Lucky Leprechaun Slot - Review, Demo Play, Payout, Free Spins & Bonuses

We’re off to the world of the little people, courtesy of Microgaming! In Irish folklore, a leprechaun is a kind of fairy. They are usually shown as small bearded men, wearing a coat and a hat with a buckle on the front. They are creatures who live a solitary existence, mending shoes, and they always have a pot of gold hidden at the end of the rainbow. If a human catches a leprechaun, the human often gets three wishes in exchange for giving the little man his freedom. They're known for their practical jokes and although originally they were always seen dressed in red, these days they are invariably depicted in green, the colour of Ireland.

The people who have breathed life into this particular elf, are the cutting edge gaming developers at Microgaming. They were one of the first to set up online gaming, and now have over 850 titles under their belts. This is one of their best, and it’s an upbeat, happy-making slot to play.

They boast that if you’ve never been to Ireland, this game will teach you about Irish culture. While this will have Irish patriots wincing, it’s true to say that every well known Irish symbol is in the game, including pints of what looks like Guinness, leprechaun’s pipes and shamrocks. Needless to say, the leprechaun has a four leafed clover tucked in his hatband.

Microgaming - an early player

Microgaming is a privately owned games developer which operates out of the Isle of Man and claims to have set up the first online casino in 1994. The company is now a leader in supplying games to the online gaming industry, with Microgaming slots featuring in most online casinos, including all the industry leaders.

The firm also makes lots of games that have progressive jackpots, which run across several casino sites. Their world famous Mega Moolah game lived up to its name for some time by holding the title of biggest ever payout.

A couple of years ago, Microgaming did the same as the other leading online games developers, and moved into virtual reality. It’s using Oculus Rift technology with headsets, and at the moment, seems to be focusing on virtual reality roulette. However, with the trend for slots titles to borrow from gaming titles, and introduce themes and quests, we may see some interesting development in the online slots that the company releases. A virtual reality headset and a three dimensional green leprechaun - is the online slots world ready for this?

So it's time to find out whether you've got the luck of the Irish by taking a look at what Lucky Leprechaun has in store.

Playing on mobile and tablet

This incredibly popular video slot is widely played in online casinos and can be accessed on mobiles, tablets, laptops and PCs. Microgaming used to release its games in either Flash, or a download version, but these days, everything tends to be in HTML5, so that the games can be accessed instantly via any browser.

There’s a very useful navigation guide to playing Lucky Leprechaun on a mobile or touch screen. You’ll find it at the beginning of the free game on Slots Temple. It shows you how to swipe down to go to the lobby, then swipe back up to return to the game. Swiping right or left from the middle of the screen will take you to the Settings section, where you can adjust your bet or go to the Paytable, where you can check the values of various winning symbol combinations.

Lucky Leprechaun sound and graphics

As we’ve hinted, Microgaming is not shy of presenting the tried and trusted symbols that spell out Irish folklore. Apart from the pipe, the pints and the green fella, we’ve got a fiddle, so we can all have a Ceilidh later, a pot of gold, Lucky’s green hat, a shamrock of course, and the usual playing card symbols.

The graphics aren’t subtle, although the developers have done a good job with Lucky Leprechaun himself, who looks pretty sharp and chirpy. Highly coloured and cheerful is how you’d describe this game.

Behind the play area, we’ve got a background of green fields, blue mountains, and a cloudy sky with, of course, a rainbow. The legend is that the leprechauns know where to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The big question is will the little green chap lead you to your own pot of gold? He might, as there’s a bonus pot of gold among the symbols.
A big win brings a full on hammering at the piano keys, but this soon morphs into the leprechaun saying “You’ve got me going, you’ve got me going,” and then the fiddle and the pipe start up with a jig. When the slot goes back to normal play, we’re right back with a soothing, slightly Irish tune.

There’s some funny animation as well - when the wild appears, the other symbols making up the payline jiggle about. It’s all in keeping with the light-hearted approach and theme.

Let’s get playing

Out from behind a set of big spotted mushrooms steps Lucky Leprechaun, and the cheerful music theme starts up.

Lucky Leprechaun has stacked Wilds both in the base game and in free spins mode.This means that the whole of a reel can turn wild. It’s also got jackpots and bonuses galore, so let’s take a look.

