Hold Your Horses Slot - Review, Demo Play, Payout, Free Spins & Bonuses

Hold Your Horses graphics

This may be a fast-paced and exciting slot but the visuals are actually very peaceful. The reels are set against a beautiful wooden stable and you can see the sun starting to rise in the distance. Below the reels is a field of lush grass, while leaves creep up the side of the screen. The whole scene is very pleasing, especially the purple/pink hue that can be seen in the sky.

The high paying symbols are very well drawn. There are five different horses: a black stallion, a pure white horse, a brown horse, a brown horse with a white mane, and a white and brown horse. All these symbols have beautiful, flowing manes and very detailed faces, so they definitely add an extra layer of quality to the game. The low paying symbols for the game are represented by the usual playing cards: ten, jack, queen, king and ace.

Overall, the graphics look great, especially for a Novomatic game; after all, lots of Novomatic games have a traditional, vintage casino feel. This is not a bad thing - if anything, it can create a nostalgic feeling; however, if you prefer modern graphics, you will probably appreciate this slot.

How to play Hold Your Horses

If you want to play this game, the first thing you will need to do is set your bet level and your coin value. You can do this using the control panel at the bottom of the screen and should be able to find an amount that suits your budget. The minimum bet for the game is 40 coins and the maximum bet is 8,000 coins, meaning that there is a lot of variation!

Hold Your Horses payout ratio

The payout ratio - also known as the return to player (RTP) - for this game is 95.34 per cent. This number refers to how much money is paid out as cash prizes for every £100 spent on the game. The RTP is theoretical and is calculated by a computer.

Hold Your Horses volatility

This slot is a medium volatility game, which means it has higher payouts than a low volatility game but the payouts are less frequent. It is riskier than a low volatility game but less risky than a high volatility game, so it is still suited to players on a budget.

How to win at Hold Your Horses

This game differs from most other online slots when it comes to forming winning combinations. This is because you can get up to 10 matching symbols at once, which is seriously impressive! The game uses double symbols to increase your chances of winning.

It is also important to be aware that all the symbols have different values. The most valuable symbol in the game is the white stallion, with the second most valuable the black stallion. Next up is the brown horse with the white mane, then the orange horse. The least valuable is the brown horse with white on its face. Keep your eye out for the white horse

It is possible for any horse to appear on the reels as a double symbol. If this happens, you have the opportunity to win an even bigger cash prize.

Hold Your Horses bonus features

There are two main bonus features for players to check out in this game, so let’s take a look at them both:

Bonus game

Perhaps the best feature in this game is the bonus game, which can be triggered if you fill the reels with stacked bonus symbols. Once this happens, you will automatically win 15 free games, with these games having a cool Hold Your Horses feature that gives you the opportunity to find five or ten horses in a row. This makes it much easier for you to form large wins; even better, the feature can be triggered more than once, which is very generous.

Gamble feature

This game also has a gamble feature, as do many other Novomatic games. If you have played Novomatic games before, it is likely that you have encountered this feature; if not, we will explain this feature for you now. The gamble feature will appear every time you spin a winning combination and will give you the chance to double your winnings by choosing a colour (red or black). Be warned - if you choose the wrong colour, you will lose your current winnings. This feature is optional, so you can choose not to gamble if you prefer to protect your winnings.

Hold Your Horses top win

There are a few generous wins in this game; for example, if you manage to get five white horses on the reels, you will win hundreds of coins. If you manage to get ten matching horse symbols on the reels, you could win even more. This is very impressive; however, the top win for the game can probably be found in the bonus game. You are more likely to encounter five or ten matching symbols in this feature, so it is more likely you will win.

Free spins on Hold Your Horses

If you manage to trigger the bonus feature, you will get 15 free spins - or as the game says, free games! This feature can be triggered more than once.

Hold Your Horses free spins at online casinos

Sadly, this game is not the free spins game of choice at any online casino at the moment; however, you can win free spins if you decide to play.

No deposit Hold Your Horses

Some casinos provide players with a no deposit game to tempt them to sign up, but this game is not currently the no deposit game at any online casino. This could change in the future.

Hold Your Horses on mobile - Android, iPhones and tablets

If you prefer mobile gaming to laptop gaming, you won’t have any issue with this game. It has been optimised for all devices, so you can play it on both your mobile and tablet. The experience won’t be downgraded, as the game is fully optimised for Android and iOS devices. This means that the graphics look just as good and the gameplay is very smooth!

