Ecuador Gold Slot - Review, Demo Play, Payout, Free Spins & Bonuses

How to Play Ecuador Gold Slot

Wager between 0.20 and 100 are available, for spinning the reels on Ecuador Gold slots from ELK Studios. The game also offers up built-in betting strategies, which allow you to optimize your wagers to increase your winning potential.

What is the RTP of Ecuador Gold Slot?

The RTP (return to player) of Ecuador Gold is 96.1%. This payout percentage refers to the amount of money that players can expect to earn for every £100 they wager. It is also a medium volatility game, which means that you’ll be able to earn moderately sized prizes at a fairly frequent rate.

How to Win at Ecuador Gold Slot

As a 4096 Ways to Win online slot, Ecuador Gold creates winning combinations in a unique way. Instead of landing matching symbols on the same paylines to land wins, this game creates payouts when matching symbols land on adjacent reels.

Whenever you hit a winning combination, an “avalanche” occurs. What this means is that the winning symbols disappear and new symbols fall into their places. It allows for multiple wins to be made on a single stake to enhance your overall winning potential.

Ecuador Gold Free Spins and Bonuses

Throughout the game, Big Symbols can be triggered. These are special symbols that occupy 2x2, 3x3 and 4x4 symbols on the reels. They’ll clear away smaller symbols to help you increase your odds of hitting generous prizes.

When you land three or more Temple of Luck bonus symbols, you’ll receive between 10 and 25 free spins. You can retrigger this feature once for a maximum total of 50 free spins by the time the bonus round is over.

The interesting thing about this slot is that the reels expanding during the free spins round. Every time an avalanche occurs, additional rows will be added on top of the game to trigger more potential ways to win:

- 4 rows = 4,096 ways to win
- 5 rows = 15,625 ways to win
- 6 rows = 46,656 ways to win
- 7 rows = 117,649 ways to win
- 8 rows = 262,144 ways to win

Ecuador Gold Demo Play

At Slots Temple, we offer the free-play version of Ecuador Gold. It’s important for you to play the demo of this slot to give you a good idea of whether or not you’ll get along with the gameplay and if it will fit within your budget. We always recommend playing between 150 and 200 free spins to determine how much you’ll enjoy the game.

Overall Review – Ecuador Gold Slot

ELK Studios always does a great job when releasing new slots. The company consistently brings new and thrilling gaming experiences to players across the web, and Ecuador Gold ensures that there is plenty of impressive gameplay to enjoy.

More On How To Play Ecuador Gold Slot

It is fairly easy to set your bet for Ecuador Gold. Just wait until the slot has fully loaded, and then you will be able to set your bet level using the control panel underneath the reels. It can be tempting to bet a high number, especially if you are hoping for a big win, but you should always choose a bet level that suits your budget. This means that you will be taking less of a risk, and you will be able to spin the reels for longer, which means that you are more likely to encounter the special symbols and bonus features in the game!

Once you have set your wager, you can start to spin the reels. If you want you can do this yourself using the play button, which means that you have to press ‘play’ every time you want the reels to change.

Alternatively, you can use the useful Autoplay feature to spin the reels a specific amount of times (such as 10 spins or 20 spins), which means that the reels will keep turning while you do other things. This is useful if you are multitasking, but it is important to be aware that the Autoplay feature can be less exciting than actually spinning the reels yourself. After all, you could be focused on something else when you win, which is a bit of a shame.

Ecuador Gold Volatility

Ecuador Gold is a medium volatility slot. Medium volatility slots tend to have less wins than a low volatility slot, but the wins are slightly bigger, and they are more frequent than the wins in a high volatility slot. So if you spin the reels 100 times, it is very likely that you will win a few times - and if you are lucky, you will encounter at least one big win.

Medium volatility slots are very popular online as they combine features from both high volatility slots and low volatility slots to create a game with both low wins and big wins. In fact, there are lots of medium volatility slots that can pay out up to 1,000 times the current stake, which is seriously impressive! This is very useful for players who don‘t have a lot to spend, as it means that there is still a possibility that they will walk away with a massive win.