The wild is the Lucky Leprechaun sign, which substitutes for all symbols except the pot of gold and the shamrock. Five of these are worth 100 coins, four are worth 50 and even three gets you 10. Mr. Pointy Ears, Lucky Leprechaun himself, comes next. Five of him are worth 80, four are worth 25 and three get you 6. Next it’s that fiddle. Five of these are worth 60, four are worth 20 and three of them gets you 3.

Now normally, you’re the one that has to pay when you go to the bar and order that luscious dark beer with the creamy top. But in Lucky Leprechaun, the beer pays you! Five are worth 50 coins, four are worth 15 and three of them gets you 2. And by the way, it’s your round next.

Even the whiff of the leprechaun’s pipe is worth following. Five of these are worth 40 coins, four are worth 10 and three of them gets you 1.5.

Hit the winning road with the Trail of Fortune

Three, four or five pots of gold trigger the Trail of Fortune bonus feature. You’ll see the screen change, and there is the winding road to the end of the rainbow, where that pot of gold is buried. Again, sparkly and colourful graphics give the whole thing a sense of fun. At this screen, we get a glimpse of Lucky Leprechaun’s stunning striped socks, well worth it just for that.

As you climb the road, you get lots of comments from the green one, including, “Aren’t you the grand traveller?” And as you win, our friend starts dancing a jig as he wishes you congratulations.

There’s a spinning dial at the bottom of the Trail of Fortune screen that tells you how many spaces you can move up the train. Three scatters (the pot of gold) in the main game entitle you to four spins on the trail, four pots give you five spins on the trail, and five pots give you six spins and a crack at the top prize of 500x your stake.

Click the Spin button at the bottom of the screen - the dial spins and you move up the number of places indicated. You’ll see a sign telling you how many times your bet you’re currently on. If you land exactly at the end of one of the rainbow segments, you can shortcut your way up the road, a bit like a game of snakes and ladders. You also sometimes uncover free spins when you land on a square on the trail.

Get the golden coin and the lucky shamrocks for Free Spins

A golden coin on reel 5 triggers free spins. You’ll see the number of free spins at the top left of the play area. At the top right, you’ll see the size of the multiplier that currently applies to your bet.

We have shamrocks flying about when free spins are won - well, why not? Gold clovers give you extra multipliers, and a green clover gives you an extra free spin. The fact that you can keep retriggering free spins is an excellent game feature.

If you have a good win with several paylines involved, a panel showing Lucky Leprechaun looking, if not happy, then at least not too annoyed, will come up. You’ll see a thunderbolt down the middle, and a sign telling you what your total win is.

Paylines and wager level

With Lucky Leprechaun, you have to stick with the 20 paylines you’ve got. Many people never bother adjusting the number of paylines, even when they’re playing a slot that allows it, and they won’t be too fussed about the fact they can’t configure the payline number here. You can customise the size of your bet, of course. You can select a wager level of between 0.2 and 20.

If you want to go straight to 20, click on the Max Bet button directly beneath the play area.

When you’ve selected a bet level, it’s displayed at the bottom of the play area of the screen, with an arrow next to it. Click on this, and you open a reel that displays all the different bets, in stages of 0.20. Just select the bet level that you want.

There’s also an Autoplay feature, so that you can set the reels running without any need to click Spin.

If you’re not on Autospin, click the Spin button to get going. As soon as the reels start moving, the Spin button becomes a Stop button that you can use to stop the reels before the spin ends. But as the spin ends, the button becomes a Spin button again, ready for the next round. That Stop button is also handy for interrupting the Autospin mode if you need to.

The Win or Lose bonus wheel

When you enter the Win or Lose bonus game, you’ll see a wheel with a red “Lose” side and a blue ”Win” side. A headline at the top of the screen tells you the multiplier of your current bet that you could win. If the arrow lands on the win side, your winnings increase by that amount. But if the arrow lands on the lose side, that’s it, your winnings are gone and you're back to the standard game.

This bonus wheel has more going on, though. A display at the bottom of the screen tells you how many spins you’ve got left. You have the option of collecting your winnings and carrying on, if you don’t want to gamble. To do this, click the Collect button on the left hand side of the screen - you can do this at any time.

