Mermaids Millions Slot - Review, Demo Play, Payout, Free Spins & Bonuses

Dive Below the Ocean Waves to Play Mermaids Millions

You might not think that much is going on beneath the surface of the ocean, but once you start playing Mermaids Millions you’ll soon discover that there’s a treasure trove of riches to be found in the ocean depths. Gold, pearls and priceless jewels are lying in wait for you, bringing the promise of great wealth and an abundance of good luck. You’ll find scatters, wilds, free spins and even an exciting bonus round as you spin the reels - just keep your eyes open for the beautiful mermaid, who is there to help make the most of this exciting game, bringing the promise of great rewards in her wake.

The game is simply presented, with no distracting background features to take your mind away from the job in hand, which is to stack up your very own personal treasure trove. The background to the playing area is depicted in a deep blue, with the symbols backed by a lighter blue, reinforcing the aquatic theme.

You’ll find the usual playing card symbols across the reels, but in Mermaids Millions they’ve been given a fun ocean-themed feel, so you’ll find a cute starfish clutching tightly to the number 10 while an octopus clutches tightly to the Jack. The Queen symbol holds a string of pearls, Neptune has leaned his trident against the King symbol and a lobster peeks out from behind the Ace.

Other ocean-themed symbols that you’ll discover across the reels include an oyster, a seahorse and an ornately embellished pot containing diamonds and other precious jewels. You’ll also encounter a helpful mermaid and Neptune himself, both of whom are keen for you to reap the greatest rewards possible from this action-packed online slots game.

There’s also a mysterious looking treasure chest - will you be lucky enough to be able to take a peek inside?

Unlike so many games of this type, there’s no annoying soundtrack. Instead, you’ll hear just the gentle lapping sounds of the waves, and every so often the mermaid giggles as she promises to bring you another chance to scoop a major win.

How to Play Mermaids Millions

Whether this is your first time playing an online slots game or you’re a seasoned player, it won’t take you very long to get to grips with the game controls for Mermaids Millions. This is a traditional five-reel online slots game, featuring up to fifteen paylines, and there are plenty of bonus features to keep you occupied for quite some time.

First of all, you need to choose the coin you would like to play with - you can select anything between 1 penny and 1 pound, depending on your mood and how strongly you feel that luck is on your side. Moving along the player controls, you need to look out for the button marked ‘Coins’. Here you select the number of coins that you want to wager on each spin. Now decide on the number of lines you wish to play, choosing anything between one and the maximum fifteen. The betting window will now display your total bet for the next spin of the reels, which will be based on your coin amount, the number of coins you have selected and the number of lines that you are including in the wager. You can keep adjusting these amounts until you’re completely satisfied with your total wager.

Now you just need to hit the Spin button to set the reels spinning and see whether your luck is in! You can keep tapping or clicking on Spin each time you want to play, or to save yourself the time and trouble you have a variety of options:

- Look for the x5 and x10 buttons on your player console. Pressing either of these will start you on 5 or 10 spins of the reels using your current wager parameters without the need to keep hitting Spin each time.

- Select the Autoplay function from your console. A dialogue box opens, allowing you to set your preferred number of spins. You can cancel the feature at any time during play by hitting the Stop button, which replaces the Spin button during gameplay. You can also opt to end the feature when your winnings equal or exceed a pre-defined sum or when all the designated spins are completed. The feature also automatically stops when you trigger either the Free Spins bonus or the Treasure Chest bonus round.

- Choose the Bet Max button to set the number of paylines to the maximum amount. This will also increase your wager to the maximum allowable coin at the greatest allowable sum, saving you from having to tap or click your way through all the options. Hitting Bet Max will also set the reels spinning, so you have nothing else to do apart from assess your winnings.

If you want to check out the paytable at any time during your gaming session, simply tap or click towards the base of the playing area, just below the game’s title, where you see the words ‘View Payout’. You’ll be taken to the paytable, where you can see how much you win for achieving three or more matching symbols across an active payline - symbols must be on consecutive reels starting from the leftmost reel to count as a win.

The mermaid of the title is the game’s Scatter symbol, and she brings financial rewards when she appears just twice on the reels. Neptune represents the game’s Wild and also benefits the player when he appears twice on the reels, but both of these symbols have other tricks up their sleeve too. The Neptune Wild can substitute for any other symbol in the game apart from the scatter and treasure chest, bringing you increased chances of scooping a big win, even when you can’t match three symbols.

