Berry Burst Slot - Review, Demo Play, Payout, Free Spins & Bonuses

Berry Burst Slot Graphics

Berry Burst from NetEnt features sharp and polished graphics with a delicious theme. From an aesthetic point of view, the game can definitely be compared for Starburst or Dazzle Me. It has the characteristic look of classic NetEnt slots, and players are sure to enjoy themselves spinning the reels on this slot, just like this would with other great games from this developer.

The thing that we enjoy most about the design of Berry Burst slots, is its soundtrack. There is a very catchy electronic tune playing in the background with something like steel drums and flutes on the melody. It is a very happy tune, and will definitely put a smile on your face as you spin the reels.

How To Play Berry Burst Online Slot

Berry Burst from NetEnt has a 10 payline format, and players are offered a wide betting range. Players can wager anywhere from 10p to £200 per line, which means the game is suited to both high rollers and penny slots players.

An autoplay feature is available if you’d rather not hit the spin button over and over. You can choose up to 250 rounds, and there are a few other options if you’d like to use them. You can choose to stop the autoplay after any win, when your win increases by a certain amount or if a single win exceeds a certain amount. You also have the option of setting a loss limit.

What Is the RTP of Berry Burst Slots?

The RTP (return to player) of Berry Burst from Net Ent is 96.56%. This payout percentage provides players know how much money they can expect to earn as prizes for every £100 they wager.

How to Win at Berry Burst Online Slots

Winning combinations are made when symbols land in a group of a five or more. The great thing about this game is that there are no paylines, so the matching symbols don’t have to appear in a certain order. You can land them in any shape, so long as the symbols are touching. This makes it easier for players to hit winning combinations.

There are seven different symbols available – four high-paying symbols and three low-paying symbols. The top prizes available from each symbol are as follows:

- Diamond: 1000x
- Spade: 1000x
- Heart: 1000x
- Lime: 2500x
- Grapes: 2500x
- Orange Slice: 3000x
- Raspberry: 5000x

What you should note about the paytable on Berry Burst is that the numbers refer to the payout on your coin value rather than your total stake. So, let’s say that your coin value is 10p and your total stake is £1 – if you landed the top prize of 5000x for 15 raspberries, this would be multiplied by £.10 rather than £1. So, your prize would be £500.

This is important to remember when taking a look at the paytable on any online slot. Some slots calculate wins based on your total stake while others base it on your coin value. So, be sure that you know the difference when choosing to play a new online slot.

Berry Burst Online Slot Jackpot

Berry Burst is an online slot with a set jackpot prize, rather than a progressive one. This means that the prize remains the same any time you play – whereas a progressive prize increases with every wager that you make. Many players prefer to play progressive jackpot slots as they are known to offer up more generous prizes – but these prizes are paid out quite infrequently. In fact, most progressive slots only pay out their grand prize a few times a year.

However, if you are interested in playing progressive slots games, we can recommend a few titles from NetEnt that you might enjoy:

- Cosmic Fortune
- Mega Fortune
- Holmes and the Stolen Stones

Each of the above online slots games provides players with the chance to win a generous progressive prize. The starting value of each game’s jackpot differs, but players have been known to win prizes worth millions of dollars from these games.

Berry Burst Slot Bonus Features

There are some very generous bonus features available in NetEnt’s Berry Burst online slot. The wild symbol expands when it lands on the reels, and it remains in place to help you land even more winning combinations.

Once the wild symbol expands, you’ll receive one re-spin. If another wild lands, you’ll get another – and another and another – until either no more wilds land or the entire set of reels are filled with wilds.

While this is the only bonus feature available in Berry Burst slots, it’s an important one. It occurs very frequently, about once every 4 spins, so you won’t ever really miss not having free spins in this game.

Berry Burst Tips and Strategies

While we’d all like to win a huge windfall while playing online slots, that isn’t always going to be the case – and, sadly, there are no guaranteed ways to land winning combinations while you play casino games online. However, there are some steps that you can take to ensure that you have a positive online gaming experience and walk away from your session at least feeling like a winner.

Firstly, bankroll management is key in the online gaming world. As is the case with all your spending, you should set a budget and ensure that you stick to it. Decide how much you can afford to spend playing slots every month, and divide that by the number of sessions that you plan to have. Be sure that you only spend that money each session, and don’t be afraid to take advantage of the time and spending limit tools available at online casinos.

