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We all like money, money, money and most of us probably like bears, whether teddy or grizzly. In this online slot review of Bear Money we take a look at what to begin with may seem to be a childlike cartoon style game to one that actually unveils some surprising forest gems!

Developed by Inspired slots and reviewed online - check out Casinoland review for one as a starter - it is an online slot with five reels, three rows and ten of those all-important paylines. The game is set in the woods, a lovely tranquil setting just ripe for a relaxing weekend picnic. The sun is shining and the scene is certainly appealing. Who, after all, doesn’t like a summer’s day picnic? But hold on! The forest bears have other ideas! They want to have their cake and eat it too; in other words, your picnic! Picnic protection is required to keep your snacks and tasty treats away from these hungry furry thieves!

So let’s get going

Keep an eye out for the high value symbols - these are the Bear Money logo, a lip-smacking and tasty looking blueberry pie, a picnic staple, the sandwich, a big hunk of cheese, fresh bread and lashings of homemade jam and a jug of thirst quenching juice, as well as that all-important picnic basket to store the goodies. The lower values are made up of the letters J, Q, K and A. And although there is no wild symbol in the game, honey lovers will be happy to spot a bonus jar of the sticky stuff on reel five.

Bear Money RTP (Payout) & Volatility

The return to player - or RTP - is above the industry average standing at 96.6 percent and the game has a recorded medium volatility.

Bear Money Slot

How to play Bear Money slots

One of the best things about Bear Money is that you can decide how you play the game; whether that is choosing the autoplay button or clicking the stake button to adjust any of your wagering amounts. Check out the Turbo setting if you want to play faster and increase your gaming experience, and if your gaming history is of interest to you then there is the Game History viewing option too.

It’s worth being aware that the paylines are fixed ones, but fortunately, you can adjust coin value to suit your gaming style and available funds.

How to win at Bear Money slot

The gaming symbols we have already mentioned - are the Bear Money logo, a lip-smacking and tasty looking blueberry pie, a picnic sandwich, a big hunk of cheese, fresh bread and lashings of homemade jam and a jug of thirst quenching juice - offer payouts of x100 for 5 same wins. The biggest payout is x200 for 5 of a kind wins when a player lands on the game’s logo.

To win at Bear Money slot, be aware that the 10 fixed paylines pay in both directions. The overall spin bet is from x0.10 to x60.00 the betting currency. You can activate the autoplay button, available for up to x100 spins, with optional win and loss limits up for grabs.

Bear Money Bonus Features & Free Spins

There is plenty to feast on in this picnic themed slot! The game providers have certainly turned the bear necessities on their heads!

Let’s take a look at some of the game’s main features

The combination of 6 or more picnic related symbols appearing anywhere on the first 4 reels, along with an appealing honey pot bonus symbol on number 5, activates the Collection Bonus Feature. During this feature there are only two symbols which are active and these are the picnic baskets and also - you guessed it - those playful, picnic eating bears. If any of the positions appear blank with neither basket or bear to be seen, respins of up to 5 times will happen. The feature’s bear symbols act as a multiplier.

A spin chance will be activated when a player’s credit is lower than the current play price but not as low as the number zero. This chance allows gamers to wager their remaining credit to be in with a chance of winning another spin at the bet level that is currently running. To play it just click on ‘play’ whereby the pointer will move across the meter. If it lands on the green coloured part, a spin is awarded at the current bet and if it lands on the colour red, any remaining credit is lost and players go back to the beginning of the game. If you decide that you don’t actually want to play the spin chance, then you can do this by simply selecting ‘no thanks’, thereby skipping playing this feature altogether.

It’s worth noting that the game doesn’t have a free spins feature, although with respins aplenty it doesn’t actually feel like it and is certainly not a negative point.

One of its major features - and one that is not just enjoyable but lucrative too - is the grandly titled Multi Cash Collector Bonus. This is triggered when a player lands 6 or more picnic baskets on reels one, two, three and four plus a bonus symbol on reel number five. Following on from this, the bear symbols appear and players receive picnic baskets brimming with cash goodies! During this bonus feature, when the basket and bear symbols line up, the rest of the reels respin up to 5 times. Land a picnic basket and there is more cash to be won!

It’s a really exciting feature and one that really gets the blood pumping!

Bear Money Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy

Here are some handy tips on how to get the most out of Bear Money. The tips can also be employed to be sure that players get the most out of playing other video slots too.

•    Manage your money - set your stake and stick to it. It can be easy to get carried away with a fun game so make sure you act responsibly and set yourself limits. That way you can ensure you will start the game with a clear focus and financial strategy in place.

•    Try free play mode to begin with to get used to the game, that way you can decide whether you like it and even hone some skills to ensure success.

•    Generally, players should play with the highest stake to improve the chance of winning the big jackpot. This really isn’t as risky as it sounds and is a common form of play.