The mermaid scatter doesn’t just bring generous payouts when she appears at least twice on the reels. If you’re lucky enough to land three or more mermaid scatters, you’ll automatically receive 10 Free Spins, during which any wins that you rack up will be tripled, which gives you the potential to assemble a very attractive virtual prize pot.

The treasure chest can also take you to a bonus round when three or more appear anywhere across the reels. When this happens you’re whisked away to another screen where you’re invited to select objects, all of which have a hidden value. Once you’ve made your selection, the value of each object is added, creating an extra financial reward for your prize pot.

Play Mermaids Millions for Free

Here at Slots Temple we understand how much our players enjoy playing our fantastic selection of online slots games. We aim to make gameplay even more rewarding by allowing you to play for free as much as you like. Whether you’re playing for fun or perhaps intend to play for money at a later date, playing an online slots game multiple times in free play mode allows you to get to grips with all the nuances of playing your favourite game over a period of time.

With no financial pressures to get in the way of your enjoyment, you can enjoy playing Mermaids Millions over and over again, which gives you a great opportunity to uncover every last detail of gameplay. Once you have triggered all of the bonus rounds and Free Spins, you can decide whether this could be profitable game for you to play for real money.

We always advise players to take as much advantage of free play mode as they possibly can. Over an extended period of time you can see for yourself whether you could make a tidy profit playing Mermaids Millions, or whether you can have more fun playing without any financial commitment at all.

About Microgaming

Mermaids Millions has an enthusiastic fan base, particularly amongst players who visit bricks-and-mortar casinos. It’s not the most technically advanced of online slots games, but don’t let that deter you - Microgaming know exactly what players are looking for, and they strive to ensure that players are always enthralled by great gameplay and innovative features, such as the Free Spins round and Treasure Chest bonus.

Microgaming was one of the first gaming companies to see the potential of online casino games and is credited with being the first of the casino software companies to create their own online casino. They’ve been around for years, creating fun and entertaining games that are designed to display seamlessly across a wide range of devices, platforms and browsers, providing a fun gaming experience without any lengthy or unnecessary downloads.

Microgaming tends to be best known for its entertaining range of online slots games, many of which are tied in with popular movie franchises, such as Jurassic World and Battlestar Galactica, but it also produces innovative games such as the ever-popular Immortal Romance, which has a dedicated fan base amongst gaming enthusiasts. The company understands that players are looking for added features that add an extra layer of fun and excitement to their basic slots games, so it makes sure that its games are packed with great designs, Free Spins, bonus rounds and tempting jackpots. Add in great graphics and beautiful soundtracks, and it’s clear to see why the company has gone from strength to strength in the mobile casino marketplace.

And the company doesn’t just create great slots games - they also design, create and develop a wide selection of table games, arcade games, scratch cards and video poker games too, ensuring that there is something for everyone to enjoy.

FAQs About Mermaids Millions

Do I need to wager real money to play Mermaids Millions?

No. At Slots Temple we believe that players should be able to play all of their favourite online casino and slots games without having to run the risk of any financial losses. You can play any of our games completely free, allowing you to simply while away some time in a fun and entertaining way. However, if you plan on playing Mermaids Millions for real money, it can be extremely helpful to spend time on the game in free play mode beforehand, as this allows you to familiarise with all aspects of gameplay, making for a more fulfilling and lucrative experience once you decide to place a wager with real money.

Is Mermaids Millions easy to play?

Yes, even if you’ve never tried your hand at an online slots game before, you’re sure to find it an easy game to master. Playing at Slots Temple for free allows you time to get to grips with the game in your own time, without having to worry that you will spend money while you uncover all of the game’s secrets.

Can I access the paytable of Mermaids Millions during gameplay?

Yes, you can view the Mermaids Millions paytable at any time simply by clicking on the ‘View Payout’ wording just below the game’s title, which can be found towards the base of the playing area. The paytable shows you how much each symbol pays out for each appearance in a winning line. You can return to the game console when you’ve finished by clicking towards the top of the paytable.

What is the Return to Player for Mermaids Millions?

