White King Slot - Review, Demo Play, Payout, Free Spins & Bonuses

Varying in colour from pure white to blonde, these magnificent creatures have been around for hundreds of years and are regarded as the most sacred animal on the African continent. Believed to have been sent from heaven, white lions were protected as divine until European hunters arrived in the 1930s and the wild population was wiped out. Exotic white pelts soon decorated western mansions, while the remaining white lions were taken into captivity for their own protection.

Fortunately, thanks to the magic of slots, the White King and his pride can roam free once more on the reels of this 5 reel, 40 payline slot. Africa is a popular theme for slots and White King is a really beautiful example of the genre, thanks to its gorgeous graphics that really immerse you in the White King’s natural kingdom.

Experience the grace and power of these majestic creatures while spinning for special features including Majestic Night free spins and stacked wilds. Is the White King truly divine? Let’s spin the reels and find out more.

White King graphics

This developer sometimes come under fire for its graphics, but the first thing to say about White King is that it looks gorgeous. From the almost mythical backdrop of magnificent mountains and a clear blue sky to the way the White King, his lioness queen, their cubs and a soaring protective eagle are rendered on the reels.

Interestingly enough, there also seems to be a crossover with a Celtic theme. The soundtrack contrasts drum beats with the soft tinkle of a harp, while the gold embellishments that frame the game menu and the font used to spell out the title are definitely reminiscent of fantasy and fable - Lord of the Rings comes to mind. It's a strange mashup, but one that lends a sense of mysticism and magic to the game.

There are no animations, and the lower paytable symbols are a little too prevalent, but the attention to detail in the vignettes of the White King and his pride make up for a great deal. The lioness laid out against a savannah sunset, the cubs playing with gold trinkets, and the circling eagle to oversee it all - all are rendered with great attention to detail. This really is a very beautiful game and it will satisfy the safari lover in everyone!

How to play White King

White King is a 5 reel, 40 payline slot with plenty of opportunities to create winning combinations with so many paylines potentially in play. The grid is 5x4, and Playtech’s usual attention to detail in the standard game control menu lets you set autoplay, turbo mode and staking options at the click of a button.

Use the sliders by the side of the reels to set the number of paylines you want to play, though obviously, the more in play, the greater your chance of landing that winning combination. During our 150 Spin Experience, the majority of our wins came from 5 of a kind, so maximising the number of paylines you play makes perfect sense.

Staking options range from £0.01 to £50.00, so there’s plenty here for the newbie, the casual gamer and the high roller and it means you can play from a minimum bet of 40p (for all 40 paylines) to a maximum of £2,000 per spin. We always recommend setting a stake that you’d be happy playing with in real money, but with a generous £2,000 starting balance, you can afford to push your stakes a little higher than usual if you tend to be a conservative player.

What is the RTP of White King?

The stated RTP for White King is 90.1%, which is somewhat on the low side, even for a high variance slot like this. That means that for every £100 you stake, you can expect a return of just over £90, although that wasn’t our experience during our 150 spins.

RTP can vary due to the Random Number Generators (RNG) that all online slots use to guarantee fairness, so any RTP is only theoretical. We’re quite surprised that this developer has released a game with such a low RTP, which can put some players off, but if your comfortable playing high variance slots, then you’ll know that the rewards can be huge.

High variance slots are all about risk - the higher the risk, the bigger the reward. That does mean you’ll spend quite a few spins watching the lower paytable symbols thunk into place as your balance dwindles, but when the stacked wilds fall for you or you hit the free spins, then you’ll enjoy some monster payouts. If you prefer to go big or go home, then White King will offer you that edge of the seat suspense you only get when playing a high volatility slot and waiting for a really big winning combination to drop!

One word of caution - we found it very difficult to land the free spins bonus, which is a not very generous 5 spins. These can be retriggered indefinitely according to the game rules, but that didn’t happen when we finally landed the bonus once in 150 spins. We suspect this also contributes to the low overall RTP.

How to win at White King

To land a winning spin playing White King, you need 3 or more symbols to align on a winning payline. Take a look at the paytable here:

All wins pay out in multipliers, which favours a high stakes strategy, but we played at £1 per payline and still landed some excellent multipliers and payouts from 5 in a row combinations. The higher paytable symbols pay up to 1000x if you land 5 White King wilds, giving you a theoretical maximum payout of £50,000.