•    Make sure you take advantage of any recommended incentives as they are there for a reason! Providers aren’t out there to trick you.

Bear Money Demo Play / Free Play

Play it for free here! It’s not just free, it is fun too!

Bear Money Slot On Mobile - Android, iPhones and Tablets

Bear Money is both available online and on mobile devices through its maker’s Virgo Remote Gaming Server. This technology provides customers with top of the range HTML5 games and a platform designed to adhere to all major online rules and regulations.

Bear Money Review & Rating

We would definitely recommend playing Bear Money, and here is why

The game has a lovely feel to it; we all enjoy a picnic on a warm sunny day in a wood. It encourages those nostalgic feelings of summer days and not a care in the world. It is very picturesque and very light-hearted. Even the soundtrack is charming.

Bear Money FAQs

Which company owns the game?

The game is the brainchild of Inspired Gaming, the exclusive designer for the industry’s biggest company, Microgaming. This means that players really won’t be disappointed with the game’s quality.

The company is a specialist in virtual sports, mobile games, server-based game systems as well as digital content for lottery, betting and game operators the world over. Interestingly it has only been around since 2002, opening in London with a small team of 10 people. By 2006 it had become the UK leader for server-based gaming terminals along with virtual sports betting, as well as signing contracts with companies like Italy and China. 2015 saw the company soar to even more heights when they signed an exclusive 15 year deal with Mike Tyson. Today they look after an enormous 25,000 gaming terminals all around the world, employing more than 800 people. Its virtual sports products are supplied to 35,000 venues and 100 websites in 35 countries.

How many reels does the game have?

The game has 5 reels.

Does it have any wild symbols?

There are no wild symbols in Bear Money.

The bear facts

Did you know?

- Bears mostly eat fish and meat, some just plants and insects; there is no data on picnic eating ones!
- Almost 60 percent of the world’s polar bear population lives in Canada.
- The ears on the Asiatic black bear are bigger than all other bear species.
- Black bears can run at 35 miles per hour.
- 4,000 Alaskan brown bears live at Katmai National Park
- Jungle Book’s Baloo is a sloth bear.
- The majority of bears have 42 teeth.
- North America is home to at least 600,000 black bears;
- Grizzly bears can recognise the faces of other bears;
- America’s grizzly bear population mostly lives in Alaska, 98 per cent in fact;
- The heaviest polar bear weighed in at 1,002 kilogrammes;
- A Moscow Governor trained a bear to serve vodka to his guests;
- Polar bears like to eat seals;
- The sun bear has short fur to keep them cool in hot forests;
- Bears excel at climbing and swimming;
- There are a mere 8 species of bears alive today;
- A group of bears is known as a sloth;
- Bears have big brains and are commonly known as intelligent mammals;
- Bears sleep more during the winter months;
- Amazingly, a polar bear won’t need a rest until it has swum 100 miles;
- The koala is not actually a bear;
- Finland’s national animal is a brown bear;
- Asiatic bears make their nests in trees;
- Bears are different from many other mammals as they can see in colour;
- The largest land predators are polar bears;
- The only wild bears that live in South America are called spectacled bears;
- The only bear species that are also marine mammals are polar bears;
- Number plates in the Canadian Northwest Territories are shaped like polar bears;
- When hibernating they never go for a pee;
- Bears will happily walk for miles in order to scratch their backs on their favourite trees;
- The official state animal in California is the grizzly bear;
- Grizzlies can crush a bowling ball with their jaws;
- There are eight species of polar bear; these are sun bears, brown bears, sloth bears, giant panda bears, American black bears, spectacled bears and the Asiatic bear;
- A female bear is called a sow and her male counterpart is called a boar;
- The Polish Army trained a bear to take part in World War Two; the bear carried ammunition and shells to the frontline and was even taught to salute;
-The US President Theodore ‘Teddy’ Roosevelt is the reason why teddy bears are called just that;
- Almost 20,000 calories are consumed every day by grizzly bears;
- Bears have a better sense of smell than dogs.
- And if you liked Bear Money then check out Wolf Legend Megaways.

Disclaimer: Bear Money trademark / license is owned by Inspired. This site is not endorsed by Inspired.

* Although we try and match games with Casinos that have them, we advise that you double-check the slot content on the casino before making a deposit.

Slot Data
Slot Name: Bear Money
Software: Inspired
RTP: 96.5
Volatility: Medium volatility
Paylines: 10
Reels: 5
Min Bet (all lines covered): £0.10 (GBP)
Max Bet: £60 (GBP)
Top Win: 0
Features: Bonus Game , Wild Symbol , Scatter Symbol , Respins , Sub Symbols In Feature , Medium volatility , 5 Reels
UK Available in GB? Yes. Inspired have a UKGC license and are allowed to offer their games at UK licensed casinos.

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