Raging Rhino Slot - Review, Demo Play, Payout, Free Spins & Bonuses

The rhinoceros is a magnificent and distinctive beast, and while the Raging Rhino game may not share all the qualities of the unmistakeable and distinctive rhino, the game is definitely distinctive, and gives players many chances for magnificent wins and rewards. For those who love the idea of roaming the vast wilderness of Africa and observing its stunning wildlife while enjoying a great slots game and racking up some fantastic prizes, then Raging Rhino is the full safari package. Better still, you don’t even need to leave the country or even get up out of your chair when you want to play this fabulous game. However, if you are on the move, then Raging Rhino is the perfect choice as it is available wherever you are. This terrific game from WMS offers the ultimate convenience of being available on desktop PC, mobile and tablet. All you need to play Raging Rhino is an internet connection and a sense of fun and adventure.

From the first moment you see the screen for Raging Rhino and get a glimpse of the magnificent creature and its massive bulk and huge horned head, you know you are in for a treat, as the developer has really put a lot of energy and imagination into designing a game that is really gratifying on every level. The setting is atmospheric, with the African wilds in the background, the colours are vibrant and the symbols display incredible detail. The hues chosen for this game really reflect the compelling landscapes and creatures of the African bush. The landscape behind the reels is bathed in the golden glow of a sensational sunset and the reels are a gorgeous jewel green shade, which is a magnificent backdrop for the animals of the African savannah. Not all the symbols are animals however, and there is also an icon comprised of the African Acacia tree with the sun setting gloriously behind it, and a rather intriguing diamond.

The rich reds and oranges of a superb African sunset appear behind the Acacia tree, but they are present in other elements of Raging Rhino as well. WMS has incorporated these striking colours into the branding of the game itself, and its title benefits from strong lettering that is red at the top and mellows into a vibrant orange, a bit like a sunset. Raging Rhino is a terrific name for a slots game, and the choice of colours for the title, along with all the attention to detail by the developers across all the many aspects of this game, show that it was crafted with great care and a determination to entertain and excite players, while giving them many chances to win big.

If you love wildlife, then you will love this game, with all its beautiful creatures, not to mention lots of beautiful ways to collect rich rewards. This game benefits from astoundingly innovative and modern technology, which means it not only looks amazing, but there are more than 4,000 ways to win and get your hands on those great prizes. This is one African safari adventure where you are guaranteed to have the time of your life and you’ll want to return again and again.

How to play Raging Rhino

When you look at the screen for Raging Rhino, you will see that there are six reels and four rows. Add in the trademarked All Way technology, and all of that adds up to 4096 incredible ways (alot like Danger High Voltage) to win and a compelling game that never lets up when it comes to entertainment and opportunities to win. This game is a little unusual in that it features ways to win, rather than paylines, but when there 4096 ways to win, then any player should be delighted by that.

When you look at the screen for Raging Rhino, first of all you will be struck by the gorgeous colour palette, the oranges and sunset shades of the African savannah, and the contrast of the arresting blue green teal that is used as the backdrop for the actual reels.

Then you will no doubt notice that many of the tools you will need for setting up Raging Rhino just the way you like it are found at the top of the screen.

Most importantly however, the spin button, which sets the game in motion, is located at the right side of the screen, in the middle. You cannot miss it, as it is a fairly large round icon with a curved arrow on it. Simply click on this and you are away and playing.

Everything you need to start Raging Rhino

At the top of the screen are an array of tools, tabs and buttons to make playing Raging Rhino more fun and enjoyable. In the very centre, above the words Raging Rhino, there is a panel that tells you how much you are wagering per spin. This is important information, so it is right out in the open where you can spot it easily, much as you would spot a rhino on the plains of Africa.

To the right of the total wager panel is a blue rectangle which says 4096 lines, to remind you how many ways there are to win in this fabulous WMS game. There is a tiny white down arrow next to 4096 lines, and you might click on that thinking you could change how many lines are in play. Clicking on the arrow will just bring up a larger black panel that again says 4096 lines to reinforce the message, and, well, that’s it really. You can’t change this figure in any way, and you probably wouldn’t want to. The little white arrow will be pointing up now, and to return to its original place, just click on the white arrow again and the black panel will return to where it came from.

