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You may have heard of the Book of Ra slot before, whether it's the original version or one of the other crossover slots that were launched after the success of this offering. If you have heard of it before, it’s probably because the series forms some of the most popular slots out there, not just from game makers Novomatic but from all other slot creators, too.

Book of Ra Theme

As we delve straight into the slot, you can instantly see what the theme has in store for you. If you weren't sure before from the name of the slot, the inclusion of Egyptian symbols certainly cements the Egyptian adventure theme into place. Named after the ancient Egyptian god of the sun, this slot features several icons and symbols that may seem familiar to you. For those who can’t place Ra, he is the god that is often depicted with the head of a falcon and the sun symbol within the circle of a snake, all sitting atop of his head. It is one of the most common portrayals of an Egyptian god, which is why it is no surprise that Ra himself appears on the reels, albeit as one of the slightly less important symbols.

In among the winning symbols, we are greeted by other Egyptian symbols such as a golden sarcophagus and scarabs, but the main point of interest rests on the Indiana Jones-like explorer who is the main feature of the slot. We follow the explorer on a mission to find the elusive Book of Ra while finding hidden treasures on the perilous journey. Adventure slots are always one of the most popular types of games available, so when you throw in the added Egyptian theme, it’s no wonder that Book of Ra has such a big following.

How Book of Ra Looks

As you might expect, there is a lot of gold spread across the reels. This includes the tall columns to each side and the golden wings spread across the top of the screen emblazoned with the Book of Ra title. Just behind the slot title are the black silhouettes of the smooth sand dunes and pointing pyramids with the sun peeking out just behind them. The sky is dark with a pink and purple hue, which helps to create a mysterious undertone.

The reels themselves have black backgrounds that continue the darkness of the silhouettes, right down to the bottom of the screen. The gold contrasts beautifully against this, as do the multitude of vivid colours used for the symbols. At either side of the reels, you will find the numbers one to nine, signifying the number of paylines found in this slot. The numbers at each side are colour-coordinated with the other side so you know just where each payline starts and finishes.

Book of Ra Slot

How to play Book of Ra

Seasoned players won't need much explanation on how to get started with this slot. Even those who have never played before will quickly pick it up due to the ease of play associated with the Book of Ra and its successor slots.

Cast your eyes to the lower section of the screen, where you will find all of your playing options. You are prompted by a large font asking you to "please place your bet". This can easily be done directly underneath it by adjusting the lines and bet amount per line. First, you can use the plus and minus icons to select between one and nine paylines, with each payline lighting up on the reels to show you all the possible win lines available.

Once you are happy with your lines, you must choose how much you want to bet per line. This can be anywhere from 0.05 and 10.00 per line, which means that overall, players can choose a minimum of 0.05 and a maximum of 90.00 as their total bet per spin. You can then click on "start" to begin spinning the reels.

You can choose to take your time and click for each individual spin, or you may want to take advantage of the autoplay option. This does exactly what you might think: it allows the reels to keep spinning automatically. Although Book of Ra may have benefitted from giving players the option of setting a predetermined number of automatic spins, players can still just sit back, watch the reels spin, and click "stop" when they want the autoplay to end.

When you manage to land a win, the gamble icon will begin to flash. This is your opportunity to turn your winnings into something that could possibly be much more than the original amount. If you’re feeling lucky, you can click on it, at which point you will be prompted to guess whether the red or black card will be the next colour to be turned over.

You can see the previous five cards, but it is really just a fun game of chance that allows you to double your winnings. Each time you guess correctly, your bonus total will rise and you will be given the opportunity to gamble again or take the money. If you choose the wrong colour, you will lose your winnings and be sent straight back to the main game.

Of course, you don’t have to gamble your winnings. If you prefer to continue spinning the reels and pocket your cash, you can just ignore the flashing gamble icon and continue to play. However, for those who like to keep the gameplay fresh, it’s a great little addition to break up the spinning of the main reels, and if you get your way, you might just bring a decent chunk of money back with you.

Book of Ra Paytable

As with most slots, each symbol in this thrilling game has its own significance when it comes to hitting the big wins. The amount that you can win will all depend on just how much you have placed as a total bet, so you should keep this in mind when taking into account the figures below, which are all based on the maximum stake possible.

Book of Ra Slot

The lowest-paying symbols on the reels are the 10, J and Q playing card symbols. These pay out 50 coins should you find three of them on the reels, 250 coins for four, and 1,000 coins for five of them. The final two playing card symbols, K and A, pay out a little more with 50, 400, and 1500 being paid out for three, four and five matching symbols respectively.

