjoys, let us offer you a word of caution. If you are not having any luck and your skills are falling flat, give Slingo XXXtreme a miss for a bit. There is no point in chasing losses, as this never ends well. You can play again another day or you can swap back to playing for free, with no risk to your bankroll. Before you know it, you’ll be back on a winning streak!

When you hit a winning streak, you need to save a portion of your wins for a rainy day. Play smartly and set aside a percentage of every win, and you’ll soon see how beneficial this can be. It stops you playing back everything you’ve won, and pads your bankroll out for your next gaming session.

Lastly, if you want to win big, you need to bet big! The higher your bet, the greater your potential win, so if you wager the full 100.00 per round, you could win the max jackpot payout if it’s your lucky day.

Ready to join the revolution? Play Slingo XXXtreme and enjoy extreme excitement and non-stop action with every turn!

Disclaimer: Slingo XXXtreme trademark / license is owned by Slingo Originals. This site is not endorsed by Slingo Originals.

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Slot Data
Slot Name: Slingo XXXtreme
Software: Slingo Originals
RTP: 95
Volatility: Low volatility
Paylines: 12
Reels: 5
Min Bet (all lines covered): £0.20 (GBP)
Max Bet: £100 (GBP)
Top Win: 10000
Features: 5 Reels, Low volatility, Free Spins
UK Available in GB? Yes. Slingo Originals have a UKGC license and are allowed to offer their games at UK licensed casinos.

Slingo XXXtreme FAQs

Can I play Slingo XXXtreme slot for free?

All of the games on our site are completely free to play, so you can play Slingo XXXtreme for as long as you like with no financial risk whatsoever. Our free online slots cover all genres, so even if Slingo XXXtreme isn’t the game for you, we’re confident that you’ll find a game you love somewhere on our site.

Does Slingo XXXtreme have free spins?

Spin up a Free Spin symbol on the single horizontal reel of Slingo XXXtreme, and you’ll receive an extra spin at no additional cost.

Can I win real money playing Slingo XXXtreme?

If you’d like to wager real money on the outcome of a session playing Slingo XXXtreme, you’ll need to sign up to an online casino and deposit some funds. Follow our links to read casino reviews and check out the current promotional offers for new players.

Can I download Slingo XXXtreme slot?

There’s nothing to download when you play Slingo XXXtreme since the game has been designed for in-browser play.

Is Slingo XXXtreme slot available on mobile?

Slingo XXXtreme is available on mobile, tablet, laptop and PC.

What are the Slingo XXXtreme Differences?

If you were wondering what the real differences are between Slingo Extreme and Slingo XXXtreme, we’re here to help break them down for you. We’ve told you that Slingo XXXtreme features faster gameplay, hotter symbols and bigger payouts, but let’s look at the nitty gritty to see what’s what.

When we say you can win more in Slingo XXXtreme, we mean a lot more. In the Extreme version you can win x500 your bet, but in Slingo XXXtreme you can win up to x1000! In the Extreme version you can play with unlimited spins or ReSpins, but in the XXXtreme they are not unlimited, however, everything else remains the same, from the instant cash prizes to the Joker and Super Jokers.

In Slingo XXXtreme you can also only win when you land 4 or more Slingos. Landing 1,2 or 3 doesn’t count and no payouts are awarded. The payouts for Extreme and Slingo XXXtreme for 4 and 5 Slingos are also exactly the same, but in Slingo XXXtreme 6 and 7 Slingo’s payout more, while 8 and 10 pay the same. 9 Slingo’s in Slingo XXXtreme pay out more too, so there is a definite shift upwards here.

What is the RTP of Slingo XXXtreme slot?

This slot’s Return To Player ratio is 95%, which is well in line with this type of casino game and assures you of regular rewards.

How often does Slingo XXXtreme slot pay out?

The RTP indicates that this slot pays out very regularly, as the higher the RTP of a game is, the more chances you have of winning on a regular basis.

What’s the biggest win in Slingo XXXtreme slot?

You can win up to 100,000.00 in this slot.

What is the volatility level of Slingo XXXtreme slot?

This slot is rated as highly volatile, which also means it is high risk. However, always remember, the higher the risk, the bigger the rewards!

What are the betting limits in Slingo XXXtreme slot?

You can bet between 0.20 and 100.00 per game.

Who are Slingo Originals?

When it comes to creating innovative online casino games, this is a developer that really knows its stuff. Although the brand now focuses heavily on creating innovative mobile-first games that can be enjoyed across all smartphones and tablets, Slingo has more than 25 years of experience in the social sector. Their Slingo games that combine Bingo and slots are world-famous and they have made the successful transition to the online arena where they are bigger, brighter and bolder than ever before.

The company continues to create new games on an on-going basis and Slingo XXXtreme is yet another example as to how they have built on previous releases and delivered bigger and better versions of player favourites. The brand’s development team prides itself on creating game designs that are ahead of their time and that make use of complex mathematically-based models. They also put a heavy focus on player interaction and engagement, and ensure that skill and decision making requirements are incorporated wherever possible into their games. By incorporating all of these facets, they can create games that far exceed expectations and that thrill and entertain players in every way.

The clever combination of Bingo and slots that the brand draws its name from is the cornerstone of their iGaming portfolio. The flagship games in this series are Slingo Roches and Slingo Extreme, with games like Slingo XXXtreme following on the success of the flagship titles. There is also a signature white label solution that is called Slingo Boom, and this mixes up Bingo and slots in a fast and interactive way that closely mimics what you’d find in a traditional Bingo gaming hall. Slingo games have also been created that are based on iconic TV shows, and Slingo Britain’s Got Talent and Slingo X Factor are just 2 such titles.

The brand is hoping to create something that is akin to Monopoly, as this game is now available on just about every platform that you can imagine, and new editions are continually released.

In addition to the traditional Slingo games, Slingo originals has also created casino games like Wheely Wheely Big Win, Pigasus and Magic Mine. All of these games incorporate unique features that set them apart from other games. For example, Magic Mine is a world first as it requires players to use their skills to match 3 icons in order to win. Pigasus is also a world first as it features a Red Hot respins bonus where players can buy an extra ReSpin in an attempt to trigger the bonus feature.

ReSpins have become popular in many online slots, but this developer was one of the pioneers of the mechanism. And Wheely Wheely Big Win is a fun take on the classic casino game of Roulette that has taken the original version and made it accessible to all players looking for some fun, easy to understand entertainment.

Now that you know a bit more about the developer behind Slingo XXXtreme we are sure you can see why this brand has earned itself such an excellent reputation. But before we move on to a few more tricks and ways to win when you play online, we thought we’d just remind you that all the Slingo original’s games can be enjoyed on desktop, smartphone and tablet.

This is down to the fact that every game is designed to be cross-platform compatible and boasts a seamless user interface, crisp and clear graphics and slick animations. Plus, the sound is always exceptional, and if you are not enamoured with it, you can mute it too, or play your own music instead!

Fresh, fun and innovative, Slingo is a brand that you should always keep an eye on as you never know what they are going to do next, but you’ll want to be part of it, guaranteed!

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