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Thunderbirds Slot - Review, Demo Play, Payout, Free Spins & Bonuses


Introduction to Thunderbirds

Thunderbirds has been capturing hearts since the 1960s, and the fact that new adaptations continue to be made is evidence of its enduring popularity. By bringing it to a slots game, Storm Gaming has managed to bring back an old favourite in a new and exciting form. With bonuses, free spins and other random extras, there’s plenty to keep you entertained. Whether you’re a long-term fan or you just want to know what the fuss is about, this exciting version of Thunderbirds should have something for everyone.

Thunderbirds Theme

The original Thunderbirds TV show was first broadcast in the UK in 1964 and was set in the 2060s. It was the brainchild of Gerry Anderson and his wife Sylvia, who had already had success with the likes of Stingray and would later go on to create Captain Scarlet. Like those other shows, it used puppetry to create its distinctive characters and style. Running for 32-minute episodes across its two series, Thunderbirds was easily their most popular and successful work.

In Thunderbirds, former astronaut Jeff Tracy founds an organisation called International Rescue to help save people from everything from natural disasters to terrorist attacks. International Rescue operates from five highly advanced vehicles, each piloted by one of Jeff Tracy’s sons. Scott Tracy is responsible for Thunderbird 1, generally the first machine to fly onto the scene. Thunderbird 2 is handled by Virgil Tracy and is large enough to carry smaller vehicles like the drill known as the Mole. The rocket flown by Alan Tracy is Thunderbird 3, and it can travel into outer space. Underwater rescues are the responsibility of Gordon Tracy in Thunderbird 4. Finally, John Tracy is based in the space station known as Thunderbird 5, from which he can monitor all the events below him.

Other notable characters include the glamorous Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward, famous for her bright pink car known as FAB 1. She is generally accompanied by her loyal butler and chauffeur, Parker. Genius inventor Brains is responsible for all of International Rescue’s advanced technology. Meanwhile, mysterious villain The Hood is always ready to cause trouble.

Thunderbirds finished in 1966. Feature-length films were released in 1966 and 1968. Since then, it has reappeared as an animated show and a live action movie. With its popularity still so high, it’s no wonder it has made it to slots. The Thunderbirds game utilises the puppet characters of the original show and some of their vehicles amongst its symbols, allowing it to recreate that classic charm.

Thunderbirds Slot Graphics

The graphics of this slot aim to recapture the feeling of the original TV show and they do so in style. The loading screen with the title in its iconic font and the cloud-filled sky behind it immediately transports you to the world of the show. This is reinforced by the musical soundtrack.

Once you get past the opening screen, the reels themselves load into what appears to be Thunderbird 1’s cockpit. You’re on a mission here, with the sky still visible through the screen and a whole range of buttons to help you control your craft. It’s a captivating way to fully immerse yourself in the Thunderbirds world.

How to Play Thunderbirds Slots

With five reels and 20 paylines, this futuristic slot offers you plenty of ways to win. The real excitement comes, however, when you activate some of the bonus features. Superspins, missions and expanding wilds all increase your chance of winning big while elevating the gameplay. To get started, use the up and down arrows at the side of the screen to set your bet amount, then click spin.

At the top of the paytable is the group shot of the Tracy brothers, followed by Jeff Tracy, Thunderbird 5, FAB 1, the A and K card symbols, and the lower card symbols. There’s also a wild symbol, represented by Parker, which can substitute for any of the symbols not involved in triggering bonuses. In addition to the SuperSpins symbol that can be used to trigger free spins when you hit it at least three times, there is a FAB Bonus symbol that can appear on the first and third reels. Combine this with one of the feature symbols on reel five and you could activate one of three special bonus rounds.

Thunderbirds Payout Ratio

Many developers like to provide a Return to Player, or RtP, figure to give players some guidance regarding potential wins on a slot. Storm Gaming has assigned Thunderbirds a 94.31% RtP, meaning every £100 bet could bring you a £94.31 reward. It’s not an absolute guarantee - after all, it’s the random unpredictability of slots that makes them fun - but it’s high enough that you should be able to see a decent return. There may be higher-paying slots, but will they have the same exciting gameplay? Storm Gaming sets the maximum win at 250,000.00.

Thunderbirds Slot Secret Missions

Each Thunderbird comes with its own mission, and like on the original show, each vehicle has its own special skills. Any of these can be triggered randomly:

•    Thunderbird 1 brings extra symbols as it flies across the screen, along with the possibility of retriggering the feature all over again. 
•    Thunderbird 2 brings a multiplier wild that will be dropped onto the reels. 
•    Thunderbird 3 will launch from the bottom of the screen, following the path of one reel and leaving wilds behind it. 
•    When Thunderbird 4 swims across the reels, it will take any winning symbols with it and allow new symbols to fall into place. This will continue until there are no winning symbols left. 
•    Finally, Thunderbird 5 comes with five free spins. As these play, the Thunderbird itself replaces regular symbols with Thunderbird 5 wilds.