The Return to Player, or RTP, of a game is based on someone playing the game for a long period of time. The aim is to show the player what proportion of their expenditure they can expect to win back on a slots game over a period o time.

For Mermaids Millions the RTP is 96.56%

It’s important to keep in mind that this doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed to receive back this percentage of your total spend if you decide to play the game for real money. Every player’s experience of the game will be different, with some players winning a healthy sum, whilst others will be out of pocket at the end of a session.

Is Mermaids Millions completely fair?

Yes, all of Microgaming online casino games are subject to very strict laws and regulations that govern their fairness to players. Random Number Technology is used to ensure that their slots games are completely fair for each and every player.

Mermaid Myths and Legends

Nowadays just about every child is brought up on tales of The Little Mermaid. First published by Hans Christian Andersen in 1837, his original story was a far cry from the Disney version so beloved of young children and their families. According to the original story, as created by Hans Christian Andersen, the beautiful young mermaid dreams of visiting the world above the waves like her older sisters. When her turn comes to see the real world, she is captivated by the lavish celebrations she sees on board a boat, celebrating the birthday of a handsome young prince.

A mighty storm appears from nowhere, breaking up the ship and casting the crew and passengers into the ocean. The little mermaid quickly finds her prince and rescues him, taking him to the nearest shore where he will be found. She then returns to her home below the waves, where she pines for the handsome prince and longs to be with him forever.

Finally, she approaches the fearsome Sea Witch, who makes a deal with her. In exchange for the mermaid’s beautiful voice, the Sea Witch agrees to replace the mermaid’s tail with human legs, but she will be unable to talk to her prince, as she will be forever mute. Moreover, her human legs will cause her nothing but pain, and although she will be able to walk and dance, every step will feel as though she is walking on hot knives. The mermaid happily agrees to these terms if it means that she can be with her prince forever.

And so the mermaid is given her longed-for legs, and she makes her way to her beloved prince, who is instantly captivated by her beauty and ability to dance so beautifully, even though every step is absolute torture for her. But although the mermaid is deeply in love with the prince, he is consumed by the desire to find the woman who saved him from the shipwreck, not realising that she is in front of him.

Mistakenly believing that a neighbouring princess is the woman who saved him from drowning, he decides to marry her, breaking the mermaid’s heart in the process. Without the love of her prince the mermaid is doomed to die without an immortal soul, so she once again visits the Sea Witch to find out whether there is anything that she can do. She is given a knife and told that, if she kills the prince with it and spills his blood on her feet, she will be restored to being a mermaid again. But she cannot find it within herself to hurt the man she loves so much, so she chooses instead to throw herself overboard from a ship, hoping to drown herself. Her unselfish actions save her from oblivion, and she becomes a spirit of the air, albeit one who is forced to live without the man she loves and whom she sacrificed her life and happiness for.

The Disney version of the story is much more sanitised and concludes with a happier ending, making it a firm favourite with generations of young children, but this is far from being the only story surrounding people who are half human and half fish and who live deep below the surface of the ocean.

In medieval times mermaids were considered to be as real as other sea creatures, such as whales and dolphins. Wherever people congregated to live beside the sea they heard tales of beautiful sea maidens, many of whom were believed to lure sailors to their doom.

A popular legend that originated in the Netherlands in the 17th century concerned a mermaid who was believed to have slipped through a dyke, hurting herself quite badly in the process. Legend has it that concerned villagers took her to a nearby lake, where they nursed her back to health. Rather than returning to the sea, the story reports that the mermaid learned to speak Dutch fluently and became proficient in household cleaning, becoming a model citizen and even converting to Catholicism along the way!

In his book ‘Incredible Mysteries and Legends of the Sea’, Edward Snow describes a ‘true’ story in which the captain of a ship based just off the Newfoundland coast met a mermaid in 1614. According to Mr Snow, the mermaid in question captivated the captain as she swam gracefully in the water. The captain duly noted that she had a short nose, albeit a finely shaped one, and her ears were somewhat on the large side, as were her eyes. However, he was captivated by her beautiful long hair, which was apparently an attractive shade of green. Just as he was deciding that this vision of loveliness was potentially his perfect woman, the captain noticed with extreme disappointment that she was human only above the waist, having a fish tail where he would have expected to see legs.

