Jackaroo Jack Slot - Review, Demo Play, Payout, Free Spins & Bonuses

Why You’ll Enjoy Playing Jackaroo Jack

Rich, detailed graphics and a western-themed soundtrack accompany you on your journey through the rocky terrain of the Outback in your quest for riches. But there’s plenty more to enjoy in this action-packed game, which features:

- Wilds and Bonus Scatters
- Second Chance Respins that offer an extra opportunity to win
- Customisable Free Games with a choice of Wilds and Multipliers
- Up to 1024 Ways To Win

Jackaroo Jack by Lightning Box Games

Lightning Box Games was founded around ten years ago, but the head honchos who created the company already had a wealth of experience working for major casino software developers such as IGT and Aristocrat. Based in Sydney, in Australia, Lightning Box employs an enthusiastic team of developers, software engineers, creatives and mathematicians, all of whom pool their knowledge to create stunning games such as Jackaroo Jack.

According to Lightning Box, good gaming is all about a combination of exceptional mathematics, incredible visuals, cinematic soundtracks and a sprinkling of magic, and with players from around the world queuing up to play their games, it’s clear that the company has hit on a winning formula.

Although Lightning Box has created slots games for land-based casinos as well as an online audience, the emphasis is firmly on using available technology, and even pushing the boundaries, to create fun, exciting and innovative games that load quickly and display seamlessly across all devices. And with increasing numbers of keen slots fans now accessing games through their smartphones, each game is carefully developed and optimised to ensure that it works as perfectly on mobile and tablet as it does on larger desktop and laptop screens.

Our First Impressions of Jackaroo Jack

As the game loaded on to our screen, we were faced with a stark desert scene. Under a hot blue cloudless sky, miles of red desert stretched as far as the eye could see, giving a taste of the Outback scenery that we were about to traverse.

The game quickly moved on to the main playing screen, where the playing area is set against a rocky red wilderness backdrop. In the far distance, towering peaks rise up out of the plains, and the blistering heat practically jumps out of the screen. There are one or two trees bravely fighting for their existence in the desert landscape, but for the most part the scenery is red sand and rock, which hardly seem capable of supporting life. Yet there’s life aplenty on the reels, which take centre stage, fastened to a hitching post for tying horses up. Across the top of the playing area is the game’s title, complete with the game developer’s trademark lightning bolt logo, and at the centre stands Jackaroo Jack himself, lasso at the ready to rope in any misbehaving Wilds!

The background to the reels is dark, allowing the various symbols to really shine out. Colourful playing card symbols represent the lowest cash awards and are beautifully depicted with gold edging. But it’s the pictorial symbols that players will want to see cropping up on winning paylines, as these offer the biggest cash prizes for achieving three of more matching icons in adjacent reels, starting from the leftmost reel. We particularly enjoy playing online slots games that include 1024 chances to win, although in order to achieve the full benefit it’s necessary to wager the maximum 40 coins.

The symbols represent common animals and objects found on Outback ranches, ranging from the chirpy Kookaburra bird through a windmill and a wild horse, commonly known in Australia as a brumby, with the furious-looking bull paying out the biggest cash awards - apart from Jack himself. Although Jack is the game’s Bonus Scatter symbol, he also comes with his own paytable, so there’s a good chance of achieving a win whenever he appears on the reels. Winning symbols animate, and cash prizes are flagged up, so it’s easy to keep track of what’s going on.

The soundtrack for the game is perfectly in keeping with its overall theme, as guitars and harmonicas play out a selection of Western-inspired melodies. In the distance a dog barks while a Kookaburra calls out with its distinctive laughing cry. In short, the game looks and sounds superb, and we simply couldn’t wait to hit that Spin button and see what cash rewards were up for grabs.

How to Play Jackaroo Jack

We think that Jackaroo Jack will appeal to more to low-and mid-range gamers rather than high-rollers, thanks to its relatively small betting range, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t plenty of fun to be had along the way. In fact, even high-rollers might be tempted to try a few spins in the hope of triggering the highly lucrative Bonus Free Spins round, which allows players to customise the feature to their own tastes.

Experienced players will want to dive straight into the game and get those reels spinning, but if you’re an online slots newbie, or you have relatively limited experience, a brief run-though of the controls can help to get you started.

There’s no need to worry about paylines in this game, as wins are awarded for matching three or more symbols across adjacent reels, starting from the first reel on the left-hand side of the playing area. So you need to decide how much to wager on each spin to get the game started. Your options range from a modest one penny up to a maximum of just 30 pence, but each bet is multiplied by 40, so your actual betting range varies between 40 pence per spin up to a maximum of £12. That might worry high-rollers, but it’s still worth a few spins, as the Free Spins Bonus rounds offer some highly attractive Multipliers.

