Thunderstruck II Slot - Review, Demo Play, Payout, Free Spins & Bonuses

Thunderstruck II is one of the most popular games among all online slots. Loved for its high winning potential and exciting special features, it’s a firm favourite among thousands of players. You can try it out for free here at Slots Temple. From gaming giants Microgaming, Thunderstruck II has a huge following and it’s not hard to see why. The free spins feature is, simply put, one of the most exciting out there. There are five different free spins features to choose from, although you’ll have to unlock them all, one by one. The winning potential is incredible, and even smaller bets can lead to some huge cash payouts if you’re lucky. There is also a base game special feature that pops up from time to time, boosting your balance by even more!

While Thunderstruck II might not look like the most modern slots game when you first open it, you’ll soon be drawn into its huge win potential and exciting gameplay!

Thunderstruck: The Original Game

Before Thunderstruck II, Thunderstruck enjoyed huge success in the online gaming world. It became one of the most played slots games and launched numerous imitations as other developers attempted to emulate the success of this epic title. Based around the theme of Norse mythology, it features Vikings, horns and castles among other Nordic symbols.

There are fewer features in the original, but it’s still popular all over the world. Its maximum payout is 10,000 coins, which is a huge prize for a non-progressive game. It’s a low-to-medium variance slot, meaning it pays out fairly consistently and isn’t one of the cash-guzzling games that eat up your balance before you know it. It has great graphics that have stood the test of time and boasts a gamble feature that lets you gamble your winnings from any successful spin. You can win up to four times your original prize if you’re lucky. There are nine paylines, fewer than in the sequel, meaning this game will appeal to anyone who likes simple pay structures and tends to steer clear of slots with hundreds of paylines. The game has a wild symbol that pops up frequently, as well as a free spins bonus feature which can lead to some huge wins.

Thunderstruck II history

Thunderstruck II was first announced at London’s ICE show in January 2010. The original Thunderstruck was still hugely popular among online players, despite having been around for some six years at this point. The industry was instantly excited by the promise of a sequel, and excitement levels only increased as more information about the sequel was revealed.

Thunderstruck II has five reels but a huge 243 potential winning combos, up from just nine paylines in the original version of the game. Another big difference between the two games is that Thunderstruck II has four different free spins bonus features. The player can choose which of these four games they play once they have unlocked all the different levels. With a maximum prize of 2.4 million coins, Thunderstruck II exploded on to the market and instantly became a hit.

Thunderstruck II uses an achievements feature to reward loyal players and to unlock more features as the player progresses. Symbols can be unlocked when certain combos are achieved, with symbols turning gold in the paytable when certain levels are reached.

Thunderstruck II appearance

Thunderstruck II is much darker and dramatic in appearance than the original game. It’s set against a dark steel-grey background edged with Nordic design borders that appear to have been engraved into the metal. The background of the reels is the same colour as the game background, and the low paying symbols are all set against the same background. This makes the picture symbols really stand out as they are complete squares of colour, while the lower paying symbols somewhat blend into the background.

One of the game’s big selling points is its incredible 243 win ways, and this information is clearly highlighted down the side of each of the end reels. The game controls and options are neatly laid out along the bottom of the game screen.

The information panels can be slightly difficult to find if you’re playing on a PC or laptop - but more on this later. If you’re playing on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, you can see the paytables and game rules simply by swiping your screen left or right to navigate through the different pages available.

Sound effects

The game’s music is dark and brooding and wouldn’t sound out of place in a Hollywood blockbuster about Viking gods. It’s fairly relaxing and subtle and won’t distract from your gameplay; having said that, it’s fairly atmospheric and fits in well with the epic game that this has become. When you hit the spin button, there’s a sound similar to a gong being struck. As the reels stop in position, you’ll hear a gentle thud as they slot into place.

If you land any bonus scatter symbols, they are accompanied by the sound of metal striking something to add to the drama. The lower paying symbols trigger a low key victory tune when they land in a winning combo, while the higher paying symbols get their own special piece of music whenever they form a winning combination.

Thunderstruck II symbols

You’ll find several famous Nordic gods across the reels when you play Thunderstruck II. Odin, Thor, Loki and Valkyrie are all present. Other picture symbols include a ship and Thor’s home. The game’s wild is the Thunderstruck II logo, which you’ll be hoping to see a lot of as it can trigger some huge wins. The game’s bonus symbol is Thor’s hammer, and three or more of these unlock the Great Hall of Spins. The rest of the game’s symbols are standard playing card symbols: 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace. These obviously pay out less than the more lucrative picture symbols.

Game rules

Standard symbols

These are all the game symbols that are not special symbols and do not have a special function. In order to secure a winning combo, matching symbols must land adjacent to each other along an active payline. The game pays out from left to right, meaning the first symbol of the winning combo must land on reel one on an active payline. Your prize will be determined by the number of coins bet on a single spin and the initial bet will be multiplied by the relevant bet multiplier.

