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Big Thunder Slot from Ainsworth is a 5 reel, 30 payline game with a payout of 94.38%. Look out for bonus reels free spins feature with multipliers and the introduction of a 6th reel!


Big Thunder is an extravagant, flashy game brought to your screens by game provider, Ainsworth. Think King Kong combined with Tarzan, and throw in a few extra jungle clichés, and you have the basic concept for this explosive game. Whilst the game itself might be an amalgamation of existing classics, that’s not to say it doesn’t have plenty of original perks to it, which will have you hooked. You can try this game, alongside hundreds of others, for free on your desktop, mobile and tablet devices at Slots Temple.

King of the Jungle

A mighty silverback gorilla is the king of the jungle in this particular Ainsworth slot. Similar in many ways to Peter Jackson's King Kong, it's clear to see which similarities the developers have drawn from the famous tale when creating their main man, 'Big Thunder'. Ready your nerves as you prepare to spin, serenaded by a whirl of reels and a booming crash of thunder when landing certain slots - this game exudes excitement from the very second you begin to play.

As our protagonist is the biggest beast in the jungle, it seems only fitting that the payout opportunities reflect this. The game consists of 5 reels and 30 paylines, and there are up to four jackpots to win, alongside the normal gameplay.

Jungle-themed online slots games are always popular with slots developers, as there’s plenty of scope to create engaging symbols and soundtracks which help to bring games to life on players’ screens. And Big Thunder, created by the mighty Ainsworth software company, delivers up an entertaining and engaging game based around the antics of a giant gorilla.

The setting for the game is deep within the rainforest. Across the forest floor you’ll see broad-leaved plants, with the game’s reels held in place by trailing vines. The background to the reels is parchment-coloured, which lets the symbols really stand out, so you won’t miss any potential winning lines when they occur.

The lower-value symbols of the game are made of the popular poker card symbols, but you’ll also discover a host of jungle-inspired symbols too, such as tribal mask, a coiled snake and a wooden drum. But it’s the giant silver-backed gorilla that players will want to see appearing most frequently on the reels, as this is the game’s Wild, standing in for most other symbols to help you create winning combinations. 

The game also includes a Scatter symbol, represented by the game’s logo, which comes with its own attached paytable. Spin up two Scatters across the reels and the remaining reels light up with flashes of lightning as you wait to see whether you can unlock one more symbol to trigger the Free Spins round.

Throughout the Free Spins bonus feature round, the game plays out on an alternative set of reels. The background parchment is removed, giving you a clearer view of the forest floor, and the playing card symbols have disappeared, leaving blank spaces on the reels. But an extra reel is added, which presents multipliers worth 3x or 5x, so there’s the opportunity to scoop some highly impressive wins.

Big Thunder Slot

Big Thunder RTP and Volatility

If you’re only playing Big Thunder for fun in demo mode, then the question of RTP and volatility probably won’t arise. But if you have any intention of playing the game for real money at an online casino, then it’s important to establish that the game is fair, legitimate and of the appropriate level of risk to suit your playing style.

RTP is short for Return To Player, although the term is misleading as it should really be players plural. In the case of Big Thunder, the RTP is stated as being 94.38%, which means that the game pays out 94.38 for every 100.00 spent on spinning its reels. But this doesn’t work at a per-player sum of money - that would completely spoil any chance of experiencing a Big Win! The figure represents total returns based on total expenditure, with the results calculated after assessing the data from hundreds of players over a period of several weeks.

Big Thunder is classified as a high-volatility game, which means that it doesn’t pay out too frequently. You might have to sit out some fairly lengthy lean spells before you hit the Big Wins, but once they arrive, the sums of money involved tend to be extremely generous. So high-rollers and high-risk, high-stakes slots fans will reap the most benefits from spinning the reels of this game.

How to Play Big Thunder

Ainsworth's developers have been creating online slots games for many years, so there’s not much the company doesn’t know about the genre. And one thing that they’re absolutely sure of is that players don’t want to waste valuable playing time learning how to play a game. So even if you don’t have much experience of playing online slots games, you’ll soon be spinning the reels of Big Thunder like a pro.

