Lord of the Ocean Slot - Review, Demo Play, Payout, Free Spins & Bonuses

The 5 x 3 reels deliver more of the same, with the addition of some angel fish and a sunken galleon or two. The vertical reels are separated by ornate gold borders, and the icons are resting against what looks like a silk-like material. Everything just seems to have that extra little touch of luxury and glamour about it.

Lord of the Ocean is a magical world of gods, mermaids with singing voices like angels and treasure galore. Poseidon and the mermaids are happy to help you find the riches if you are ready to step into their world and give it a try.

Lord of the Ocean Graphics

The graphics in this game are beautifully drawn - clever and unique without being over the top. We already mentioned the stunning blue seas in the opening scenes and the background the reels are set against, but how about the symbols themselves?

Poseidon stands tall and powerful, sporting magnificent long white hair and beard, along with a gold crown. The mermaid is equally stunning with a beautiful face, though her hair is blue rather than white. There’s a statue too, which looks suitably Greek and ancient, while the red treasure chest is overflowing with jewels and coins beyond your wildest dreams. Even the number and alphabet icons are cleverly drawn, with a semi-mirror effect.

Watch out for the special effects the reels take on when the free game and expanding reels bonus option is triggered. The shimmering squares which dissolve before your eyes are something else. The graphics of a game are so important to the overall fun factor, and Lord of the Ocean has got everything spot-on perfect.

How to Play Lord of the Oceans

Opening up the Lord of the Ocean slot for the first time, you can either read the brief information given about some extra features or click straight through to start setting up the game to suit your tastes. It really is easy to win on this slot, but that doesn't mean you want to squander the 5000+ coins you are given to start with in free play mode.

The controls, which are laid out across the bottom of the screen, are where you need to start. Auto is the button for autoplay, and this sits at the far right side. Next to it is the button is labelled ‘bet’, which is where you can adjust the numbers click by click. The default is set to 5, but you can go down to 4, or up to 8 and then 10. In the centre is the largest button, which shows the last win, total wager for that spin and the number of remaining credits. To the left side is ‘max bet’ - pressing this will take you straight to 10 rather than clicking through the ‘bet’ button on the other side. Finally, you have the spin button, marked here as ‘start.

The winning starts when you get from two to five (depending on the symbol) connecting matching images across the paylines, running from left to right. With each win players have the option to simply play on and bank their winnings or gamble them on the turn of a card. If the gamble is taken and pays off, the winnings double and there is the opportunity to continue for another try. Get it wrong and you lose the coins gained in that spin only.

Lord of the Oceans is a pretty self-explanatory slot, so even the newest player to the online gaming scene should have no problems getting that wheel spinning and making a splash in this watery world of wonder.

What Is the RTP Of Lord of the Oceans?

The RTP (return to player) figure in this game is 95.10%, which is around, or just slightly above, the average. This means that, statistically speaking, for every 100 coins wagered the player will receive 95.1 coins back. Of course, this is a figure taken from a lot of research looking at the game being played many thousands of times. Some players will find they get better returns; others may not make it to this figure in one game session. It’s best to think of the RTP as a long-term average figure and to remember that this is a decent RTP compared to other slots.

How to Win at Lord of the Oceans

Whether you are playing for real cash or freebie coins, it’s natural to want to win and to make those winnings as handsome as possible, so here we have a few basic tips on how players can do their best to grow that pot of coins.

Firstly, if you are new to it, start off a little cautiously. Free play is a great way to get to know a game, to understand what makes it tick and to see the way things work. So to start it is wise to bet the least amount possible, and to avoid autospin as it doesn’t have a way to set the total spins, so your coin stash could easily be deleted faster than you’d like. Once you are familiar with the overall feel of the slot, you may want to up your stake, but as always doing it gradually is sensible.

Of course, the more you wager and play the more chance there is of reaching a new level, which brings a small reward and sometimes an inviting offer. But this is more of a nice bonus than a way to win. It’s impossible to predict or control which symbols will appear on the reels or whether the amazing bonus games are triggered, but you can know that the more you wager the higher your potential winnings will be.