Freak shows and circuses at the dawn of the 19th century were keen to cash in on the mermaid phenomenon, with charlatans creating fake mermaids to delight and astound the crowds. Even the mighty P T Barnum wasn’t immune to the crowd-pleasing potential of a mermaid, and one of his most popular attractions from this era was his ‘Feejee Mermaid’, which visitors were invited to view in exchange for 50 cents. The exhibit would have been seen for the fake that it was in our modern era, but in those times people could be made to believe just about anything, and the tragic corpse of a monkey which had been given the tail of a large fish drew huge numbers of sightseers who took the display at face value, believing it to be a genuine mermaid.

Mankind has always been keen on legends that combine humans with animals, such as the centaur and the harpy, so it’s perhaps only natural that an aquatic version was also developed in the human imagination. Mermaids even merit a mention in the Arabian Nights tales, where they are described as being similar to a woman in facial features, but with tiny hands and feet and fish tails.

According to C J S Thompson, the former curator for the Royal College of Surgeons, the tradition surrounding merfolk who are part-human and part-fish has been in existence for many thousands of years. In fact, the early Babylonian god known as Oannes, or the Fish God, is often depicted with the head and body of a man but with the tail of a fish from the waist down. He also wore a crown upon his head, which ties in with images of the Greek god Triton. Neptune is the Roman equivalent, who wears a crown and carries a trident as he alters the course of the waves and whips up storms on a whim.

Even to this day, some religions, including Candomble and Hinduism, worship deities who bear a strong likeness to common depictions of mermaids, so this is something which has been embraced by many different cultures and religions around the world.

Friend or Foe?

Although we tend to think of mermaids as being beautiful, there are plenty of myths and legends that paint them in a far less flattering light. According to traditional tales from folklore, mermaids have often been considered to be spiteful and destructive creatures, luring sailors away from their plotted course and encouraging them on to rocks, where they are likely to be killed.

And, of course, merfolk aren’t exclusively female. Mermen throughout history are reputed to be fierce and cruel, creating mighty storms, drowning sailors and causing ships to sink unexpectedly. One of the most fearsome groups of mermen were the Blue Men, who are reputed to live in the seas surrounding the Outer Hebrides, off the coast of Scotland. With blue-tinted skin and long grey beards, they seek out likely ships to capsize, challenging the captain to a rhyming contest that he needs to be quick-witted enough to win or else risk losing his ship and all of the sailors on it.

Even the Japanese have their own mermaids, although these take the form of smaller child-sized water spirits known as Kappa. They aren’t confined to the seas and oceans but can reside in rivers and lakes too, where they like to challenge humans with skill-based games. Said to have monkey-like faces, and to wear turtle shells on their backs, Kappa apparently love the taste of children, who they challenge to a contest in which the penalty for losing is death.

Closer to home, many folklore stories tell of marriages between human men and mermaids. It was believed that the man must steal something of value belonging to the mermaid, such as her mirror or her comb, and the mermaid must then pledge to remain with him until she uncovers her stolen items. Once she has her belongings back in her possession, she is free to return to her home beneath the waves.

There are occasional stories, such as The Little Mermaid, in which the mermaid means mankind no harm, but the majority of stories depict them as being dangerous and wilful. Many sailors believed that the sight of a mermaid during a voyage meant that the ship was doomed to disaster, while the legends surrounding the Lorelai, who lived in the Rhine, and the sirens of Greek mythology told of their power to lure men to their death by singing to them - the allure of their song being so great that men would dash themselves upon the rocks in a futile attempt to get close to them.

Other Mermaid and Ocean-Themed Games That You May Enjoy

If you’ve enjoyed playing Mermaids Millions, then you’re probably keen to track down other games with a similar theme. We’ve done the hard work for you, tracking down some of the most entertaining and enjoyable mermaid and ocean-themed online slots games to keep you busy for hours.

Enchanted Mermaid

With 25 paylines and five reels spread over three rows, Enchanted Mermaid offers another glimpse into life under the ocean waves. Once again, the mermaid is on your side, helping you to achieve the finest prize pot as you uncover the treasures hidden on the ocean floor.

The lucky pearl symbol can award you with free spins when three or more appear anywhere across the reels, offering you a selection of tempting games. Multipliers, wilds and scatters help you to increase your virtual prize pot, and your friendly helpful mermaid will even leap right out of the water periodically to assist you on your quest or riches. There’s even a gamble feature that adds to the fun and makes this an extremely enjoyable game for whiling away some free time.