To the left of the total wager box is another blue rectangle, and this one contains how much you are wagering per spin of the reels. This figure you definitely can adjust. Again, there is a tiny white down arrow, and if you click on this, it brings up a larger black panel. It looks very similar to the other black panel, but you can have more fun with this one as you customise your wager per spin.

The minimum bet is 0.4 credits per spin, and you may be happy to start out at that amount. Of course, if you want to win bigger prizes, then you will need to adjust the bet and increase it. The black panel makes this easy in two ways. First, there is a + button, and if you click on this, the bet will double to 0.8 credits per spin. Hit it again, and the bet rises to 1.2 credits per spin. Essentially, every time you click on that + button you will raise the bet by 0.4 credits. This allows you to explore your options slowly and methodically, and if at any point you want to decrease the bet, you simply click on the handy - button that appears in the panel and this will decrease the bet per spin by 0.4 credits. But perhaps you are in bit of a hurry, or you like to test things out at either end of the spectrum. In this case, the Min and Max buttons are for you. If you click on Max, you are taken immediately to the maximum bet per spin, which is a robust 60 credits per spin. If you then want to bet the minimum, you can click on Min and the bet per spin will drop to 0.4 credits per spin.

The design of this bet adjustment panel is extremely intelligent. When you are on the maximum bet, your only options are to go down via the minus button, or hit Min. When you are on the minimum bet, the only options you have are to go up via the plus button, or click on Max to go to the Maximum bet. If you are on a mid-range bet, then you can hit Min or Max or the plus or minus buttons at any time you like. To return the bet adjustment panel to where it was before, simply click on the little white arrow in the blue rectangle.

In the far left corner, you will find your balance, or how many credits you have left to play with. In the far right corner, you will find the place where your winnings are displayed. Just beneath this are three lines that make up the menu icon, and clicking on this will take you to a large range of features and lots more information about the game.

Rampaging beast of the African savannah

The rhinoceros is a fascinating animal and definitely worthy of being a star attraction in a game like this one. Rhinos are also called odd toed ungulates, in case you were wondering, and there are five species of them. Each species can reach more than a tonne in weight, and they are one of the largest animals on Earth. There is even a special term for such enormous beasts - megafauna. Although they are enormous, their brains are not that big and weigh less than 600 grams. They eat plants, and can have one or two horns. Two of the five rhinoceros species are native to Africa, and three to south Asia. The white and the black rhinoceros are found in Africa, although neither is truly white or black and they can’t really be told apart by their colours either. They both have two horns too, just like the Raging Rhino in this amazing game.

There is a really good reason why people talk about the hide of a rhinoceros - because their skin can be up to 5cm thick. This thick hide is comprised of layers of collagen that are laid down like a lattice to form a really tough protective hide. If there was a standoff between a rhino and an average person out in the African bush, I think we know who would come off best. People need to respect the rhino, as it is a large creature that can become aggressive and if it trampled you, you would not be in great shape.

You will be pleased, however, to see the Raging Rhino stampede onto the reels, as this means that not only do you get a good look at this magnificent creature, but some magnificent prizes will be coming your way as well. There are payouts for two rhinos in a winning combination, for three rhinos in a winning combination and for four rhinos in a winning combination. But there’s more - you can match up five rhinos in a winning combination or even six of the raging beasts in a winning combination to collect some terrific prizes.

When the rhinos stack up on ways to win, they will become animated, turning and looking like they want to charge you. But that’s OK, because when there are a lot of them, then that means more prizes and rewards are charging into your tally. Looking at the paytable, the payouts may not look that big initially, when compared with others slots games. For example, when you line up six rhinos in a winning combination, you get a payout of 450 credits, but that is for winning in one way only. You need to remember that there are 4096 ways to win in this game, and that number multiplied by any payout you get is very substantial indeed - almost as substantial as the African rhinoceros itself.

Of all the picture symbols that are part of Raging Rhino, you will not be surprised to learn that the rhino is the most valuable. Five rhinos winning one way give players a payout of 375 credits, four rhinos winning one way deliver a prize of 300 credits, and three rhinos will give players a reward of 225 credits for winning one way. As the rhino is really the star of this game, even two rhinos will give players a reward of 60 credits, when they are lined up to win one way.

