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Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs Everywhere!

The biggest standout feature of this game is definitely the graphics. Slot reels are speckled with Pterodactyls, Diplodocus, Triceratops, Velociraptors and Stegosaurus, the names alone enough to reignite your childhood passions. But the most vicious dinosaurs are also the most sought after: the Megasaurs. Similar to the ferocious T. Rex, these red and green killers come to life in awesome computer graphics that have them roaring and snapping through your screen. Watch them eat away at other dinosaurs when you unlock the feature, collect prizes from erupting volcanoes and marvel at pterodactyls as they fly by the moonlight.

If you somehow manage to play this game without making off with a profit, you will have at least rediscovered your childhood interests as you feel like Jeff Goldblum outrunning these terrifying creatures. Although Realtime Gaming has made these extinct creatures look and feel like they’re right in your living room, you won’t be sustaining any injuries, and after you make away with huge winnings, you will--unlike Mr. Goldblum--get the girl in the end.

Navigating the Cretaceous Game Layout

Right next to the spellbinding graphics, the next best aspect of this game is the ease in which it is learned. Simple game play on a traditional 5x3 grid with 25 pay lines lets you marvel at the dinosaurs that are roaring across your screen instead of trying to figure out how to win the blasted game.

Green Megasaurs appear on reel 2 and Red Megasaurs on reel 4. Involving either of them in your winning line will double your prizes instantly, a feat that has these monsters roaring away with enough ferocity to send you jumping back in your chair. Although the Megasaurs might be the most fun icon on these gaming reels, the volcanoes are what you really want to ignite on your screen.

Three volcanoes will catalyze the Megasaur Feature, which is guaranteed within 250 spins, where you can choose between one and three of the volcanoes to make them erupt in prizes. In the Megasaur Feature, these wild beasts are snapping away at every spin of the reels as they multiply all of your prizes. Match five volcanoes during the Megasaur Feature, and win the huge progressive jackpot, usually well into seven digits!

Bring Your Dinosaurs Anywhere You Go

This game is quite likely to keep you locked down at the house as it is highly addictive, but don’t let that stop you from getting out and getting things done. This game is not only available on your desktop, but on your mobile phone and tablet as well. So bring these scaly beasts with you and win some money no matter where you are!

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Game Name: Megasaur
Software: Real Time Gaming
Themes: Action & Adventure, Dinosaurs
Volatility: Medium volatility
Features: Medium volatility
Paylines: 0
Reels: 0
Min Bet (all lines covered): 0
Max Bet: 0
Top Win: 0
User Reviews
Overall score: 1.8 out of 5 stars

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