Wild symbol

The wild is instantly recognisable as it’s the striking Thunderstruck II game logo. It’s the word Thunderstruck emblazoned over the top of the figure II on a slightly glowing blue background. The wild is special for two reasons: firstly, it substitutes all other game symbols except for the scatter. In addition to adding extra winning potential, it also doubles the win for any combo it is part of. The wild cannot replace the scatter symbol. If you’re lucky enough to land a whole row of wilds, you will be rewarded with a decent payout, but any wins made up solely of wild symbols are not doubled.

Scatter symbol

The game’s scatter is Thor’s hammer. If you land two or more anywhere across the five reels, you will receive a payout. Two hammers anywhere on the reels lands you a cash prize. Three or more hammers anywhere on the reels gives you a cash prize and a free spins session. There are four different free spins games to choose from. You will only be able to access the first game initially, but as you continue to play Thunderstruck II and rack up further free spins sessions, you will gradually unlock more games. Eventually, you will be able to choose your favourite from all four games.

The scatter symbol cannot be substituted by the wild symbol. Any wins generated by the scatter symbol are determined by your original bet size. Your win will be calculated by multiplying your original bet by the relevant multiplier, which is determined by the number of scatters you land on the reels.

Free spins

Thunderstruck II has a total of four free spins games. These are accessed from the Great Hall of Spins feature, which is triggered when you land three or more bonus hammer symbols anywhere across the reels. If you are lucky enough to trigger the Great Hall of Spins feature five times, a new free spins game will be opened up and you’ll be able to select this in future free spins sessions. All scatter and bonus wins are added to your regular wins. If you trigger the free spins games, your original bet amount from the base game will be the amount any winnings from the free spins sessions are calculated on.

The four free spins games are as follows:

The Valkyrie bonus game

This is the first of the four free spins games and the only one you will be able to play at first. Once you have triggered the free spins feature five times, the second game will be unlocked. In the Valkyrie game, you will get 10 free spins. Free spins can be retriggered during the free spins game by landing three or more bonus hammer symbols anywhere on the reels. Any wins you land during the Valkyrie game will be multiplied by five. As you can imagine, this free game has huge winning potential and it’s possible to scoop some seriously impressive payouts if the reels go your way.

The Loki bonus game

This is the second of the free spins games and will be unlocked and made available to you once you have triggered the free spins feature five times. When this game is unlocked, you will be able to choose between the Valkyrie and Loki free spins games.

The Loki game awards you a total of 15 free spins - that’s five more than the Valkyrie game. However, this game does not feature a multiplier like Valkyrie does. In the Loki game, you will instead see the Wild Magic symbol. This special symbol appears on reel four - the central reel - in random spins. If you’re lucky enough to land this special symbol, up to 14 regular symbols will also turn wild! This can lead to some huge wins, making this a very lucrative free spins game. The Wild Magic symbol pays out at the same rates as the base game wild symbol but without the multiplier associated with the base game. You can retrigger free spins by landing two or more bonus hammer symbols on the reels during the Loki feature.

If you land two bonus symbols, you’ll receive an extra free spin. Two bonus symbols will land you two extra spins, three will get you three spins, and four hammer symbols will reward you with an impressive four extra free spins, all with the special Wild Magic symbol popping up at random.

The Odin bonus game

This is the third of the free spins games and will be unlocked when you have entered the Great Hall of Spins 10 times. When this game is unlocked, you will be able to choose between the Valkyrie, Loki and Odin bonus games each time you trigger a free spins session. The Odin game rewards you with an incredible 20 free spins. The special feature in this game is the Wild Raven symbol. It transforms symbols at random into wild multipliers. You will receive up to a 6x multiplier on winning spins, paving the way for some fantastic prizes. Unlike the previous free spins games, it is not possible to retrigger the free spins if you are playing the Odin game.

The Thor bonus game

Last but not least is the Thor game. This game is unlocked when you trigger the free spins session 15 times. The Thor game is the fourth free spins game, and by the time this is unlocked, you will be able to choose from all four games each time you enter the Great Hall of Spins. The Thor game rewards you with an incredible 25 free spins and has a special Rolling Reels feature. All winning symbols will be removed if they form part of a winning combo - after you’ve received your payout of course. Once the winning combos have been removed, the symbols above those symbols shift downwards and fill the empty spaces. If you receive further winning combos, the entire process will be repeated. This leads to some great wins if you’re lucky and can really add on to the 25 free spins you already have by giving you plenty of extra chances to build up your bankroll.

During the Thor game, you will receive a multiplier for every Rolling Reel. This multiplier increases by one with each consecutive win, up to a maximum of 5x. When the Rolling Reel feature ends and no more wins are created, the multiplier will go back to 1x in time for the next spin.

