Clover Madness 100

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  • Four rows rather than just three
  • Pretty impressive 100 paylines
  • Two scatter symbols
  • Expanding wilds
  • No official RTP or variance information
  • No max bet button
  • No win and loss limits in autoplay

Clover Madness 100 is an online slot developed by InBet Games. It is a 5x4 slot with 100 paylines. This Irish-themed slot has an expanding wilds bonus feature.


Clover Madness 100 is an example of how a few little things can make an apparently simple slot something very exciting. InBet Games gave it the normal 5-reels, but rather than just 3 rows, it added an extra fourth. The 100 paylines (hence the title) are much more than you’d expect in a standard slot. Then there’s the expanding wild, an apparently basic bonus that nevertheless gives you a great chance to increase your wins.

Theme, Graphics & Soundtrack

You see a slot game with 'clover' in the title, you know it’s probably not going to take place in Ancient Egypt. If you want to mix your mythology, you need the Mystery Museum free slots. No, for the Clover Madness 100 online slot it’s the Emerald Isle, the place where lucky 4-leaf clovers are meant to grow, that provides the setting.

And when it says clover, it means it. There’s a whole field of the stuff, surrounding translucent reels with a slender wooden frame. On the reels themselves, there aren’t many surprises, anyone who knows their Irish slots will recognise pipes, toadstools, horseshoes and green hats that would suit a leprechaun. A lilting Celtic melody makes an atmospheric final touch.

Clover Madness 100

Clover Madness 100 RTP and Variance

Now, this is a little annoying. Video slots don’t always have an official variance figure, but most developers will at least provide an RTP to help you set realistic expectations regarding returns. There’s no such information for the Clover Madness 100 slot, so you’ll have to try it out if you want to know for yourself. Luckily, no deposit slots and free demos mean that’s easily possible, including right here on Slots Temple.

How to Play Clover Madness 100

This shouldn’t be too difficult for anyone familiar with InBet Games slots:

  1. There are a few settings in the top corner that could be easy to miss. You’ll see separate mute buttons for sound effects and music, plus a full screen button.
  2. What you really want to know is how much every symbol is worth, what are the game rules and how do features work. All of that is behind the question mark symbol at the bottom right.
  3. You need to adjust your bet before you start. You have two displays, one for coin value and one for bet. Clicking either will increase it, one level at a time.
  4. Actually deciding an appropriate bet is part of the budgeting process, which also involves setting a loss limit to stop you chasing losses and a single win limit that’ll be a happy end point.
  5. Once all your settings are in place, you’re ready to play. There are two buttons left. Auto will set the reels spinning until you hit stop. Start will spin them once, then you can consider changing settings again. The first is simpler, the second allows more control.

Either way, have fun. When the fun stops, stop.

Bet & Win Sizes

You can play no deposit slots and free demo slots in lots of casinos, but all video slots need a bet, even a virtual one. Coin value goes from 0.01 to 5. Bet goes from 20 to 2000.

The horseshoe pays when you match it at least 2 times, all the other symbols need at least 3, but all pay best when they’re in a combination of 5. When you’re starting at that 20 minimum, these are the biggest values the paytable will show:

J, Q, K, A - 20

Toadstool - 80

Hat, Pipe - 200

Horseshoe - 1000 

Pink scatter - 2000

The blue scatter can only appear three times, but that’s worth 400. Scatters can pay from any position, though again, the blue scatter is only on reels 1, 3 and 5.

Clover Madness 100 Bonus Features

Some people love video slots with big, complicated features that add all sorts of strange and wonderful things to the game. Some people wish things could be a bit simpler, and less prone to making them confused. Clover Madness 100 strikes an easy balance by having one, easy-to-understand feature that nevertheless improves your chances.

Expanding Wild

The expanding wild is a feature that appears in many slots and it’s generally a lot of fun. It looks exciting, to start with, when one little symbol grows to fill and entire reel. That’s right, you can have the wild, one of the most useful symbols in a slot game, grow whenever you need it to complete your winning line.

Clover Madness 100 Review

So, we’re getting near the end of our Clover Madness 100 slot review and we hope it’s told you all you need. It’s a slot game with a familiar theme, but with pleasing graphics and an elegant simplicity. There is an expanding wild that adds an extra touch of excitement, but mostly this is a fun and uncomplicated slot. It’s just a shame about the lack of official returns information.

Disclaimer: Clover Madness 100 trademark / license is owned by Inbet Games. This site is not endorsed by Inbet Games.

Slot Data
Slot Name: Clover Madness 100
Software: Inbet Games
Paylines: 100
Reels: 5
Min Bet (all lines covered): £0.20 (GBP)
Max Bet: £200 (GBP)
Top Win: 1000
Features: Wild Symbol, Scatter Symbol, 5 Reels
UK Available in GB? Game is not available in GB.


What is the RTP of Clover Madness 100?

We wish we could tell you. Clover Madness 100 doesn’t come with an official RTP or variance information. Whilst these figures are only ever theoretical guidelines, they’re still helpful when you want to set your expectations, and your budget. Familiarising yourself with the demo among our free, no deposit slots may help familiarise yourself with likely returns, minus some risk.

Does Clover Madness 100 have any special symbols?

As well as 4 lower-paying card symbols and four higher-paying themed symbols, Clover Madness 100 has a wild symbol and not 1 but 2 scatters. The wild can act as a substitute for all non-scatter symbols when you need to complete a line, while the scatters can pay from any position.

Does Clover Madness 100 have any bonus features?

There is an exciting extra bonus feature attached to the wild symbol as well as its regular substitute role. It has the ability to expand, or grow to fill an entire reel. It does this when there’s a gap in what would otherwise be a winning line and expanding the wild would be enough to fill it.

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