Next, when it comes to playing, be sure that you set a bet amount that will take your money far. If you have a relatively small budget, keep your wagers low so as to ensure that you don’t deplete your bankroll too quickly and feel tempted to chase losses. Once you see a profit, then you can feel free to increase your wager – but, only by 25% to 50%.

The most important thing is to not chase your losses. It can be tempted to try to recoup your losses, but it is best to just leave the game alone until your next planned gaming session. When do you hit a profit, always divide your winnings between your bank account and your bankroll – so you’ll be able to pocket some winnings and possibly be able to increase your wagers the next time around.

Berry Burst as a Free Spins Bonus Slot

NetEnt slots are often included in online casino bonuses – especially the Cluster Pays games and Starburst. So, you’re likely to be able to claim free spins on Berry Burst and Berry Burst MAX at some online gaming sites.

When you do claim free spins at online casinos, it is important to remember how these bonuses work. Usually, you’ll be required to wager your free spins winnings a number of times over before you can withdraw them. So, for example, if you win £10 in free spins at an online casino worth 35x wagering requirements on its bonuses, you’ll have to spend £350 to withdraw that original £10. However, many online casinos release the bonus winnings gradually, so you don’t have to spend £350 all at once.

There are other online casinos that place a cap on your winnings. This is usually about £100. So, if you were to win £125 on your Berry Burst free spins bonus, you would only be able to withdraw £100 of it.

No matter what type of wagering requirements are placed on your free spins, this type of bonus is still a great opportunity. Free spins give you the chance to try out different online slots games and let you decide whether or not you get along with the site’s software. So, it is certainly worth checking out online casinos with free spins bonuses.

No Deposit Berry Burst Slots

Many NetEnt slots are used in online casino promotions where free spins are offered without requiring to players to make a deposit. Starburst is the most popular no deposit slot available at online casinos, but there are some rare cases where you’ll find other games like Aloha Cluster Pays as a no deposit casino game. At the moment, you’ll be hard pressed to find Berry Burst as a no deposit slot, but it worth having a browse to find out.

When you do play no deposit slots games, there are always wagering requirements attached. So, remember that you’ll have to “play through” your winnings before you can withdraw them.

The upside is that Berry Burst is available as a no deposit slot here at Slots Temple. There is a catch, however – it is only a free play game. So, your winnings will be in play money. Still, it’s a great way to give the game a spin without having to wager any cash.

Berry Burst Slots On Mobile – Android, iPhones and Tablets

You can give Berry Burst a spin using your tablet, smartphone or personal computer. The game will look and play exactly the same on any device, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on any gameplay details.

Like all NetEnt slots, Berry Burst is an HTML5-powered game. This means that you don’t have to download any software, and that the game will load directly within your web browser. It is ideal for mobile players, as they won’t have to worry about whether or not the game will be compatible with their particular operating system.

Berry Burst vs Starburst

One thing that many players say about Berry Burst is that it is quite similar to Starburst, one of NetEnt’s most popular online slots games. Both games have expanding wilds and feature the same re-spin bonus – but that’s where the similarities end.

The first difference that you’ll notice between the two games is the overall theme. Starburst has a somewhat serious space theme while Berry Burst is a more vibrant, cutesy title. Based on looks alone, they do cater to two different types of players.

The second major difference is how each game pays out its wins. Starburst is a payline-based online slot, where you have to land three or more matching symbols on one of the 10 paylines. In Berry Burst, there are no paylines. Instead, it is a Cluster Pays game like Shangri-La or Lost Relics. You land winning combinations when symbols land in a group together.

Berry Burst Max

At the same time as the release of Berry Burst, NetEnt also launched Berry Burst MAX. This was the first-ever double release from NetEnt, providing players with two versions of the same game with different variances. In Berry Burst MAX, players have a higher top prize which is double the payout you’ll find in the original Berry Burst, but the payout is a bit lower. This makes for a higher volatility online slot, and you can read all about it and give it a spin here.

All About Volatility

Since there are two different versions of Berry Burst with two difference volatilities, it’s best for you to know what all of this jargon means. You tend to hear these terms thrown around, but they can be quite complicated to understand. To illustrate, we’ve drawn up a little easy to understand table:


Frequency of Pays

Level of Pays

High Volatility


Bigger prizes

Medium Volatility

Fairly frequent

Medium sized prizes

Low Volatility


Smaller prizes

So, high volatility games offer up bigger prizes that come around less frequently while low volatility games provide more frequently prizes that are smaller. Medium volatility games fall somewhere in the middle. The majority of online slots games are medium volatility, but you will find a few high and low games scattered around.

