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You don’t have to risk playing with real money at Slots Temple. We know that our players enjoy trying out all the top slots titles, such as Mustang Money, at their leisure, taking time to get to know the game before wagering any of their hard-earned cash. So you can enjoy playing your favourite slots games for as long as you choose, with all of the fun, but without having to worry about whether or not the odds are in your favour.

Whether you’re a complete newbie to the world of online casinos, or you are a seasoned player, we understand that playing an online slots game in free play mode gives you an excellent opportunity to get to grips with the controls and symbols, so that you can see for yourself how the game pans out. Keep playing for fun, or gain an understanding of the gameplay before going on to wager real money - the choice is yours.

Why you’ll love playing Mustang Money

Everyone loves a good cowboy yarn, and when you play Mustang Money, you’re heading straight to the heart of cowboy country. As the sun begins to sink below the horizon, the landscape is bathed in a red glow, turning the sandstone structures of Monument Valley to crimson, and creating intriguing silhouettes from the enormous cacti that dominate the landscape. Eagles wheel and cry as they head back to their nests, while the cowboy’s thoughts turn to his campfire, where he’ll while away the evening dreaming of hidden treasure and abundant wealth.

This enjoyable online slots game may not be able to transport you directly to the Arizona desert, but it can certainly deliver on the riches if your luck is in. With 100 paylines, generous multipliers, high volatility and frequent opportunities to trigger the Free Spins bonus round, Mustang Money will keep you occupied for hours, as you watch your virtual prize pot grow.

As the game loads, the background takes shape, depicting the dying rays of the sun as they cast their baleful glow across the landscape. The red sandstone towers of Monument Valley give their colour to the desert plains, which only serves to highlight the expansiveness of the area, with not another living soul sight.

As the reels finish loading onto your screen, you’ll see that they’ve been given a campfire theme, with flames flickering and dancing along the top edge of your player console. The symbols on the reels take their cue from the setting sun, depicting scenes that tie in with the overall theme. So you’ll find the towering sandstone structures that are so familiar from Wild West movies and television shows, as well as a selection of dramatic cactus plants. A lone eagle is depicted against the background of the dying sun, while a campfire burns brightly as day gives way to evening.

As well as the depictions of desert scenes, you’ll also find a number of playing card symbols on the reels, which is fairly typical for games of this type. You’ll find the usual court cards of Ace, King, Queen and Jack, as well as the numbers 9 and 10, with the playing cards symbols paying the lowest rewards for winning lines. Next in value comes the cactus, followed by the campfire, the eagle and Monument Valley, but the biggest payout is reserved for the highly-polished golden dollar symbol, which brings the greatest rewards in its wake.

The Mustang Money game logo is the Scatter symbol, while the fiery mustang silhouette acts as the game’s Wild and can substitute for all other symbols apart from the scatter, creating winning lines where otherwise there would have been none, and increasing your virtual prize pot in the process.

There’s no getting away from gold in this game! The background to many of the symbols is a classic golden sheen, while the symbols and numbers make lavish use of gold embellishments and sparkles of reflected light. It’s clear that the aim is to amass your own pot of gold during gameplay, so let’s get down to playing the game so that you can start accumulating that pot of gold.

Unlike so many online slots games, there’s not much in the way of a soundtrack for Mustang Money. There’s no annoying background tunes at all during the main gameplay, with sound effects restricted to the beating of horses’ hooves as the reels spin, along with an occasional neighing sound, when a Wild substitutes for another symbol to create a winning line.

How to play Mustang Money

Take some time to familiarise yourself with the playing console before you start playing Mustang Money. It shouldn’t take you too long, as the controls are fairly intuitive for a game of this type, but it’s helpful to find your away around the console before you launch into playing the game.

The playing console is quite straightforward, with a display window showing you the amount that you have available in credit to the left-hand side of the screen. Next comes the number of lines that you wish to play with each spin. You can choose between 1 - 100 lines by clicking on the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons. The number of lines drops by increments of 5 until you reach 30 lines, at which point you can remove one line at a time until you’re happy with your selection.

Next, you decide on the amount that you wish to stake on each active line, with a huge choice of variables allowing you to choose between 1p to £100 per line. The next window along shows you how much your current selection will cost per spin, so you can adjust your paylines and amounts until you’re satisfied with your total wager.