However, if you decide to gamble, you can press the + or - keys to set the odds on the next spins. The + and - keys are the gigantic pointy ears on the left and right of the wheel. Then click Gamble. If the arrow lands on the win side, you’ll win the amount of your increased gamble on the wheel. You can do this a maximum of three times. When the bonus game is over, either because you lost, or because you’ve had your three gos and won, you’ll see a little Congratulations box, and you’ll be returned to the main game.

Paytable and rules

We’ve looked at the payouts from the scatters, wilds and symbols. But of course, there are also the playing cards. These pay out in order of rank, starting of course with the Ace. For five aces you get 150 coins, four aces get you 40 and three aces get you 10. Five kings - 125, four kings - 30, three kings - 8. When it comes to the queens, five will get you 100 coins, four will get you 25, and three will get you 6. Five jacks yield 8o coins, four jacks 20, three jacks 5. And down at the tens, five 10s give you 60, four 10s give you 15, and three tens give you 5.

Beneath the pay table for the cards, you'll also see all 20 winlines in a diagram. You can win on any of the paylines and if several paylines come up, your wins are added together to provide a winning total.

Return to Player (RTP)

You'll find different estimates of the Lucky Leprechaun RTP online. However, the consensus figure is around 95.5% to 96%, which is neither the best nor the worst among slot games.

The UK Gambling Commission advises players that the RTP figure is just an average. That is, it’s a number that has to be achieved over a number of spins. It doesn’t apply to a single playing session on a machine. In fact, they state that the average RTP is calculated across 10,000 games or more, when machines are operating randomly.

What does that mean when you play a slot like Lucky Leprechaun? The RTP of 96% or thereabouts, doesn’t mean that you can expect to get round about £96 back every time you bet £100. It’s the same equation for free slots. So you could play for a considerable time before you achieved those averages. That’s why it’s never a good idea to try and make up losses - the slot can carry on being random for longer than you can carry on wagering!

What’s more, the Gambling Commission points out that there is no minimum legal RTP for gaming machines. The fact that most slot RTPs tend to cluster about the 95% mark or so, is no doubt due to competition between rival online casinos and games makers.

Variance and volatility

Two of the main things that affect what a slots playing experience is like are variance and volatility. Experienced slots players have set views about whether they like a low volatility or high volatility game. If the volatility and variance concepts are new, high variance means that when playing, you have the possibility of a really big win. However, on the other hand, as you play, you'll find your balance goes down quickly, even with the assistance of free spins.

When slots players talk about high variance, they often mean a game which allow you to win 1000 times your bet. This is the exact opposite of a low variance game. With these, you're not going to win much because the multipliers on your bets are not very high. However, you will get plenty of play time for a fairly modest outlay. And as you might expect, medium variance is somewhere in the middle. Some players prefer medium variance slots because they can feel more random - they're not quite sure what will happen next.

Lucky Leprechaun is a medium volatility game. A great feature of Slots Temple is that you can choose to play games with the volatility level you prefer. Just click on the Features option, located in the top menu, and select the style of game you want to play.

If you like Lucky Leprechaun, you’ll love these

If you like your leprechauns green, your stout black and your winnings golden, you’re in luck because there are more Irish-themed leprechaun games than you can shake your pipe at.

Leprechaun Legends from Genesis has a rainbow and wait for it - yes, a pot of gold. This game has 50 fixed paylines and bets are adjustable from the micro 0.01 per line to the maxi 500.00 per line. This slot has the same kind of Irish music sound effects as Lucky Leprechaun, and it has to be said that the graphics are even quite similar. However, Leprechaun Legends has four different leprechauns that are shown playing various musical instruments. The wild is a four leaf clover.

This slot features a Pot of Gold bonus when reel 1 shows a rainbow and reels 2 to 5 show pots of gold. You’re really off to the races at this point, with multipliers of up to 10x becoming available. There’s also a Luck of the Irish feature, which offers respins, and a Legendary Songs bonus. This is triggered when three scatters or more show up on the reels, and it awards up to 15 free spins.

The Rainbow Riches brand needs no introduction - it’s one of the best known slots there is. But have you come across Rainbow Riches Leaping Leprechauns? Never a company to be left out of a good thing, Barcrest is right on the button when it comes to a leprechaun theme.