The scarab beetle and golden Ra statue symbols are both worth the same amount of coins and also allow a small payout of 50 coins if you find just two. Three matching symbols pays out 300 coins, four gives you 1,000, and if you land a full sweep of five matching symbols, you will land a payout of 7,500. The Tutankhamun-like sarcophagus will net you 50, 400, 4,000 and 20,000 coins when you land two, three, four, and five on a winning payline, whilst the explorer is worth the most out of all of the main symbols.

Complete with a hat that looks like it was borrowed from Indiana Jones, the explorer/archaeologist is the symbol to look out for when you are wishing for big bucks. Two of them will give you 100 coins, three will pay out 1,000, four offers 10,000, and if you are lucky enough to land all five, you will be taking home a massive 50,000 coins.

There is one final symbol shown on the reels, and it is just as elusive as the title object. The book of Ra features as the scatter, which first and foremost can help you collect a decent amount of money. If you find three of them on the reels, you will receive 180 coins, whereas four coins pay out 1,800 and five symbols give you 18,000 coins to play with. The symbol also substitutes for all other symbols on the reels, which means that you are more likely to find a winning combination when the scatter becomes involved.

Book of Ra Free spins

However, it is the use of the Book of Ra scatter symbol that is the gateway to your free games. When you find three or more of the scatters, you will trigger the free games feature. In this feature, an expanding symbol is randomly chosen and can go as far as covering three positions on the reels. The symbol will only expand if there is the possibility of a win and can expand to non-adjacent positions. The scatter symbol will not substitute for the expanding symbol when the free games are triggered. However, with the use of expanding symbols, you may not even need any further help.

Book of Ra Sounds

If you were to look at the Book of Ra, you would presumably expect there to be a mysterious soundtrack full of echos and eerie noises haunting you in the background as you spin the reels. After all, this would match the graphics show on screen at the time. However, quite surprisingly, you don’t get to hear anything that remotely resembles sounds from an ancient Egyptian adventure slot. Instead, you are left with slot sounds.

With Novomatic’s reputation as a producer of classic gaming consoles and slots, it makes more sense why they would stick to the familiar slot machine sounds. For them, and for the Book of Ra in particular, the slot is all about taking it back to how slots should be, without all of the fancy features but with enough to keep players entertained. You can hear the reels landing whilst the comical and high-pitched noises take you straight back to a time where you would stand in front of the machines in a casino.

It doesn’t seem that much out of place once you realise the significance of it all. However, the winning sounds are something else. Land a win on the reels and you are met with a slight whoosh of adventure-style music that lasts for a couple of seconds before a drum beat kicks in accompanied by a ticking clock and what sounds like the ding of an elevator. The time elements are there to encourage you to make your decision about whether to continue to play or to take your chance and play the gamble option with your winnings, but it seems really out of place. It’s a very small criticism compared to the overall slot, but it’s something that may take you out of the gaming mindset and pulls you out of the game a little.

Even though the juxtaposition of sounds against the slot theme may have been a bit of an unusual choice, it is something that you do quickly get used to, and it becomes a normal part of the game when you are playing Book of Ra.

Book of Ra RTP

The free version of Book of Ra offers a theoretical return to player percentage of 92.13%. This high-volatility slot means that although you may be waiting a little longer to receive a win than you would when playing some of the other low-volatility slot titles, once it does land, it is more likely going to be one of the bigger offerings. It’s the perfect type of slot to play for those who like to keep the spending slow and steady, rather than going all out and betting big. Place heavy bets and you may find that your money runs out quite quickly, so it is definitely recommended that you place smaller, regular bets to patiently keep the game going and receive the reward of a big payout.

No need to register to Play Book of Ra

The beauty of playing slots at Slots Temple is that you get to experience games, such as Book of Ra, without going through a lengthy sign-up process. There is no registration needed in order for you to access the slots we have on offer.

As with all of the slots found here at Slots Temple, players can sample the gameplay and features of Book of Ra with ease. You don’t have to sign up or hand over any of your details; you can just search for your chosen game and click to play. Each game comes with a set amount of credits that users can play through at their own pace. This could be by betting little and often, or you may want to up the stakes and become a high roller. Whichever way you want to play, you don’t need to worry when the credits eventually run out. Simply refresh your browser, and the credits will restart. This is perfect for those who enjoy playing one particular slot or for those who want to try as many as possible as the credits will just begin again for each refresh or each new game you play.