As with the Odin game, it is not possible to retrigger the free spins while you’re playing the Thor game.

Free spins overview

As you can see, the free spins features accessed from the Great Hall of Spins really give you the chance to scoop some huge wins. You will always have to select the Valkyrie game initially as this is the only one that will be unlocked at the start. Once you have accessed the Great Hall of Spins five times, however, the Loki game will be unlocked. Another five bonus sessions sees you granted access to the Odin bonus game, and five more - a total of 15 bonus sessions - will unlock the Thor game for you. It’s worth trying out all the different games once they’re unlocked in order to see which one you prefer. While you get fewer spins in the Valkyrie game, it does have a very generous multiplier and free spins can be retriggered, too. The Loki game is similar in that free spins can be retriggered, potentially giving you a lot of free spins in a single session. If you get lucky in any of the four games, you can receive huge payouts and a great return on your original bet, but it’s also possible that you’ll come away with nothing much. The free spins games are certainly fun, however, and the winning potential is huge.

Wild Storm bonus game

As well as the Great Hall of Spins, there is another thrilling special feature that pops up at random while you’re playing the base game. The Wild Storm bonus game can be triggered on any spin, meaning you will never know when it might appear! You’ll know when this special feature is starting up though, as the entire screen will appear to darken slightly, and dramatic storm clouds will appear across the top of the reels! This really is a thrilling feature and it’s made all the more exciting by never knowing when it could crop up. It could be triggered on any spin, making each game thrilling. You’ll see the words Wild Storm at the top of the screen as the feature launches and up to five reels will be made into special wild reels. The entire set of reels will become wilds, and up to all five - the number of reels affected will vary and is determined at random - will become huge expanded wilds. This can be an extremely lucrative feature, especially if you’re lucky enough to have several reels turn wild at once.

The scatter symbol and the regular wild symbol will not appear during the Wild Storm feature, so you won’t be able to trigger free games during this feature, or receive any bet multipliers.

Paytable achievements

This feature is pretty unusual among slots games and even if you’re a seasoned player you might not have come across it before. It is designed to let you track your wins and sessions by revealing which symbol combos you have achieved previously. When you have landed all possible winning combos for a given symbol, this symbol will be highlighted in gold on the game’s paytable. Even if you exit the game, when you return, your achievements will still be highlighted on the paytable. All your achievements during the base game and the Wild Storm feature game are logged. Any games that take place during a Great Hall of Spins bonus game will not count towards your achievements, however. You don’t receive any special prizes or extra winnings for unlocking achievements, but it’s a neat little feature that lets you see where you’re up to and how lucky (or otherwise!) certain symbols might have been for you during your playing time.

How to play

It’s very simple to play Thunderstruck II and you don’t need to have any knowledge of slots games or how they work in order to get started. In order to play, all you have to do is check the bet amount is to your satisfaction and click the spin button. This will set the reels in motions and hopefully start you on your path to winning.

To change your bet, simply used the plus and minus buttons displayed underneath the coin amount. You can then change the number of coins you bet. This is a fixed payline game with 243 ways to win, so you will not be able to change the number of paylines you bet on. All you’ll have to worry about is the coin size and the number of coins. Once you’re happy with the total bet - displayed under the Bet wording - hit spin and get going. You can bet anywhere from 1 - 10 coins, going up in increments of one.

If you want to bet the maximum available amount, hit the Bet Max button. This will automatically set your bet size to the maximum number of coins. It will not change your actual coins size, however, so you won’t be landed with a massive bet as long as your coin size isn’t set too high. Avoid pressing this button though unless you are sure you want to bet 10 coins of whatever size coin you are currently using. The minimum bet is 30 coins, or 30p if you are playing in GBP and are using the smallest coin size. This means one coin is 30p, and 10 coins - the maximum - will be £3.


There are 243 ways to win and these 243 ways are always active. There is no way to increase or decrease the number of paylines or win ways. All the payout tables will display the prizes in coins rather than your own currency so you need to bear in mind your coin size when you’re trying to work out the wins for different combos.

If you are lucky enough to land a multiple winning combo, featuring different symbols, you will be paid out for each combo. If you land a multiple winning combo with more than one win from the same symbol, only the highest winning combo for that symbol will be paid out. If the winning symbol appears on two or more pay ways, you will receive a payout for each combo.

Using the autoplay function

If you like to set up a number of spins in advance, you might like to use the autoplay function. This lets you set a number of spins and sit back and watch while the reels spin with zero effort from you. You can halt an autoplay session at any time by clicking the stop button.

Other games like Thunderstruck II

If you’ve enjoyed playing Thunderstruck II but fancy a change and are looking for similar games, the following list might help you.