Overall, though, the best option for boosting your winnings is the gamble feature. Of course, it has risks - after all, it’s a 50 -50 gamble - but get it right and you double your money, and that’s an effortless way to bank coins. We played the middle ground and took the gamble for smaller winnings while banking the larger payouts. That felt like a comfortable compromise between enjoying the thrill of the card turn and being sensible. But at the end of the day you are free to play it the way you feel works best for you.

Lord of the Oceans Payout Information

Novomatic games always seem to be generous, and this one is no different. The major symbols all cough up lovely coins for matching anywhere from two to five images on the reels, while the minor icons pay for three to five only. That’s more than fine by us, as both the principal characters and the 10 and picture card set are all packing amazingly huge rewards.

Let’s look at each in a little more detail, but be warned that this will only make you even keener to play than you probably were before!

Poseidon, the ultimate lord of the ocean, rightly takes top place in the Payout Olympics. Snag five of him on a spin for a whopping 50k return - four delivers 10 thousand, three equals one thousand, and just two makes you 100 coins richer.

The silver and bronze places are fought over by the beautiful blue-haired mermaid and the jewelled gate which does duty as the scatter symbol. Both pay twenty thousand for five of their images appearing across the reels in one spin, but for four the mermaid edges ahead, promising 4000 to the gate’s 2000. She doubles the return again for three matches, but the scatter has an ace up its sleeve - 10 free spins and the ‘special expanding symbol’, so perhaps it’s fair to say they tie for joint second.

So where do these fabulously generous offers leave the rest of the Lord of the Ocean symbols? In many games they would be relegated to the pay-pennies arena, but once again Novomatic prove why they are so well thought of by extending the decent payouts across the board. Both the statue and the treasure chest boast 7500 rewards for a full house, and the Q ad 10 icons nearly match that. All other places on those and the letters A and K are still very much worth having. This is a terribly easy slot to see those numbers racing up at speed.

Lord of the Ocean Bonus Features

The standard gamble feature is a nice bonus. Each win gives players the option to gamble or play on. Choosing gamble takes you to another screen where a set of red and black playing cards are sitting. The idea is to predict which colour of card will be turned over next. There is a record of the last few turns to look at, which you may find helpful if you can work out the odds.

It’s worth mentioning here that the only credit being risked in the gamble is what was won on the spin which triggered the bonus option. Make the right choice and your money doubles, plus you can have another go or bank the new amount and play on in the regular game. Lose and it’s gone, but you live to play another day.

This may be a simple and familiar game, but it is also strangely compelling and a welcome addition to the overall mix of options.

Free Spins on Lord of the Oceans

There aren’t any actual free spins in the Lord of the Ocean slot, but there are instead free games up for grabs, and boy are they worth playing for! To trigger the free game feature you need to secure three or more scatters across the reels. Success means ten free games and a whole lot of noise as the screen goes wild. Even better, if you can believe that anything could be, a symbol will then become a special feature expanding scatter, covering the reels where they appear and delivering plenty of coins or credits into your bank at top speed. This is a special treat which lasts a long time, and yet it occurs surprisingly often during a regular game, so you’ll be kept on your toes hoping for it to hit and hit again.

Lord of the Ocean Free Spins at Online Casinos

It is possible that you will find some online casinos which offer free spins on this slot to new players registering on their site. Otherwise, most will also have the free play or demo mode option, with the free games rather than free spins option.

No-Deposit Lord of the Oceans

If you find an online casino which demands a deposit from you before you can play a game in free mode, run a mile. On the other hand, if you want to play for cash, you do need to register with one. Always remember that the online casino market is quite crowded, and they don’t all offer the same benefits and extras. As a new customer you have the ball in your court, so shop around and look for the best deals. Ultimately, that means the sign-up bonuses which offer rewards you personally find attractive. One thing many people appreciate is the chance to play for real without having to make a cash deposit first.

Here’s a brief guide to how many online casinos work. New players register and give details which allow casino staff to verify their age and identity. These checks are required by law and cannot be avoided. Once accepted, the floor is open to real play, but of course the casino wants them to stay, so they gift various packages to players. These may involve matching your first cash deposit amount up to a limit they set, which could be £10 or could be £100! This doubles the player’s initial deposit, but there can be rules about how fast the free cash must be used or restrictions on the games it can be used on.