Remember that slots can drain your battery and mobile data, especially if you have an older phone. For this reason, we suggest that players wait until they are at home with their charger and their Wi-Fi before they start playing. This means the game won’t cut out while you are playing, so you don’t need to worry about losing your winnings.

Hold Your Horses free play

It is possible to play this game for free in addition to playing it for money. While this may not be as exciting as playing for real cash, it can still teach you a lot about the game. This is ideal for people who are new to playing slots or people with a strict budget; after all, this slot is fairly different to most online slots. It is possible to make winning combinations with 10 matching symbols, which is a rare treat!

If you play for free, you will learn more about how to form a winning combination and will find out more about the bonus games and special features.

If you decide to play for free, we recommend that you aim to complete at least 150 spins. It can take a while to encounter all the symbols and bonus features; therefore, the longer you play, the more you will learn.

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If you enjoy playing this game and want to find other games with similar features, you will enjoy spinning the reels with Golden Goddess. This game also has beautiful graphics and some fun bonus features that are similar to the features in Hold Your Horses. The games also has expanding wilds.

Hold Your Horses review

If you are tired of epic, action-packed slots, you may enjoy getting back to the basics with this fun little slot. This game does not take itself too seriously; instead, it focuses on pleasing graphics and solid gameplay.

You won’t find any progressive jackpots or multipliers here, but you will find lots of high paying symbols and a few decent bonus games.

The graphics for the game are also excellent. We love the peaceful vibe and the purple sunset is really beautiful; in fact, if you spin the reels for long enough, you will probably start to feel like you have been transported to a stable at dawn!

Overall, the best thing about this game is probably the sense of adventure it creates. The stunning, windswept horses are so detailed that they almost look real, while the frequent wins will definitely make you feel like you are on an exciting adventure!

About Novomatic

Novomatic is one of the most famous online casino slots companies. The company was founded over 40 years ago by gaming legend Johann F Graf; today, it has over 22,000 employees across the globe. Novomatic’s games can be found in over 50 countries across the world and it exports gaming equipment to over 80 countries, so it certainly has its finger in all the casino pies!

While the company used to exclusively create games for land-based casinos, in the last decade it has branched out and started to create games for online casinos. It is not taking this move slowly, as it has already released over 100 games, including a six-part Book of Ra series. If you like playing Hold Your Horses and want to find more Novomatic free slots, you have hundreds of games to choose from!

Hold Your Horses FAQ

Can I play Hold Your Horses for free?

Yes, you can play this game for free right here at Slots Temple. Don’t worry about setting up an account to do so; instead, simply load it in your browser and start spinning the reels.

Does Hold Your Horses have free spins?

Yes, you can win free spins - or free games - if you manage to trigger the bonus feature. This pays out 15 free spins each time and can be triggered multiple times.

Can I win real money while playing Hold Your Horses?

Yes, you can win real money if you set up an account with an online casino and add a valid payment method. This process is very simple; in fact, it should take less than 10 minutes to complete. Once you have done this, you will be able to make a deposit and win real money with this game.

Do you have any Hold Your Horses tips or cheats?

We don’t have any cheats for this game, as the outcome of every spin is random due to the use of a random number generator (RGN). This may feel frustrating, but it protects both you and the casino from being conned. We recommend that you play for free before signing up at an online casino; in this way, you can ensure that you understand the intricacies of the game.

Can I play Hold Your Horses with no deposit?

Yes, you can play for free here at Slots Temple without making a deposit; however, you won’t win any real cash prizes unless you open an account with an online casino and play with real money.

Can I download Hold Your Horses?

You don’t need to download this game. It is has been optimised for all devices and you can play it in your internet browser.


* Hold Your Horses trademark / license is owned by Novomatic. This site is not endorsed by Novomatic.

Game Name: Hold Your Horses
Software: Novomatic
Themes: Animals, Nature
Volatility: Medium Volatility
Features: Bonus Games Free Spins Wild Symbols Scatter Symbols Respins
Paylines: 40
Reels: 5
Min Bet (all lines covered): 0.4
Max Bet: 60
Top Win: 500
RTP: 94.99%
User Reviews
Overall score: 2.1 out of 5 stars

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