Lucky Mermaid

Also featuring a beautiful mermaid, a friendly octopus and a host of friendly sea creatures, Lucky Mermaid is a fun online slots game that’s packed with cute graphics and fun sound effects. Winning lines spark fun animations, and instead of the usual Spin button you set the reels spinning by tapping or clicking on a beautiful white pearl. Winning lines are rewarded with gorgeous animations, all maintaining the underwater theme to great effect.
25 paylines are spread over five reels, and the game features wilds, scatters and a fun bonus round too. The mermaid herself is the game’s scatter symbol, and when three or more appear anywhere across the reels you’ll generate the bonus round. Here you are whisked away to a different part of the ocean where you are invited to make your selection from a number of mermaid options. This will award you with a multiplier, and your chosen mermaid will use her tail to flick the cash prizes towards you.

Secret of the Mermaid

It won’t take you long to get to grips with the controls for Secret of the Mermaid. The game is easy to learn and master, featuring bold, bright graphics and a simple user interface. The graphics are beautifully rendered in primary colours, making this a fun and colourful game, and the mermaid in question is a real beauty with fiery red hair and a captivating smile.

The game takes place far below the waves in the lost city of Atlantis, where you can see the ruined temples and artefacts where the fish and sea creatures roam. Featuring wilds, scatters and multipliers, you’ll be amassing a virtual fortune in next to no time if the reels are in your favour.

Moonlit Mermaids

For a slightly darker take on the mermaid legend you’ll have to play Moonlit Mermaids. The background here is much darker than in other games of this type, as you battle your way to safety on a beleaguered ship, driven by the perilous waves towards the rocks. Your future is looking bleak, and then the moonlight breaks through to reveal two beautiful mermaids - but are they your friends, or are they intent on seeing you fall to your doom on the rocks below?

Match symbols to win cash prizes and keep your eyes peeled for the crab and turtle icons, which can boost your winnings quite substantially. You might not be sure whether or not the mermaids are on your side, but the Wild Moons most definitely are, promising the opportunity to win some generous payouts.

With its Wild Moons, Free Games bonus and an entertaining Scatter Bucks feature, this is a game that’s certain to keep you occupied for several hours of gameplay, no matter where you happen to be.

Queen of Atlantis

Check out the absolutely stunning graphics on this gorgeous online slots game. Developed by Pragmatic Play, who have a reputation for adding real value to their slot titles, this is a beautifully crafted game that you’ll really immerse yourself in.

This is a game in which the visuals, animations and soundtrack all come together to make something very special, and keen slots fans will want to spend time getting to know the game so that they can play to best effect. With five reels and medium variance, this is a game that rewards players who spend time familiarising themselves with the way it works. And with 1024 ways to play, this isn’t a game that you can get bored with in a hurry!

Featuring Free Spins, Super Spins and a Wild that also serves as a multiplier, this is an online slots game that will appeal to seasoned players and newbies alike.

Reef Run

Boasting 3D graphics, cute animations and a fun soundtrack, Reef Run is an absolute delightful online slots game. Created by Yggdrasil, a company which is certainly making waves in the online slots game market, Reef Run shows just how entertaining an effective slots game can be when it’s crafted with so much attention to detail.

But with the opportunity to create a winning prize pot, you’ll want to do more than simply watch the game unfold, although there’s so much going on within the playing area that you really do need to spend some moments admiring the work of the artists involved in the design.

Wilds, scatters, multipliers and an entertaining bonus round all add to the fun, and with the opportunity to scoop a major win only a spin away, we reckon this is a game that you’ll return to again and again.

* Mermaids Millions trademark / license is owned by Microgaming. This site is not endorsed by Microgaming.

Game Name: Mermaids Millions
Software: Microgaming
Themes: Fantasy, Sea life
Volatility: Low volatility
Features: Bonus Game Wild Symbol Scatter Symbol Multiplier Free Spins Low volatility 5 Reels
Paylines: 15
Reels: 5
Min Bet (all lines covered): 0.15
Max Bet: 450
Top Win: 500
RTP: 96.56%
User Reviews
Overall score: 2.7 out of 5 stars

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