A no-deposit scheme means you can join and play with either a modest cash gift, say £10 or £20, but sometimes more, which you can use on the games and try the site out for yourself. This gift may also be subject to the controls mentioned above, though.

Lastly, some free gifts are given in the form of free spins. These can be quite lucrative at times, especially if you can bank any winnings without having to recycle them through the system several times.

Lord of the Oceans on Mobile - Android, iPhones and Tablets

Whether you are a diehard big screen desktop and laptop player or prefer the freedom of gaming on devices like your mobile and tablet, Lord of the Ocean slot has all bases covered. The mobile version is just as well designed and graphically pleasing as the original, which isn’t always the case. Of course, you can always play the game on any device by accessing it via a web browser, but if you prefer to download a specifically designed app for your Windows, iOS or Android device, it is there for the taking.

Our Hands-on Experience Playing Lord of the Ocean

There’s no shortage of adjectives that can be used when describing how it was to play this Lord of the Ocean slot, but few seem to really do it justice. The game opens initially to an information screen, dominated by a huge image of Poseidon looking very stern and powerful, with smaller images mentioning the gaming options the game offers, such as scatters and features. This soon disappeared under its own steam, to be replaced by an attractive 5 x 3 reel clearly set at the bottom of the sea. Behind it sunken ships, coal and pretty fish provide interesting details which catch the eye.

The control panel is in the standard place, across the bottom of the reels, and it is nice and simple - with the autoplay and start button clearly marked, and the bet lines easy to adjust.

Being keen to get going, we opted for a five-line bet, which meant each spin used 50 coins. Although we already knew that the payouts figures are good and the bonus and extra games are definitely in play, it’s pretty hard to forecast exactly how playing a game will make you feel. In this case we fell for it almost instantly - or to be more precise when we got to spin six and had our first win! 10 free games and the expanding symbols - it felt like Christmas!

The sound effects are amazing too - this game could well have the biggest variety of all slots on offer at the moment, as it seemed each different move rang a different bell or made the tune shift from dramatic to tense to celebratory in an instant! Now in some circumstances that could be annoying, but it was so perfectly timed and added so much to the experience that there were no complaints from this end. Of course, there is always the option to alter the sound if it did get too much.

From here on we seemed to win at early every spin, but if gathering coins wasn’t much of a problem, holding on to them was more challenging. Lord of the Ocean has that terribly tempting ‘gamble’ feature going on. It would be sensible to take the current amount won on a spin and bank it, but several times we found ourselves clicking on the gamble button instead. There it’s a case of wagering your winnings as the stake in a straight two-card shootout. You predict the next card to be turned will be either red or black. Get it right and your cash doubles - and you can try again. Fail and you lose your stake. If it helps, there is a record of the last several results for you to consult. Could you say no every single time? We couldn’t!

We enjoyed the surprise bonuses too - like the chance to level up that happened more often than we would have expected. As well as adding some extra coins in the bank, there’s the opportunity to double the max bet level of 10 to a very nice 20. You can switch back at any point if you go for it, so there’s nothing to lose by trying for even bigger rewards.

One of the many highlights of playing Lord of the Ocean was the fanfare each big win brought. Every spin is fun, though, and its appeal doesn’t fade, no matter how many times you play.

If You Enjoy Lord of the Ocean, You’ll Love…

Lord of the Ocean is a magical slot with a fun and engaging nautical theme and a game that offers many hours of playing pleasure, but there may be times when you want to play something else for a change. If that’s ever the case, there are plenty of other slots around to try out in between spins on your favourites. Here we present a round-up of several you may want to check out.

Novomatic offer lots of different slots, many of them following themes connected to riches and to queens or powerful leaders of ancient cultures. Let’s start with a brief look at four of their most popular slots.

Book of Ra

This five-reel, ten-payline, non-progressive classic style slot brings bygone Egypt to life and with its free spins, a double-up option and multiplier. It’s rarely dull.

Book of Ra Deluxe

If you develop and market an online slot that becomes a major hit and then a long-time favourite, it makes sense to capitalize on that by designing a sequel. And this is exactly what Novomatic did with the Book of Ra. It’s a sequel, so those familiar with the first game can step right back into the shoes of a brave explorer searching for that elusive and very secret book, while new players can enjoy the entire adventure from the start.

