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Book of Stars Slot - Review, Demo Play, Payout, Free Spins & Bonuses


Play Book of Stars for free

You don’t need to fill in any forms, deposit any funds or accept any unwanted downloads when you want to play Book of Stars here at Slots Temple. You can play the game for free, using virtual cash with no actual monetary value, so that you can explore its winning potential for yourself. Play for fun, or play to learn - the choice is all yours.

As keen slots players ourselves, we understand only too well how expensive it can be acquiring knowledge about all the games you’ve never played before. Games have come a long way since the days of the old one-armed bandit, offering simple payline structures across the reels. Nowadays, online slots games offer all sorts of different payline variations, from single lines through to hundreds, if not thousands, of ways to play. Bonus games, side bets and a host of added-value features mean that players can spend a fair sum of money getting to grips with every aspect of a game, long before they feel confident with their choices.

By playing Book of Stars for free, you can find out everything you need to know before spending any of your own money on the outcome. We suggest that 500 spins is a good number to aim for, as that should give you all the time that you could possibly need to trigger the Free Spins Bonus rounds, make full use of the Extra Bet feature, experience the Expanding Wilds and decide whether the Gamble or Collect side bet is an aspect of the game that you’d like to experience more of.

Once you’ve got the measure of the game, you might decide that you’d like to bet some real money on the outcome. If that’s the case, simply head to one of our partner sites, or one of the many other online casinos that offer the game. You’ll need to register and deposit funds, but once that’s done, you can use your knowledge and experience to get the very best results from the experience. Now all that time you put in uncovering the best slot bonus is set to pay off at last!

Of course, you don’t have to move on to an online casino to play Book Of Stars for real money. You’re welcome to stay here on the site and enjoy as many of our great titles as you wish. Why not try something relaxing and soothing, such as the renowned Starburst slots, complete with its gentle ambient soundtrack? Or for something with a bit more ‘bite’, why not check out the stunning Immortal Romance, with its immersive storyline about forbidden love across the centuries? Whatever your tastes, or your mood, you’ll find an online slots game that fits the bill perfectly.

Book of Stars by Novomatic

Players can rely on Novomatic games to provide them with some high-quality, no-frills entertainment. This is a company with a solid pedigree in the world of bricks-and-mortar casinos, having been manufacturing and distributing games cabinets for around 40 years. Employing over 19,000 and with a reach that extends into 70 countries, it’s fair to say that Novomatic know what they’re doing when it comes to creating slots games.

With a ready-made reputation in the industry, it’s perhaps surprising that Novomatic waited until 2011 to launch into the online market. However, the company clearly made the decision at an early stage, to leave the innovations to the younger folk, preferring to concentrate initially on converting its most popular land-based slots cabinet titles into online games. It’s certainly a move that gained the company a great deal of instant credibility, as it made full use of a ready-made fan base, only too keen to follow their favourite slots games online.

One thing that Novomatic are very clear about, is that players should be able to access their online games from any of their devices, including mobile and tablet. So the company ensures that its games are created using HTML5, for fast, fuss-free arrival onto your screen without compromising your data allowances.

Our first impressions of Book of Stars

We have to admit to double-checking the name of the game’s designer once Book of Stars had finished loading. We’re familiar with the majority of their titles, so we know that they never skimp on the details, but the intricacy of the illustration really blew us away with this game. You get your first taste of this as the game finishes loading to your device screen, and the splash screen reveals a young adventuress. In a nod to the feminists, Novomatic decided on a Lara Croft / Indiana Jones hybrid, who bears a quite uncanny resemblance to a certain Angelina Jolie in her prime.

But it’s not the young woman who really catches the player’s eye - it’s the mysterious ruins and statues that seem to rise up out of the gloom that surrounds her. It manages to be engaging, exciting and even slightly creepy, all at the same time, while leaving you wondering what the premise of the game is.

As you move on to the playing screen, prepare to be impressed yet again. The game is a genuine visual feast for the eyes, so you’ll doubtless want to spend a few moments examining it in closer detail, to be sure that you don’t miss anything.

Set against a midnight sky, filled with stars and galaxies in an amazing light show, sits a dark pyramid, on which is inscribed intricately detailed symbols and signs. The game’s playing area, made up of five transparent reels, is overlaid on this pyramid, and supported by two stone columns, so the various icons are visible throughout. The reels themselves are delineated by gold scrollwork typical of the ancient Greeks, while down either side of the playing area are the multi-coloured numbers that make up the game’s 25 variable paylines.

The bottom section of the screen is given over to the player’s controls. Here the background is composed of an intricate mosaic pattern of gold, green and blue tones, which gives a real touch of luxury to the game. Meanwhile, the symbols on the reels conspire to create a theme that artfully combines artefacts of Ancient Greece with the concept of space travel. So you’ll find a Greek-themed statue with glowing eyes, as well as a Grecian goddess and an ornate owl, often used as a symbol of wisdom, and closely associated with the Goddess Athena.

