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Meet Helena

Stunning Helena is based on Helen of Troy and acts as the game’s wild icon. This means that she can substitute for all other symbols in the slot to help you achieve more winning combinations. The only icon she cannot substitute for is the temple scatters, which hold the key to more free spins.

This game is available to try for free right here, along with hundreds of other games, including more Novomatic slots, but there are also opportunities to add to your free spins tally. The game’s temple symbols will reward you with extra free spins if you manage to create winning combinations. In fact, if you manage to land between three and five of the icons, no less than 15 extra free games will be yours.

The bonuses on offer from these temple symbols do not end there, either. During your extra free reward games, all wins will be multiplied by three. This trebling of the prizes can make a real difference when it comes to adding up your wins.

The added fun doesn’t end there, either. Free games can be retriggered while you are playing the bonus, meaning there is massive potential when it comes to building up your prize pot as you could benefit from as many as 30 free spins. It is also possible to stack with a wild bonus during the free spins bonus to create even bigger wins. Instead of enjoying trebled wins, if the stacking takes effect you will be rewarded with a massive 6x multiplier on your wins.    

The theme of Helena

This Novomatic slot is set in Ancient Troy and combines a classic theme with a unique twist. Greek mythology is the focus of the game and, in particular, Helen of Troy, the gorgeous daughter of Zeus. To emphasise her importance in the slot, any win in the game that includes the title character symbol is doubled.

The design of Helena

The game is beautifully designed and is set within a temple where thematic symbols are accompanied by traditional playing card icons. There are the classic ace to ten playing cards, along with a vase, Paris, the Prince of Troy, and mythical hero Achilles.

As you might expect, the heroic Achilles and the dashing Paris are hard-hitters in this Novomatic slot, offering a massive 3,000x your stake if you can manage to land a five-strong combination, and the game benefits from a bevy of different combinations that can mix it up to create big wins to boost your prize tally.

Wild Helena

As mentioned previously, Helena is the wild of the game, offering all of the substituting powers that you would expect in a standard online slot. She does, however, also have a high value as a symbol in her own right. If you manage to land a full-house of all five of her symbols in a row you will be rewarded with a bumper win of 40,000 coins.

The game also has a scatter symbol which comes in the shape of a sunrise symbol. These hold the key to Helena’s free spins bonus. Three sunrises will unlock the 15 free spins, along with a lucrative 3x multiplier, regardless of where they land on the visible reels. You can then get another 15 free spins if you get another three sunrises while you are playing the first set of free games.

Betting range in Helena

Helena is a great online slot to play, whether you are normally a fan of a best slot bonus or simply like a good looking game with an interesting theme. It is also ideal for all sorts of online spinners, thanks to the opportunities to personalise your experience. One of the easiest ways to do this is by making use of the excellent betting range that this game offers.

If you like to spin with a little caution, you can open with a stake of just 10 a spin. If, however, you’re a high roller at heart, there is plenty of scope for adrenaline-pumping action. In fact, you can bet up to 100 on every spin that you make.

Variance in Helena

In many ways, the game is a fairly typical Novomatic slot. This is because it offers a medium to high variance experience, which many online spinners really enjoy. If you are new to the world of online slots or have never really known what this means in reality, the answer is surprisingly simple. Basically, all it means is that the wins may not roll in with every spin, but when they do, they are generally pretty big. The 3x multiplier undoubtedly helps with this. Then, of course, there is the chance to benefit from a bumper 6x multiplier when a Helena symbol is part of the winning combination in the free spin bonus.

Other games like Helena

If you like playing this game, there are plenty of others that you might like to try. These range from those with a similar theme such as Golden Goddess slot online, along with other Novomatic slots with a completely different story behind them. Some popular free to play slots from Novomatic include Always Hot, Amazing Stars, Eye of the Dragon, Golden Sevens, Gryphon’s Gold, Jackpot Crown, Jesters Crown, Lucky Lady’s Charm, Magic Money, Plenty of Fruit 20, Queen of Hearts, Secrets of the Sand, Sizzling Hot, the Tales of Darkness series, Ultra Hot and Win Wizards.

Conclusion about the Helena slot

This is a game that looks great and offers plenty of potential when it comes to winning big and providing entertainment and excitement. The visual appeal of the game is hard to ignore and, thankfully, the entertainment value of the graphics is equal to, or even better, than the game itself.

There may not be masses of wins but the ones that do roll in are well worth the wait and there is plenty of excitement to keep you going.