There are 30 variable paylines attached to the game, so your first decision will be how many to include with each spin. Click or tap on the Settings button, which is located just below the first reel, and you can adjust the lines and bet amount to your liking. Your stake for every spin is based on the number of lines that you choose to play with, although we always advise playing with the maximum if you can afford to, as this offers the best odds of landing a win. 

Use the slider to adjust the amount of your line bet, bearing in mind that this figure will be multiplied by the number of lines that you choose to include. A Total Bet window at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen lets you know how much you are paying per spin - you’ll also need to keep an eye on your remaining balance too, to make sure that you don’t run out of funds too quickly. Remember, this is a highly volatile game, so wins may be few and far between. It’s crucial to set aside a sufficient sum of money that gives you the flexibility of playing through the lean periods. The wins, once they arrive, will amply reward your patience!

The Spin button sets the reels spinning for you. You can either wait for them to come to a halt on their own or you can tap or click on Spin for a second time to stop them immediately. Any wins will be highlighted for you, and the amount will be displayed at the bottom of your screen before being added to your balance.

Click or tap on the ‘+’ button alongside the Spin button and you’ll be able to activate Autoplay. A pop-up menu will appear displaying a slider, beneath which are three grey buttons. The button on the left allows you to set your loss limits that will end the feature prematurely, the one on the middle defines the number of automatic spins, whilst the button on the right lets you stop the feature following a single win amount. Define the parameters according to your needs, then close the window to return back to the playing area. The Spin button now displays the number of Autospins that you’ve set, and a single tap or click will activate them. You can see on the display how many Autospins are remaining, and if you’d like to stop then sooner, a further tap or click on Spin will restore control back to you again.

How to Win at Big Thunder

You’ll need to spin up three or more matching symbols across an active payline to win a cash prize at the reels of Big Thunder. That’s assuming that you go on to play the game for real money at an online casino, of course, since all balances, wins and losses are strictly virtual across our website. The first instance of the symbol must occur on the first reel, with further matching symbols appearing on consecutive reels in line with the relevant payline structure. But don’t worry about scanning the reels with each spin to assess whether you’ve been successful, as the game does all the hard work for you. Winning lines are highlighted, with the amount won being displayed in the central window at the bottom of your screen before being added to your total balance.

There’s a Wild symbol to help you spin up winning lines. The gorilla Wild substitutes for most of the other symbols on the reels, apart from the Scatter, King Strike and Multiplier symbols, so it’s easier than you might think to hit some winning combinations.

The game’s paytable is dynamic, so whenever you access it, it’ll display the potential winning amounts based on your current stake. The lowest cash amounts are paid for the playing card symbols, but once you start spinning up three or more of the picture icons, such as the snake, tribal mask and waterfall, for example, the value of the cash awards starts to climb higher. You can access the paytable in the same way that you set the betting amounts, number of paylines and Autospin feature - tap or click on the Settings icon to the far bottom left-hand side of your screen. When the pop-up box appears, tap on the ‘I’ button at the top, then again on the ‘Rules’ button. Close the screen with the red ‘x’ button to return back to the game.

Big Thunder Special Features and Free Games

The team of software engineers that worked on Big Thunder have been in the slots gaming business for many years now, so they understand better than most how best to create entertaining games that players will want to return to again and again. And since one of the most effective ways of amassing loyal fans is by including loads of bonus features, that’s exactly what the company does with the games that it creates.

Big Thunder is no exception to that rule, since it’s packed to bursting with a great selection of added-value features that not only create a more interesting game to play, but they also offer some extra chances to scoop some huge cash prizes too. What slots player could possibly resist?

We’ve already mentioned the game’s gorilla Wild symbol, which stands in for any other symbols across the reels apart from the Scatter, the King Strike symbol - about which more later - and the Multipliers that only appear in the Free Games rounds. On its own, it doesn’t have any value at all in the base game, but once the Free Spins appear, even two occurrences of the Wild gorilla will generate a cash prize.

And of course, to trigger those Free Games you’re going to need a Scatter icon. The Big Thunder slots game logo has been picked to be the Scatter in this game, and when you spin up three or more, in any position on the reels, you’ll be awarded a generous cash prize. Most Scatters don’t come with their own paytable, but in this game it’s the Scatter that pays out the biggest cash prizes of all, so it’s a particularly welcome sight.