If you have the bankroll to support a high volatility game, there’s nothing quite like the thrill of watching the reels fall into a high paying combination. Low volatility slots like Starburst are brilliant if you fancy a long session playing for fun, without making much of a dent in your bankroll. But there’s a reason high volatility slots are the most popular at online casinos, and that’s the adrenaline rush of landing a potentially life changing win.

This slot performs exactly as you’d expect a high variance slot to do, with infrequent yet huge wins and a hard to land bonus that can deliver a serious win if the reels fall right for you. Expect to see a lot of those lower paytable symbols, though, and to land most of your wins in the region of 5x to 15x multipliers.

White King bonus features

White King is fairly straightforward in its gameplay and features stacked wilds and the Majestic Nights free spins feature. The wilds will complete any winning payline across the 40 available, while the Majestic Nights bonus gives you 5 free spins, with extra stacked wilds on the reels. This feature can be retriggered indefinitely if you land 3 White King symbols on the central reels at any time during the free spins bonus.

Look out for the White King Logo. That’s the scatter symbol and it will only land on the centre 3 reels. Spin this symbol on reels 2, 3 and 4 and the screen will transform. A magical African sunset floods the sky and the gold turns to silver in the moonlight. You’ll be awarded 5 spins, with extra White King wilds stacked on the reels and the possibility to retrigger the bonus feature. To do so, you’ll need to spin 3 more Logo symbols on the centre reels.

The White King Wild is the most valuable symbol in the base gameplay, thanks to the way it completes any number of winning combinations, including 5 in a row, which can be rare in low and medium volatility slots. This is always stacked to deliver the potential for the kind of big wins that make us love high volatility slots.

White King isn’t loaded with bonus features and 5 free spins isn’t exactly generous - although the retrigger feature can deliver plenty of bonus action if the reels fall for you. The stacked wilds in base gameplay can be very lucrative though, delivering 5 of a kind wins with a frequency you might not expect from a high volatility slot.

White King jackpot

There is no progressive jackpot available when you play White King. There is a fixed maximum payout of 1000x your line stake if you land 5 White King symbols, for a theoretical maximum payout of £50,000.

There’s also the possibility to land some life changing sums if you can successfully keep retriggering free spins and wins through the Majestic Nights feature.

Free spins on White King

As a high volatility slot, you’d expect the bonus feature in White King to be hard to trigger, and it is. Despite the beautiful graphics as the Majestic Night falls across the reels, we won’t pretend we’re not a little disappointed with the 5 free spins on offer, even with extra stacked White King wilds on the reels.

The game’s rules state that this feature can be retriggered indefinitely, so long as you keep landing the White King Logo symbol on reels 2, 3 and 4. We’ve seen reports of this retriggering up to 7 times, but that didn’t happen in our experience. However, we did land a couple of decent 5 in a row wins, thanks to the extra stacked wilds on the reels.

If you get lucky, Majestic Nights has the possibility of being an incredibly lucrative feature, but we’d expect at least 10 free spins from the bonus round in a high volatility slot of this kind.

White King free spins at online casinos

If you want to make the most of free spins for real money payouts, you’ll need to sign up for a casino welcome bonus. Usually, this involves making a deposit that the casino will then match and there are often free spins on slots of your choice as part of the offer.

These free spins are usually at the lower end of the staking range, often just 10p a time, but with a high volatility slot like White King, there’s always the possibility that a big win will land with a bit of luck and plenty of patience.

However, if your persistence pays off and you do manage to land that gigantic win, be aware that it will come with strings attached. Some casinos will set a withdrawal limit, so you may only be able to withdraw a set amount of your win as cash - this is usually around the £100 mark. Most casinos have wagering requirements, usually from 20x to 30x. This means that if you win £10, you’ll need to wager that 20x (or whatever the wagering requirements are at the casino of your choice), meaning you’ll stake £200 to withdraw your original £10 prize. You’ll sometimes find that casinos release your bonus cash in small amounts, so you don’t have to meet the wagering requirements all at once.

We always recommend that you read the terms & conditions attached to your welcome bonus so you know exactly what limits are set on your winnings.

White King on mobile

White King looks majestic on a big monitor or an HD laptop screen, there’s no doubt about that. But it renders beautifully on mobile and tablet screens too. Like most Playtech slots, White King is optimised for HTML5, which means that it loads into your mobile browser in no time.