When you hit the start button, the reels move forward and get bigger, so you can see the action more clearly. When there is a win, the winning symbols will pulse out of the screen so there is no doubt at all as to which icons are delivering prizes. The reels will also then retreat back to their former position and the information about your win will be displayed above the reels. This will include the winning symbols and how many made up your winning combination, the number of ways in which you won, and of course, the total amount of your win. This is very helpful and makes it easy to follow what is happening and how much you are winning, especially when there are literally thousands of ways in which you can win.

Raging Rhino Wilds

You will always be pleased when you see the sun setting behind the great Acacia tree, as this symbol is not only gorgeous, but it is a Wild. This means that it can substitute for all the other symbols in the game to match more winning combinations that can bring you fantastic prizes. However, you also need to know that the Acacia tree symbol does not substitute for the diamond. The Acacia tree also does not pop up just anywhere, as its appearances are restricted to reels two, three, four and five only. But that is still a lot of space for the Acacia tree to pop up in all its splendour and help players form more of those wonderful winning combinations that deliver the big rewards.

Raging Rhino Prizes

WMS has built in a great way to have players return again and again to playing Raging Rhino. The developers have done this with their jewel of a bonus feature that is triggered by the alluring diamond symbol. You may wonder what diamonds have to do with rhinos, and no, rhinos don’t really wear a lot of jewellery. However, a lot of diamond mining does take place in Africa, and dazzling gems worth many billions have been dug up out of African soil. Some of the largest diamond mines in the world are found in Africa, particularly in Botswana, which is also popular with visitors who want to go on safari and see big game animals such as the rhinoceros.

Luckily, when you play Raging Rhino, you don’t need to do any digging to see some shiny diamonds come your way. All you have to do is spin the reels and wait. When you land some diamonds on the reels, then you will activate the bonus feature. The lowest entry point to the feature is by landing three of the diamond symbols on the reels. This means that the player will be awarded 8 lovely free spins in which to accumulate some great rewards. To make these 8 free spins even sweeter, the player also receives a very welcome payout that is 120 times the total wager for that round. And yes, more diamonds means the rewards are even bigger.

Land four diamonds on the reels and the player will be given a rather generous 15 free spins to play with and use to win more prizes. Plus, they will win a great prize just for landing those four diamonds, in the form of a juicy payout that is a substantial 600 times their total bet for the spin.

When the player is lucky enough for five shining diamonds to land on the reels, then the prizes are even more enticing. First of all, landing five diamonds means that the player will get a super payout that is 3,000 times their total bet. With that kind of prize, you can probably go out and buy some diamonds of your own! In addition to this, the player also receives a fabulous 20 free spins for accumulating even more great rewards.

Don’t forget, Raging Rhino has six stampeding reels, so there are even more dimensions to experience in this feature. Yes, a player could possibly find six diamonds while they are playing, and this means that they would win a super bonus jackpot of 60,000 times their total stake for the game, which would mean you could go out and get your own diamond mine, or at least a super yacht. And that is not all, as this stupendous clutch of diamonds is also accompanied by a delectable 50 free spins that can be used to win even more rewards.

During the free spins, the Acacia Tree Wild could also appear on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5. You will be thrilled to see it, as when the Wilds appear during the bonus feature, they have even more power than in the base game. When a Wild is on any of those reels - either 2, 3, 4 or 5 - and form a winning combination, then they will also become multiplier Wilds, and boost your winnings either two times or three times. The Wild substitutes for all of the symbols in the game, except for the diamond, and this is another great feature from WMS, the game designers, because if you land more diamonds on the reels, then more free spins can be triggered.

When the diamonds are dropping in generously, a player could quickly accumulate hundreds of free spins and build up a huge total of winnings. Similar to, but not completely the same as, the base game, landing two diamonds will give the player 5 free spins, landing three diamonds will mean the player gets 8 spins and four diamonds landing on the reels during a free spins bonus will mean that the player is awarded another amazing 15 free spins to add to the free spins that they already have available to make their pile of winnings even bigger. There is just about nothing that is more enjoyable as playing a round of free spins in a bonus game and then retriggering the bonus spins and winning more to add to your stockpile.