Now all you have to do is hit the Spin button to set the reels in motion and wait to see whether they conjure up a winning line for you. But if you’re planning to stay with the game for a while and get used to the gameplay, it’s well worth using the handy Autoplay function, which relieves you from having to hit Spin each time you want to play another round. Simply tap or click on the Auto button just above Spin, and you’ll be given a choice of variables for the number of automatic spins that you’d like. Use the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons to make your selection, then hit Spin and you can relax as the game unfolds before your eyes.

Winning at Mustang Money

You achieve a win by scoring three or more matching symbols across an active payline, with the amount varying according to the symbol. Playing card symbols attract the lowest payouts, although the sums rise through the picture symbols, with the dollar symbol attracting some impressive virtual cash prizes.

The fiery mustang horse silhouette represents the game’s Wild, and it can appear across the third, fourth and fifth reels substituting for any other symbols apart from the scatter. The game’s logo is the Scatter and brings some attractive payouts in its wake too - land three or more across the reels in any position and you benefit from an attractive multiplier, boosting your winnings by as much as 100x your original stake.

Mustang Money free spins

There’s only one bonus feature on Mustang Money, but it’s a good one! Three or more Mustang Money scatter symbols across the reels triggers the bonus round, in which you’re awarded with 10 free spins. Now the action revs up a notch, with twangy guitars kicking out a Wild West melody, which will be instantly familiar to anyone who’s ever spent some time watching old cowboy films on TV.

As soon as the Free Spins Bonus Round is triggered, another symbol joins the reels. Taking the form of a large coin imprinted with a horse’s head, the coin can only appear on the second and fourth reels, but since it comes with a multiplier, it’s a very welcome sight indeed. Coins on reel 2 bring a 1x or 2x multiplier, whilst coins on reel 4 can bring anything between a 1x and a 5x multiplier. And since coins can appear on both reels during the same spin, the possibilities of achieving a significant sum from combined multipliers are greatly increased, with the potential to scoop some major wins.

The Scatters remain active during the Free Spins Bonus Round, so achieving three or more anywhere on the reels during the feature will trigger a further 5 free spins.

Mustang Money is a high volatility online slots game

At Slots Temple, we strongly advise all players to take the time to play a new game in free play mode for as long as possible, as this enables you to take a long term view of the game’s volatility and likely payout over a period of time.

Mustang Money is classed as a high volatility game, which means that you can go for a fairly long time without achieving any wins at all, but once a winning streak occurs, it’s possible to reap considerable rewards in quite a short space of time.

High volatility games are best suited to seasoned players of online slots games who understand that they may need to play for quite some time in order to reap the maximum rewards. But at the same time, it’s important to set yourself a limit on your losses well in advance, so that if luck isn’t on your side, you know when to quit before you incur too much of a loss. Luckily, playing for free gives you an excellent opportunity to calculate the odds for yourself, to assess your chances of hitting a lucky streak before you risk any real money.

Most players tend to favour either high-volatility or low-volatility games, but playing for free provides every type of player with a unique insight into a game’s particular features and the likelihood of achieving an impressive win over a specific period of time. High volatility games are best suited to players with plenty of time and funds at their disposal. However, thanks to Slots Temple and our free play policy, all types of players can enjoy the gameplay of Mustang Money without risking any real money in the process.

With up to 100 active paylines, it can be all too easy to rip through your virtual bankroll in next to no time if you place a high value stake, so it’s important to keep a tight control over your online spending. However, once you hit the Free Spins Bonus Round, you really have the chance to rack up some major wins, particularly if you happen to score a favourable number of multipliers in the process, which could take your prize winnings into the stratosphere.

Because of its volatile payouts, Mustang Money has a big fanbase amongst visitors to bricks and mortar casinos, who have the necessary time and patience to wait it out for those big wins to come along. Although most aficionados of online slots games tend to look for added features in the form of stunning visuals and immersive gameplay, Mustang Money still manages to deliver generous rewards, particularly during the Free Spins Bonus Rounds, where multipliers can add that extra touch of magic in the form of exceptional prize pots.