Thunderbirds Slot Temple of Treasure

This is an exciting feature that you can choose to play at the low-, medium- or high-risk level. Higher risk might mean higher rewards, but it also increases the chance you will encounter the villainous Hood. You have to cross the screen, selecting one square in every column. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a value multiplied by a difficulty and stake. If you’re unlucky, The Hood will appear and end your game. To trigger the Temple of Treasure, you need to match the FAB Bonus symbol on the first and third reels with the symbol for The Hood on the fifth reel.

Thunderbirds Slot Vault of Cash

This is your chance to join Lady Penelope and Parker in releasing the fortune hidden in a secure vault. The outer wheel of the vault door repeats the words “spin” and “stop” whilst the inner wheel shows potential multipliers. When the multiplier lands on “spin”, it will continue to accumulate. By the time the vault is opened, you could be looking at a 100x multiplier. To trigger this feature, the FAB Bonus symbol on reels one and three has to be matched with Lady Penelope’s Vault of Cash symbol on reel five.

Thunderbirds Slot Thunderwilds

The first spin of the Thunderwilds feature will bring a variable number of Thunderwild symbols to the reels. As long as the Thunderwilds are in view, you will be awarded a succession of free spins. With every spin, the Thunderwilds will slide from right to left and you will accumulate a little more in your prize pot. Once all the Thunderwilds have slid off screen, your accumulated prize will be awarded. This feature can be triggered by matching the FAB Bonus symbol on the first and third reels with a fifth reel appearance from the Thunderwilds symbol.

Thunderbirds Slot SuperSpins

If you manage to hit three or more SuperSpin symbols in the base game, the SuperSpins feature will be triggered. Three matches means 10 free spins, four means 20 free spins, and five means 50 free spins. In addition to being given free spins, you will have an increased chance of activating missions or entering the Vault of Cash. There is also an enhanced SuperSpins feature that comes with expanding wilds on any reel, possibly including some extra Thunderwilds. The expanding wilds will fill every spot on a reel and can act as substitutes for any symbol except the FAB bonus, The Hood, The Vault, Thunderwilds and SuperSpins.

Thunderbirds Slots On Mobile - Android, iPhones and Tablets

The original show relied on its advanced technology, and whilst we might not be at International Rescue levels, we do live in a world where mobile devices have begun to dominate. If you’re flying across the globe with the Tracy brothers, you may want to bring the game with you as you travel. With Thunderbirds available on mobile and tablet on a variety of operating systems, this shouldn’t be a problem.

There are some things to watch out for with mobile gaming. You do still need an internet connection, so rescue missions to remote areas without Wi-Fi will require you to have enough data to support the game. You’re probably also going to have a smaller screen and speakers than you would on desktop, which may hide some of the delightful details of the game’s graphics. Whether you want to stick to desktop or try mobile, this slot is ready and waiting.

Thunderbirds Slot Free Play

No one can be certain they enjoy a slot until they’ve given it a spin at least a few times. You don’t want to risk your money when you’re not even sure you like the game. Luckily, there is a free version of Thunderbirds available right here, along with lots of other free slots. Unlike at an online casino, there’s no need to register first or make a deposit, so it’s a lot easier for you. If you want, you can set limits on the amount of virtual money you’re willing to bet, including maximum win and loss limits, and it will feel just like a real-money game. That way, if you do decide you want to try it at an online casino, you’ll be prepared. 

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Thunderbirds isn’t the only example of TV show slots available. You could play anything from The Goonies to Game of Thrones, replicating the experience of watching your favourite show or movie with the added excitement of being able to play and win.

Alternately, you could look for other Storm Gaming slots. The themes may be different, but the distinctive stylistic touches will create a similar impact to the gameplay and extra features that you loved so much in Thunderbirds.

About Storm Gaming

Storm Gaming claims to be the UK’s “number one manufacturer of digital land-based gaming solutions” and it seems that may not be hyperbole. Developing both software and hardware, Storm Gaming products can be found around the world anywhere that you’re likely to find slots, from the pub to your mobile. Now over ten years old, the company announced a series of new major partnerships in 2016. These helped it continue to expand its global presence, and it continues to go from strength to strength with its utilisation of the most modern technology.

Thunderbirds FAQ

Can I Play Thunderbirds Slots For Free?

Yes, you can play it for free. Whether you’re practicing for the real thing or you just want to enjoy a less stressful version of the game, the free version is available with no signup or deposit required. Set yourself win and loss limits if you want a more authentic experience.

Does Thunderbirds Slot Have Free Spins?

The SuperSpins feature in this slot comes with 10, 20 or 50 free spins depending on how many triggering symbols you hit, and that’s just one of the exciting bonuses available.

Can I Download Thunderbirds Slots?

The advanced International Rescue technology means that there’s no need to download this slot. It’s available in your browser, which means no waiting and no filling up your hard drive. All you need to do is load the page, and it will be there.

* Thunderbirds trademark / license is owned by Storm Gaming. This site is not endorsed by Storm Gaming.

Game Name: Thunderbirds
Software: Storm Gaming
Themes: TV & Movies
Volatility: Medium Volatility
Features: Bonus Games Free Spins Wild Symbols Scatter Symbols Substitution Symbols
Paylines: 20
Reels: 5
Min Bet (all lines covered): 0.2
Max Bet: 100
Top Win: 250000
RTP: 94.31