There is also plenty of opportunity to personalise your playing experience and the fact that you can bet anything from 10 to 100 on each and every spin, makes it an ideal slot however you choose to play. It is also available to try on a wide range of different devices, ensuring that you can enjoy the entertainment and excitement of the game, wherever you happen to be.

Makers of Helena

Helena is made by Novomatic and the Novomatic Group is now amongst the biggest global operators and producers of gaming technologies and is Europe’s number one. It is the employer of over 30,000 staff around the planet and has locations in over 50 countries, as well as exporting electronic solutions and gaming equipment to in excess of 75 different countries.

The company, which was founded in 1980 by the Austrian entrepreneur Professor Johann F Graf, has more than 2,100 gaming operations, along with other rental concepts, and operates around 270,000 different VLTs (video lottery terminals) and gaming terminals.

Who is Helena?

The game is undoubtedly based on Helen of Troy, but who is she and what are her major claims to fame? Helen is renowned in Greek mythology as the daughter of Leda and Zeus, although Tyndareus was her putative father. She was Clytemnestra’s twin sister and also had twin brothers Pollux and Castor.

Helen was said to be the world’s most beautiful woman and was abducted by hero Theseus, who went on to leave her being protected by Aethra, his mother, as he went off on his adventures. It was during this time that the Castor-led Spartan army invaded Athens and took back Helen, as well as capturing Aethra.

Various suitors tried to impress Helen in later times but it was Menelaus who was eventually the victor. He was the king of Sparta, meaning that Helen became queen, and the couple went on to have a daughter called Hermione and three boys known as Pleisthenes, Maraphius and Aethiolas.

Prince of Troy Paris, later abducted Helen, although some accounts say that she went to Troy of her own accord, having eloped with Paris, and these events marked the start of the Trojan War.

Paris was killed and Homer’s account says that Helen was then reunited with Menelaus, although other accounts have her ascending to Mount Olympus.

Regardless of the differences in the stories about Helen, she is amongst the best-known figures of Greek mythology and her beauty has inspired artists across the ages.

Paris and Achilles in Helena

Other major characters in the game are Paris and Achilles. Paris was King Priam’s son and some stories have him eloping with Helen. A disagreement between strife goddess Eris and other deities led to Paris having to make a judgement about which goddess was the fairest and this ultimately led to him disappearing to troy with Helen.

The Trojan War started as Helen’s former suitors attempted to bring her back, and the casualties include Achilles, who it is said was killed by an arrow hitting his heal. Some tales claim that the arrow belonged to Paris.

Achilles was the son of Thetis and Peleus and Thetis and is said to be one of the greatest Greek heroes to take part in the Trojan War. He had been bathed in the River Styx causing him to be almost immortal and it was only his heel that remained vulnerable. It is said that he was eventually shot in the ankle when an arrow shot by Paris was guided into place by Apollo. Paris was the brother of Hector, whom Achilles had killed during a dual previously.

The Trojan War

The Trojan War is one of Greek mythology’s most important events and is featured in many of the great Greek literary works, including the likes of Homer’s Iliad.

The war came about as a result of a disagreement between Aphrodite, Athena and Hera after Eris gave them the mythical golden apple known as the Apple of Discord. The apple was destined for the ‘fairest’ and Paris decided that Aphrodite should get the apple. In exchange, the winning goddess is said in some versions to have made Helen begin to love Paris.

The expedition to rescue Helen was led by the king of Mycenae, Agamemnon, who was Menelaus’ brother, and the troops besieged the city of Troy for ten years as a result of Paris’ ‘insult’. In the end, the city fell as a result of the Trojan Horse ruse.

It is not clear whether the Trojan War ever really happened, although many scholars think that the tale does have a historical core. Some say that the inspiration dates from 11th or 12th century conflicts, while others say that the Homeric stories are derived from tales of expeditions and sieges during the Bronze Age and involving Mycenaean Greeks. There is some train of thought that the war was related to dates offered by Eratosthenes - 1194–1184 BC. These correspond with evidence unearthed that date a burning of Troy to these dates.

There is no doubt that Helen of Troy’s life was filled with drama, whatever account you believe, and the same is true in this Novomatic slot. There is no shortage of excitement and intrigue in a game where you never know what the spins will roll in.

There is added excitement offered by a slot that doesn’t offer prize winning combinations at every turn, instead, rolling in less-frequent but bigger and more exciting wins.


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Game Name: Helena
Software: Novomatic
Themes: Ancient Greece, History
Volatility: Medium Volatility
Features: Free Spins Wild Symbols Multipliers Scatter Symbols
Paylines: 10
Reels: 5
Min Bet (all lines covered): 0.4
Max Bet: 80
Top Win: 40000
RTP: 95.12%
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