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Merkur has very cleverly found ways to entertain the growing online gambling community. This is a group of people that know how to have fun. With access to literally hundreds of games, people fill the hours with great entertainment on their mobile and tablet whilst winning cool prizes in the process. 

There is an ever-increasing trend towards simplicity and returning to classic slots games. Many players feel as if they have been inundated with heavily themed complicated games that leave them wasting time on working the slot out instead of just spinning to win.

Retro with a modern twist

The visuals are really a blast from the past. They are centred around the traditional layout of a slot machine that you will come across in a casino. The reels are super-sized and take up the majority of space on the centre screen. Any purist will smile at the selection of symbols. All the favourites have been included. You will find the sunny lemons, a bunch of grapes, delicious looking oranges, a halved watermelon, twin cherries, purple plums and the ever classic sevens. The fruits are all sun-kissed and glimmer when they form part of a winning combination. On the bottom right you have two more options. The first tab will enable you to select the number of lines you want active and the tab below gives you control over the wager.


The screen is uncluttered and the only buttons that feature are the green spin and max bet buttons. Towards the bottom left of the screen you will find the paytable tab. Selecting this will offer a simple, yet informative, layout which explains the values of each and every symbol and what you can expect from a winning combination. Very inconspicuously, at the top right you can set the sound, full-screen view and some other minor settings. None of the control buttons interfere with the pure, classic experience that the game maker has created. 

77777 Slot

Lucky number seven

The number 7 has undoubtedly won its place in gambling history. Merkur's 77777 offers you no less than five perfect sevens in the title. Now that you have that kind of luck on your side, you can get down to some serious fun with the added bonus of winning big in the process. Five reels and ten paylines are the way to go.

Added bonuses

Retro styled slots often disappoint players due to their lack of bonuses. 77777 does not fall into that category. Here you will find a very juicy wild symbol. It is worth the most if you should happen to get five wilds on any of the active paylines. This way the game is kept classic but does offer an opportunity to rev the game up a notch. No one should even bother venturing into the world of online gaming if they have not tried and tested classic games like 77777. This is the style slot that is most popular in actual casinos and has players coming back for more.

Will You Get Super-Lucky with 77777?

77777 is a five-reel, ten-payline slot from Merkur with a classic fruit machine theme. With Wild 7s galore this potential-packed slot delivers its biggest payout for those 77777s across all five reels. With an RTP of 96.76% this low- to medium-volatility slot is well worth looking out for if you love old school slot machines and retro gaming.

77777 RTP (Payout) & Volatility

Like every game studio, Merkur calculate the RTP of a slot by wagering 100 credits over thousands of games and then averaging out the result. If your pockets aren’t deep enough to match, don’t worry - the 96.76% RTP on offer here, while quite a decent return, is only a theoretical figure, and there’s always the possibility that you’ll smash some big payouts after just a few spins! It’s best to treat RTP as a guideline and focus on playing your own game at a limit that’s comfortable for you.

Volatility is used to measure the balance of risk and reward. In high-volatility slots that’s usually off the scale, and you’ll risk a fair proportion of your bankroll waiting for the big payout to drop. In a low- to medium-volatility slot you can expect more wins from the base game that are lower in value but keep your bankroll topped up for a longer playing session, with a chance to hit the big prize by landing all five 7s. The maximum bet of 20.00 per spin also makes this slot one for the casual players rather than the high-rollers - unless they love a really classy classic slot.

More on 77777 Slot Graphics & Theme

Do you miss the days when slots were played on gaming cabinets in pubs and clubs? Where the carpet underfoot was sticky from spilled drinks and the air was filled with bleeps and electronic jingles and the reassuring thunk of the reels? Welcome to the world of 77777, a faithful recreation of the look and feel of the retro fruit machine. With its fruit-filled reels this has to be one of the best ways to get your five a day!

The visuals in this slot are super-slick with a bold red and black colour scheme that’s very 80s. The reels are a total fruit salad of deliciousness with cherries and lemons, oranges and plums and grapes and watermelons plus the all-important Lucky 7. One feature we really like is the way that all the other symbols grey out when you hit a winning combination - that fruit really pops and sizzles!

Did you know that fruit machines were once combined with vending machines to get around the US anti-gambling laws in the early 1900s? Peppermints and bubblegum were handed out as prizes for hitting a winning combination. The theory is that the gum would be handed out in the appropriate fruit flavour - which works for watermelon but maybe not for plum. But there’s no doubt the fruities were bold, bright and plenty of fun, designed to attract passers-by. There are still hangovers from those early slot machines in modern online fruities - the Bell is a symbol from the very first slot machine, the Liberty Bell, while the Bar resembles the sticks of gum that were handed out as prizes by the Bell Fruit Gum Company.

As for the number 7, many slot machines use the triple 777 to denote a jackpot. This number seems to have arrived on the reels from the dice game craps, where 7 is a significant number. It's also the number that most people claim is their lucky number because of all its positive associations in the natural world and in spirituality. Japanese slot machines are rumoured to produce 777 combinations more than any others, so if you always bet on 7 they could be worth seeking out!

