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Settle yourself down in the Big Dragon Lounge to experience some fantastic slots action with a soulful theme. Against a background of love, romance and murder, you’ll experience an innovative 3-4-4-4-3 playing matrix, offering 576 Ways To Win in this beautiful slot from High 5 Games. Take advantage of the Wilds, Multipliers and Free Spins with Bonus Select for customisable gaming with a 96% RTP ratio.

Big Dragon Lounge RTP (Payout) & Volatility

If online slots games simply took your money and never paid out, people would refuse to play them. Every gamer likes to know the potential for returns when playing their favourite games, so software developers came up with the RTP, or Return To Player statistic, which indicates the amount of money spent on a slots game that is returned back to players. In the case of Big Dragon Lounge, the RTP is stated as being 96%, which is very good indeed.

If you’re new to the world of online slots gaming, then you need to be aware that the RTP is calculated over an extended period of time with many participants playing the game. In general terms, the game pays back 96% of all the money spent on it, but not every player will see the same level of returns. For example, one player may scoop a major jackpot prize, whilst another player may lose their entire stake, so approach the RTP with caution, and never assume that it’s a guarantee of expected returns from a game.

High 5 Games haven’t publicised the volatility of the game, but having spent time spinning the reels ourselves, we rate it as a medium- to high-volatility game. Low volatility games tend to offer up plenty of smaller wins, making them particularly attractive to cautious players and newcomers to the online gaming world. High volatility games, on the other hand, don’t offer up winning lines very often, but when they do the rewards are extremely impressive, so these are the games that tend to attract the all-or-nothing high rollers. Medium volatility games walk the middle ground between each extreme, delivering up enough small wins to keep risk-averse players happy, while also generating occasional Big Wins. During our session playing Big Dragon Lounge, we generated some highly lucrative awards, as well as a few smaller wins.

The betting system may seem quite unfamiliar if you haven’t played any similar games previously, but it’s not actually as complicated as it appears. You can’t alter the 576 Ways To Win structure, so that remains a constant, but your wager is altered according to a multiplier system. This assumes 40 credits as standard, and you can alter the multiplier to increase or decrease your wager. So opting for the x2 wager, for example, will raise your bet to 0.80, which is the minimum stake. The highest option is the 1,000x, which increases your stake up to the maximum of 400.00. This is a huge betting range, making the game suitable for every type of player, whether you’re cautious and risk-averse, or you thrive on high-risk, high-stakes gaming.

Once you’re happy with your bet, which will be displayed in the game’s central window beneath the reels, it’s time to start spinning.

How to Play Big Dragon Lounge Slots

You don’t need to worry about selecting paylines in the Big Dragon Lounge, since this game uses the 576 Ways To Win mechanic, doing away with traditional paylines completely. That’s one less thing to worry about when you prepare to spin the reels, so you can focus your attention instead on selecting the amount you wish to wager for each spin of the reels.

Big Dragon Lounge Slot

How To Win at Big Dragon Lounge Slot

Big Dragon Lounge features 576 Ways To Win thanks to its unusual 3,4,4,4,3 matrix. To start amassing prize money, players need to match three or more symbols across adjacent reels, starting from the reel furthest to the left of the playing area. This is very different from the more usual payline structure featured on the majority of online slots games, in which symbols must fall in a defined place on each reel in order to score a win. In this game, matching symbols can appear anywhere on an adjacent reel in order to count as a winning line, leading to multiple winning lines in some cases.

The playing card symbols offer the lowest rewards in the game, paying out 5 coins for attaining three matching symbols, and 40 coins for achieving five-of-a-kind. Next come the Mah Jong pieces, which pay between 8 and 80 coins for matching between three and five symbols. But the highest-paying symbols are of the characters that frequent the lounge. The two gentlemen pay out between 10 and 200 coins when they feature in a win, but it’s the lounge singer herself that players most want to see frequenting the reels. She delivers up a payout of 5 coins simply for achieving two matches on adjacent reels, starting from the leftmost reel, with a total payout worth up to 10,000 coins for five-of-a-kind.

To help you even further, the game offers a Wild symbol, which is represented by the golden atomiser. Whenever this symbol appears, it has the ability to substitute for any of the other symbols across the reels, other than the Scatter symbol, which is represented by the book of matches. The Wild can help you to achieve a win even when you seem to lack sufficient matching symbols, making it greatly sought after.

Big Dragon Lounge Bonus Features & Free Spins

High 5 Games are committed to creating games that players will love. The company has gained a great reputation amongst slots fans for including loads of bonus features that encourage engagement, and Big Dragon Lounge certainly doesn’t disappoint.

The book of matches is the game’s Scatter symbol, which can appear only on the central three reels. When a player manages to achieve three Scatters anywhere across the reels, this will trigger the Free Spins Bonus, but first, the player must pick their bonus. There are five bonus options, each offering a combination of Free Spins and Multipliers. Choose to play just 3 Free Games, and you’ll benefit from a Multiplier worth either 11x, 18x or 28x your stake. Go to the other extreme and select 18 Free Games, and your Multiplier options are just 2x, 3x or 5x. So the more games you select, the lower the multipliers that you’ll benefit from. Once again, this is a feature that holds appeal for every type of player. Cautious types will choose a higher number of free games, opting for lower multipliers, but those high rollers will want to opt for fewer free games with higher multipliers. This allows every player to customise gameplay to their exact tastes, which is something that they are likely to appreciate.