Book of Ra Free mobile gaming

Slots can be enjoyed in your preferred setting. This could be at home on your desktop computer, waiting for a bus on your mobile, or using your tablet on the train. The fact that Book of Ra is available to play on desktop, mobile and tablet allows players the full flexibility to play wherever they want with almost no restrictions. You don’t have to wait until you get home to play; just use your mobile device to play the slots that are compatible with most devices.

Players do not need to download anything to play one of the free slots that are available. The only restriction that could affect you is your ability to connect to an internet source. As long as you are connected to the internet, you will be able to play for free.

Book of Ra Review

It’s hard to write anything too negative about Book of Ra. This is a classic slot game that is still every bit as popular as it was back when it was first released, which is a great feat when you consider how much the gameplay of modern slots has changed and evolved over the years. There is clearly still a big market for this type of slot, with players relishing simple, easy-to-play games that still look good years later. The graphics may not be quite as good as they once were, but it certainly does not look outdated.

The Egyptian theme is one that has been done many times by several different game makers, so Book of Ra does well to remain popular in an oversaturated market. It may not be the most feature-packed offering, but the inclusion of the scatter and free games ensures that there is still plenty to excite its players.

The free spins feature is one that can often be seen in other slots, but not usually quite like the one in Book of Ra. Not only can you trigger 10 free spins when you land three or more of the Book of Ra scatter symbol, but you are also rewarded with one expanding symbol at the beginning of the free spins round. If there are enough symbols to trigger a win, the symbols can expand to make your win even more appealing. It’s a great feature that brings a lot to this slot.

The music might be a little off-putting, but it brings the slot back down to the classic casino game level and means that it doesn’t get too carried away with itself like some of the more modern offerings. These can sometimes get a little confusing with multiple sounds, playing options and features, but thankfully Book of Ra keeps to its roots and loses any confusion on the way.

The ability to adjust the number of paylines and bet amount per line is one that many players may welcome, and although it seems unlikely that players will choose to play just one line, the option is still there for the few who prefer to play this way. The flexible approach is most definitely the way to go to allow a degree of player customisation and is always one that is welcomed.

The bet limits in Book of Ra are quite low, which means that those who prefer to take it slow and really take their time with the slots they play will be happy with this choice. The RTP confirms this theory. As with all high-volatility slots, it is best that you bet small amounts more often in order to keep your balance looking healthy. By betting this way, you might just land one of the big wins.

Overall, Book of Ra has something for everyone. Those who like to keep it simple will be happy with the basic yet fun gameplay, while those looking for a little more will enjoy the features that the slot has to offer. It’s a really well-made slot that looks good and continues to bring in players.

About Novomatic

Novomatic was launched in Austria back in 1980 by Johann Graf and began as a producer and distributor of slot and gaming machines. From there, they began to expand globally while launching several casinos along the way, and they now have offices in 43 countries around the world.

In 1990, American Poker II became one of Novomatic’s most highly sought-after games. To this day, it remains one of their most popular offerings. They continued to develop their technology with multi player, touch screen and interactive live games taking the forefront of their work. They soon found themselves among the market leaders after acquiring several companies along the way. Novomatic now has more than 30,000 employees with subsidiaries in 50 countries.

They pride themselves on offering the full gaming package, from producing gaming equipment and software to operating several large casinos. Their start in physical gaming machines is what many believe is one of the reasons their online slots feel much more casino-like than other slots on the market.

Other slots that you may like

Book of Ra 6

Fans of Book of Ra might also enjoy the next installment of Book of Ra Deluxe, which is the latest in the series. Book of Ra 6 has given the collection a modern upgrade. You can immediately see that the graphics have been improved significantly, with the symbols and background all looking crisper and cleaner. The symbols are the same, with the scarab, golden statue, Tutankhamun figure and the explorer all featuring.

There are now 10 paylines and the option of activating a sixth reel in the Extra Bet feature. The Book of Ra is the scatter and can help trigger free spins and expanding symbols, just like the first slot installment. Aside from the additional reel and updated graphics, there isn’t much extra included in Book of Ra 6. However, for fans of the original, it may come as a necessary upgrade to one of their favourites.

Lucky Lady’s Charm

As one of the big slot titles when land-based casino slots were the main source of gaming, Lucky Lady’s Charm certainly has stood the test of time. Granted, it may not be as full of bells and whistles as many of the other high-tech slots out there at the moment, but it’s slots like these that remind us why it is good to strip it back and keep it simple sometimes.

With five reels and nine paylines, Lady Luck’s Charm is a great beginner’s slot that has something for everyone. It has scatters, free spins and multipliers to keep players hooked, and while the graphics may not quite be as fresh as they once were, it’s no wonder that this continues to be one of the most popular classic slot titles around.