Ecuador Gold Graphics

The graphics in Ecuador Gold look great. It is very clear that the developers spent a long time making sure that the visuals were perfect; the game is very modern and beautiful, and everything is very detailed and realistic. This makes the game very immersive - and it is also set in a stunning jungle location, which will appeal to lots of players.

While the game is loading, you will see a lush green jungle with mist in the air. At the bottom of the screen are jagged rocks and small green plants, and at the top of the screen you can see giant tree branches with vines covering them. It is very clear that you are in the middle of an ancient jungle - and this becomes even more obvious when you realise that there is a crumbling religious building in the middle of the screen. The tall, stone building has giant stone steps that lead up the front, and you can see a brave explorer climbing the steps. We love this scene; it is mysterious and exciting, and it is very likely that you will relate to the man climbing up the steps to find treasure!

Once the game has loaded, the reels will appear on the screen. The game takes place inside the ancient building, so you won’t see any more lush jungle scenes - but you will be much closer to the treasure inside, which is always a good thing!

It seems that the reels are set against a chamber that is filled with treasures; the room is dark, but there are piles of golden coins on the floor, and there are beautiful stone pillars with inscriptions on them. This seems important and ceremonial - but many years have passed, and now giant jungle snakes crawl around the pillars.

The reels themselves look very majestic; they are framed by the pillars, and at each side of the reels is a golden statue with a burning fire atop it. In the background, you can see two fearsome warrior statues, and they are both very detailed - you can even make out the expressions on their faces, which is quite creepy!

The symbols on the reels are also very well designed. There are both high paying symbols and low paying symbols in this game, but there are no playing cards to be found here. Instead, the low value symbols are represented by basic colourful shapes, which fits in well with the ancient civilisation theme. We really appreciate this, as lots of high quality games ruin the theme slightly by including playing card symbols in their games.

The high paying symbols are represented by three golden faces, as well as the explorer himself. These symbols can pay out three times your stake. Finally, there is a wild symbol, which is represented by a golden sun, and this symbol can be used to replace all of the standard symbols on the reels.

But that isn’t all - this game also has a selection of mid value symbols, and they are represented by common jungle animals, such as birds, snakes and crocodiles. This is quite interesting and unique, as most slots only have low paying symbols and high paying symbols.

Overall, the graphics for this game are seriously impressive. Every single thing is realistic and detailed, and we think that this makes the whole game more immersive and entertaining. In fact, if you spin the reels for too long, you will probably feel like you have been transported to ancient Ecuador, which is pretty cool!

Ecuador Gold Theme

This Ecuador slot has an ancient civilisation theme. This theme is very popular with online slots, which makes sense - after all, the whole point of these games is to uncover hidden treasure, which is something many ancient civilisations are associated with.

There are hundreds of slots online with an ancient civilisation theme. This includes slots that take place in Ecuador, as well as slots that take place in ancient China and ancient Egypt, and there are also lots of games focused on Mayan, Aztec and Incan cultures. So if you enjoyed this game and you want to find other games with a similar theme, you should be spoilt for choice.

Another reason why this theme is so popular is because it is so interesting. It is crazy to think that ancient cultures hid life-changing amounts of treasure, and that the treasure could still be uncovered. It is very exciting - and slots give players the chance to experience uncovering some treasure of their own, which is fun.

Most ancient civilisation games take place in a lost city, temple or jungle, so the visuals tend to be very beautiful. Of course, this isn’t the case for all ancient civilisation slots, especially if they are quite old, but most modern slots with this theme tend to have excellent graphics - and this is definitely the case with Ecuador Gold.

Other Games You May Enjoy If You Liked Ecuador Gold

If you enjoyed playing Ecuador Gold and you want to find other games with similar themes and features, we can help. Here are a few other games that are similar to Ecuador Gold.