However, the free spins bounty could be even bigger. If a player can land five diamonds on their reels during a free game, then they will win another tremendous 20 free spins. The diamonds don’t even have to be in a particular formation. As long as they are there on the reels, the player will reap the rewards. Now landing another six diamonds during a free spin is a pretty special situation, and it will deliver a pretty special reward. In fact, the player that is lucky enough to have 6 diamonds land on the reels during one of their free spins will be rewarded another colossal 50 free spins, which could keep them playing and enjoying their free spins for a really long time. While enjoying the free spins bonus, the number of ways to win that was selected along with the bet multiplier remain the same as those used during the spin that triggered the feature in the first place.

It is rather exciting when the free spins feature is triggered. The soundtrack, which is rather appealing and in tune with the sounds of Africa, becomes a notch more energetic when you touch the screen to get the bonus feature started. If more diamonds appear and the feature is re-triggered, then the soundtrack becomes even more animated. The game does not stop - panels appear telling you what you are winning and how many more free spins you are being awarded, but the action just keeps going. In addition, the Acacia Tree Wilds turn into multipliers and boost your winnings, and the whole bonus feature is just non-stop fun and lots of prizes. When the bonus eventually comes to an end, a panel will appear telling you exactly how much you have won during this wonderful bonus round.

Raging Rhino Wild kingdom

Apart from the rhino, there are some other engaging animals from the African jungles and plains that present on the reels in this game. The cheetah is a very handsome big cat, with a gorgeous spotted coat. Sadly, cheetah pelts are very popular for use in coats and other items of clothing, so these beautiful animals have been widely hunted. Today, the cheetah is protected in some areas, and there are reserves where tame ones can be petted. A tame cheetah will purr just like an enormous version of a domestic cat. You will be purring too when the cheetah lopes on to the reels, as this is a symbol that can deliver some big rewards. Four cheetahs will give players a payout of 225 credits for a one way win. Five cheetahs will mean a payout of 300 credits should they pad onto the reels for a one way win, and should six of these beautiful big cats appear on the reels for you ,then that is a win of 375 credits when you win only one way.

The gorilla is another glorious animal to be found in the wilds of Africa, and you can find it on the reels of Raging Rhino as well. In fact, you will be thrilled to see gorillas on the reels, and they will not be in the mist either. They will be right out there in the open, where anyone can see them, to bring more prizes and great rewards to the players of Raging Rhino.

These Raging Rhino gorillas are quite fierce looking, and it looks like they are not going to put up with anyone messing them around. However, the expression on their gorilla faces is not anywhere near as important as the prizes you will be given when they appear on the reels. Three gorillas mean a payout of 75 credits if you are only a winner in one way. Now if you land four gorillas, the prize will be a more substantial 225 credits, and again that is only for a win that is one way out of 4096. If you are fortunate enough to land five gorillas, then you will be the recipient of a rather splendid reward of 300 credits, even if the win is only one way. With six gorillas glowering on the reels, you can be awarded a mighty 375 credits, just for a one way win.

Other ways to play Raging Rhino

While there are various tools for playing Raging Rhino on the screen, there are other methods for setting up the game the way you enjoy playing it. In the top right hand corner of the screen under win are three short horizontal lines, and this is the menu icon. When you click on this, it brings up a detailed panel with information and more tools for setting up the game just the way you like it.

When the panel appears, there is a large heading at the top that says Settings, and underneath this are other smaller heading such as Sound and Bet Level. The Sound setting is to control the soundtrack of the game. This is fairly simple, as you either want to hear the soundtrack or you don’t - or maybe you want to have a listen and then decide if you want to continue with it or not. Well, here is the easy place to switch the soundtrack on and off. To the right of where it says sound, there is a box and you simply click the box to turn the soundtrack on and off. When the soundtrack is off, the box will be empty, and when the soundtrack has been switched on, the box will contain a green tick.

Under Sound, the next heading says Bet Level. If you click on this, it brings up a whole new panel with all the settings you could possibly need for adjusting your bet up or down. It is essentially another version of the settings you can access from the top of the screen during the base game, but here, it is all set out even more clearly, and some players may prefer to adjust their wagers by using these controls instead. At the top of the panel is the Total Bet section. This tells you what the total wager is for each spin of the reels. In this top section, you can easily switch between the minimum and maximum wager by clicking on Min or Max, which are displayed in small blue boxes.