Dolphin’s Pearl

For those who like their slots to be highly volatile, Dolphin’s Pearl might be a great choice for you. This aquatic-themed slot has some lovely graphics and plenty of features to keep you interested. There are five reels and 10 paylines, which may just see you land quite a substantial win when you find the high-paying symbols. There are wilds, scatters and a free game bonus with additional multipliers. It is these great features, along with its eye-catching design, that see Dolphin’s Pearl consistently added to the best slots lists.

Sizzling Hot

The first in a long line of the Sizzling series of slots from Novomatic, this is another classic for those who want to get back to the good old days of gaming while adding a touch of modernity for those who like to keep up-to-date. The format is just the same as the slots found on the older land-based machines, but this video slot adds some crisp graphics to keep it fresh. There are no features in Sizzling Hot, so it may not be for everyone, but many people will be more than happy to spot the bells, fruit, bars and 7s in among the symbols. It’s simple to play and is just as good fun as it was when it was first released.

Temple of Secrets

If you enjoyed playing Book of Ra because of its explorer theme, Temple of Secrets might also pique your interest. It has a similar Indiana Jones-style protagonist, whom players must follow to find the secrets that hide in the jungle. Unlike Book of Ra, however, this slot has more features to keep the reels spinning. Among the playing card symbols and wild animals are more opportunities to win big, including the possibility of a 20x jackpot if you fill the full reels with the explorer symbol. There is certainly more going on in this slot, which may be your next step from the Book of Ra.

Pharaoh’s Secret

Continuing the Egyptian theme, Pharaoh’s Secret is another slot that at first glance looks quite simple. It is only when you see the features on offer that you realise that it is much more than first anticipated. This five-reel slot has 20 paylines, offering much more of an opportunity to win than Book of Ra.

There are similar symbols to be found on the reels, including the scarab beetle and the golden statue of Ra, while pyramids and hidden passageways also feature. Wilds and scatter form part of the base game, while the XtraWin symbol adds expanding wilds to the reels to give you even more chances of winning big. There is also the addition of a bonus game in which you can win up to 100 free games just by hoping that your chosen symbol appears on the special reels. Pharaoh’s Secret ties in with the Book of Ra for those who enjoy the Egyptian theme, but it is definitely more feature-packed for those who like their slots to be constantly changing.

No deposit

Many slots sites only allow players to play real money games, but we give you the freedom to try each game and maximise the fun. Of course, many players do prefer to play with real money, and if that is the case, you can find Book of Ra on one of the many online casino sites out there. Slots Temple can recommend some online casinos that do allow you to play for real, so after you have given the free games a try, feel free to browse the site for recommended online slots sites.


Disclaimer: Book of Ra trademark / license is owned by Novomatic. This site is not endorsed by Novomatic.

* This button takes you to an external third-party partner real money casino website. Although we try and match games with Casinos that have them, we advise that you double-check the slot content on the casino website before making a deposit or signing up.

Slot Data
Slot Name: Book of Ra
Software: Novomatic
RTP: 96%
Volatility: High volatility
Paylines: 10
Reels: 5
Min Bet (all lines covered): £0.40 (GBP)
Max Bet: £40 (GBP)
Top Win: 500
Features: Bonus Game , Wild Symbol , Scatter Symbol , Multiplier , Free Spins , High volatility , 5 Reels
UK Available in GB? Yes. Novomatic have a UKGC license and are allowed to offer their games at UK licensed casinos.

Book of Ra FAQs

Can I play Book of Ra for free?

With Slots Temple, all of the games that we offer are available to play free of charge. There is no need to sign up or hand over any details; you can quickly and easily click to play without spending a cent. For those who would like to try playing Book of Ra Magic for real money, you are encouraged to visit some of our recommended online casino slot sites, which can be found on this site.

Does the Book of Ra slot have free spins?

Yes, this is the main feature of the Book of Ra slot. To trigger the free spins feature, you must first find a minimum of three scatter symbols, which are represented by the Book of Ra itself. These free spins also feature the inclusion of a random expanding symbol to make the feature even more exciting.

Can I win real money when playing Book of Ra?

While playing on Slots Temple, players will be playing for free using credits. These credits are purely there so that you can try the slot and see if it is the right one for you and your style of playing - or if it will serve as a fun way for you to pass the time. Real money, therefore, cannot be won while playing through Slots Temple. However, it can be won when playing with real money through the many casino slot sites that offer this game. Book of Ra is a popular choice, and it is readily available on several different casino sites for those who want to add the excitement of playing with real cash.

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