This slot is really different. For a start, there are no reels. The leprechaun has to leap from one green cloud to another. There are hearts, magic hats, balloons and horseshoes to acquire on the way, and as part of the game, you’ll come across black cats, cracked mirrors, unlucky number 13s and even snakes. Some of these have the power to tip your poor leaping leprechaun off his cloud and end that bit of the game.

As we know, there’s nothing that games developers like more than Ancient Egypt. Give them Cleo, a pyramid and a scarab, and they’re in clover. Four leaf clover in fact, because yes - there’s a game that combines Ancient Egypt and leprechauns! Seriously, Leprechaun goes Egypt has the little green man off on his hols to the land of the pharaohs. And boy, does he cause some mischief when he gets there.

He spends his time turning Cleopatra into an Irish girl, painting the pyramids green, and buying a beer for a mummy (we hope she’s not thinking of doing the school run). It’s mayhem, accompanied by a mash-up soundtrack of Irish and Egyptian music. There’s a gamble feature for guessing the colour of the next card, free spins and a pyramid bonus. Land a pyramid on reels 1, 3 and 5, and the bonus game is triggered.

This consists of a quest in which you have to get to the treasure chamber and rescue Cleopatra by opening doors. You have to choose the correct doors and can collect cash prizes as you go. But if you get the wrong door, you’ll see a mummy and that’s that until your next chance.

And to lower the tone further, our innocent green friend might not be as innocent as he looks, because we also have a slot entitled Leprechaun Goes to Hell. PlayNGo are the sinners responsible. It’s another mash-up, with pentagrams tangling with pots of gold, all with a nice warming hellfire in the background. That lady devil in the leather bikini and the horns looks distinctly chilly, so it’ll keep her nice and warm.

Not to be left out, Genesis Gaming is in on the act too, with Leprechaun Tales. The gameplay is set against a rainbow stretching across the screen, and once you start playing, large pots of gold are seen at the bottom of the screen. There are four different leprechaun characters which feature and the shamrock is the wild. The pot of gold is the scatter, and this slot can award 50 times your bet for these. A bit like Lucky Leprechaun, there’s a Wheel of Luck.

One of the best drawn slots is Leprechaun Hills, which has a lush pastoral setting of green hills. Symbols are horseshoes, four leaf clovers, pints of the black stuff, and pots of gold. It’s a very cute looking slot.

Leprechaun’s Luck has stand-out 3D graphics and brilliant bonuses. As usual, Ash Gaming has taken a slightly different approach. For example, to get into the bonus game, you need to light up some of the colours in the rainbow. Each time you light up a colour, you trigger a different multiplier.

Trigger the Wishing Well bonus and things really start changing. The well expands to take up the whole of the reel, and next thing, the bucket’s on its way down to draw up some nice cash prizes. The free spins bonus is generous too. Get three leprechauns to trigger the free spins.

As you can see, just on the one topic of “leprechauns”, there’s a great choice at Slots Temple. The reason is that the site has getting on for 3,000 free slots - so whatever your interest, there’ll be a great range of free slots to keep you busy.

What’s the difference between the different versions of Lucky Leprechaun?

There are different versions of Lucky Leprechaun. Some have 30 paylines and a progressive jackpot, and also have an “open the boxes” feature. These are pay-only versions, and are not available to play for free.

Play responsibly

The wonderful thing about free slots is that almost the only thing that you can lose is some time. So this is why free slots are an excellent alternative to casinos, where you have to pay to play.

The thousands of titles on the Slots Temple site mean that you've got far more titles to explore than on many other sites.

Obviously, even when you're playing free slots, you need to keep your play under control, so that it doesn't dominate other aspects of your life. If you find yourself falling behind with studies or work, or missing appointments because you're playing, take a look at your playing habits and try to reschedule so that there are no adverse effects on the rest of your life.

You can try playing only at certain times of day, or else setting yourself limits for the length of time that you're going to play. If you find that you've become somewhat obsessed with one particular slot, try and find other titles that you can explore, and which will give you a break from your particular favourite.


Can I play Lucky Leprechaun slots for free?

Yes, right here at Slots Temple, the best online site for free slots. What’s more, you can play lots more themed leprechaun slots, and dozens of Irish mythology slots as well.

Does Lucky Leprechaun slot have free spins?