Three or more Scatters will also trigger the Free Games bonus round in Big Thunder. As lightning flashes and thunder roars, you’ll be awarded a total of 15 Free Games and transported deeper into the jungle for them to take place on an alternative set of reels.

Throughout your 15 Free Spins, all lower-paying symbols have been removed from the reels. And the reels themselves have lost their parchment-coloured backing, becoming transparent, so you can clearly see the plants that thrive on the forest floor. But the playing card symbols haven’t been replaced by any other symbols, so the reels now have a very clear and uncluttered look. They’ve also gained an extra reel too, although this sixth reels only contains three symbols - a Scatter, a 3x Multiplier and a 5x Multiplier.

Line up three or more matching symbols across an active payline - or match up just two instances, in the case of the Scatter and Wild symbols throughout this round - and the Free Games paytable will apply. The Scatter symbol has the potential to deliver some huge cash rewards, and if you achieve three or more, you’ll gain five more Free Games to be added on to your total.

The three symbols that appear on the final reel don’t appear very often, but they don’t have to line up with any payline structure to activate. So if you spin up a 3x or 5x Multiplier and simultaneously land a win, the multiplier will boost your win accordingly.

Big Thunder King Strike Feature

Throughout the base game of Big Thunder, you’ll see a small sixth reel attached to the right-hand side of the game. This is the King Strike reel, which is something that you’re likely to have come across before if you’ve played Jade Emperor or Electric Nights, both of which have been created by Ainsworth's software developers. Aside from the software developer's ‘A’ logo, the only symbol which appears on this Bonus Reel is the King Strike crown icon. And it only becomes relevant when you hit five-of-a-kind across an active payline.

At the top of your screen, in the base game of Big Thunder, you’ll see four jackpots displayed - for Major, Maxi, Minor and Mini cash sums. The amounts shown are dependent upon the amount of your stake, as you’ll see for yourself when you change the sum you’d like to wager with each spin.

The Mini award is paid out when you achieve a King Strike icon at the same time that you spin up five-of-a-kind of one of the lower-value playing card symbols across an active payline, in which a Wild icon helps to make up that win. If you spin up the King Strike icon in conjunction with five matching higher-value symbols, one of which is substituted by a gorilla Wild, then you’ll be awarded the Minor Jackpot sum.

The sums of money increase when you line up five-of-a-kind low-value playing card symbols, plus the King Strike symbol, without the aid of a Wild. When this occurs, you’ll receive the Maxi Jackpot payout. But spinning up five matching high-value icons, as well as the King Strike symbol, will land you the Major Jackpot prize, which is potentially worth up to 1,000,000.00! Now that’s guaranteed to attract the high-rollers!

Play Big Thunder for Free

Here at Slots Temple, we simply can’t get enough of slots games. And we want everyone else to be able to enjoy the reel-spinning fun every bit as much as we do, which is why all of the games across our website are completely free to play, including Big Thunder.

Playing a game for free is the best way we know of learning all about it. If you’re going to wager your own hard-earned cash on the outcome of every spin, then you’ll need to be sure that a game is going to deliver up the best gaming experience, as well as the maximum number of chances to win a big cash prize. But why waste your money while you’re still learning about a game? In the case of Big Thunder, with its King Strike Bonus feature and Free Games rounds, you could use up a fair amount of your bankroll just deciding on a suitable wagering level.

When you play Big Thunder for free, on the other hand, you get to try out a variety of wagering strategies before committing any of your money. Trigger the bonus feature, so you’re familiar with the way it works, and calculate how long it takes to start racking up some impressive wins. This is the sort of information that will prove invaluable later on if you decide to wager real money on the game.

* Big Thunder trademark / license is owned by Ainsworth. This site is not endorsed by Ainsworth.

Slot Data
Slot Name: Big Thunder
Software: Ainsworth
RTP: 94.38%
Volatility: Medium volatility
Paylines: 30
Reels: 5
Min Bet (all lines covered): 0.3
Max Bet: 3000
Top Win: 75
Features: Bonus Game , Progressive , Wild Symbol , Scatter Symbol , Multiplier , Free Spins , Medium volatility , 5 Reels

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