Mayan Riches

Mayan Riches is another slots game with an ancient civilisation theme. This slot isn’t as modern as Ecuador Gold, so the graphics aren’t as good, but the game is set in a similar location.

Mayan Riches has 5 reels and 40 paylines, and there are a few special symbols for you to uncover as you play. This includes a wild symbol that can be used to replace any of the standard symbols on the reels, as well as stacked wilds that can help to boost your winnings even further.

You can spin the reels with Mayan Riches for as little as 1.00 per spin, which is very affordable, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t play if you are a high roller. This is because the game has a maximum bet per spin of 50.00, which is very impressive (although not an affordable option for most players!).

Secret of the Stones

Secret of the Stones is another slot with an ancient civilisation theme. This game was created by Net Ent, but it doesn’t take place in the jungle; instead it has a Celtic theme. Throughout the game, players will discover Celtic messages that can help them to access hidden treasure, and there are lots of fun bonus features to discover as you play. This includes an awesome free spins bonus round that comes with four more hidden bonus features. This feature is very generous, so if you decide to play this game, you should definitely try to trigger the free spins feature!

Incan Goddess

Incan Goddess is an ancient civilisation slot that follows the story of Incan culture. The slot has 5 reels and 20 paylines, and the symbols are linked to the ancient Incan people. There are also a few special symbols to look out for, including a Goddess symbol that can be used to replace all of the standard symbols on the reels. There is also a scatter symbol (which is represented by the temple), and this symbol can be used to access a free spins game that will pay out up to 12 free spins each time it is triggered.

Lost Island

Lost Island has a vague ancient civilisation theme, and there are 20 paylines and 5 reels. You can spin the reels for just 0.20 per spin, and there are lots of special symbols and bonus features for you to look out for as the reels turn. This includes scatter symbols, wild symbols and a free spins bonus round that can be extremely generous.

Stone Age

Stone Age is a fun little slot that reminds us of the popular cartoon series “The Flintstones”. The game doesn’t really have a proper ancient civilisation theme, but it is still very enjoyable to play - and there are lots of bonus features for you to discover, including a wild symbol that is represented by a dinosaur.

Lucky Eggsplorer

If you enjoyed Ecuador Gold but you want to play something that is a little more light-hearted, it is likely that you will enjoy Lucky Eggsplorer. This cute little slot was created by Microgaming, and there are 5 reels and 30 paylines. The maximum bet for the game is 300, which is very impressive, and the slot follows the story of a rooster named Captain Chook. This funny little character may look sweet, but he is on a quest for treasure - and there is a lot of treasure to be found in Lucky Eggsplorer. This is because the slot has a maximum jackpot of 6,000 coins, which is very tempting!

Tribal Treasure

Tribal Treasure is a slot from Microgaming with 5 reels and 25 paylines. The slot tells the story of an explorer in the jungle, and he is looking for golden idols as he wanders. This sounds pretty relaxed… but then he encounters an ancient tribe who decide that they would like to eat him for dinner.

The game has a fun cartoon style that will appeal to lots of players, and there are a few bonus features to uncover as you play, including a free spins bonus round and a gamble feature. The game is also very affordable; you can spin the reels for just 0.01 per spin.

Koi Princess - NetEnt

Koi Princess is a NetEnt game, and it definitely doesn’t have an ancient civilisation theme. In fact, the game has a beautiful Japanese manga theme, which is completely different! However, this slot is a medium volatility slot, just like Ecuador Gold, so you can expect similar gameplay and wins.

This game is very popular, and if you spin the reels yourself, you will quickly see why. The game is beautifully designed, and the visuals are actually fairly unique (which is always difficult for slot games!). So if you like beautiful, unique visuals, you will probably really enjoy this slot - and even if you’re not bothered about graphics, you will still probably enjoy the special symbols and bonus features that can be found in Koi Princess.

There are 8 different special features in this game, so you can spin the reels for hours without getting bored. Some of the features including wilds, wild reels, random wilds, scatters and a bonus game that can pay out big prizes. One of the best features in this game is probably the bonus bet, as this feature gives players the chance to significantly increase their winnings in a short amount of time.