Whatever your lucky number and whichever fruit is your favourite, 77777 is a terrific blend of the traditional fruit machine with a modern online slot, combining bold 3D graphics with the most traditional fruit symbols in the game. Add in the soundtrack and you have a proper slice of retro gaming heaven.

How to Play 77777 Slots

Playing slots like 77777 couldn’t be easier. Just set your stake and then hit the spin button to play. But while it can be that simple to set your game going, most players like to enjoy a more personalised experience, and with 77777 that couldn’t be more straightforward to achieve.

Any lovers of old school slots will smile when they see the simplicity of the player interface in 77777. With clearly labelled buttons, it couldn’t be easier to pick and play your autostart options or set your line bet. If you’re a high-roller, you won't even bother with adjusting your line bets - you’ll go all in with the max bet button.

You can also opt to play just five or all ten paylines with coin values between 0.01 and 2.00 per line for a maximum bet of 20.00 per play. You can play up to 100 autospins at your preferred bet level and let the game do the hard work for you!

How to Win at 77777 Slot

77777 is a five-reel slot featuring ten paylines. Combinations of three or more matching symbols that land on a payline in play deliver payouts depending on the number of matching symbols and their value.

Access the paytable info and you’ll see that the cherries and lemons are the lowest-paying symbols and the watermelon the highest. Playing at max bet across all 10 paylines you’ll receive 100.00 for five cherries and lemons, 200.00 for five plums and oranges and 400.00 credits for five bunches of grapes across the reels. The watermelon pays a whopping 1000.00 for a full house of five symbols, but you’ll want to see red in this slot, because five red 7s across a winning payline pay out a massive 10,000.00 - not bad for a slot without a jackpot.

There are a couple of other features that are worth mentioning and that gamers will appreciate. First, when you hit a winning combination all the other symbols are greyed out so you can see exactly where your wins are coming from - that juicy fruit really pops off the reels! And with every payline marked in a different colour it’s simple to identify where your win landed.

More on 77777 Bonus Features & Free Spins

You couldn’t say that 77777 is loaded with bonus features, but that’s not really the point. In fact, the inclusion of the Wild 7 will probably cause some purists to shudder. It’s definitely a powerful symbol - the red 7 will substitute for any other symbol to create new winning combinations across any payline. But if you’re looking for a slot with free spins and breakout bonus games, look elsewhere, because 77777 is keeping it strictly old school.

If you want more action, Merkur have added two gamble features to this punchy slot - a simple red/black double or quits game and a ladder to climb with increasing rewards the higher you get. But short of adding a nudge and a hold feature, there’s not a lot more Merkur could have done to evoke the days of the slot machine.

77777 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy

Playing slots is always a lot of fun - that’s why there are millions of us doing it worldwide. But sometimes you just want to get away from the glitz and glamour of modern digital slots and enjoy some proper retro gaming where you know every outcome is based on pure chance. And that’s the appeal of 77777.

There are no tips and cheats for landing that 10,000 coin price or for climbing the ladder - it’s pure luck that you’ll win big or gamble even bigger. That’s not only because of the RNGs on which all casino games are based but also the way vintage slots work. And that’s what makes 77777 so eminently playable - anything could happen, and with an RTP of nearly 97% and plenty of low-value wins to keep your bankroll topped up, it’s well worth seeing whether that lucky person is you. Playing at max bet and with all ten lines active will give you the optimum chance to score that 10,000 credit win.

If you’re playing for real money, then bankroll strategy is key if you want to enjoy plenty of lucrative sessions playing 77777. Playing all ten lines is the route to riches in this slot, so budget to play at a level that lets you cover all ten paylines for at least 50 spins. Once you’ve set your budget, using autospin features like single win and loss limits can act as a useful reality check. But the key to being successful at slots is to walk away when you hit your limit - that way you’ll always feel like a winner and you’ll live to spin another day.

77777 Demo Play / Free Play

Finding slots you love to play generally depends on just a few factors - volatility and RTP, the way a game looks and the theme it uses. But looking at those factors in isolation doesn’t give you a feel for the gameplay or let you assess how the bonus features play out. That’s why every player should take a few spins in demo mode to really get behind a slot’s good looks and evaluate its features.

There may not be much on offer in 77777 in the way of bonus features, but a session of free play spins is always useful when you’re heading off to play your slots for real money - that way you won’t make any expensive mistakes. If you’re new to Merkur slots, then this one is a good example of their rock-solid gameplay and use of the gamble mechanism to enhance the volatility of their slots so you can take a punt risk-free.

77777 Slot on Mobile - Android, iPhones and Tablets

Merkur have created 77777 using HTML5 technology, which lets you experience this super-cool retro slot on any mobile or tablet device. Whether you enjoy your gaming on an Android smartphone or an iPad, all you need to do is open up your favourite browser and your slot will load in seconds. You can play on any operating system and device and enjoy really smooth and flawless spins whatever size of screen or playing orientation. The streamlined player interface and super-slick good looks of this vintage style fruity look great on an HD screen, too!