Other symbols include high denomination poker cards. Novomatic have an excellent track record of creating poker card symbols that resonate with a game’s theme, but they’ve really pulled out all the stops with Book of Stars. Each symbol, from the 10 up to the A, is carefully depicted as though it were actually three-dimensional, before being artfully coloured and highlighted in jewelled tones.

There are two additional symbols on the reels. First is the Book of Stars itself - an impressive red-bound tome with a giant red precious stone at its centre, and golden depictions of zodiac symbols on its cover. There’s also an Extra Symbol, of a precious glowing ring, which can only be ‘bought’ when the maximum bet is employed.

With so much visual richness going on, it’s a shame that Novomatic couldn’t have been a little more inventive when it came to the soundtrack. Rather than employing the sort of epic sweeping soundtrack that such a graphically-rich game deserves, the designers have chosen instead, to accompany the gameplay with a very generic slots soundtrack that jars with the theme. But since it’s easy enough to toggle the sounds off, that’s only a minor gripe about what is undoubtedly a beautiful slots game.

How to play Book of Stars

If you’re a seasoned pro, who’s spent many happy hours enjoying online slots games in all their glory, then you won’t need any assistance with getting to grips with the controls of Book of Stars. In fact, with Novomatic’s customary attention to the needs of their players, even complete newbies won’t need much in the way of introduction to the controls. Novomatic slots are as intuitive to play as the developers can make them, so that there’s less time spent learning to play the game, and more time spent enjoying it.

There are 25 variable paylines to the game, so you can choose as many, or as few, as you wish. Of course, the more you play with, the more likely you are to win a virtual cash prize, but equally, it will cost you more money for each spin of the reels. This is where a period spent on free play can be so informative, allowing you to calculate your likely winnings across a variety of strategies.

Now you need to decide on your virtual bet. Your options range from an extremely modest one penny for one single payline, up to a maximum of £40 across all 25 paylines. If you opt for the full house of paylines, you now also have an additional option - for just £10 more, you can play in Extra Bet mode, which offers an additional wild. And since the wild is the same as the scatter in this game, that’s well worth considering. You can also hit the Max Bet button, which applies the maximum wager, including the Extra Bet.

Once you’re happy with your bet, simply hit the Start button, and the reels will spin for you. And if that’s too much trouble, there’s a useful Autospin function that allows you to select your own number of spins, along with win and loss amounts that will halt the feature early. But don’t worry if you change your mind halfway through a long Autospin session - simply hit the button again to cancel the feature and restore manual control.

High rollers and risk-takers should take note that the Autospin feature deactivates the Gamble or Collect option that follows every win under manual spin control. If you enjoy placing a side bet following a win, then you should retain manual control over the spinning of the reels.

Book of Stars Free Spins Bonus round

Most online slots games include wilds and scatters. Wilds can substitute for other symbols on the reels, meaning players can achieve a win, even when they appear to lack sufficient matching symbols. Scatters, on the other hand, usually trigger any bonus rounds or extra features.

Unusually, for Book of Stars, the eponymous book itself is both the wild and the scatter. As well as potentially creating wins for you, when it stands in for other symbols, whenever three or more of the books appear on the reels, they trigger the Free Spins bonus round.

With 10 free spins now awarded, you’re taken to a new screen, where the Book of Stars uncovers your Expanding Symbol for the duration of your spins. Whenever this symbol lands on the reels, it expands to cover the entire reel, with the potential to deliver some highly impressive wins.

Book of Stars Extra Bet

Place the maximum allowable bet, plus 25% extra, and you’ll benefit from the Extra Bet feature. An additional symbol of a dazzling ring will now appear randomly on the second and fourth reels, acting as an extra wild and scatter. It has the potential to substitute for other symbols, as well as helping to trigger the Free Spins Bonus round.

Book of Stars - our conclusion

If you’re in search of a game that looks gorgeous and has the potential to deliver some truly impressive payouts, then you’ll certainly want to give Book of Stars a spin. But be warned - this is a high volatility game, so wins can be infrequent, but when they do occur, if your luck’s in, you could amass a tidy prize pot.

* Book of Stars trademark / license is owned by Novomatic. This site is not endorsed by Novomatic.

Game Name: Book of Stars
Software: Novomatic
Themes: Fantasy, Magic, Space
Volatility: Medium Volatility
Features: Free Spins Wild Symbols Multipliers Scatter Symbols
Paylines: 20
Reels: 5
Min Bet (all lines covered): 0.2
Max Bet: 1000
Top Win: 250
RTP: 95.8%