Not only does Lucky Leprechaun have free spins, but during the bonus rounds, such as the Trail of Fortune, extra free spins can be awarded. When the gold and green shamrocks are active, you’ll find free spins are added, and the bet multiplier is increased.

Can I win real money while playing Lucky Leprechaun slots?

Yes, you can win real money but that will involve signing up for an account with an online casino and making a cash deposit into your account. Anything you win is then subject to a wagering requirement. Whereas with free slots, you get all the fun for no outlay.

Do you have any Lucky Leprechaun tips or cheats?

Lucky Leprechaun uses a Random Number Generator (RNG) to ensure that it really is random every time you spin. So there are no guarantees on bonuses, and you can’t manipulate the way that Lucky Leprechaun awards free spins. That said, we all know that games can go through periods when they’re “hot” and other times when they are “cold”.

How do I know it’s really random?

There is a debate among players about whether slots really are random. But to keep things legal, the Gambling Commission forces people who are providing slots for entertainment or wagering, to comply with technical standards. These force them to provide fully tested RNGs that are truly random. The Gambling Commission checks to make sure they have done this properly.

Can I play Lucky Leprechaun with no deposit?

You don’t need a deposit to play Lucky Leprechaun - it’s free at Slots Temple, as are lots of other great slots.

Can I download Lucky Leprechaun?

You can play Lucky Leprechaun on mobile, tablet or on a PC without needing to download any software.

Do I need to know any other Lucky Leprechaun games before I play this one?

There’s only one MicroGaming Lucky Leprechaun game. Although there are lots of Lucky Leprechaun slots from other people, which use similar symbols, each game is a standalone, so there’s nothing you need to know before you start.

Are all slots random?

No, there are some slots that are not random, but the Gambling Commision says you must be told which type you are playing. All the Slots Temple slots are random slots. The Gambling Commission tests all slots to ensure that their randomness and stated RTP are accurate.

Do free slots give more free spins at certain times of the day?

No - the free spins are generated randomly. It doesn’t matter what time of the day or night you play, or how many other people are playing online. Whether you’ve won or lost previously, the chances are exactly the same for your next spin.

Does Lucky Leprechaun have a progressive jackpot?

A progressive jackpot is when each game played helps to build up a jackpot that any player in the game can win. Lucky Leprechaun doesn’t have a progressive jackpot, except when a version of the game is played for real money at online casinos. However, if you look at Youtube, you’ll see good wins by players of Lucky Leprechaun.

Is there a VIP programme for free slots?

No, there isn’t a VIP programme for free slots. However, if you are already a member of a VIP programme in an online casino, you may get more access to free slots when playing there.

Are there fewer free spins when you don’t gamble with cash?

There are exactly the same number of free spins whether you pay with cash or play for free. The amount of free spins is regulated by the RNG, which is explained above.

Will using free slots make me a gambling addict?

This is unlikely. But if you find yourself spending too much time on the slots, and are worried about becoming addicted, click on the GambleAware logo at the bottom of the home page screen. There, you’ll find tips, techniques and tools for controlling your use of slots. If you get over involved in slots, take it as a warning to think very carefully before joining up to an online casino where you play for cash.

If you feel your gaming is causing you problems but aren’t sure, go online and take one of the self-assessment tests from Gamcare of GambleAware, that will help you decide whether you need to cut back a bit.

Which is the best site for free slots?

Slots Temple is undoubtedly the premier site for free slots. This is because it has an unrivalled selection of free games, covering all the great games houses, such as NetEnt, WMS, IGT, Playtech and of course, Microgaming. It’s also got the latest news and features about the world of slots.

One of its great features is that it allows you to follow up your gaming interests, by pursuing themes, or looking at games that have the number of reels, level of volatility, bonus types, payouts and free spins that you’re looking for.


* Lucky Leprechaun trademark / license is owned by Microgaming. This site is not endorsed by Microgaming.

Game Name: Lucky Leprechaun
Software: Microgaming
Themes: Fairytales, Irish
Volatility: Medium volatility
Features: Bonus Game Wild Symbol Scatter Symbol Multiplier Free Spins Medium volatility 5 Reels
Paylines: 20
Reels: 5
Min Bet (all lines covered): 0.2
Max Bet: 20
Top Win: 0
User Reviews
Overall score: 3.6 out of 5 stars

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