About Elk Studios

Elk Studios is a popular slots development company, based in Sweden. The company was first formed in 2012, and within a few years, it was popular across the globe. This is because it is well known for producing high quality, well-thought out games with excellent graphics. The firm has now released over 20 slots, but it is clear that it prefers quality over quantity.

Elk designs games that can be played on mobile and tablet devices, as well as computers and laptops. They optimise all of their games for mobile devices, so the games look just as good on mobiles. They load quickly, the graphics are just as good and the gameplay is smooth. So if you like mobile gaming, you will probably love these slots!

Elk also produces games that can be played for free as well as for money. So if you want to play the Ecuador slot free, that won’t be a problem.

Some features that you might find in Elk slots include wilds, free spins and scatters. They also frequently use an interesting Betting Strategies feature that allows players to adjust their betting strategy. This feature is very useful, and it is fairly original, making it very enjoyable.

Another interesting feature that can be found in a few Elk games is the Game On feature. This feature is triggered after a player makes at least 25 bets on a game, and it provides players with a few free spins that they can enjoy. This is a really nice way to reward players for their loyalty to Elk slots. It is also ideal for players who love free spins, as Elk slots tend to feature lots of free spins - so you can still enjoy free spins while you wait to claim the offer.

Do you want to check out more high quality games from Elk? If so, we can help. Some of the most popular slots that this firm has produced include DJ Wild, Taco Brothers, Wild Seas and Bloopers. All of these games are original and fun, and they all have excellent graphics that are sure to impress the majority of players.

Ecuador Gold FAQs

🌄 Can I play Ecuador Gold slots for free?

When Ecuador Gold is available to the public, you’ll be able to play the demo version of this slot right here at Slots Temple.

🌄 Does Ecuador Gold slot have free spins?

Yes, land three or more bonus symbols to trigger the free spins bonus.

🌄 Can I win real money playing Ecuador Gold slots?

To win real-money prizes while playing Ecuador Gold, sign up to an ELK Studios-powered online.

🌄 Can I play Ecuador Gold slots with no deposit?

You can play Ecuador Gold as a no deposit slot for free here at Slots Temple. Bear in mind, you’ll be playing for play-money prizes.

🌄 Can I download Ecuador Gold slots?

ELK Studio slots are powered using HTML5, so there’s no need to download any software.

* Ecuador Gold trademark / license is owned by ELK Studios. This site is not endorsed by ELK Studios.

Game Name: Ecuador Gold
Software: ELK Studios
Themes: Aztec, Action & Adventure, Gods, Gold, Jewels, Mystery
Volatility: High volatility
Features: Bonus Game Wild Symbol Scatter Symbol Multiplier Free Spins Expanding Wilds High volatility 6 Reels Cascading Expanding Reels
Paylines: 262144
Reels: 6
Min Bet (all lines covered): 0.2
Max Bet: 100
Top Win: 25000
RTP: 96.1%
User Reviews
Overall score: 4.3 out of 5 stars
P Player1Slots
Golden 30/11/2019

Have played all these ELK gold games. Think Tahiti Gold might be my favourite but you can play them all at Slots Temple so don’t have to choose. Really enjoy the tumbling blocks and the way the game expands when you win. Sounds and graphics are also really strong. Great games from ELK.

D Daisy
great game 17/10/2019

lots of fun, want more games from elk! voodoo and tahiti gold are good too but this one the best. love the bonus round and free spins.

M MaskedMan
Enjoying Elk Slots at the moment 17/10/2019

Liked ELK's output for a while and particularly enjoy this "Gold" series - Voodoo and Tahiti followed this original (I guess I'm not alone in enjoying these games if they are doing follow ups!)... For me Ecuador is the best, love the graphics and sound and I'm a sucker for expanding rows and increased ways to win - hope ELK can keep up this high standard.

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