HTML5 is faster than Flash and uses less power, so you can play for longer on a mobile device. It also works with any browser, meaning you can play an HTML5 slot on iOS as well as Android, with no lag or loss of quality. By rendering only the parts of the game you need, when you need them, response times are lightning fast and you don’t have to wait around for a clunky download to clutter up your limited storage space.

Playtech is actually at the forefront of championing HTML5 slots, so you can expect all Playtech games to load fast, play smoothly and look great on smartphone and tablet, as well as desktop and laptop.

White King slot and virtual reality

Playtech is already pioneering virtual sports, with a tennis game that’s almost as good as the real thing. But are they heading down the path towards virtual reality slots? The answer seems to be yes - they’ve already developed a VR Experience Arena, in partnership with HTC-Vive, where players can experience VR Shoot and VR Roulette. Both offer a fun playing experience that you can expect to see developed over the next few years.

There’s a huge amount of buzz around the idea of VR slots. After all, who wouldn’t want to feel like they’re walking through a real casino lobby to play a land based slot? Or maybe you’d prefer to experience what it’s like being in the slot itself - climbing the mountains and watching the eagle soar in White King, or experiencing jewels tumbling around you as your spin up a huge win. There’s no knowing where slots developers will go with VR and augmented reality, but the scope for innovation is huge, so watch this space.

White King free play

If you want to experience White King without risking your own cash, then you can play for free at Slots Temple. We have thousands of slots grouped by developer or theme, to allow you to find games that suit your style of play and the themes you love.

Free play is a brilliant way to play slots for a number of reasons. First, it’s the ideal experience if you’re a newcomer to online slots and want to know what they’re all about. You can spin as much as you want to without risking any cash, getting to know the features you enjoy and the styles of gameplay you prefer.

If you’re a casual gamer, free play gives you the opportunity to try different staking options without risk. If you normally prefer the constant buzz of a low volatility slot, why not try White King on for size, risk free? You can even try out what it’s like to be a high roller - though you’ll only get one spin to play the maximum stake of £2,000!

If you’re a high volatility junkie, you can get to grips with the gameplay and features of White King before you commit your bank balance at one of our favourite online casinos.

If you are a newbie, use your free play experience to make a note of what you like about White King or any of the thousands of other slots available. You can then search for other games by the same developer or other slots that share the same theme. We also give you the option to search by feature - so if you love 3D or Vegas slots, we’ve got you covered!

The 150 spin experience

Another great reason to opt for free play before you play for real money is that it takes 150 to 200 spins to really get to know whether a game works for you or not. However, sometimes you just don’t have the time or the patience to find out for yourself, which is why the team here at Slots Temple do it for you. Our dedicated slots experts take every game for what they call the 150 Spin Experience, so you get the lowdown.

First, we love the speed with which this game loads and plays, especially when you consider the quality of the graphics. There’s no wonder the White Lion is considered to be a divine being, and they certainly look the part here - you can almost feel the hot African breeze ruffling the White King’s mane. This well designed and immersive slot hooks you instantly.

We set our stake at £1 per line on the grounds that it’s closest to what we’d be happy to stake in a real money setting, and bearing in mind the high volatility of this slot. We played all 40 paylines because with a game of this type and volatility, it really doesn’t make sense to play any less. The fact that most of our wins were generated by 5 in a row spins bore this strategy out.

Our biggest win was landed in base gameplay at £2,750, and we landed another win of £1,530 for a five on a line. The biggest win we managed in the free spins bonus was £425 for another 5 in a row. We only triggered the Majestic Night free spin bonus once in our 150 spins and we didn’t manage to retrigger the free spins during the bonus. We finished our trial spins with a balance of £2,750 which was definitely above the stated 90.1% volatility for this game.

We felt White King performed as we’d expect it to do, considering its volatility. You’ll need patience to build a balance and if you’re playing for real money, you’ll need a generous bankroll. This isn’t a high action slot in the way that a low volatility game can be, but the bigger wins were definitely worth the wait and the white lion theme is one that you’re sure to find captivating.

If you enjoy White King, you’ll love…

There’s plenty to enjoy about White King. But if you fancy playing other high volatility slots, or games with a Big Cat or Wildlife theme, here’s our pick of the best similar slots currently available at Slots Temple:

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Serengeti Diamond

If you enjoy earning free spins and multipliers, then you’ll love this African themed slot from Lightning Box. With bold and bright graphics and some great bonus features, including a 5,000 credit payout for bagging 5 Wilds on a winning payline, and the Serengeti Diamond feature that allows you to hold ‘n’ spin to collect diamonds and play for the pick and win bonus, with wilds and multipliers galore.