77777 Review & Rating

Remember the old days before online slots opened up the joy of slots to the connected world? That’s the simple pleasure on offer when you play 77777 on any desktop or mobile device. It really does evoke simpler times when you hit the buttons and knew it was all a game of pure chance with maybe the possibility of a nudge or a hold to increase your chances of scoring that winning combination.

There are no bells and whistles in 77777. No breakout bonuses or generous slices of free spins. But there is the all powerful Wild 7, a flaming red symbol that adds some spice to the proceedings - especially when you land five of them across the reels and land the 10,000 coin big payout that’s the top reward on offer here.

The real appeal of this retro game is to enjoy a few spins that are strictly old school with some cracking graphics and bigger wins than were ever available down the pub. We defy any player not to enjoy a least a few spins on this slot - think of it as a history lesson with some very tasty payouts.

This is also a great slot for beginners - it doesn’t bamboozle you with hundreds of paylines or ways to win or mega-level bonus features. You just spin and you win - simple as!

If You Enjoyed Playing 77777, You’ll Love….

Merkur aren’t the only studio who believe in the power of the vintage fruity. Every developer has tried their hand at this enduringly popular theme, because players continue to love stepping back in time and trying their hand with classic Vegas slots. Like 77777, some of them have upped the reels from three to five and added features that you’d never get in an old school slot machine while still keeping the spirit of the simple fruity.

Berry Burst uses a cluster pays format to deliver some truly fruity prizes up to 5000x for 15 of the same fruit. With luscious graphics and respins galore, this very modern fruity is well worth a spin.

If you love the Ted slot, based on the hilarious movie, you’ll love Ted Pub Fruit. Combining the nostalgia of a pub fruit machine with all the great bonuses that made the Ted slot such a success, this game is a hoot.

Red Tiger Gaming have put together fruit machine symbols with the Megaways engine in Mystery Reels Megaways to produce an epic slot with 117649 ways to win, plus massive volatility and a 10,000x top prize.

If you’re looking for old school fruit plus modern slots features, Juicy Reels brings together Bells, Bars and Fruit with wilds, free spins and multipliers for some incredibly lucrative gameplay. Fruitopia from the same studio adds a random multiplier feature for enhanced potential.

For a completely modern twist on the fruity theme, Fruit Warp replaces oranges and plums with kiwanos and bananas. This fabulous fruit salad is unlike any slot you’ve played before - there are no reels but plenty of bonus features and big prizes to enjoy!


Disclaimer: 77777 trademark / license is owned by Merkur Gaming. This site is not endorsed by Merkur Gaming.

* Although we try and match games with Casinos that have them, we advise that you double-check the slot content on the casino before making a deposit.

Slot Data
Slot Name: 77777
Software: Merkur Gaming
RTP: 96.76%
Volatility: Medium volatility
Paylines: 10
Reels: 5
Min Bet (all lines covered): £0.10 (GBP)
Max Bet: £20 (GBP)
Top Win: 5000
Features: Wild Symbol , Gamble , Medium volatility , 5 Reels
UK Available in GB? Yes. Merkur Gaming have a UKGC license and are allowed to offer their games at UK licensed casinos.

77777 FAQs

Can I play 77777 free?

You can play 77777 and other great Merkur slots for free at Slots Temple. We have thousands of the best games available, from classic fruities like 77777 to video slots that really push the boundaries. We have games from top-notch software developers like IGT, NetEnt, Microgaming and Yggdrasil all available for free play, so there’s no need to sign up for an account or make a deposit.

Does 77777 have free spins?

There’s no free spin feature in 77777 because it’s an old school retro slot machine! Instead there’s the Wild 7 symbol, which substitutes for any other symbol to create plenty of potential for substantial payouts. There’s a pair of gamble features too that push this slot towards high-volatility territory.

Can I win real money playing 77777?

Yes, you can if you sign up for an account with a real money casino offering Merkur slots. You’ll find the lowdown on all the best online casinos in our review section, including those with the best games selection, welcome bonuses and quick withdrawals. Once you find the casino that’s right for you, open an account and make a deposit to start playing 77777 and land that 10,000 coin prize for real.

Can I download 77777 slot?

You don’t need to download a file or app to play 77777 on any device. Merkur have developed their slots as instant-play or in-browser games that operate seamlessly across any platform. Just open a browser window to start playing 77777 on any operating system.

Is 77777 slot available on mobile?

It certainly is. Merkur created 77777 using HTML5 technology, which allows slots to be played directly in a browser window. Games load and play in seconds and even optimise your battery life for longer spinning sessions. Just open a copy of Edge, Chrome, Safari or Firefox on your mobile and tablet devices to enjoy playing this superb retro slot in full HD.  

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