Big Dragon Lounge Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy

It would be wonderful to be able to say that we’ve got a sure-fire way of ensuring that the reels always spin in your favour when playing Big Dragon Lounge, but sadly that’s not the case. Games such as this are governed by Random Number Generator technology, to ensure that the outcome of every spin is completely fair, so there’s nothing that the player can do to influence the way that they land. But that doesn’t mean that players can’t gain an advantage, and we’re here to explain how you can do that.

Our first recommendation is to make sure that you manage your bankroll appropriately. It’s generally best to start with low stakes and see how that works before you start increasing your wager in the hopes of generating an impressive prize pot. However, it’s our next tip that’s probably the most important piece of advice that we can impart, and that’s to play Big Dragon Lounge as much as possible in free play mode before you venture into playing for real money.

Big Dragon Lounge Demo Play / Free Play

You can play Big Dragon Lounge for as long as you like, and completely free, here at Slots Temple. We suggest aiming for a minimum of 500 spins on any slots game that you haven’t played before, as by our reckoning that gives ample time to trigger all of the bonuses and features that a game has to offer. Some games require fewer spins that this, but Big Dragon Lounge has some complexity to its gameplay, so we recommend that you go for as many spins as you can in demo mode.

Once you’ve completed your spins, you could opt to visit an online casino to try out your skills when playing the game for real money. Or if you prefer, you could remain on our site and try out some of our other great High 5 slot demos, as well as choosing from hundreds of other games from all of the major software houses. All of our games are completely free to play for as long as you wish.

The more times that you spin the reels of a slots game in free play mode, the more you learn about it. You can experience all of the bonus rounds of a game, undertake quests, make use of gamble features and unlock hidden rounds. This gives you a clear advantage when you come to play for real money, since you’ll have inside knowledge of how the game pans out over time, which can lead to some impressive cash balances at the end of a casino gaming session.

Big Dragon Lounge Slot On Mobile - Android, iPhones and Tablets

We’ve seen a big increase in Asian-themed online slots games in recent months, such as the popular and highly-regarded Caishen's Cash, as the software houses start catering for the growing Asian market, who simply love their slots. And with the majority of Asian players choosing to access their favourite slots games on their smartphones, all the software houses are aware of the need to cater to this growing audience. So you’ll find that you can play Big Dragon Lounge online slots on any of your connected devices, from the largest desktop monitor to the smallest mobile screen. Whichever device you choose, you’ll always have the same great experience, and the game will format itself to fit your screen size perfectly, with no adjustments necessary.

Big Dragon Lounge Review & Rating

We’ve played quite a few Oriental slots games recently, and we have to admit that Big Dragon Lounge is quite exceptional. Like most High 5 Games offerings, the slot is beautifully designed, with excellent graphics, a sophisticated theme and an engaging soundtrack. But like all slots games, it’s ultimately all about the gaming experience, and in that regard, Big Dragon Lounge certainly doesn’t disappoint. There are plenty of features to enjoy, and we managed to achieve a couple of very impressive virtual payouts that would please even the fussiest of high rollers. In our opinion, this is a game that’s well worth taking for a spin - and it could even become your new favourite game!

Big Dragon Lounge FAQs

Can I play Big Dragon Lounge slot for free?

Yes, all of the games here at Slots Temple are completely free to pay, and you don’t have to part with any personal information - or cash - in order to start playing.

Does Big Dragon Lounge have free spins?

Yes, there are five options for the Free Spins Bonus rounds in Big Dragon Lounge, with a choice of spins and Multipliers for personalised gaming action.

Can I win real money playing Big Dragon Lounge?

Yes, you can, but you’ll need to visit an online casino. We provide links to a number of reputable online casinos, such as NetBet Casino, or you can just head for own favourite site.

Can I download Big Dragon Lounge slot?

Big Dragon Lounge has been created in HTML5, so there’s no need for any downloads to start playing the game. You can play through your browser on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Is Big Dragon Lounge slot available on mobile?

Yes, you can play Big Dragon Lounge on your mobile, or on your tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

Disclaimer: Big Dragon Lounge trademark / license is owned by High 5. This site is not endorsed by High 5.

* This button takes you to an external third-party partner real money casino website. Although we try and match games with Casinos that have them, we advise that you double-check the slot content on the casino website before making a deposit or signing up.

Slot Data
Slot Name: Big Dragon Lounge
Software: High 5
RTP: 96
Volatility: Medium volatility
Paylines: 576
Reels: 5
Min Bet (all lines covered): £0.80 (GBP)
Max Bet: £400 (GBP)
Top Win: 0
Features: Bonus Game , Wild Symbol , Scatter Symbol , Multiplier , Free Spins , Sub Symbols In Feature , Medium volatility , 5 Reels
UK Available in GB? Game is not available in GB.

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