IGT’s Cats is another high volatility slot with a Big Cat theme. Panthers, leopards and lions stalk the reels, delivering great winning potential and some fantastic, and innovative, bonus features, including split symbols that can multiply your wins and 10 free spins that can be endlessly retriggered. To top it all, it’s possible to land a massive £300,000 prize, making these cats king of the jungle.

Dead or Alive

From the Savannah to the Wild West is quite a leap, but then Dead or Alive is the daddy of high volatility slots. This 5 reel game has only 9 paylines, but once you hit the scatters and enter the free spins round, the fun really starts. Generous quantities of Sticky Wilds mean that you can emerge from the free spins bonus with wins 1000x your line stake, while 5 Wanted Posters will trigger an additional 5 free spins and potential wins up to 4,000x your line bet.

Rich Wild and the Book of Dead

Rich Wild’s adventures are always worth playing and this high volatility slot set in Egypt can be incredibly rewarding. With a maximum win of £500,000, this slot is all about the free spins round. Not only will you enjoy 10 free spins, but you’ll be rewarded with a random expanding symbol that delivers the potential for some serious wins. With great graphics, a strong storyline and an RTP of over 96%, Book of Dead is a high volatility slot you’ll love to play for the hell of it.

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This original slot from WMS features 6 reels and 4096 ways to win every spin. We’re back in Africa with some fantastic graphics and action shots of gorillas, crocodiles and, of course, raging rhinos. With a range of staking options, on reel multipliers and up to 50 free spins available, you’ll have the opportunity to earn up to 3,000x your line bet.

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Immortal Romance

This Microgaming vampire romance has been around since 2011, but it’s still as playable as ever. With 5 reels and 243 ways to win, this slot offers wilds, scatters and four different bonus rounds that are triggered as you advance through the game. It still looks stunning after all this time and rewards repeat playing - trigger the Sarah bonus and your reels will fill with wild symbols. Turn every single symbol wild for a truly life changing prize of £3,000,000!

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No list of high volatility slots would be complete without one from Novomatic and this is the latest entry in the Book of Ra series. There may only be 10 paylines, but with explosive gameplay and prizes worth up to 5,000x your line bet, Book of Ra Magic offers over a 95% RTP, thanks to a free spins round with special expanding symbols to create win after win. Perhaps the daddy of all high volatility slots, the Book of Ra series continues to serve up fresh new instalments that you just have to play.


Showcasing South American culture, this stunning slot from WMS is almost as volatile as stable mate, Raging Rhino. Your objective is to stack wild and high paying symbols together with the 10x multiplier to create some mega wins. The generous free spin bonus delivers a different number of spins and multipliers and can be retriggered indefinitely, with 10 free spins each time.

White King slot review

At Slots Temple, we want to give you the lowdown on the best slots available, so you know which ones are right for you. That’s why we’ll always give you our unbiased opinion about the slots you love.

White King is, as you’ve probably gathered, a really beautiful slot to play. A lot of thought and technique has gone into creating the White King and his pride and these symbols really stand out against the regal navy background. We love the hints of Celtic mysticism that add an aura of magic to the game and the way the reels turn from day to night when you land the Majestic Nights free spin bonus.

There’s a lot to love in the base gameplay too, with stacked wilds that deliver big 5 of a kind wins with the kind of frequency you’d expect from a high volatility slot. White King loads fast and plays without any latency issues, whatever device you’re using. So while it looks stunning on an HD laptop screen, it also looks gorgeous on a small and pinsharp screen, too.

White King pays out its prizes in multipliers, and with a top line bet of £50, it’s capable of delivering a top payout of £50,000. The Majestic Nights free spins bonus can also retrigger indefinitely, delivering the potential for life changing wins. However, if we do have one criticism, it’s that the basic bonus of 5 spins seems low for a high volatility slot, especially one with such a relatively low RTP.

That criticism aside, there’s a lot to love about White King, including the soothing soundtrack with its blend of African style drums and gentle harp. There’s also the clearly laid out game controls which are a feature of slots from this developer. There’s perhaps not the innovation of being able to play left handed, but it’s easy to set autoplay options or blast into turbo mode if you want to spin and win and you’re pressed for time.