Dolphin’s Pearl

Another five-reel, ten-payline non-progressive, this is one for the nature lovers out there. Both the animations and the graphics are highly praised, and the RTP is above average too. Everybody loves lots of ways to win, and Dolphin’s Pearl doesn’t disappoint with free spins, bonuses, wilds, multipliers, scatters and the usual extra from this design company - the ‘gamble’.

Reel King

This heavily retro slot appeals to those who love classic and timeless games, as despite being fairly basic it remains firmly in the most popular charts. There’s a good bet range, which is always nice, but with only free spins and a bonus feature it’s not half as lucrative as more modern games.

Slots to Try from Other Providers

Mermaids Millions

Designed by Microgaming, this video slot boasts scatters, wilds, spins, and multipliers on its five-reel, 15-payline reels. The very lovely mermaid is your guide and helper, and you will also meet her father, Neptune.

Deep Sea Treasure

Channel your inner Captain Nemo by searching for hidden treasure lost in the ocean. There are twenty paylines to play with on this video slot from Blueprint. It’s a fun, upbeat slot with humorous icons and lots of little extras to surprise players. The bonus, wilds, scatters and multipliers make it easy to win, which is always a plus point.

Secrets of Atlantis

NetEnt are the makers of this water-related story, based around the mysterious and much searched for mythical city of Atlantis. Assisted by a beautiful mermaid, can you be the one to find the hidden treasure? You only have a bonus and wild option to help you bank extra coins here, but 40 paylines sweeten that news.

Sails of Gold

The action in this Play ‘n Go water-based adventure video slot takes place on top of the waves, where the brave explorers face pirates and other hazards as they make history and have plenty of adventures along the way. There’s a nice wide bet range and some amazing detailed graphics to enjoy too.

Fairytale Legends: Mirror, Mirror

If you are up for a slot based on myth and love the chance to win in many different ways, then this fairytale-inspired tale may be equally interesting. Third in the NetEnt series known as ‘Fairytale Legends’, this slot is based on the famous Snow White and the Seven Dwarves story. With five reels and an amazing 243 paylines, you won’t be short of opportunity here, so enjoy the respins featuring the beautiful princess and the evil queen, the randomly triggered extra features and of course the three bonus options too. This is one of the most exciting games around after Lord of the Ocean.

The Legend of Robin and Marian

Few people who were around at the time will ever forget the crooning love song that opened the Kevin Costner film version of this story, and there are plenty of earlier versions too. Quite simply, people can’t get enough of ordinary heroes and what they stand for, especially when it comes to helping out the disadvantaged as Robin does. But can he win the love and the hand in marriage of the gorgeous Maid Marian? Can he find the mysteriously vanished Friar Tuck? Outrun the evil Sheriff of Nottingham? You need to step into Sherwood Forest and play this 40-payline slot to find out! The stakes may be high in the storyline, but on the reels there’s more choice, as you can play anything from one to 40 lines with two line bet options to switch things up as you like.

Finally, here's a fun online slot which picks up the theme of mythical figures and leaders of people.

Valkyrie Queen

This story is grounded in ancient Norse mythology, and it features the most magnificent of all female creatures - the Valkyrie. It is said that these women were responsible for choosing which of the soldiers going into battle would perish and which would be granted the gift of entry into the wonderful afterlife known as Valhalla. Designed by Bally, this compelling online slot features great graphics, from the Valkyrie queen, Viking ship and raven to a horse with wings and the hammer of Thor. There are also plenty of flexible paylines which allow for more winning combinations to be formed, and some tasty bonus features like free spins and tumbling (or cascading) reels which stick around for the free spins too. Overall, this is a great slot to give some time too, especially if you are interested in this kind of history.

Lord of the Ocean Review

We would recommend this slot as being ideal for players of all levels. Those new to online slots will find it suitably easy to navigate. Who needs complicated instructions and hard to find information on the control panel? On the other hand, more seasoned players have plenty to hold their interest and feed the need for new experiences and adventures along the way. If we could change one thing, it would be to have the autoplay button come with the option to set how many spins it should run for. Right now just one click sets it in motion, and it goes incredibly quickly. This could soon power through your coins, so perhaps it’s better to keep an eye on each spin’s coin spend when using this feature. Having said that, it does stop for long enough to allow players to savour a win, and it stops immediately with one click.