About Mustang Money’s game developers

Mustang Money is one of the flagship games from Ainsworth. This firm is perhaps not the best-known casino games developer, but it has been around for a long time, with a great pedigree in the industry. An Australian company, Ainsworth was started by Les Ainsworth, the original founder of the popular Aristocrat casino brand, back in 1953. He managed to leverage Aristocrat as the second most popular developer of slots games behind International Game Technology (IGT), but ill-health forced him to relinquish the company in 1994.
Once back in good health, Les Ainsworth created Ainsworth Game Technology, which created slots machines for bricks and mortar casinos throughout Australia. Worldwide demand quickly caused the company to go global, and once slot machines moved online, Ainsworth developed games suited to the expanding home market in online casinos.

Today, the company is renowned for a number of exciting online slots games, all of them featuring colourful graphics and innovative gameplay features that keep customers coming back for more.

Mustang Money FAQs

Do I need to download anything to play Mustang Money online slots on my mobile?

No, as with so many online slots games of this type, you can enjoy playing Mustang Money on all your favourite devices. Play on your laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone - you’ll experience the same great graphics and gameplay whatever device or screen size you choose, with no download required.

Is Mustang Money a legitimate online slots game?

Yes, Mustang Money is a genuine online slots game, developed by Ainsworth and featured in a huge number of online casinos, including free play here at Slots Temple.

Is there a bonus feature on Mustang Money?

Yes, Mustang Money features a Free Spins Bonus which offers the player 10 free spins, once triggered. Three or more Scatters, represented by the game’s logo, automatically triggers the Free Spins feature, which can also be re-triggered during play, giving you unlimited opportunities to scoop a big virtual prize pot. With coin symbol multipliers also appearing during the Free Spin feature, that prize pot can grow to significant levels in a very short space of time.

What is the RTP for Mustang Money?

The Return To Player, or RTP, of Mustang Money is 94.38%. This is a theoretical return, based on an individual playing the slots game over an extended period of time. Eventually, the player would retain almost 95% of the money they started out with, but it’s very important to remember that this is not a guarantee of actual returns. In reality, some players will see a return much higher than this, whilst others will retain a much smaller sum.

There’s gold in them thar hills!

It’s the famous cry of gold prospectors who first found gold in North America, but the phrase first became widely known when the author Mark Twain used it in a novel he wrote which was set during the gold rush era in California. Although he’s often associated with the phrase however, Mark Twain was not the originator.

 It had long been known that there was a rich source of gold to be found in the area, but it wasn’t until 1848 that the discovery of gold at Sutter Mill in California led to an actual gold rush.

There had been an earlier discovery of gold though, when Conrad Reed, a young man from North Carolina, discovered a source in 1799, which led to prospectors heading out that way as a matter of urgency. Gold was found in sufficient amounts to warrant the building of a mint in nearby Charlotte, with another quickly planned for Dahlonega in Georgia. When the Director of the new mint realised that the town’s gold prospectors were planning to abandon the town and head for the newly-discovered gold fields of California, he pleaded with them to change their minds and stay in Dahlonega, pointing to the hills surrounding the town and calling out ‘There’s gold in them thar hills’. And in fact, he wasn’t wrong - the native North American Indians referred to the local area as the “River of Gold”.

The Gold Rush saw thousands of families head for California in search of their fortunes, but plenty of travellers stopped off on the way to the west coast of the US and turned to farming as an alternative way of making a living. The wide, sweeping plains of Colorado, Utah and Arizona were perfectly suited to farming and cattle rearing, and cowboys quickly moved in to populate the area.

The huge distances involved in farming and cattle herding meant that the horse was an essential part of the cowboy’s life. Fortunately, there were plenty of wild mustang horses living throughout the midwest, which cowboys would round up, catch and train up as riding horses.

The Mustang Horse

Mustang horses are believed to have roamed across the grassy plains of North America long before humans evolved. It’s believed that they made their way across the Bering Strait towards the end of the last ice age, which was around 12,000 years ago. It was only when the Spanish Conquistadors arrived in North America during the 16th Century that mustangs once again found their way to the continent.

The Spanish horse trainers coined the word ‘mustengo’ which meant ‘stray horse’, releasing them into the wilds of North America where they quickly formed herds. Although they are often referred to as ‘wild horses’, this is not strictly true as they are descended from domesticated animals. For this reason, it is more accurate to describe them as ‘feral’ horses, rather than truly ‘wild’.