The paytable info is similarly well laid out and it’s easy to set your stake and the number of lines you want to play. With a maximum bet of £2,000, this slot is definitely designed to appeal to high rollers and the high volatility means you’ll see an awful lot of the grey stone card symbols before you land a big win.

If you love a high volatility slot and a wild animal theme, then there’s plenty to love about White King. If the free spins are hard to hit, you’ll find that the stacked wilds deliver more than their fair share of big wins in base gameplay. If you can overlook the low RTP, you’ll find that there’s plenty to enjoy in this beautiful and immersive slot.

About Playtech

Founded in 1999, this developer has grown rapidly, to become one of the world’s largest suppliers of online gaming software. With 5,000 employees in over 17 countries, it’s difficult to comprehend that it all started in a tiny office in the back of beyond, in Estonia.

Playtech provides cross platform casino solutions that power big name online casinos like Gala and Ladbrokes. The firm has also been astute in its acquisitions, bringing innovative smaller developers like Ash Gaming under its umbrella. And it’s looking to the future too, with its new VR crossover platform in partnership with HTC and its almost as good as the real thing series of Virtual Games.

Playtech is also known for producing an incredibly diverse range of slots covering every theme under the sun, including film and TV spin offs. It’s also known for its progressive jackpot slots like Jackpot Giant that offer seriously life changing sums, often into 7 figures. No wonder Playtech slots and casinos are the go to choice for serious slots players around the world.

White King FAQ

Can I play White King for free?

Yes you can, and there are a couple of ways you can do this. Either play for free at Slots Temple or look for an online casino offering a welcome bonus with free spins. That way, you can enjoy playing the game without having to splash your own cash. But if you want to find out whether White King suits your style of play, then we recommend trying 150-200 spins for free right here at Slots Temple.

Does White King have free spins?

The Majestic Nights bonus offers 5 free spins when you land the White King Logo scatter on reels 2, 3 and 4. Extra stacked wilds are added to the reels and if you spin up 3 scatter symbols on the central reels, you’ll retrigger the bonus. This can theoretically be done indefinitely, for potentially huge wins.

Can I win real money playing White King?

Yes you can, if you sign up for an account with an online casino. Look for one offering a decent matched deposit welcome deal, plus free spins that you can use on your choice of slots. Remember that real money wins are usually subject to maximum withdrawal limits or wagering requirements, so read the terms & conditions before signing up.

Do you have any White King tips or cheats?

Because of the way that online slots use RNGs, it’s impossible to come up with a winning strategy because the outcome of any spin is too unpredictable. However, at Slots Temple, we do have some general advice about getting the best out of your online slots experience:

- when the fun stops, that’s the time to walk away
- always set yourself a maximum budget and don’t exceed it, whether you’re on a winning roll or you’ve made a loss
- split your winnings equally between your bankroll and your bank account
- never chase a loss or be tempted to gamble away a big win
- always walk away from a session feeling like a winner
- use free spins to check out the style of gameplay you like and the level of stakes you’re comfortable with, and try to keep your bets to a level you’d be comfortable with if you were playing with real money
- play low volatility slots if you want a fun gaming session with plenty of small wins, and high volatility slots when you have the bankroll to take the risk and maybe land the big reward.

Can I play White King with no deposit?

Yes you can. Either sign up for a no deposit account with the online casino of your choice or start spinning and winning at Slots Temple. The great thing about playing with no deposit is that we have thousands of slots if you change your mind about a slot. When playing with a no deposit welcome bonus, always read the terms & conditions, so you know what wagering requirements and maximum payout limits apply.

Can I download White King?

There’s no need to download White King. Like most modern slots, White King has been optimised for HTML5. That means it plays in your online browser by only rendering the frames it needs, delivering a fast, slick and seamless experience. Better yet, you don’t need to clutter up your phone or tablet’s limited memory with a large download, meaning you can play whenever, and wherever you like, so you’re up and running in no time!


* White King trademark / license is owned by Playtech. This site is not endorsed by Playtech.

Game Name: White King
Software: Playtech
Themes: Action & Adventure, Animals, Mythology, Fantasy, Gold
Volatility: High Volatility
Features: Bonus Games Free Spins Wild Symbols Multipliers Scatter Symbols
Paylines: 40
Reels: 5
Min Bet (all lines covered): 0.4
Max Bet: 2000
Top Win: 1000
RTP: 90.05%
User Reviews
Overall score: 2.7 out of 5 stars

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