This is the game Thunderstruck II was launched as a sequel to and has a similar feel, but far fewer paylines and special features. You can read more about this game at the start of this article. Many casinos - although by no means all - that offer Thunderstruck II will also offer Thunderstruck, and vice versa.

Immortal Romance

This game has a very different theme from Thunderstruck II, but the gameplay and special features are similar, as are the sound effects. It is based on a glamorous and attractive looking young vampire, and definitely has a feel of the Twilight series of movies about it. You’ll notice the paylines are similar to those of Thunderstruck II, and wilds act in the same way, as do the game’s scatters. You will also notice there is a randomly triggered special wild feature that works in the same way as Thunderstruck II's Wild Storm feature. When it comes to free spins, they are triggered by three or more bonus symbols, just like the entrance to the Great Hall of Spins. You will receive a choice of four different free spins games, all with different numbers of spins and different special features and retriggering rules. Immortal Romance is a cult favourite among gamers, much like Thunderstruck II, and if you love one, the chances are you’ll enjoy the other as well.

Game of Thrones

Another game from the same developers, this also has a feel of Thunderstruck II. It has 243 paylines and has some great special features. The scatter symbol rewards you with a cash prize when you land two or more, and three or more will trigger the free spins. As with Thunderstruck II and Immortal Romance, you will have several free spins games to choose from. The main difference here is that in Game of Thrones, you will have access to all of the free spins games from the start. There is no need to unlock the games here so you can choose which one you like the look of right away. While the game is obviously based on the books and hugely successful TV series of the same name, you certainly do not need to be a fan of either in order to enjoy this exciting slots game.

Lara Croft Temples and Tombs

Lara Croft Temples and Tomb is yet another thrilling Microgaming-powered online slot. Like Thunderstruck II, the game has a 243 ways to win format that offers players plenty of generous winning potential whenever they spin the reels. The game also comes equipped with Rolling Reels, which allow you to trigger multiple winning combinations on a single spin, as winning symbols are removed and replaced with new ones. As this happens, you earn multipliers that increase with each roll. The game also has a generous free spins round and three jackpots attached to it.

Thunderstruck II FAQs

⚡ Can I play Thunderstruck II for free?

Yes, you can. Here at Slots Temple, you can play Thunderstruck II or any of our other great slots games absolutely free. There is no need to provide your personal or card details, and you don’t need to make any cash deposits. Our games can be played for free, for fun, at any time. This is a great way to check out new slots, explore games you haven’t come across before and see the special features in action without spending a penny. Discover new favourites, catch up on forgotten slots you haven’t played for years, and find similar games to those you already love.

⚡ Does Thunderstruck II have a progressive jackpot feature?

No, it doesn’t. Thunderstruck II does not have a progressive jackpot, but it does have huge winning potential. Usually, in order to be in with a chance of landing a great return on your bet, you need to be playing a progressive jackpot game, but Thunderstruck II has massive winning potential without a progressive jackpot feature.

⚡ Does Thunderstruck II have free spins?

Yes. Thunderstruck II actually has four different free spins games and you can choose which of these you play when you enter the Great Hall of Spins. While only one of the free spins games will be available to you at first, as you continue to play and retrigger the free spins feature, more games will be unlocked and you’ll be able to take your pick each time you enter the Great Hall of Spins.

⚡ Does Thunderstruck II have any special features in the base game?

Yes. The Wild Storm feature can be triggered by any spin in the base game and rewards you with up to five completely wild reels. This gives you huge winning potential and makes every single spin that little bit more exciting.

⚡ Where can I play Thunderstruck II?

Here at Slots Temple, of course! We host a huge variety of games to suit all tastes and levels of experience. We have games that are perfect for slots novices and seasoned gamers alike. Whatever your interests or preferences, we are sure to have a game to suit your tastes. Even better, they can all be played completely free!

⚡ What platforms is Thunderstruck II available on?

You can play Thunderstruck II on your PC or laptop, or on mobile and tablet. You can play from the comfort of your own home, or on the move wherever you have a compatible device and a suitable Wi-Fi connection or mobile phone provider coverage. No matter which platform you decide to play on, you will enjoy the same thrilling gameplay, incredible design and chances to scoop big prizes.  

* Thunderstruck II trademark / license is owned by Microgaming. This site is not endorsed by Microgaming.

Game Name: Thunderstruck II
Software: Microgaming
Themes: Action & Adventure, Mythology, Gods
Volatility: Medium volatility
Features: Bonus Game, Wild Symbol, Scatter Symbol, Multiplier, Free Spins, Medium volatility, 5 Reels
Paylines: 243
Reels: 5
Min Bet (all lines covered): 0.3
Max Bet: 15
Top Win: 60000
RTP: 96.65%
User Reviews
Overall score: 3.6 out of 5 stars

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