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Gorilla Review

Step out of the concrete jungle with its hard edges and harsh noises and transport yourself to a lush green tropical jungle where you can spot stunningly vibrant flowers and colourful exotic birds and spend some time with a bunch of gorgeous gorillas, including the leading silverback.

Gorilla, a five-reel free slots game from the developers at Novomatic, has 50 paylines in addition to bonus games and free wins.

Gorilla facts

About five million years ago, African apes - gorillas, chimpanzees and bonobos or pygmy chimps - evolved from a common ancestor to form the family Hominidae. Gorillas and chimps walk quadrupedally - on all fours - and use their knuckles to carry the weight of their head and torso.

Gorilla theme

Think tropical African jungle crossed with a vibrant paradise, where a silverback gorilla lives out his life. The symbols feature colourful birds, a golden African mask, flowers, stunning sunsets, cards from 9 to Ace and the highest symbol of all, the gorilla itself.

More gorilla facts

Gorillas hang out in social, mostly-stable family groups comprising one adult male called the silverback - referring to the silver hair on his back, which signifies full adulthood - and multiple females, who raise juveniles and infants. By the age of eight to 11, the young males will usually fly the nest (so to speak) and either join another group or form their own group.

Game play

There are various letter and number symbols littering the jungle and you will be rewarded for spotting them with up to 20,000 coins. They may also reveal the secrets of where the hidden gold can be found. Collect the vibrant coloured flowers to secure up to 20,000 coins.

Exotic birds are rarer and you will get up to 25,000 coins for a set; however, it is the gorillas that pull in the highest returns, with up to 50,000 coins for spotting them.

Another gorilla fact

Gorillas have been seen to display emotions, such as grief, and scientists have proven that they each have a distinct personality.

Bonus games

The African continent symbol serves as the scatter icon, while the wild symbol is the golden mask. The wild replaces all other symbols except the scatter.

Three scatter symbols can return up to 10,000 coins in addition to triggering 10 free games when they appear on reels one, two and three.

During any free game, one additional wild golden mask will appear on reels two to five to muster up even more wins.

Yet more gorilla facts

Gorillas are generally quite quiet; however, they have an amazing range of quite complex vocalizations, which they use to communicate information to each other. This includes searching for food, courtship and teaching youngsters survival skills. In common with other apes, such as chimps and orangutans, they are even able to learn basic sign language.

Gorilla, one of the hundreds of amazing slots games available here at Slots Temple, is also available to play on mobile and tablet.

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