When it comes to which type of online slot you should play, it is advised that players with small budgets go for low and medium volatility games. They are lower risk titles that offer you the ability to earn decent prizes as you spin the reels. While you may not hit huge windfalls very often, your money will go a longer way.

That being said, high volatility games are best for high rollers players and those who have a bit more money to spend. This is because they are high risk games. Since wins come around less often, your bankroll should be able to support the spins where you don’t hit any wins without becoming depleted.

Berry Burst Slot Free Play

Before you decide to wager any real cash on casino games online, it is always a good idea to play the demo of the game first. If you’re already acquainted with a title, then you don’t have to worry about this step, but it is important if you want to try something new.

We always recommend playing between 150 to 200 free play rounds of any new online slot. This will give you a good idea of whether or not you’ll enjoy the actual gameplay and if it will fit within your bankroll. That being said, you should ensure that your free-play wager should be similar to what you would be spending if you were playing for real money. This way, you’ll know whether or not your budget will take you a long way.

Berry Burst Slot – 150 Spin Experience

If you want to give Berry Burst a spin for free but just don’t have the time right now, read our 150 Spin experience. This section will provide you with an in-depth look at what it’s like to have a fairly full gaming session while playing this online slot:

Graphics. Like all NetEnt games, Berry Burst is impressive from the moment the game loads. The graphics are bright and vibrant, and they look great on either mobile or desktop screens. The soundtrack of the game is particularly charming. Normally, you tend to want to mute the sound after a while, but the theme for Berry Burst is just so cute, we enjoyed listening to it as the reels spun.

Winnings. We were able to cash in on smaller prizes relatively often – but not as often as you would like for a lower volatility game. The frequency with which we hit prizes was suited more to a medium volatility game but the prizes were suited more to a lower volatility slot. However, we hit the bonus feature quite often which helped to boost our wins. This ensured that we ended up with a small profit by the end of our session.

Bonuses. Over the course of our gaming experience, we were table to land the wild re-spin bonus a number of times. At least 10% of our spins ended in a wild re-spin – which is actually a lot less frequent than in a game like Starburst where just about every other win features an expanding wild. In terms of consecutive wild re-spins, we only managed to get two in a row – but you may be luckier than us!

Compared to Berry Burst MAX. Just to compare things, we also played Berry Burst MAX for 150 spins. We noticed that the wins came around a lot less often. In the original Berry Burst slot, every 4 to 5 spins resulted in a small win. When we played Berry Burst MAX, it was difficult to land wins as well as wild re-spins. As such, we continue to back our stance that Berry Burst MAX is a better option for players who have a bit more money to spend and can afford to wait between their big wins.

If You Enjoy Berry Burst, You’ll Love…

The online slots market is full of thousands of amazing games. So, if you enjoyed playing Berry Burst slots, there are several more that we’re sure you’ll want to play afterwards:

Starburst is arguably the most popular online slot from NetEnt. The game provides players with the chance to win some incredible prizes and is one of the first games to introduce wild re-spins.

Aloha Cluster Pays
This is the first online slot to feature the popular Cluster Pays feature. The game offers up a huge range of bonuses like sticky clusters, stacked symbols and free spins to keep the entertainment coming.

Reel Rush
Reel Rush is a fun online slot from NetEnt with impressive graphics and a unique format. The game’s reels expand as you hit winning combinations, and you could end up with 3125 ways to win during your free spins bonus.

Lost Relics
Lost Relics is a NetEnt-powered online slot that features the Cluster Pays mechanic. A generous 6000x top prize is available, and players can earn prizes worth up to 6000x their total stake.

The Legend of Shangri-La Cluster Pays
This is another Cluster Pays online slot from NetEnt. It is based on the same gaming mechanic as Lost Relics and Berry Burst. Sticky re-spins are available and players can earn up to 8 free spins.

Sunset Delight
Sunset Delight is similar to Berry Burst in that it features a delicious theme with adorable graphics and a catchy soundtrack. The game offers up a generous free spins round with multipliers than increase as you land bonus symbols.

Butterfly Staxx 
Butteryfly Staxx is a beautiful online slot from NetEnt with stunning graphics and 40 generous paylines. The game is known for its stacked symbols which help players land winning combinations more easily.