Thanks to their short, stocky legs and brave demeanour, the mustang horses of North America quickly became highly prized by the new breed of cowboys who flocked to the midwest in search of their fortunes. The horses were bred with saddle horses and quarter horses to create the modern mustang which we know today, although many people still dispute that the mustang is an actual breed, preferring to think of it more as a type of horse.

Highly prized for its intelligence, the modern mustang is a complex mix of many different breeds, including draught horses. They range in size from around 14 hands up to 15.2, and generally have a lifespan of 20 years or so, although domesticated mustangs can live for at least 10 years longer. They aren’t the easiest of horses to break in to the saddle, having a particularly independent spirit, but in the right hands, they can be quite exceptional, proving to be brave and strong.

By the middle of the 19th Century, there were reported to be literally millions of mustang horses roaming across the midwest of North America. Their abundance led to them being hunted for pet food, and it was feared that the breed would fade into oblivion, but in 1971, the United States Congress voted to honour the breed as a ‘living symbol’ of the western states of North America. At the same time, a law was passed to protect the mustangs from being killed, captured or harmed when roaming on public property.

Home on the range

The cowboy rose to fame following the American Civil War, when the whole of North America was still in turmoil. With so many men enlisted into the armed forces, there was a national shortage of beef in the northern states, meaning that the abundance of cattle available in Texas was worth its weight in gold further north. Apparently, a single steer valued at around $4 in the state of Texas was worth as much as $40 once transported to the northern states, which was a significant increase in money.

Approximately 4 million head of cattle were herded north in 1866, representing the official launch of the traditional cowboy. It was a profession which very quickly gained ground, with hundreds of cowboys listed within the pages of the official United States Census of 1880.

Research studies suggest that the majority of cowboys were former soldiers from the Civil War, with estimates indicating that around 25% of the cowboy population were former slaves. The rest were made up of European immigrants together with some North American Indians and Mexicans.

Although the cattle had to be moved over huge distances, it was vital to keep to an appropriate routine without travelling too many miles each day, or else the cattle would have lost weight during the course of the journey, making them less desirable to the purchaser. So they aimed to cover around 15 miles each day, allowing plenty of time to stop and allow the herd to graze, thereby retaining their valuable weight. Up to 12 cowboys were needed to move 3,000 longhorn cattle, and they would be accompanied by a trail boss, along with a camp cook to ensure that everyone received appropriate rations.

The cook was usually considered to be the most important member of the cowboys’ team, and was often called the ‘belly cheater’, ‘biscuit shooter’ or ‘bean master’. Not only was he responsible for preparing three hot meals a day for all the cowboys in the team, but he was also tasked with noting the position of the North Star each evening: he was expected to aim his chuck wagon in the star’s direction so that everyone knew which way was North in the morning when they set out to continue their journey.

There was always concern within a camp about the threat of a cattle stampede, which could occur whenever the cattle became frightened. Anything could set them off, from a heavy storm to sudden loud noises, so it became a tradition for those on night watch to circle around the sleeping cows and sing to them, to ensure that they stayed calm.

Washing facilities were pretty much non-existent on the big cattle drives, so cowboys had to wear the same clothes, sometimes for weeks on end. Their clothing was designed to be practical and to limit discomfort from hours spent in the saddle each day. Denim jeans were particularly hard-wearing, and were combined with full chaps to protect legs from thorns, cactus spines and from rubbing against the saddle. A bandana was a useful piece of clothing which could be pulled up over the face to protect the nose and mouth from the dusty conditions to be found on the trail. Meanwhile, the iconic cowboy hat was designed to keep the cowboy’s face protected from the hot sun, and was strong enough and large enough to serve as a makeshift scoop for water for both the cowboy and his horse out on the trail.

With so many cattle on the move, it was important to know which cattle belonged to which group of cowboys, so special brands were created. The symbols would be burned into the animals’ hide, allowing every beast to be easily distinguished to ensure that cattle didn’t stray.

There was a particularly cold and inhospitable winter in 1886, during which temperatures fell well below freezing point throughout vast areas of the west. The industry struggled to recover following the bitter winter weather, and the writing was on the wall for the cowboy way of life within just a few years, as land ownership became increasingly common.