Set your bet by clicking or tapping on the Settings button, which is located to the right-hand side of the reels, level with the top row of symbols. This will give you access to a range of options, including toggling sounds on and off, activating the Autoplay function and viewing the paytable and game rules, as well as amending your bet. Click or tap on the coin symbol to access a sliding scale for selecting the amount of your wager - remembering that your chosen sum is multiplied by 40 for each spin. If you’re not great at mental arithmetic, there’s no need to panic, as your total bet will be displayed at the top of your screen once you return to the playing area. You also have the option of altering your wager by using the large blue arrow keys either side of the coin symbols at the bottom left-hand side of your screen, so use this option if you prefer. Once again, your total wager is displayed at the top of the screen, so you can keep track of what’s happening quite easily.

Now it’s time to spin those reels! The Spin button is situated to the far bottom right-hand side of the playing area, and a click or a tap will set the reels whirring - there’s no need to do anything else, as they will stop automatically and show you any wins that you’ve managed to attain.

During extended gaming sessions, hitting or tapping Spin repeatedly can interfere with the flow of the game, so there’s a very useful Autoplay function, which takes the hard work out of the game. To access this feature, use the Settings button, or hit the button situated directly above the Spin button. This gives access to a sliding scale which players can adjust to give the required number of automatic spins. When you’re completely satisfied with your selection you need to hit the white arrow key at the top of the menu screen, on the far right-hand side, to return to the playing area. You’ll now see that the Spin button is topped by the number of Autospins that you’ve selected, and you need to tap or click on this button again to action the feature and start the Autospins. If you change your mind and want to return to manual spinning of the reels, just hit the button again and Autoplay will end.

Jackaroo Jack Second Chance Respin Wilds

The Wild symbol is represented by a cattle skull with the word Wild across it and can only appear on the second and fourth reels of the game. But when it does, it has the ability to substitute for any of the other symbols on the reels, so you stand a good chance of achieving a win whenever it makes an appearance.

The Wild appeared and you didn’t achieve a win? There’s no need to worry, as Jackaroo Jack is on your side, and he’ll do everything he can to ensure you get your rewards. If a non-winning Wild makes an appearance, he springs into action from his vantage point at the top of the reels, spinning his lasso to hold the reel in place for a Respin, which hopefully brings the cash prize that you desire.

And unlike most Wilds in online slots games, this Wild can also substitute for the Bonus Scatter too!

Jackaroo Jack Bonus Free Spins

The Jackaroo Jack Bonus Scatter symbol comes with its own paytable, awarding cash prizes for three or more symbols on adjacent reels from the leftmost reel, but he also has another trick up his cowboy sleeve! Whenever six Bonus Scatters appear, the player is awarded Free Spins, with a choice of five separate options. The more Free Spins you select, the lower the multiplier, but decrease the number of Free Spins and the Multipliers offer increasingly generous rewards. The feature can be retriggered during play, so there are plenty of opportunities to scoop a big cash payout if you’re playing for real money.

Jackaroo Jack RTP

The RTP, or Return To Player, is a percentage that indicates the amount of money spent on an online slots game that is returned to players over a period of time. This sum is calculated over a lengthy period, involving numerous players, so it shouldn’t be used as any kind of guarantee that every player will receive back the same percentage of the sum that they wager. Some players will receive significant wins, whilst others will experience losses, but the percentage shows the average returns to all players. In the case of Jackaroo Jack, the RTP is stated as being 95.62%.

Play Jackaroo Jack for Free

There’s quite a lot to take in with the Jackaroo Jack online slots game, particularly since there is such a variety of options for the Free spins Bonus rounds. Players should ideally aim to experience each option if they want to make the most informed wagering choices, but obviously that can turn into quite an expensive learning curve when betting your own cash on the outcome of each spin.

Here at Slots Temple you can enjoy playing Jackaroo Jack with absolutely no financial commitment whatsoever, so you can trigger the features multiple times to assess the best options for placing your bets. But it’s not just Jackaroo Jack that you can try out in this way - we offer all of the current Lightning Box Slots for Free, as well as a huge selection of games from every software house. Our Demo Slots cover a massive variety of themes and genres, so whether you yearn to try out some new animal themed slot games or fancy trying your hand at some of our action and adventure titles, we’re confident that we’ve got games you’ll love to play.

Once you’ve unlocked all the secrets of your favourite games, you can use that knowledge to advantage at your favourite online casino. Or just stick around and keep spinning the reels for free - the choice is yours!


* Jackaroo Jack trademark / license is owned by Lightning Box. This site is not endorsed by Lightning Box.

Game Name: Jackaroo Jack
Software: Lightning Box
Themes: Animals, Nature
Volatility: Medium Volatility
Features: Bonus Games Free Spins Wild Symbols Multipliers Scatter Symbols Expanding Wilds Respins Substitution Symbols
Paylines: 1024
Reels: 5
Min Bet (all lines covered): 0.4
Max Bet: 12
Top Win: 200
RTP: 95.62%
User Reviews
Overall score: 2.9 out of 5 stars

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