This is a Play n Go powered online slot with cascading symbols that help players land winning combinations more easily. There are some fantastic bonus features available in this game such as expanding wilds and multipliers.

Twin Spin
Twin Spin is another fun NetEnt slot, but this game features a more classic theme. The game has 243 paylines and the unique twin spin feature which causes reels to spin completely in sync with one another to enhance your winning potential.

Sugar Pop!
This is another online slot with a delicious theme, featuring all sorts of sweet treats as symbols. The game offers up some amazing bonuses as players can unlock new perks as they hit winning combinations.

Berry Burst – Virtual Reality Slots

NetEnt is on the cutting edge of online slots technology, so you’ll always find the company experimenting with new and exciting innovations. One of the most recent ventures undertaken by NetEnt is virtual reality. The company has partnered with Slots Million to create online casino games that you can play using a virtual reality headset. The graphics pop out at you, and there is much more depth to the scene.

Gonzo’s Quest is the most popular virtual reality online slot from NetEnt. Since the game is one of the most renowned titles from the company, it’s no wonder that it’s been the first to get the VR treatment. We also think it’s because Gonzo’s Quest is one of the few NetEnt games to feature an interactive character. In this version of the game, he doesn’t just stand alongside the reels. Instead, he walks back and forth in front of them and interacts with you in a more three-dimensional way.

While NetEnt has yet to give the virtual reality treatment to Berry Burst, we’re hopeful that this technology will be rolled out across more NetEnt games in the future. It would certainly make for an exciting online gaming experience that would attract all sorts of new players.

Berry Burst Slot Review

Berry Burst is a fun online slot from NetEnt that offers up an exciting gaming experience with simple gameplay. With a delicious theme and generous bonus features, the game offers up all sorts of great winning potential.

The version of Berry Burst that you choose to play will depend on your budget, so be sure that you make that consideration before you play. Either way, the Berry Burst brand provides an exciting online gaming experience with great graphics and fun bonus features.

It might seem like quite a simple slot, as it only offers one bonus feature, but there is plenty of generous winning potential available in the game. You’re sure to be impressed with the frequency at which you hit the re-spin bonus and your bankroll is sure to benefit.

About NetEnt

NetEnt is known as one of the leading online slots developers in today’s gaming market. While the company has been around in the gaming world for several decades, NetEnt’s slots are a relatively new development.

It was way back in the mid-1990s that NetEnt made its debut in the online casino market. The company was founded in 1996 and started out by developing online casino modules for a wide range of clients.

It wasn’t until the 2000s that NetEnt started creating online casino games and 2010 saw the release of Gonzo’s Quest – one of the company’s most popular games. The online slot became a huge success thanks to its introduction of brand-new features that players had never seen before such as 3D graphics and cascading symbols.

By 2011, NetEnt started working on mobile slots games – yet again, putting the company ahead of the curve. Today, you can find every NetEnt-powered slot as a mobile game that you can access using your tablet, smartphone as well as your personal computer.

NetEnt is the kind of online casino games developer that never slots down. Not a month goes by without a new release from this developer – and, every year, you can expect the company to release some exciting new innovation that will change the way players experience online slots gaming.

Berry Burst FAQ

Anything else you’d like to know about playing Berry Burst online slots? Check out our FAQ for more information:

Can I Play Berry Burst Slots For Free?
You can play Berry Burst slots free for free right here at Slots Temple.

Does Berry Burst Slot Have Free Spins?
There is no free spins round in Berry Burst, but you can trigger respins when you land an expanding wild during the base game.

Can I Win Real Money While Playing Berry Burst Slots?
If you want to win real money while playing Berry Burst, you must sign up and deposit at an online casino powered by NetEnt.

Can I Play Berry Burst Slots with No Deposit?
Berry Burst is not available as a no deposit slot but you can play it for free right here.

Can I Download Berry Burst Slots?
Berry Burst is a browser-based slot, which means that you don’t have to download any software.

* Berry Burst trademark / license is owned by Net Ent. This site is not endorsed by Net Ent.

Game Name: Berry Burst
Software: Net Ent
Themes: Fruit, Food
Volatility: Medium volatility
Features: Wild Symbol Expanding Wilds Respins Medium volatility 5 Reels
Paylines: 10
Reels: 5
Min Bet (all lines covered): 0.1
Max Bet: 200
Top Win: 5000
RTP: 96.56%
User Reviews
Overall score: 3.4 out of 5 stars

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