Underneath this is a section labelled Lines. Theoretically, in this section, you could adjust the number of lines or ways to win, but these controls seem to be largely for show as the ways to win are set at 4096. And who doesn’t want to take advantage of 4096 ways to win?

Keep moving down, and the next section is labelled Bet/4096 Lines. This is where you can carry out some fine tuning of the wager per spin, if you so desire. The minimum wager is 0.4 credits as before. Whatever level bet you start at, there is the figure in the middle with a minus sign to its left and the plus sign to its right. When you click on the minus sign, the bet goes down, when you click on the plus sign, the bet will go up. The bet will go up or down in 0.4 credit increments, so you could experiment with every bet level from 0.4 with an increment of 0.4 all the way up to the maximum bet of 60 credits per spin. There is an OK button at the bottom of all this and that will take you back to the base game. Alternatively, you can click on the left facing arrow that is on the left hand side of the Bet Level heading to return to the information menu.

Back in the information panel, you can scroll down and find the next section to look at. This next section is called Information. Beneath this are two more headings, these being Paytable and Rules. When you click on Paytable, there will be no big surprises, as you will be taken to the paytable, which shows all the symbols and what they are worth. As before, the African Acacia Tree Wild is at the top of this screen, along with the diamond symbol for the bonus feature. Underneath these are all the picture symbols, such as the rhino, the gorilla and the crocodile, with the lesser value playing card symbols below these and further down, more details about the free spins bonus and what landing those diamond symbols entitles you to. To return to the information panel, simply click on the left facing arrow at the top on the left hand side of the Paytable heading.

When you click on Rules, it will bring up yet another panel that explains many more details about the game and its features. At the top, there is a heading of Base Game, and underneath this are the rules for the base game, including the Wild and the diamond icon. Further down, there is a Free Spin Feature heading, and beneath this you will find more details about how the free spin feature works, how the wins are calculated, the Wilds and the multipliers. Even further down, there is another heading of Bonus Guarantee, and this section explains more details about the free spins feature and how the prizes are awarded. Finally, there is a heading of Any Way, and here is where the 4096 ways to win are explained in more detail, along with how the prizes are calculated.

When you are satisfied that you have learnt everything you need to know, then you can scroll up and return to the information panel by clicking on the left facing arrow on the left hand side of the Rules heading. You should feel thoroughly familiar with all aspects of Raging Rhino once you have perused all the information that is offered.

Slots with originality and passion

WMS gaming is a veteran of the gaming industry that has spent a lot of effort injecting creativity and imagination into what were some rather dull classic slots, to create some of the most stunning and entertaining video slots games that you can find today. WMS is also sometimes known as Williams Interactive or WMS Gaming and the company supplies compelling slots games to a range of online casinos and platforms. A US company, WMS has its headquarters in Chicago, although it also has offices and some manufacturing capabilities in Las Vegas, one of the gambling capitals of the world. The firm also develops software that is used for managing gaming operations in casinos. A truly international company that is immersed in gambling, the company also has offices around the globe in countries such as China, Australia, South Africa and the UK.

WMS has done a great job with creating Raging Rhino, which is a game many players will want to revisit again and again. It looks gorgeous, has a superb soundtrack and with its animation and advanced technology, Raging Rhino is a winner on every level.


Raging Rhino FAQs

🦏 Can I play Raging Rhino Slot for Free?

Yes, if you sign up to a WMS Casino online you can play this game for free. Alternatively Slots Temple has a demo link available for this game,

🦏 Is there a Free Spins Bonus Round on Raging Rhino?

Yes, if you get the Diamond feature symbol 3,4,5 or 6 times on the reels you'll get 8,15,20 or 50 free spins.

🦏 What is the Payout Percentage on Raging Rhino?

On average this game pays out 95.91% - meaning that for every 100 bet 95.91 goes back to the player.

* Raging Rhino trademark / license is owned by WMS. This site is not endorsed by WMS.

Game Name: Raging Rhino
Software: WMS
Themes: Animals, Nature
Volatility: Medium volatility
Features: Multiplier Free Spins Medium volatility 6 Reels
Paylines: 4096
Reels: 6
Min Bet (all lines covered): 0.4
Max Bet: 60
Top Win: 1500
RTP: 95.9%
User Reviews
Overall score: 3.4 out of 5 stars

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