Originally, all public land was designated ‘open range’ which meant that bona fide settlers were allowed to graze their cattle wherever they chose. However, land quickly became privatised during the 1890s, as land ownership disputes were finally settled, and the new landowners began to adopt the use of barbed wire as a means of delineating their property, which made it inaccessible for free grazing.

Other Wild West themed online slots games

If you’ve enjoyed playing Mustang Money, then you’re probably keen to discover other great online slots games with a similar theme, so we’ve picked out some of our favourites for you to have a look at.

American Gold Rush

Also inspired by events surrounding the great California Gold Rush, this is an entertaining slots game brought to your by Spin Games. Featuring 243 ways to win, the aim of the game is to find gold where others have failed, and with low-to-medium volatility, this is easily achieved for those with the nerve to keep on playing. The opportunity to amass free spins will keep you hooked, as will the generous multipliers, and there’s even an extra feature which lets you pan for gold, with the potential to increase your prize payout even further.

Dead or Alive

Brought to you by NetEnt, a firm that is renowned for making some of the most exciting and playable online slots games to be found on the internet, Dead or Alive is a feast for the eyes and ears. In the background, lighting flashes, while a dog barks and an eerie whistling can be heard. On the reels you’ll find some of the Sheriff’s belongings, including his badge, hat, boots and gun, but keep playing and you’ll soon encounter the Wild Wanted Poster, which could lead to the prize jackpot payout. With just nine paylines, this is a game that offers outstanding rewards to those who stay the distance, with a host of free spins to be won that could push your winnings through the roof.

Wild Wild Chest

With more of a fun take on the Wild West theme, Wild Wild Chest brings you reels adorned with gloves, hats, guns, a trio of beauties and the elusive Lucky Chest. Free Spin symbols act like Scatters during gameplay, triggering free spin rounds whenever three or more appear across the reels in any position. Keep your eyes peeled for the lucky chest symbol, which automatically triggers and instant win wherever it lands. That lucky chest has other benefits too, as it can award the player with random tiles, potentially increasing your chances of achieving that big win. With ample opportunities for respins and featuring stacked Wilds, this is a game that you’ll want to keep coming back to.

Arizona Treasure

We return to Arizona for Arizona Treasure, which is brought to you by the ever-popular Genesis Gaming team. Slick graphics and a cool soundtrack make this a fun and entertaining game to play, with a host of cowboy-themed symbols appearing across the reels, including a steam train and a white horse. Look out for the crossed gun scatter symbol, which fire dramatically whenever they appear across the reels. Land three or more scatters anywhere on the reels and they’ll trigger a free spins bonus round, where you get to gamble on which of two symbols will appear the most times on the reels during the feature. With extra gambling bonus options available when you achieve a winning line, there are ample opportunities to double and even treble your winnings with every spin of the reels, bringing in some rather juicy virtual cash prizes at the same time.

Cash Cowboy

Cash Cowboy is an entertaining cowboy-themed slots game from The Games Company. Featuring symbols such as the iconic cowboy hat, guns and lucky horseshoes, the Cash Cowboy online slots game features fun graphics set against the backdrop of a typical mid-western town, complete with hotel and longhorn cattle in a nearby barn.

The soundtrack is reminiscent of old Wild West themed TV shows and movies, but the real joy of this game comes in its host of extra features. From time to time, the Cash Cowboy himself gallops across the screen, bringing the promise of great rewards, and he’s prepared to help you to achieve a winning prize pot too, by placing sticky Wilds on the reels, where they become increasing multipliers as the bonus round progresses.

The Cash Cowboy can trigger one of five bonus rounds. Double symbols boosts your winnings by doubling up symbols on the reels. Five-of-a-kind, extra wilds, stacked wilds or the bonus Wagon Train feature all offer you the chance to push your prize pot up to the next level, whilst enjoying fun and immersive gameplay too.

* Mustang Money trademark / license is owned by Ainsworth. This site is not endorsed by Ainsworth.

Game Name: Mustang Money
Software: Ainsworth
Themes: Action & Adventure, Animals, Nature
Volatility: High Volatility
Features: Free Spins Wild Symbols Multipliers Scatter Symbols
Paylines: 100
Reels: 5
Min Bet (all lines covered): 1
Max Bet: 10000
Top Win: 100
RTP: 94.38%
User Reviews
Overall score: 4.4 out of 5 stars

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