If you’re an online gaming fan who also happens to love 70s disco music, then you’re in for a real treat, as Microgaming has announced that they intend to create a Village People online slots game.

Top entertainment brands join forces

Microgaming slots encompass a huge variety of genres, as you’d expect from one of the most respected online casino brands in the world. The company is credited with creating the software for the first online casino and has continued to lead the field by developing the world’s first software for mobile casinos, so they know all about innovation. The Microgaming network of jackpot games is reputed to be the largest anywhere in the world, and the company holds a Guinness World Record for creating the game which paid out the largest ever jackpot recorded for an online slots game.

For this latest project, Microgaming has joined forces with ITV Studios Global Entertainment, which has brokered the deal. As the principal licensing agent in the UK, appointed by PGS Entertainment which is the brand manager, the new deal to create the Village People online slots game is believed to cover worldwide territories, although this does not currently include the US.

Disco revival

The Village People were hugely popular in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, scoring hits with a number of singles, including ‘In the Navy’, ‘Macho Man’, ‘Go West’ and, of course, their top-selling hit ‘YMCA’.

The group was created by Jacques Morali, a gay French composer keen to establish music that would appeal to the gay population that lived in and around Greenwich Village. Having already written a number of disco hits, he felt that the time was right to market a group based on macho and gay stereotypes of the era, so when he was approached by Victor Willis with some demo tapes, he decided to create a group around him that would reflect the trends he saw on the burgeoning New York gay scene.

The first Village People album, featuring Victor Willis and some backing singers, quickly became a hit, so Morali assembled a group of singers and dancers who could perform on stage and on videos to accompany the singles. Based on a range of ethnicities and sexual persuasions, the overall look of the band was designed to promote the gay culture of the time, with band members dressed in what were to become iconic uniforms, comprising the cowboy, the construction worker, the North American Indian, the GI, the cop and the man dressed completely in leather.

The new band was an instant hit, going on to have numerous hit records, many of which are still played today at clubs around the world. And now, thanks to microgaming slots, the Village People look set to have another moment in the spotlight with the impending release of the new slots game, scheduled for release in 2019.

Online slots action with iconic music

The new Village People online slots game is not the first time that the worlds of online casino games and pop music have collided. There are numerous pop music themed slots which have been attracting keen music fans for some time, enabling music fans to listen to some of their favourite tunes as they place their bets.

Some of the most popular pop music themed slots include Rockstar, Spin Party and the ever-popular Grease, which has quickly gained an online following thanks to its iconic tunes.

So whether your musical tastes are more inclined to the heavy rock of Guns ‘n Roses and Kiss, or you prefer the mainstream songs to be found in The Phantom of the Opera, these days it’s easier than ever to combine great tunes with some serious slots action.