About Novomatic

Not all game-makers are equal, and it’s fair to say that few can challenge Novomatic’s record for consistently producing award-winning slots (as well as doing many other things too, of course). Now one of the biggest in the game technology market, with more than thirty thousand staff based in over fifty countries around the world, it certainly is a powerhouse.

Despite the brand’s growth and market presence, Novomatic games remain as charming and innovative as ever. There’s no resting on laurels for this company. It’s well known and well established across much of Europe, and plans to develop and grow interests in Asia, North America and South America are on the agenda and much anticipated.

Novomatic are committed to being market leaders. They set trends, deliver the unusual and surprising without compromising on quality, of course, and this approach encompasses all aspects of gaming, including online and mobile. They are equally committed to promoting responsible gaming strategies and were the first to develop a system which protects underage players by preventing them from accessing gaming machines.

Lord of the Ocean FAQs

Got a burning question about Novomatic’s Lord of the Ocean? You may find the answer here.

Can I Play Lord of the Oceans For Free?

You certainly can. The game is free to play on many online casino sites. Look out for it in free or demo mode.

Does Lord of the Ocean Have Free Spins?

No, there are no traditional free spins bonus options, but there are free games which are quite easy to trigger and they boost your chances of winning something considerably.

Can I Win Real Money While Playing Lord of the Oceans?

In free or demo mode you are playing for credit, but there are no real payouts, but if you register with an online casino and opt into the game with a cash stake, you have the chance of winning real money.

Do You Have Any Lord of the Ocean Tips or Cheats?

Make the most of the gamble option when you have a win, especially if you are happy to lose the credit won on that spin. This can be a great way to boost your total, despite the risks.

Another good tip is to make the most of free play options to get used to the game before splashing the cash. Wagering on online games can be a lot of fun, and it’s always better when you play in the moment and enjoy the game for itself rather than just as a way to try to make cash.

Can I Play Lord of the Oceans with No Deposit?

There should never be a need to make a deposit while playing this slot in free mode or as an established casino member. Non-members may be offered the chance to sign up to an online casino for the first time and receive either some free spins, a sum of cash or sometimes both as a welcome gift. This is a nice way to test a new casino out, but read the terms carefully as some freebies have to be used in a very short time or they expire. Which isn’t always a bad thing, but it does mean joining when you can be sure of the time to use this opportunity wisely.

Can I Download Lord of the Oceans?

There’s no need to download this slot to play on either a fixed or portable device, but the option is there for mobiles and tablets if you prefer it. Simply download the free app from the relevant app store.

* Lord of the Ocean trademark / license is owned by Novomatic. This site is not endorsed by Novomatic.

Lord of the Ocean FAQs

🔱 Can I Play Lord of the Oceans For Free?

You certainly can. The game is free to play on many online casino sites. Look out for it in free or demo mode.

🔱 Does Lord of the Ocean Have Free Spins?

No, there are no traditional free spins bonus options, but there are free games which are quite easy to trigger and they boost your chances of winning something considerably.

🔱 Can I Win Real Money While Playing Lord of the Oceans?

In free or demo mode you are playing for credit, but there are no real payouts, but if you register with an online casino and opt into the game with a cash stake, you have the chance of winning real money.

🔱 Do You Have Any Lord of the Ocean Tips or Cheats?

Make the most of the gamble option when you have a win, especially if you are happy to lose the credit won on that spin. This can be a great way to boost your total, despite the risks. Another good tip is to make the most of free play options to get used to the game before splashing the cash. Wagering on online games can be a lot of fun, and it’s always better when you play in the moment and enjoy the game for itself rather than just as a way to try to make cash.
Game Name: Lord of the Ocean
Software: Novomatic
Themes: Action & Adventure, Mythology, Gods, Sea life
Volatility: Medium Volatility
Features: Free Spins Wild Symbols Multipliers Scatter Symbols Expanding Wilds
Paylines: 10
Reels: 5
Min Bet (all lines covered): 0.4
Max Bet: 100
Top Win: 0
RTP: 95.10%
User Reviews
Overall score: 4.0 out of 5 stars

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